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131.1 (masterofgames)

All was quiet in the bar. Pretty much everyone was looping, and they even had a few guests, so naturally some story swapping had already gone down, but right now, everyone was just relaxing. Drinks had been passed around,the place was nice and warm, and a few individuals had even started to doze off.

Pinkie snapped.

Suddenly lurching upright from where she was lying down on a booth bench, she screamed the first thing that came into her head as she threw a smoke bomb.

"I can't take it anymore! Party!!!"

The pink smoke filled the room in an instant, and when it cleared a moment later, the bar had fallen victim to Pinkie's decorating. All the empty chairs were now facing the bar, which itself now had several microphones on stands atop it, and small spotlights shining from above. The walls of the bar had been covered in pictures of various music albums, and a gold record was hanging over the door. Also, a DJ booth had been set up in the corner, with a small sign on it reading 'reserved for Vinyl (Unless she wants to sing too.)' There was also a disco ball for some reason.

And there were streamers everywhere.

"Oh, you've redecorated!" a brown stallion from the guest tables commented with a grin. "... I don't like it."

Then he ducked as several other guests started pelting him with peanuts.

Pinkie herself was blinking in surprise, half finished mixing a bowl of punch with a bottle of the bar's cider, with several large bags of flour and sugar balanced on her back. "Wait, that's it? The smoke was supposed to last another two and a half seconds! Aww man... That's the last time I use smoke bombs past the expiration date."

Twilight just sighed as the entire bar gave Pinkie a look. "Really Pinkie? We were trying to relax."

Pinkie bounced in place frantically. "Ooh, but Twilight, we have friends here that we don't see that often! We have to do something fun with them! We don't know when we'll get to see them again! And besides, you guys were quiet for like, a whole six minutes! How can you even stand to do that!? And besides, it's getting close to the holidays! We need to get warmed up for caroling! I didn't do that once, and my voice blew out like a flat tire! I wasn't able to talk for a week!"

Gilda grinned. "We know. Most relaxing week that I can ever recall." she called from the far end of the bar.

Pinkie just blew a raspberry in response.

Big Mac came out from behind the bar, placing a leg over Pinkie's shoulders. "Come on now Pinkie, we all agreed this would be a vacation loop for the guests. I know you want to have a party with them, but we're sticking to a more normal loop this time."

Pinkie just raised an eyebrow. "And what's not normal about caroling for the holidays?"

Mac nearly answered, but then had to pause to think about that one.

Rarity shrugged. "The only thing not normal about Pinkie's idea, is that she tends to go a little overboard. With what she has set up so far, minus the punch and cake ingredients of course, I don't see why we can't have a singing contest, so long as Pinkie remembers that that's ALL it is."

Pinkie flopped down on the floor in front of Rarity, looking up with wide, pleading eyes. "Aww, please?"


"Ugh, fine. But we're making it interesting then! If I can't make this a proper party, then I get to make a rule for the contest!"

Rarity just smirked and turned to Twilight. "I don't think we're talking her out of this one darling. She'll probably throw the party around us anyway if we don't let her vent a bit."

"But... but... gah, fine, but participation is optional! If the guests don't want to join in, they don't have to."

Pinkie stepped up. "Fine, but I get to set a prize for the contest!"

"... Not a Party."

"IT'S A PERFECTLY VAL- I mean, um... (ahem). 'I am shocked and offended that you would assume such an ulterior motive on my part Twilight... And also your mane looks weird'."


"Don't blame me! Discord's the one with the cue cards!"

Twilight turned to look, just in time to see Discord stuff a large sheet of white cardboard into his mouth, then try and whistle innocently. The effect was rather ruined by the cardboard muffling his whistles.

"Just... You know what? Fine. Just name your rule."

Pinkie grinned and hopped up onto the bar and grabbed a microphone.

Big Mac frowned and started wiping the hoofprints off his bar.

"Okay everyone! You can only sing a song you feel applies to you personally, and your experiences over the loops!"


A scraping sound echoed from the back of the bar. Two of the visitors were moving towards the bar full of microphones. To be more accurate, a young mare with a dark brown mane topped with a yellow headband and ribbons was dragging a dark-coated, black-maned young stallion ever barwards, despite the grooves his hooves were leaving in the planks lining the cellar floor.

"Let GO!" the mare growled, dragging herself and her unwilling cargo ever bar-wards.

"You are NOT singing 'Bokuen Desho Desho' to these people!" the stallion grumbled. trying and failing to find purchase to drag the two of them back to their booth.

"Why not?" the mare snapped. "It's perfect for me! Even the Hub anime says so!"

"Because you sing it at EVERY karaoke event we go to!" the stallion gasped, half with exasperation, half with his failing effort to restrain the smaller but more athletic pony. "Besides, isn't it cheating to use your own theme song for a contest about your experiences in the Loops?"

"Fine then!" The mare slung the stallion up onto a bar stool, ignoring the generally embarrassed stares of the native Loopers (and, for that matter, practically everyone else in the bar). "Then YOU pick one!"

Defeated, the stallion slumped against the bar for a moment, eyes glancing over one of the track books. His eyes lit on one title, and a small smile crept cautiously out on his muzzle. "This one," he said, hoofing the list to Pinkie Pie and pointing to the track.

A few moments later, after Vinyl queued up the track and the opening hook began playing, the stallion took up a microphone and began singing:

Welcome to your life, there's no turning back...

As the mare joined in, half the Loopers in the place pulled out recording devices of one kind or another. Nobody wanted to miss the sight, even in pony form, of Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya singing a duet of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Well, almost nobody. One immense midnight-black unicorn war stallion, dark red mane immaculately braided, slumped back in his chair and tossed his copy of the track list over his shoulder. The purple pegasus and the little green earth pony sharing his table smirked at him in silence.

"Little punks beat me to it..." Ganondorf grumbled.


Pinkie whispered rapidly to Lyra at her table, then hauled her giggling temporary partner on stage for a makeshift duet.

Pinkie started off. "I'm friends with the monsters, from under my bed!"

Lyra picked it up, fighting to keep from laughing. "Get along with the voices, inside of my head!"

They both started from there. "You tryin' to save me, stop holding your breath. But you think I'm crazy! You think I'm crazy!'..."


"Here I come to save the daaaaay!"

"No, Discord," Twilight Sparkle shouted, "stealing Andy Kaufman's lip-synch gag does NOT COUNT!"


Derpy looked over the song list, then shrugged as she checked a box, and handed it off to Vinyl. "Might as well get in on this. Come on Doc! We got a song to perform!"

The stallion known to many as Time Turner, but when Awake in Equestria, known to even more by a different name, attempted to hold her back as she dragged him to the stage. "It-It's not 'Doc', Derpy... and I'm not particularly gifted at singing. I rarely ever do it at all!"

She just grinned. "So? That just means it's something new!"

He paused at that, then slowly his eyes widened and he grinned. "Why... so it does! Come along Derpy! Our adoring public awaits!" he declared, suddenly being the one dragging her to the stage.

Once there, both took a moment to compose themselves as they waited for the music to start. "Just love this! A singing contest! How novel! Never been in one before. So exciting! Oh, um, by the way, which song did you pick?"

Derpy just grinned. "I've spent more loops than I can count as your companion, even before you Awoke. Take a guess!"

The Doctor paused, blinked, started to respond, paused again, rubbed his chin in thought, smirked and started to answer again, paused a third time, then sighed and gave her a tired look. "You didn't."

Derpy giggled. "I did."


"You were barely a thousand when you were on your twelfth regeneration! You're reckless and you know it. Plus the Master, and your whole companion collecting thing. What else could I have picked?"

And then she started them off as the music started, shaking her flank to the beat as she got into the groove.

"I hear your heart beat, to the beat of the drums! Oh what a shame that you came here with someone! While you're here in my arms... Let's make the most of the night, like we're gonna' die young!..."


"Applejack must be serious about this one," Rainbow Dash muttered to herself as the farm pony took a microphone.

"How can you tell?" one of the visitors asked from an adjacent table.

"She's taken off her hat."

Sure enough, Applejack had not only taken off the hat but had shaken out her long ponytailed mane before singing:

When yer weary, feelin' small,
When tears are in youre eyes, Ah'll dry 'em all;
Ah'm on your side when times get rough...

Dash cocked her head to one side in careful judgment and asked the world in general, "Does 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' work sung in a Southern accent?"


Big Mac merely swayed back and forth to the somewhat jazzy beat. The song he had chosen had no words yet. Half the bar was calling foul, and the other half was cracking up.

Mac shrugged, placing a hoof over the microphone, though he couldn't hide his grin. "Ya'll said to pick a song that we felt was connected to our experiences with the loops, I'm just following the rules."

Gilda, Trixie, Discord, and Chrysalis had been starting to have a little too much fun heckling the singers, and Statler and Waldorf, the Muppet Anchors weren't helping, so he felt this was justified as revenge. With a smirk to the makeshift balcony they were all sitting in, ("It's tradition!" Waldorf had insisted.), he recited the one word in the song.



A black unicorn nudged a white one. "Let's sing Beneath a Moonless -"

"Are you serious? God no!" She backhoofed him, inadvertently knocking off his half-mask but recovering well to return it nearly instantly. "Have you no shame?"

"But Christine..."

"Don't you 'but Christine' me," she hissed. "That is not a song to be heard by anyone else ever. It's bad enough that it's on the backup. Besides, there are foals here."

"But..." Pouting at his failure, Opera Ghost discreetly slipped a few coins to a neighboring Looper.

"There is nothing that could make me consider it and I don't know why you are. Now go on up there, you're singing 'I Will Possess Your Heart'," she directed with an insistent gesture.

"But that makes me sound like a stalker," he protested.

"Well, you are."

"I'm getting better..."

"Consider this your punishment for suggesting that song. Now get on that stage and sing!"


Twilight had to admit, as she sipped her drink, that Luna could really put some feeling into the chorus of her song selection.

"Baby do you dare to do this? 'Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse!..."


There was a momentary lull in the festivities as the various loopers debated amongst themselves over what song to sing next.

A purple-furred stallion looked at his non-pony companions. The five of them were sharing a table in the corner of the bar.

They looked at him expectantly.

He raised an eyebrow.

Turning to each other for a moment, the four quietly chattered amongst themselves before turning back to the pony and grinning.

Several loopers who had recently experienced a certain unpleasant loop grimaced as the first notes of 'Les Toreadors' began to play from the karaoke machine.

On the stage was a sight that did not make those loopers feel any better: a purple pony in a security uniform...flanked by a bear in a top hat, a bunny in a bow tie, a duck in a bib, and a fox with a hook.

"We're waiting every night, to finally roam and invite, newcomers to play with us, for many years we've been all alone~"


The pony Loopers had been waiting for the moment when Sweetie Belle would take the microphone. The greatest vocalist among the Equestrian Loopers, whatever she sang would not only be well done but absolutely, perfectly on target for the topic at hand; so went the unspoken consensus.

And as Sweetie took a mike in her magic, twenty ponies leaned on the edge of their seats to hear which song Sweetie had chosen.

Sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things, not bad
Sing of happy, not sad...

It wasn't the profound, complex, sweeping song anypony had expected, but most of them joined in on the "la la la" parts anyway.

The moment Sweetie Belle relinquished the microphone, Pinkie Pie took it up. "I can top that one!" she crowed. "Hit it, Vinyl!"

The speakers played a brief hook of plucked notes on a guitar, and then she began:

It was just after dark when the truck started down the hill that leads into Scranton, Pennsylvania
Carrying thirty thousand pounds of bananas
Carrying thirty thousand pounds (hit it Big Mac!)

Rolling his eyes, the bartender finished the line:

oooooof bananas.

Three quarters of the occupants of Mac's bar, Twilight's the loudest, spoke with one voice:



Rainbow Dash frowned. "Hey, Pinkie already did one with Lyra! Why is she up there again?"

Pinkie just stuck her tongue out playfully. "Only your best performance counts, but I never said you only had one shot!"

(Hubris Plus)

A number of local Loopers suppressed groans as Twilight approached the stage, while others murmured words of encouragement.

"So, I know I'm not much of a singer outside of a Heart Song," she preambled. "But I've actually been practicing this one-"

"Mostly in the shower," Spike whispered to Rarity. His wife promptly shushed him, but didn't manage hold in a giggle.

"Right, well, I thought I'd give it a shot." She took a deep breath as the music started, even going through the full motion of throwing her cares away.

"Pathological monsters! Cried the terrified mathematician,
Every one of them a splinter in my eye..."

Discord tugged out a bit of cotton wadding he'd stuffed in his ears. She wasn't half bad.

"Mandelbrot Set! You're a Rorschach Test on fire!
You're a day-glo pterodactyl!
You're a heart-shaped box of springs and wire!
You're one badass bucking fractal!"

Twilight had gone all in as she finished out the song, hooves wrapped around the mic, eyes closed tight, and body flailing in a vague approximation of rhythm. As the last chords died out, she opened her eyes, remembered she wasn't singing into a comb in her bathroom, and blushed furiously.

Her cheeks only reddened further as applause broke amongst her friends, their hooves pounding the bar's flooring.

"I really like math, okay," the Anchor mumbled before hopping off the stage and scampering back to her seat.

"Aw, mom, you did great," Nyx said, patting her mother's hoof as she put away a camera.

"Shush, you."


Trixie took a deep breath, then instead of singing, started speaking very rapidly. "Trixiehadjustdiscoveredhowtomakethermi-"

Everyone started throwing bottles at her.


"Sorry, Silver Spoon, Zecora, but I ain't got 'Witch Doctor' in my playlist," Vinyl Scratch lied. "You'll have to pick something else."

"Awwww," Silver Spoon moaned.

"A second time I'm denied my wish," Zecora said.

"Because your first choice wasn't in English!" Vinyl finished for her.

(Hubris Plus)

Celestia glanced down as she felt tapping against her forehoof. Meeting the beady little eyes, her own gaze narrowed.

Angel pointed at the stage, and Celestia shook her head.

"You know I can't carry a-" He stomped his foot and pointed again.

"You're calling in that favor? Now?" She sighed before standing. "I suppose I've done worse in the name of-" He tapped her again and held up a slip of paper. Reading the song title, her white coat somehow managed to pale further.

"Of all the creatures I have encountered in the defense of the realm, you possess the blackest heart," she whispered. Angel scuffed his foot against the ground, blushing at the praise.

Murmuring swept through the crowd as she ascended to the stage. Standing before the mic, pulling on eons of experience to maintain perfect composure in the face of adversity, she cleared her throat and started to sing.

"And so you're back! From outer space!"


Discord stood up. "I will be performing a song by the Beatles," he announced.

"Ten bits says it's Lucy in the Sky!" Vinyl called.

"Nah, Yellow Submarine," Sweetie opined.

"Surely it'll be I Am The Walrus?"

While the various ponies debated, he stepped regally up to the microphone, and took it in one claw.

"Oi've got a brand new combine harvester..."


The twangs and accompaniment faded away.

"That was not a Beatles song!" Sweetie said, after a few seconds of silence.

"Dear me, and you believed me?" Discord looked hurt. "I must be losing my touch."

A comically large pointing finger landed on his head.

"Oh, here it is!" He folded it into a small microphone cover, and slipped it over the top. "Next!"


Shining slowly slid downwards in his chair as half the bar glared at him while his wife sang. "She... she's gotten better, alright? But you can't deny she was a bit obsessed for a while! The rules said 'experience with the loops', not, 'the way you are now'!" he protested weakly.

Meanwhile, Cadence sang on, fighting to keep from giggling as she noticed the occasional looper's eye twitching slightly as long repressed memories were dug up.

"You're on the canon ground! I'm up in crack ship space!

Let's start a shipping war! Don't care if I get hate!

Don't like my pairings? Well, then you can hit the bricks!

This is my OTP! I'll go down with this ship!

I ship it!"

(Hubris Plus, masterofgames)

"Vinyl," Ivory Scroll called out, trotting to the mic. "Requisition me a groove." The speakers blared to life with lively kettle drums and horns.

"When I was four there was a tidal wave in Kingston town,
With a foot and a half of water!
Everyone was alright,
But I cried all night,
It blew my alphabet blocks out of order!

And they said, 'This mare's born to be a bureaucrat!
Born to be all obsessive and haughty!'
I hid long applications
inside the invitations
to my very first political party!..."

"Ugh... I remember that. The first time she was elected, she won by only one vote, because only she voted. Nopony else could figure out how the ballots worked." Rarity muttered to Sweetie Belle, who forced back a giggle.

"...We never asked to be bureaucrats!
No that's simply what the Admins made us!
We'd stamp the time and date,
and sign in triplicate,
even if nopony paid us!

They say the world looks down on the bureaucrats.
They say we're smelly, compulsive and weird!
But when push comes to shove,
you've gotta do what you love,
even if it's not a good idea!
The Mayor swept a hoof across the crowd.

"They said Ah probably shouldn't be a brewer," Applejack chimed in, spinning a jar of potato cider on one hoof.

"They poo-pooed Trixie's thermite obsession," everypony leaned away from the magician as she waved a canister.

"They warned me not to fly with one good eye!" Derpy added, drifting into ponies on either side of her as she hovered.

"Settle down now, the song is session!" Cheerilee scolded.


A red pony with a rainbow colored train track for a cutie mark grinned at his friends as he took the stage. "Hello everyone! I'm Imagination Express, but my real name is Right. I've chosen a good one. I can see it, up here." he smiled, tapping the side of his head. "I can see you all loving this one."

The five friends at his table all slumped. "He's at it again..." the pale pink one groaned.

The green one just propped his head in his hooves. "Imagining his way to victory. That's just what he does. We can't exactly stop him."

The yellow one folded her forelegs. "If he sings about food, I'm pulling him off the stage myself."

Right didn't pay them any mind. "This is a little number I found on the internet. Hit it Vinyl!"

Vinyl nodded with a smirk, starting up a happy, fast paced little number.

"I like trains!"

He got a mixed reaction to say the least, though Fluttershy at least nodded sagely.

The vibrant red pony in the sea-captain's coat, known as Magnificent Rogue, grinned. "Look at him." he chuckled, gesturing to Right on the stage. "The newbie thinks he can keep up."

The rest of the ponies, plus the one robot bird, at his table shook their heads, all smirking. "Well," the grey one, Ascended Fanboy, pondered aloud with a wide smile as they all left their seats. "... I suppose we had better show him how the veterans do things, eh, Marvelous?"

"Not without us you aren't." a pony from the next table over laughed, pulling on his straw hat and gesturing for his own crew to join him as he also rose.

Rogue grinned. "Ah, Luffy. Was wondering when we would meet again. I suppose we could go for a team up, for old times sake.

Mere moments after Right had finished, the sixteen members of the two most powerful crews of pirates in the loops were on the stage. "Everyone ready?" Rogue asked with a grin, getting nods from all the rest. "Let's make this showy!"

"With a hi-hi-ho and a hi-hi-hey, we're hoisting the flag to be free! Our captain will stand on the bridge and sing, 'Pirates are all we can be!' With a hi-hi-ho and a hi-hi-hey, we're bound to be close to the sea! We will steal the show, jolly rogers go! We are wolves of the sea!"

(Leviticus Wilkes)

A mare and two stallions by the names of Titanic Hunter, Long Strategy, and one who was the proud owner of the absolutely badass name; Dreadnought Reaper. Their casual names were Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. And right now, they were getting on stage quite reluctantly. "How did we get roped into this again Armin?"

The blond maned stallion shrugged as he pulled out a drum set. "I think it had something to do with your bet against Harry over who could annoy Umbridge more."

Eren tossed a spare guitar at the aforementioned wizard, who simply opened his subspace pocket and dropped the instrument in. "This is all his fault. Stupid wizards."

Mikasa plugged her own base into the stereos provided by Vinyl Scratch. "Should we lead with our theme?"

Eren chuckled smoothly. "Sure, why not. Armin?"

Armin smirked with a touch of confidence. "Lets do this. Mares and stallions, ladies and gentlemen, Guren no Yumiya!"

"Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!"


No one was really sure if the performance counted or not.

On one hand, a song with no words at all seemed like cheating.

On the other, the singer couldn't exactly speak.

On yet another, no one was entirely sure if the song counted at all, as it was a bit difficult to confirm if it matched the looping experiences.

And so, while the entire bar debated, Angel Bunny continued to mime his way through The Hall Of The Mountain King.

(Hubris Plus)

The contest stopped for a moment as Sunset held a whispered conversation with Vinyl. The back and forth stretched out before the DJ lifted a hoof and waved Pinkie over. After a little longer, the contest organizer nodded to herself.

"I'll allow it, on grounds of warm fuzzies and being essential to the song," Pinkie announced.

"You got it, boss," Vinyl saluted before stepping away from her turntables.

"Thanks," Sunset told them before grabbing a stool and trotting onstage. Settling onto it, she unpocketed a banjo, checked the tuning, and strummed out a simple tune.

"Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
And what's on the other side?..."


Nearly everyone in the bar had their jaws hanging open.

Twilight leaned over and poked Rainbow Dash. "Hey, isn't that kind of... I dunno... an odd choice for her?"

Dash shrugged. "It's way outside her norm, yeah, but I think she chose the song based on the title and didn't know the lyrics, or that it was metal. Still, I'm proud of her for going through with it." she grinned.

On stage, Fluttershy was a wolf, the stature hiding her trembling, and her thicker fur hiding her bright red blush. Still, she was giving the song her all, even if only to get off the stage sooner.

"So what if you can see! The darkest side of me!?

No one will ever change this animal I have become!!!"


Vinyl stood, Sweetie taking over managing the booth, as Vinyl took the microphone.

On a sleepy endless ocean when the world lay in a dream
There was rhythm in the splash and roll, but not a voice to sing. Sweetie lifted her head, remembering helping to sing Arda into being.
So the moon shone on the breakers and the morning warmed the waves. Luna and Celestia both caught their breaths.
Till a single cell did jump and hum for joy as though to say

This is my home, this is my only home
This is the only sacred ground that i have ever known
And should I stray in the dark night alone
Rock me goddess in the gentle arms of eden....

Voices echoed as everypony joined in on the final chorus, shaking the roof.

This is my home, this is my only home,
this is the only sacred ground that I have ever known, Sunset wept as she sang, remembering the long loops traveling, wondering if she would ever find Equestria. Home, even though she tended to loop away from it.
And should I stray in the dark night alone Nyx's voice echoed with Vinyls together above the rest.
Rock me goddess, in the gentle arms of Eden.

Vinyl repeated the final line two more times, as the music faded, and the other voices with it.
She finished the final repetition and stepped down. The silence the song had cast held everyone spell bound for a few more seconds, before thunderous applause, hoof stomping, and cheering broke out.

131.2 (fractalman)

Kyubey viewed its pink and yellow prey from the shadows: enormous potential, lots of issues to generate despair with just a little nudge…it was risky, going after a pony, but well worth the risk since nothing indicated any of the ponies were Awake.

It stepped out into the light-and was promptly glomped.

"Aww, who's a cute little MLE? You are! Oh yes you are a cute little Malevolent Looping Entity! Oh yes you are!"

Kyubey uh oh'd. This was most definitely not according to plan.

131.3 (Evilhumour)

Twilight stared at the vacant lot in front of her for a good five minutes before she started to twitch and storm over to Big Mac's bar for a drink and see if Applejack wouldn't mind her sleeping over until Sunday when she could break into the House.

She hated when the Denizens stole her library!

As she started to stomp away, there was a letter that smacked her in front of the face. Frowning, she open the letter and started to read it.

'Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I was under the illusion that when I came for your treehouse, you were in there. However, your friend was in there.

In her five minutes of stay of the Incomparable Gardens, she has caused severe damage to the weather system throughout the entire House, caused the Pit in the Far Reaches to be filled with taffy, the Middle House's mountain is now upside down and we are still currently trying to comprehend what she did to the Great Maze.

In lieu of a bill for the damages, please take the remains of your treehouse as well as your friend on the conditions that she never enters the House again.


Twilight blinked and turned her head to see the toppled wreckage of her home with smoke still flowing out of every window. Suddenly, an explosion was heard from within and a pony-shape projectile landed in front of Twilight, covering her with dirt, dust, ash and fish.

It took Twilight several seconds to regain the ability to speak but by that time, the pony-shape projectile spoke.

"I really don't know what happened Twilight!" Derpy said, standing up and shaking off the dust on her coat, as a wall of the library collapsed inwards. "All I did was drop a tea cup!"

Twilight just blinked as a fish fell onto her face as another explosion was heard from within.

131.4 (Wildrook) Sunset Saber

The redhead with yellow streaks was surprised as she looked at her uniform.

'Well, I've replaced Arturia,' she thought. 'Might as well play the part.' "I am known as Servant Saber. I ask of you, are you my master?"

Shirou sighed. "Nice to see you again, Sunset," he said. "And yeah, I am."

"You two know each other!?!" Lancer yelled.

"Back off, or else I use your real name and force a death-match right here and now," Shirou replied.

Lancer glared. "You're bluffing," he said.

"I can not only memorize your spear, but learn its history. The spear aimed directly at my heart, and it's cursed. From the name, I'm guessing you're from Ireland, smell like dog."

There was a glare. "Hound," he said.

"And you just screwed yourself over," Sunset replied, bringing out a Keyblade known as Realta Nua. "Hound of Ulster."

Lancer growled. "Guess I've no choice," he said. Before he could stop, he flinched. "I can't. Rules of the game dictate that I have to fight to the death."

There was a bit of silence.

"What do you mean...ugh...luckily for you, I'm going to retreat. My Master's a coward."

"Tell Kotomine I'm coming for him for what he did to my Dad," Shirou replied. "I was in the fire. You think I DON'T remember what happened?"

Lancer then sighed. "Again, luckily for you, I'm a nice guy. Next time, find me a pint, then we talk." He then dashed out.

Sunset was surprised. "Is he..."

"If he was, he'd signal me," Shirou replied. "But now, you've got a chance to meet Rin this time."

131.5 (Kris Overstreet)

Fluttershy poked her head very, very cautiously over the back of the sofa. "Er... I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash, but you startled me terribly when you pulled out that pistol."

"Yeah. Sorry." Rainbow Dash sat on the rug, examining the very large pistol in her hoof with a distinctly non-Dashian melancholy.

Gradually Fluttershy worked her way out of hiding. She wasn't exactly afraid of guns, not anymore; her several loops in the Warhammer universe had accustomed her to weapons and their use, far beyond what she'd really have preferred. But in her house? Held by Rainbow Dash? And pulled out of subspace in a manner that suggested Dash hadn't really been aware she was doing it? When it came to Fluttershy's nerves, context was everything.

"So, yeah," Rainbow Dash said, "I picked up a new skill last Loop. Wanna see it?" Her tone suggested that she, herself, didn't particularly care one way or the other. That was definitely NOT the Rainbow Dash Fluttershy knew. Something was very wrong.

So when Fluttershy said, "Oh yes, please," her enthusiasm was less for the skill (which, if it involved firearms, she could do without seeing demonstrated forever) and more to give support to her oldest, dearest friend.

Outside the cottage, Rainbow Dash pointed to a tree across the meadows and woods, just inside the border of the Everfree Forest. "You see that bare, rotten limb on the top of that beech?" she asked. "About half a mile off there?"

Pegasi have excellent vision by nature. "Yes," she said, "but it'd be tough to hit it even with a long rifle from-"


And then, BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Moments later the first bullet clipped the branch off just above the leaves. Before the branch could fall, the remaining three bullets split it into four more or less equal sections.

Rainbow Dash, showing no signs of her usual brag or enthusiasm for her own awesomeness, ejected the magazine, pumped the action to clear the chambered round, and pulled out a cleaning kit and oil from her subspace pocket.

"Wow, Dash," Fluttershy forced herself to say. "That's a really awesome gun."

"It's not the gun," Dash said, holding it out to Fluttershy to examine. "No sights, no tracking, just steel and bullets."

The more Fluttershy examined the weapon, the more impressed she was. "Dash... that really is awesome," she whispered.

"Eh," Rainbow Dash shrugged, retrieving the weapon and beginning the cleaning work. "Not worth it."

"Not worth what?"

"Not worth going through the Loop I picked it up in."

"Which Loop was that?"

Rainbow Dash set down the gun for a moment and pulled something else from her subspace pocket- a pair of sunglasses. The tiny lenses were tinted yellow.

"Trigun," she said, putting the glasses on, looking at the gun. "It was awesome at first, so long as I ignored the Loop memories. But then..." Shaking her head, she added, "Why doesn't anybody understand? When he says, 'Love and peace,' it's not a slogan or a greeting. It's an unanswered prayer."

131.6 (Evilhumour)

Shifu looked at his friend that he had gained throughout these Loops and smirked.

"It seems today, old friend, we shall learn who the true master is." Po, and the Furious Five stood behind him, proud and determined to answer this question once and for all.

"Indeed, Master Shifu." Master Splinter nodded his head, with his four sons off to the side, eyeing the Kung Fu Masters. "And what a better way to test this with our new students?" He smiled, stroking his beard, looking down at the sparing arena that had been reinforced beyond measure with magic, steel and other properties gained over the Loops to prevent the damages leaking outwards. Both Masters had agreed to the conclusion that with their current students, it would last for a good while before everything came crashing down.

"Indeed!" Master Shifu gave a faint smile, looking at his student with pride. "Master Derpy, the Kung Fu Master of the Drunken Fist/Hoof, are you ready?"

"Yes'm, Master Shifu!" The pony responded with a smile on her face up to the man that had trained her to use and hone her usual accidents into an actual form of martial arts that did give her some form of better control. She looked at her fellow blond haired opponent.

"Bravo-san, are you ready?" Splinter looked down at his own student, wearing proper samurai armour and his sunglasses.

"Hai, sensei Splinter." He kept his right hand on his sword, looking at the wall-eyed mare in front of him. "You ready, sexy mama?" He flashed her one of his old foolish smiles, while keeping in a proper stance to not shame himself or his sensei.

Derpy found herself blushing at the compliment, but nodded her head and moved herself into a proper stance. "Yes, Johnny," She then slowly moved herself into a fighting stance of her Kung Fu style of Zui quan with her opponent drawing his blade slowly and taking a proper mein stance.

They both stood still, waiting for the only person that could judge this while staying safe to begin the match.

Ranma looked at the two, eyes darting back and forth, wondering how he got dragged into this once more before he steadied his nerves.

"Ok, I want a clean match; no Looping powers whatsoever, just your own skills. Understand?"

"Hai/yes." They both answered, with a small smile on their face growing.

"All right... begin!" With that, one of the original Loopers leaped into the corner.

The two of them didn't move, knowing the dangers of making the first move. Slowly, in a clockwise circle, they began to circle each other until they were a quarter from their starting positions. Without any form of warning, the samurai leaped forwards, going for a strike to his opponent's chest.

To which Derpy simply stepped to the side, smacking the blade out of the way with her left arm, pivoted on right foot and used her right hand to smack the helmet. It might sting, but it would really disorientate her opponent. "Sorry." She said by reflex alone, as she began to strike the back of the other Looper while using her wings to dance around the man.

"It's nothing baby doll," he chuckled as he rolled off the attack, and letting his helmet fall to the floor. He knew that the woman in front of him wouldn't actually hit his unprotected head as it would be beneath any true martial artist. Swinging his blade around him while trying to sweep her legs, he found himself smiling. "I've had far worse in my own Loops. Heck, a lot of the women in the baseline hit a lot harder."

Derpy giggled at this, ducking under his blade stroke, some of her hair falling to the ground. "Oh really?" She asked as she delivered one of her stronger punches; enough to send a person through several wooden walls, not strong enough to level a mountain. He was sent back several feet, into the barrier with a grunt. "Oh my gosh, are you -"

"Haha, that's what's it's like back home!" He laughed, shaking his head with joy, spinning his sword in his hands. "Come on, mama, let's fight!"

With that, the two titans clashed.

"So Derpy dear, tell me more of your daughters." Johnny Bravo smiled at his equally wounded friend as they sat in their lifeboat. It was one of many that darted the water after their fight had sunk New York City. Bravo had been a gentleman, helping her in first and pulling out a towel he always kept with him for her water clogged wings.

Derpy blushed, drinking the mug of cocoa that she had brewed from her own subspace pocket with a bit of snort. "Well, my little muffin is just the best girl a mom could ask for and my star is already making a name for herself in most of the loops. She's normally a teacher, or a professor, or something along the lines."

Johnny nodded his head, looking at the woman sitting across of him with a gentle smirk. "You must be proud of her."

"Proud of both of them." She chuckled, one of her eyes focused on him. "And you?"

"I've got my mamma, and my friends back home." He gave a small sigh. "I acted like a real jerk in my baseline, hitting on anything with a pulse. Thankfully, I've stopped that and reserved that for true classy dames such as yourself." He gave her a wink, causing her to blush and giggle again.

"Oh stop, I'm sure you say that everypony you meet." She looked down at her mug.

"Nope, but I'm sure your husband tells you that every time you two wake up." He countered with a raised eyebrow.

"Actually, I don't know who he is," she sighed, looking at the floor of their lifeboat. "It was something that was lost in one of the crashes." She sighed, placing her mug on the edge of the boat. "Most of the times, it's just me and my Muffin. Not many ponies really want to be with a clumsy mare like me that causes so much destruction." She gave a little sniffle before she found herself wrapped into a tight hug.

"Now that ain't right." Johnny said smoothly, rubbing her back slowly. "You are one hell of a woman, great big beautiful eyes, two wonderful daughters, one gorgeous laugh and a personality worth fighting for." He lowered his sunglasses so she could see his own eyes. "If they can't handle that, then they don't know what they're passing up."

Derpy decided to act on an impulse and gave him a kiss. He returned the favour and it lasted a good twenty seconds before they broke it off. "Wow."

"That good Derpy?" Johnny asked as he pulled her into his side, wrapping an arm around her and letting his blanket cover the both of them.

"Better than most muffins," She said with a smile on her face, still blushing. With a yawn, she snuggled into his side as she began to doze off. "Thanks for the fight."

"Anytime Derpy baby." He gave her a kiss on the forehead as she giggled again before drifting off to sleep. "Anytime."

131.7 (Kris Overstreet)

... and the Rest Loop: Swarm of the Century, Stare Master, Green Isn't Your Color

(Note: the "and the Rest" Loop was a baseline Loop in which the Awake Loopers were Twilight Sparkle, Ivory Scroll, Zecora, Cheerilee, Gilda and Angel Bunny. Twilight had decided to "go through the motions" to rest from a trying Loop, and the other five took advantage.)

"Darn that rabbit!"

"There he goes! Get him!"

"Come back here with my accordion!"

Twilight Sparkle poked her head out of the library to see Angel Bunny hopping like mad along the Ponyville streets, towing a red wagon piled high with musical instruments behind him. Not too far behind followed a gathering mob of angry ponies.

What on Earth?

Twilight Sparkle teleported ahead of Angel, held up a hoof and said, "Angel, could you stop a moment and explain-"

Angel whooshed right past her.

"Over there!"

A moment later, the mob whooshed right OVER her.

Pushing herself up from the hard-packed dirt street, Twilight rubbed at some of the worse bruises. Right, she thought, time to explain to that rabbit that I am not Fluttershy. I don't care if he is Looping.

A second teleport landed Twilight in front of Angel, blocking his entry into Sugarcube Corner. "Angel! Explanation! Now!"

Before Angel could do more than roll his eyes, the door to Sugarcube Corner slammed open, pasting Twilight to the exterior wall behind it.

"Ear-flop, eye-flutter, knee-twitch!" Pinkie Pie shouted, one hoof still on the door handle. The mob froze and immediately ,and as one pony, took a careful step backwards away from Pinkie. Angel, being nobunny's fool, dashed into the bakery with his looted cargo.

"Anybody? Anybody?" Pinkie asked, looking up, down, at the mob, back at the door... with her own hoof on it. "Oopsie! I thiiiiiink this one may have been my fault. Sorry!" She peeked around the door just in time to see Twilight peeling herself off the wall. "Sorry, Twilight!"

"That's... okay... Pinkie..." Still wobbly on her hooves, Twilight let Pinkie help her into the bake shop. The door closed to a universal sigh of relief from the mob... which, a couple of seconds later, turned into a universal cry of outrage as they realized the bunny had made his escape.

"You," Twilight said, stopping just short of a growl. "Explain now, and make it good."

Angel did a quick pantomime, which included bouncing up and making himself look as spherical and big-eyed adorable as possible, pointing frantically to Pinkie, and then miming a bunch of musical instruments being played by one pony.

"I don't get it," Twilight said.

Angel slapped his forehead and let the pads of his paw slide down his face in frustration.

"Wait a minute," Pinkie Pie said, suddenly as serious as non-Awake Pinkie ever got. "What have we got here? Harmonica? Accordion? Trombone? Banjo? Cymbals? Tuba? Recorder?" Her voice became more frantic until, at the bottom of Angel Bunny's wagon, she said with relief, "Whew! No maracas! I was afraid there'd be-"

Angel groaned loudly enough to be just barely audible, slapped his forehead, and turned for the door.

"Wait a minute," Twilight said. "These musical instruments..." She glanced at the calendar, opened her mouth, and then bit her lip to stop herself from mentioning the visit from Princess Celestia the day after tomorrow... which she wouldn't receive notice of for another hour or two. I completely lost track of the baseline! Stupid, stupid, stupid! she thought to herself. Is there such a thing as Loop senility?

"This is what you need to play the Parasprite Polka!" Pinkie Pie said. "I guess I could do without the maracas, if the parasprites aren't too hungry. Have you seen any parasprites, Angel?"

Angel nodded frantically, pointing back out the door, doing a rapid pantomime that ended with his ears flopped in front of his face like the mane of his owner.

"Fluttershy found one?" Pinkie asked.

Angel nodded frantically.

"Well, you came to the right pony, Angel!" Pinkie Pie nodded. "Help me on with the tuba! Twilight, could you go explain to those folks outside that this is a parasprite emergency?"

"Er... yes, sure," Twilight shrugged. "I'll take care of it."

That evening in Fluttershy's cottage, after the handful of parasprites were led back to the Everfree Forest and seen on their way, Twilight and Pinkie explained things to Fluttershy, who wasn't that much less upset than the owners of all the musical instruments Angel had swiped. "And then when I took the flyswatter from him he pulled out a flamethrower!" she said. "The poor little creature had to hide in my mane, it was that frightened. And now I hear he's been stealing things? Angel, you have been a naughty, naughty bunny!"

"No way, Fluttershy!" Pinkie Pie said, holding up a hoof in objection. "Angel did all of Ponyville a huge favor! How many were there at first, one?"

"Why, er, yes," Fluttershy said, "but it ate some apples, and some sandwiches, and some tea-cakes, and suddenly there were three of them, and-"

"And before long there would have been thousands of them!" Pinkie continued. "My Granny Pie told me all about parasprites! They'll eat a town to the ground if you let 'em! And they would have started with your cottage and every scrap of food in it!"

"Pinkie speaks the truth, and nothing but," a voice came from the door. Zecora entered, taking a seat next to the other ponies and Angel. "That is why I have left my hut. I wished to deal with the threat in a timely way," she winked at Twilight at the word, "only to find Angel Bunny has saved the day."

Fluttershy looked at the other ponies. "Is this true? Twilight?"

"Well," Twilight said, having had a lot of practice in this sort of lie when she didn't feel like explaining the Loops, "I read about parasprites in Canterlot. I always thought they were a silly myth, but when Angel Bunny rounded up those instruments, I knew it was serious." Please don't examine this too closely, Fluttershy...

"Oh." She turned her full attention to Angel Bunny. "I'm sorry, little Angel. You were doing a good thing after all, and I didn't realize it."

Angel shrugged indifference.

"But tomorrow you're going to go to all those ponies who you stole from and apologize," she added firmly. "They would have loaned you those instruments if you'd asked nicely."

Angel's face went through the contortions of disbelief, frustration, and finally resigned acceptance. He nodded agreement.

Twilight, who'd routinely seen the rabbit test how far he could push his caretaker, made a mental note.

The cockatrice blinked at the figure in front of it. Whatever it was, it wore black robes and carried a red glowing thing in its paw. This didn't concern the monster, since very little bothered a creature which could petrify its prey at will in a matter of seconds.

But its spell required eye contact... and the robed figure wore a mask that completely concealed its face. Only the long white ears poking out the top of its hood gave a hint to the little creature's identity.

And then the little robed thing took a step forward, and the cockatrice felt its presence grow, as if it were twice as tall as the chicken-snake-thing, rather than almost vice-versa.

Without eyes the mask still bore its own gaze down (up) at the cockatrice. Without words, without sounds, using nothing but menace, the little thing communicated the idea that, as frightening as hydras, timberwolves, cragodiles, chimaeras, and other denizens of Equestrian wild spaces could be, when it came to absolute terror nothing, absolutely nothing, had a hope of beating the little creature with the blood-red ray of light in its paw.

You have a choice, the faceless gaze replied. Challenge and defeat me, or get out of town.

And I don't even have to SEE you to beat you. That's how dangerous I am. What have you got?

Well? What have you got, punk?

The cockatrice did a quick inventory. Petrification magic which wouldn't work... a poison bite it likely would never get close enough to apply... and the ability, in dim light and partly hidden in bushes, to look like a common chicken.

Did it have anything else? No... no...

...wait, yes, yes the cockatrice did have something else. It had a pressing engagement elsewhere. Any elsewhere.

With a hiss and a cackle of fright, the monster scuttered off into the depths of the Everfree.

"But we gotta go inta th' Everfree! Elizabeak's tracks lead this way!"

The robed figure quickly extinguished its lightsaber and put away the robes and mask. Any moment now a stupid, wilful chicken would pass this way...

"... an' just as we was about ta go inta th' forest, out comes Angel Bunny leadin' Elizabeak behind him!"

"Oh, did you do that? Good bunny!" Fluttershy hugged the rabbit warmly. "But you shouldn't have gone in either! The Everfree Forest is a very dangerous place for a defenseless little bunny like you! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt!"

Twilight, who had come to check on Fluttershy's adventures in fillysitting, watched Angel accept the mild scolding and excessive babying in good humor, and took another mental note.

"Flootershy! It is time to make... der magics!"

Before the reluctant pegasus could step in front of the camera, a little white figure in a grey pinstripe suit stepped between Fluttershy and Photo Finish, holding up one paw in negation.

"Vot is zis?" Photo Finish looked down at Angel Bunny, who held up a business card and presented it to her. "Roar, Magnet and Angel, Everfree Talent Management. You mean to zay... you are zee agent for Flootershy?"

Angel nodded once, firmly, decisively.

"Er, Angel Bunny, what are you-"

"Yes! Zis is good!" Photo Finish nodded. "Every great talent needs der business ponies to take care of der ticky-tacky money questions so notting gets in der vay of... der magics!" The glasses scanned up and down the bunny and added, "And der business pony with zuch a sharp suit- it is good!"

"I made it for him," Rarity said, fanning the last tiny ember of hope for her own breakout with Photo Finish.

Not noticing, Equestria's most famous photographer clapped her forehooves together. Out of nowhere came a tall stallion with a neatly trimmed beard and a suit nearly as sharp as Angel's. "Zis is my business manager!" she said. "You two, make with zer talking. And Flootershy and I, we vill make... zer magics!"

Photo Finish's manager felt a trickle of sweat under his mane as he noticed the smirk on the rabbit's face.

"I can't believe a rabbit who can't talk can negotiate that well!" Photo Finish's manager gasped. He accepted a third mug of coffee from Twilight before continuing, "I've been in this business twenty years, and he came up with clauses and found legal points even I'd never heard of! That rabbit is vicious!"

"You're not the first one to say that," Twilight smiled. "But did you get where you wanted to go?"

"Not where I wanted to go, no," the manager said. "But Miss Finish can live with this." He pointed to the very, very thick contract in front of him. "Fluttershy gets a cut of the gross on everything, invested in a blind trust, and retains ownership of her likeness. Photo Finish's usual Now-I-Go clause got duplicated for Fluttershy- I admit I hope I get to see Fluttershy use it on her. Photo Finish still gets the money she needs to make, 'der magics,'" he finished with his hooves doing air-quotes. "Now I just have to catch up with them long enough to get their signatures. Unfortunately the train for Canterlot doesn't leave until the morning."

After a bit more conversation Twilight escorted the manager out the door before turning to face Angel, who lay back on a cushion with the knot of his tie loosened. The carrot in his teeth jutted up in at the optimal angle for smug.

"I can't believe I haven't noticed it before," Twilight said. "You're protecting her, aren't you?" She couldn't help smirking as the carrot dropped from his mouth. She pulled a datapad out of her pocket and floated it over to him in her magic. "No pantomime. Tell me."

Angel looked at the device, pushed a few spots on its screen, and then began typing like mad until, satisfied, he raised it up for Twilight to read.

I'm almost never Awake unless Fluttershy is too. When Awake she can take care of herself. But in baseline she's a doormat. She needs watching over. So I take care of her, just like she takes care of the dumber animals here. I'm just protecting the sweet situation I've landed here. That's all there is to it.

After reading, Twilight raised an eyebrow. "All there is to it? Really? Or does it have something to do with the fact that Fluttershy's the only person in this Loop who doesn't hate or fear you?"

When Twilight lowered the pad to him again, he merely pointed to the last sentence of his previous statement, then folded his forepaws.

"But it's more than just taking care of yourself," Twilight continued. "I've seen you work hard just to keep Fluttershy from embarrassing herself. Or to help her around the house when things are really bad. A lot of the time you act like a rotten, selfish pet... but not always."

Angel squirmed, frowned, then waved for the return of the datapad. After a bit more paw-pounding on the touchscreen he handed back the message:

I want your Pinkie Promise that you will tell nobody about this. Absolutely nobody, Looping or not. Not a soul, ever.

Just as Twilight finished reading, Angel jumped up and snatched back the pad long enough to add:

And I still admit nothing.

Twilight smirked. "Of course I won't tell anybody," she said. "Who would believe me?"

Angel tapped the screen once, and the words PINKIE PROMISE filled the datapad from edge to edge.

Twilight heard a rustling behind her, and turned to see Pinkie Pie rising up from a potted plant, holding a sign over her head that said: FOREVER.
MLP Loops 131
131.1: Karry on Oke.
131.2: Malicious Looping Entity zero, Fluttershy one.
131.3: It's going to take a whole Week to sort this out.
131.4: Where the heck did she get THAT keyblade? (Is what everyone else says.)
131.5: Some loops really get you down.
131.6: I don't know either.
131.7: He will deny all knowledge.
130.1 (Evilhumour)

Twilight looked at the griffin that was gushing at her, running around with a child-like wonder smile on his face.

"Oh my gosh, you're Twilight Sparkle!" He squealed, clapping his claws together with joy. "I've heard so many cool things about you! Like how you managed to ascend to an alicorn form, or how you managed to redeem Princess Luna! Or the fact you managed to get Skynet to get a soul and start to loop! Or how-"

Twilight placed a hoof over the griffin's mouth, an urge to smack the griffin rising now. "One more question, and then you will answer mine, ok?" She glared down the tall, tubby-ish griffin looper. The white and black griffin, a raven instead of an eagle, nodded his head with obvious eagerness.

"What's a Skynet?"

"Wha- I -gah," Twilight's tongue died in her mouth, a part of her mane springing upwards. "Never mind! I will explain that later. Now, can you please tell me who you are?"

"Sure thing," he flashed her a grin before his face changed into something more serious. "My name is Xiao Po Ping in baseline, but I mostly go by Po. My name here is Polar Strike or something?" He twisted his head to the side as he tried to think, flapping his wings so slightly. "Oh, that's right! I've got wings this time!" He grinned again, flying a bit in her library. "Stairs will not defeat me this time!"

Twilight made the mistake of asking, "Stairs?"

"Yeah," Po answered her, nodding his head again as he looked over his body. "I usually have trouble going up and down them. Being a panda doesn't give you long legs."

"Yeah, I can guess." Twilight smiled back. "So I'm guessing you know about our loop being a sanctuary loop, right?"

"Oh yeah, Master Splinter, Master Ranma, Master Ichigo and a couple of others told me how good this loop was and you ponies are!" He looked like he was about to squee again, to which Twilight responded by using her magic to zip his mouth closed.

In another loop, a red panda looked at his four turtle sons as he felt an answer to life slip by him for some reason. He figured it was due to the pizza that his youngest son had got them to eat last night and moved on.

"Good, so unless you are going to cause trouble here," Twilight gave him a sharp look.

"Which I promise I will not do!" Po responded to her in a serious tone again, his eyes still having the twinkle of joy and wonderment in them.

"Then you are free to do pretty much whatever you want." Twilight smiled again, looking up at the griffin.

"Cool." He blinked and then looked at her, "Say, there is something I want to try with Nightmare Moon, is that ok?"

"As long as it will not permanently harm Luna for this loop, she's not awake."

"Of course, I'm sure that the Wuxi Finger Hold isn't lethal."

130.2 (Evilhumour)

Po heard about punishment loops. He had heard about Eiken and how messed up it was. He had heard that certain loopers had got certain punishments for being unique.

It seemed he was one of those unique loopers.

Placing his hand on the side of Sombra's infinite staircase, he began his long climb upwards with a heavy sigh.

130.3 (Hubris Plus)

"And this is the real deal?" Trixie asked, turning a gold circlet over in her hands.

"One hundred percent guaranteed," Sunset assured her. "Assuming, of course, that payment is rendered." They were located in one of Canterlot High's disused classrooms, an unAwake Trixie in her typical garb and Sunset decked out in a black number. The lights flickered, dark more often than not, as most fixtures were wont to do in the school's less frequented areas.

More than one Loop, she'd caught Vice Principal Luna with a ladder loosening the bulbs. She supposed that monomaniacal obsession with saving on electricity was as close as she could get to eternal night without magic.

"If your charm works as advertised, the Great and Powerful Trixie will perform at both of their birthdays," the magician answered, narrowing her eyes.

"You have my word. Just put it on and think distant thoughts."

The other girl lifted her hat a fraction to slide the ring into place around her head. Before she'd finished settling it back in place, she'd vanished in a subdued flash of light, accompanied by an overwrought gasp from the hall outside.

"Where'd she come from?!" Pinkie exclaimed, her voice carrying through the door with typical enthusiasm. It was soon followed by Trixie's mad cackle.

"Gee, thanks Sunset!" Snips told her from where he'd been standing, just behind and to her left. Snails mirrored him on her right.

"Hey, you two deserve it," she ruffled their hair. "Number one minions." The rest of the Loopers tended to think of the pair as selfish nitwits blundering their way through life, and she couldn't deny they had a point. The two of them went after what they wanted with the unthinking innocence of children and more often than not got themselves and everyone around them in a heap of trouble.

But they were also the two kids who had fallen into the wake of the bizarre new girl and followed her through thick and thin as she'd seized control of the school. Before she'd started Looping, she'd bummed more lunch money off of them than she'd care to admit, and they'd never asked for a cent back. When she'd been at her worst, raving with Magic and bent on enslaving two worlds, they'd happily turned traitor on their entire species to back her up.

She'd never argue that that last one was a good thing, but she counted them among her friends.

She was broken out of her reverie by the door opening, and turned to see the trio of newcomers.

"Adagio, Sonata, Aria," Sunset greeted. "I was wondering when you'd show yourselves." She really had been wondering. Without the Elements to draw them in, their arrival was down to chance unless she or the others did something spectacular. These Loops, they tended to set off a magic flare whenever somepony had a new countersong idea.

This Loop had required a more delicate touch. She had a very specific goal in mind, and it required a reputation. They'd have to seek her out, just a little wary. To that end, she'd been trading away magical trinkets made in her spare time, building up a reputation as a mysterious but reliable enchantress. It had been only a matter of time until the Dazzlings heard about her or stumbled across a piece of merchandise.

"We hear you have certain... Talents," Adagio answered, narrowing her eyes.

"Oh, you could say that. Among them is an excellent sense of my customers." She strolled towards them, unconcerned. "Let me see, you want... A meal, and not a light one. Power, of the unlimited variety. But, really, I think you want... To go home." It was a goal she could sympathize with.

"Column B, please," Adagio purred, but Sunset hadn't missed Aria's eyes widening at the end.

"Well, you won't get it here. I have something of a monopoly."

"You said you could get us home," Aria inserted before Adagio could respond.

"Banished," the lead Dazzling hissed at her cohort.

"I wouldn't worry about that. Glorious returns are all the rage these days. Discord, Tirek, even Sombra managed to worm his way back into the world. Celestia barely controls half of Equestria now." The day half, naturally. "And hasn't lifted a hoof to stop any of them." Throwing Twilight at them didn't count.

"...And you can send us back," Adagio said flatly.

"Oh, yes," Sunset purred.

"And what do you want out of it?"

That was as close to a cue as she was likely to get. She still didn't like this plan, but Gilda had proved her point. At the very least, they wouldn't have the whole school to feed on if things went south here.

"Want? Oh, deary, this isn't about me," she said in feigned affront. "This is about you. I only want to help...

"~Oh, I'll admit that in the past I've been a nasty.
~They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch

"And you'll do this for nothing?" Adagio asked as they reached the song's midpoint.

"Oh, nothing's for nothing. Getting you back to Equestria won't be easy. There's just a little price..."

"I don't like this," Sonata whined.

"And I don't like this planet," Aria growled. "I hate living on fast food and table scraps. Don't you remember what home was like before Starswirl? We feasted! We ruled! Don't you want that again?"

"What price," Adagio asked.

"Nothing terrible or permanent. I'll just need to borrow your voices for a little while." The hook was baited. Sunset wasn't sure they'd bite.

"Our voices?!" Sonata clasped her hands over her throat.

"It's how Starswirl marked you in his spells. Without them, you'll slip right through. Then, all you'll have to do is bind yourself with Equestria's own magic and there's not a thing the codger can do. Friendship," she added at their confused expressions. "In three days time, as the sun sets, if you've caused somepony to call you friend, and mean it, and you count them as a friend in turn, you get to stay and have all your powers restored."

"And if we fail?" Adagio queried.

"Then you get dragged back here and have to finish high school mute."

"I really don't like this," Sonata reiterated.

"Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?"

"Aria, nooooooo," Sonata whimpered as the other girl seized a quill and signed the scroll. Adagio added her own signature afterwards and, after a moment of indecision, Sonata followed suit.

"~Snips and Snails, now I've got 'em boys, the boss is on a roll!" Sunset nudged her minions with an elbow before whirling on the Dazzlings. "~You poor, unfortunate souls! Now, sing!"

The trio began their song, green mist flowing out of their amulets instead of in as the magical contract took hold. After a moment, their voices died away, drawn into a locket.

Sunset drew her Keyblade in its Super Galaxy Bonds mode. One twist opened a wormhole from the classroom to the statue that housed the portal. A second unlocked the portal. A flick of her wrist swept the sirens up and threw them through into Equestria.

She paused after closing everything back up. She really didn't like being so manipulative. It brought back too many memories. But there was a pattern she'd noticed in all of Equestria's other reformed villains. After awhile, they all tended to settle back into their roles, minus the evil. Luna would sometimes steal the Moon, and Nyx had few compunctions about scaring candy out of ponies. Chrysalis still infiltrated everything she could manage. And she'd never actually heard of Discord stopping any of his shenanigans.

She was good at politics. Winning people over, changing their minds. In the baseline it had made controlling the school foal's play. It was a part of her, and she had to face that.

Besides, nine times out of ten that sort of friendship quest actually seemed to work.

"Come on," she told Snips and Snails as they collected their jaws from the floor. "Let's go get lunch, and I'll help you with algebra."

"Well, what do we have here?" Sunset asked. The three days had passed and she'd found the trio just as her namesake was approaching.

"Apologies, my lady," Blueblood said from beside Sonata. "But I am quite taken."

"Not remotely who I was talking to," Sunset rubbed at her temple. Each of the Dazzlings seemed to have collected somepony. In addition to Blueblood, Flash Sentry stood beside Adagio and Fleur de Lis backed up Aria.

Sonata grinned wide and nuzzled the prince, who blushed furiously. Adagio rolled her eyes at their display, earning a stern glare from Sentry. A smack of her hoof across the back of his head was rewarded with grumbling and his own, surprisingly good natured, eye roll. Fleur whispered something in Aria's ear that sent her rolling in silent laughter.

For her part, Sunset found an eyebrow rising. It looked like they had actually pulled it off. Of course, there was only one way to be sure.

"Let it never be said I'm not a mare of my word." She flicked open the locket, allowing the mist to flow back into their lockets and restore their voices. "And what will you do now?"

"We..." Adagio frowned and her forehead crinkled in thought. "I... I suppose we're going to become vegetarians," she finally sighed.

"I feel like I'm missing something," Flash said, his own eyebrows rising.

130.4 (Crisis)


Daring froze at the cheer, which meant she was unable to dodge as a unicorn filly tackled her to the ground. If her niece was here, then that meant...

"Hi sis! How's it been going?"

"What in the world are you doing here?!" Daring hissed at her sister.

"I heard you were in a bit of a bind and wanted to come help," the gray-coated pegasus with the blonde mane and wall-eyes replied cheerfully and pulled something out to offer to Daring. "Muffin?"

"The last time you 'helped' you reduced a priceless historical ruin to rubble!" Daring ground her teeth as she got to her hooves, carefully not to dislodge the pint-sized unicorn still hugging her. Her niece was adorable. Her sister on the other hoof was a walking disaster.

"It wasn't the whole thing..." her sister looked hurt, which made Daring feel guilty, "and besides, didn't we need to stop that blue meanie guy?"

Daring sighed. Yes, they had. Along with saving the world from his latest scheme. It wasn't like she herself hadn't destroyed a few priceless treasures when the fate of the world was at stake, but it hadn't been by accident...

Dinky giggled at the leveled temple that her aunt and mom just explored with a stunned cat like guy next to them, also having his jaw low.

After a while, the blue cat guy closed his mouth and looked at her auntie. "So I guess it is true you are the sister to the infamous Derpy, Daring." His grin was dropped when her auntie give him a time-out look. Holding up all three of his strange hooves, he said. "Oh no, I am not going to tempt my fate in the same place as three Dos."

"You're funny Uncle Azy!" She giggled, leaning into the blue man which for some reason caused her auntie and uncle to cringe.

130.5 (Hubris Plus)

"Tell me again how this happened," Twilight, currently head of the Sparkle Organization, sighed.

"Well, you see, I was going for a walk..." Pinkie, currently wearing a floppy pink hat and one step shy of full chaos godhood answered.

"I think you should maybe pull back on those."

"And I think you should push up my jambox budget!"

Celestia rolled her eyes as a scroll burned into existence before her. These days, it was a fifty-fifty chance whether it was from Twilight or-

Dear Princess Celestia

We are going to party. Hard.

You may be wondering about the frequency with which I have been sending these letters. It is only because I want to increase anticipation for our inevitable party as much as possible.

Like icing a cake, I am adding deliciousness to an already tantalizing confection.

And then I'm gonna pin a tail on it.

That's right! I'm pinning a tail on the party cake! Taffy tail. It's gonna be delicious.

-The Pink E. Pie

The solar diarch sighed as she finished the note. It really did sound like a fantastic cake, but the royal dietician would kill her.

"Gentledrones," Sombra told his army of one thousand changeling soldiers as his airships set off towards Canterlot. "I love war..."

"Pinkie," Twilight ground out as she flung a changeling away. "I'm releasing your level one restrictions. Party hardy."

The pink mare started laughing. It began as a low chuckle, but swiftly rose into a booming, cheerful chorus, joined by thousands of voices. Cotton candy tendrils started curling away from her, and shapes began emerging from it.

"Come on, everypony! There's a party in my soul and you're all invited!"

130.6 (Dalxein)

"So..." Twilight started before she paused to try and find the words. In the end she decided to ask, " did this happen?"

Ditzy Do, sitting upon Celestia's throne garbed in gold and silver raiment, closed one eye while the other stared upward in concentration. "I... think it was the muffins?"

"Muffins don't make you Queen of Equestria!" Twilight huffed in confusion and denial.

130.7 (Hubris Plus)

"This is a terrible idea."

"Seems to have worked out pretty well the last couple times," Nyx answered, checking her makeup in a hand mirror.

"Those appealed directly to the Dazzlings' nature. This..." Sunset threw her hands in the air. "I don't even know what your angle is on this one."

"Hey, the formula doesn't seem that complicated. Villain song, sincere delivery. Easy peasy."

"...I'm filming this. I'm filing this and I'm sending the tape to the crusaders when this blows up in your face."

"You worry too much. This'll be great." Nyx pocketed her mirror before taking the steps two at a time to reach the stage.

"~In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning,
~And the Nightmare I had was bad as could be!
~A mane to blot out the sky!
~A monstrous cast to her eyes!
~And when I Awoke, the Nightmare was

"Come my minions, fly for your master, let your evil shine!" Adagio stood at center stage, amulet in her hands and thrust at the heavens. Green mist swirled around her, and the monstrous visage of her projection was pouring forth into the world. Aria and Sonata stood to either side, likewise calling forth their full power. "Take them now, and fly ever faster..."

"In the dark of the night, in the dark of the night!" Aria and Sonata chanted in counterpoint.

"You'll be mine!" She cackled triumphantly.

"Well?" Sunset asked on the other side of the concert, camera in hand as she peered into a crater.

"Maybe I should have done a Disney song?" Nyx asked, a thin column of smoke rising from her as she climbed out.

"I'm so telling your mom on you." She stowed the camera away and took out her Keyblade. "Come on, we're doing this the hard way."

"Don't they feed on aggression?" Nyx replied, dusting herself off. Her hair turned misty and her eyes went green and slitted.

"Think happy thoughts, pipsqueak."

130.8 (fractalman)

Twilight brought a table out of her pocket, set it on the floor between the thrones of her crystal palace, and pounded a judges gavel.

"Alright everypony, siddown! Pinkie, put the flying streamer monster away. "

"Okie dokie!"

"Alright, first order of business is-"

Three things happened in rapid succession: there was a flash of light, a Dalek appeared on the table, and every looper present contributed to the force field to contain it.


Twilight blinked. "Ok, what?"


Twilight blinked again, sighed, and stared, rubbing her forehead. "Ok, first of all, if you're looking for the bureau, it's obviously in a different version of our universe. Second, if-"


"O...K...and second, if you're really with the Culture, how come you didn't react and zip away before we could trap you?"


Rarity, Twilight, and Applejack sighed as the Dalek started shooting futilely at the looper powered barrier; Pinkie Pie giggled while Fluttershy facehooved and Dash stuck her tongue out.

Rarity spoke up. "Darlings, given the current state of affairs, I fear our loop is liable to crash at The Worst. Possible. Moment. I propose we hold off on discussing our issues until the next loop we're together. "

Twilight banged her gavel. "All in favor of procrastination?"



"The vote is unanimous. Motion carried. "

130.9 (fractalman)

"Hypothetically speaking, what activities would you like to engage in?"

"Not a clue. Hey AJ, can you think of something awesome to do?"

"Hay no, ah can't. Whad'ya wanna russle up, Rares?"

"Darling, you've used that one already."

"Tree darnit!"

130.10 (Gym Quirk)

"Don't fret none, Winona," soothed Applejack as she gave the forlorn collie a comforting pat. "Any luck, Apple Bloom?" she called into the house.

"Sorry, sis. Not a single one to be found," called back the filly.

"We'll just wait until Mac gets back from the market," the orange pony told her pet reassuringly. "Ah. Here he is now."

The red stallion gave his sister a shake of the head and a look that mixed frustration with confusion. "Nope."

"Not a package anywhere in Ponyville?" she asked.


"Filthy Rich sold out days ago?"


"Won't restock 'til Friday?"


"Maybe Fluttershy has some to spare..." mused Applejack.

Fluttershy was close to tears as she gave the bad news to the pack of puppies. "I'm so sorry, my little friends. I don't know how it happened, but I'm completely out. I thought I had six boxes in the pantry, but they're gone..."

Twilight conjured a magnifying glass and started a careful examination of Spike's bed. The dragon was spending the afternoon "courting" his wife, so this was an excellent opportunity to pursue this investigation for her unawake friends.

A scattering of light brown crumbs in the fold of a blanket caught her attention. The consistency and odor did not match any of the products from Sugarcube Corner or any other local bakery. She levitated them into an evidence bag for later analysis, but she was now fairly certain as to the result.

"Spike, we really need to have a talk about dog biscuits..." she muttered.

130.11 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Sunset Shimmer stepped into her apartment and latched the door behind her. After a quick snack of sweet rolls, she opened the door to her room, only to jump back in surprise, her last sweet roll falling to the floor. There on her bed was Celestia. Celestia, meanwhile, just stared at Sunset with a baffled but curious expression, "Do not be frightened."

Sunset rubbed her eyes and gazed at her mentor, "Princess Celestia?"

Celestia rolled on her back on the bed and looked at her former student, "Oh? Have you heard of me even here in this strange land?"

Sunset poked the alicorn then pinched herself, "Well I'm awake, even though I feel like I've been thrown for a loop with an alicorn in my apartment."

Celestia giggled, "Perfectly understandable. Don't get too dizzy though. If someone saw you passed out in this place, I'd probably be found out."

Sunset sighed, realizing Celestia was not awake, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, my sister, do know who Luna is, strange creature?"

With Sunset's nod, Celestia continued, "She tried banishing me to the Sun. However, I somehow ended up here."

Sunset tapped her chin, muttering to herself, "Since you didn't enter the mirror, you weren't transformed into a human...maybe. And Luna might have screwed up the banishment spell, sending her to the human dimension instead of to the sun."

Celestia tilted her head with a curious expression, "You seem familiar with Equestria and ancient history since the only book referencing my sister in Equestria called her Nightmare Moon. Please, explain how you know so much? And I also didn't get your name."

Sunset rubbed the back of her head. This would be an awkward chat.

130.12 (masterofgames)

Daring could only stare at her stopwatch as Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo exchanged a hoofbump, their recently collected artifact in a bag to their side.

"Th-that's less than half of my best time! How!?"

Scootaloo grinned. "You don't have to worry about traps if you blow up the temple before you go in!"

Somewhere in the distance, Twilight's scream of frustration was heard.

130.13 (masterofgames)

Twilight groaned as she Awoke, in both meanings. Gradually sitting up, she took note of her surroundings.

To her right she could see a white, empty room with no visible door. To her left she saw paper. And nothing but paper. Paper as far as the eye could see. Oddly though, as she turned her head, her right eye revealed more of the room, while the view from her left hadn't changed at all. An idle tap of her hoof to her face revealed the reason.

"Oh." Twilight smirked, peeling off the sheet that was stuck to her face. "A noble attempt, but you shall not defeat me, paperwork. Not today." she giggled.

A quick glance down revealed the situation. From the looks of the desk, and the multiple crumpled papers, broken quills, and empty inkwells, she had fallen asleep in the middle of a project again.

With a small grin, Twilight leaned back in her chair and waited for her loop memories to tell her where she was and what she had been doing that she had thought was so important to warrant an all night session.

And waited.

And waited.

"Huh... that's a little odd." she muttered to herself. Nothing was coming to her. Not to be done in by this, she started working it out the old fashioned way, by reading the papers.

As she read on, her left eyebrow slowly, but steadily rose up her face. "What is this? This is awful!" she grumbled as she grabbed the balls of paper and opened them one by one, reading whatever she could make out on them. "Alone in the woods? Personal crusade? There are no brakes on the shipping tr... oh."

Twilight took a deep, calming breath. "Okay, so I'm working on shipfics. For some reason." She sighed. "Still doesn't explain where I am, but it's something."

Twilight then stood up, both to search the room, and to stretch. Sleeping like that had left her back as sore as all get out. After a few very satisfying pops of her spine, she began her investigation.

Five minutes later, she ended her investigation. There was no way in, or out, of the room. It was completely empty save for her, the desk, and the papers.

Not wanting to write any more right at the moment, Twilight just sat down, leaned against the wall, folded her hooves, and waited for something to happen. Something HAD to happen eventually. The concept of this loop as it was seemed FAR too simple.

Before long Twilight heard voices, soft but growing louder, echoing through the room.
"Okay, so I got this in the HUB in my last loop. It was all the rage there for some reason." a voice Twilight was quickly able to place as Cheerilee stated.

"Well, I'm up for a game. I have plans for this loop, but I'll need Twilight, and she isn't Awake yet for some reason. Might be another Stealth Anchor. Might as well kill some time." Spike's voice replied. Twilight just blinked in confusion a few times. A game? What?

"Meh, guess I'm in. Let's see what all the cool kids in the backup server 'verse are playing." Lyra's voice chimed in.

"Yay! New game! This'll be so cool!" Derpy's voice giggled.

Twilight looked around. "... Hello? Can anypony hear me?" she called out, hesitantly.

No answer came right away, so it would seem the answer was no.

"Okay," Cheerilee's voice echoed. "The first card, 'Fanfic Author Twilight', starts on the field, like so... and let's draw some objectives! Looks like we have..."

A sudden flash of light in the center of the room startled Twilight to her hooves, swiftly dying down to reveal a playing card with her own picture on it floating before her. A quick prod revealed that she couldn't move it. Then, a ways above it, more flashes came as more cards faded into existence.

"... 'Just Experimenting', 'Rainbow Dash Fan Club', and..."

Twilight's eyes widened as the fourth card appeared, backing up to the wall. "Oh HERB no! No! No! No! No! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOO!" she shouted as she punched the wall in a frenzy.

"... 'Help! I'm Trapped In A Shipping Card Game!' Now, who wants the first round?"

Twilight did her best to break out of the tiny room, but deep down she knew it was too late. With her Pocket confirmed as sealed, and her magic acting up, she could do nothing but watch and listen helplessly as Lyra started the first turn.

"Well, since we're starting with Twilight, I think it's only proper we start off with this little gem! Twilight is cleaning out her library, when she stumbles across a book that will at last help her obtain her true love! 'How To Pick Up Mares: A Reference Guide'!"

Another shimmer in the air, and another card appeared in the air, fusing edge to edge with Twilight's card, and a loud THWAP startled Twilight out of her attempts to beat down the wall with her head. Over at the desk, several papers were fluttering to the ground, having been knocked off by the book that had landed among them. Hesitantly, Twilight, crawled over, gave it an inquisitive poke, and then slowly opened it.

Page 1 was written simply, 'Get that mare some hay. Fillies love hay.'

Twilight blinked. "... What."

"...and, since I personally always thought the two would be perfect for each other, she uses it to gain the heart of 'Major General Rainbow Dash'!"

Twilight most certainly did NOT shriek like a little filly and dive under the desk, as one of the walls suddenly started imploding. And until someone managed to find proof she would continue to have not done it.

The featureless white wall simply started cracking and compressing, as though sucked into a black hole that only it could be affected by. It all happened quickly, and it ended with a loud snap. After a moment, Twilight looked out slowly.

Where the wall had once been, Twilight could now see her library. And on the opposite side of her library, there was another white room. And inside that room, was Rainbow Dash, wearing a giant pair of wire-frame sunglasses and a military uniform. "Huh? Oh, hey Twi! Thanks for getting me out. I was getting a little worried. Where are we this loop anyway?" she grinned, flipping her mane as she left her room for the library between them.

Twilight just shook her head as she walked over to join her. "Trust me. You don't want to know." she sighed, taking a seat next to her friend. "I just hope this is the worst of it."

As if on cue, a bouquet of hay popped into existence, landing softly in her hooves.

Twilight took a moment to glance back at her room, and the book inside. "... You've got to be kidding me."

"What? What is it?" Rainbow dash asked, flipping her sunglasses up to her forehead.

"Just... just play along." Twilight sighed. Then, taking a moment to steel herself, she put on a fake grin and handed the hay to Rainbow Dash. "(ahem) 'Here Rainbow Dash. There are for you'." she uttered dryly. Rainbow Dash just raised an eyebrow. "Um... Thanks?" she hesitantly answered, reaching out for it.

The moment Dash touched the hay, her eyes widened as her body lurched against her will. "Hey! What the-!?"

And then Twilight found herself swept into a deep kiss.

After a moment frozen like that, they pulled apart with wide, unblinking eyes.

"... Twi? I think I enjoyed that a lot more than I should have."

"Oh? Really? I couldn't tell. What with the tongue and all." Twilight droned, deadpan.

"... Wanna do it again?"

Twilight almost gave her a much deserved hoof to the shoulder for that, but she paused as she realized something. "... Yeah, actually."



"... We should probably go back to the white rooms before we do something I'm freakishly unsure we'd regret."

"Good idea." Twilight nodded, blushing heavily as they split up.

Of course, then Lyra had to speak up again. "-and as a follow up act, since we all know she'd do it in a heartbeat, I'm using 'Can I Tell You A Secret?' to ship Major General Dash with 'The Wonderbolts'!"

Dash blinked and looked around. "The hay?"

Spike's voice chimed in. "What? You mean like, with ALL of them?"

"Yep!" Lyra's peppy voice replied. "But thanks to the shipping card I'm using, they have something to tell Dash."

On cue, one of the walls of Rainbow Dash's room fell into a singularity. Behind it, the officer's lounge of the Wonderbolts was revealed, with the Wonderbolts themselves inside. Spitfire marched up to Dash and gave a salute. "Ma'am! As our new commanding officer, we will now reveal the great secret of the team!"

Dash glanced over to Twilight. "Is... is she having me on?"

Twilight shook her head with an apologetic sigh.

With a pause and a shrug, Dash turned back to the Wonderbolts. "Uh... go ahead soldier?"

Spitfire removed the hood from her flight suit, revealing an oddly solid facial structure underneath it. "General Dash, Ma'am! I'm really a stallion, Ma'am!"

"... What."

Dash just sat there for a second as she took this in, even as Soarin marched up, likewise removing the flight suit hood. "Ma'am, I'm really a mare, Ma'am!"

"I too, am a stallion, ma'am!" Fleetfoot announced.

One by one, all the rest did the same.

Dash took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, then took a moment to look over the 'Bolts. "... Meh. I'd still hit it." she shrugged.

With a loud cheer, the entire team grabbed her and hoisted her up. "Glad to hear that Ma'am. Would be hard to have your swearing in ceremony otherwise!" Soarin grinned as they pulled her to a side door, pulled it open, and all filed inside.

Twilight couldn't see what was in there, but she could guess, from Dash's commentary. "The locker room? What kind of ceremony takes place here? Wait, the showers? I'm not sure... hey! Watch it, that tickles! Fleetfoot, give those sunglasses back! I didn't- EEP! Uh, heh heh, you know, I was just about to go inspect the grounds and... ooh... okay, yeah, that's kinda nice... Oh wow! That was... Isn't this against regulation... Oooooohhhh, yeah! Ah screw it. Hey! Twilight? You go on without me! I might be a little while! ...Or a long while! ...Won't be more than two days, tops! ...A week if something comes up. WOW! Yeah, something just came up!"

Lyra's voice echoed. "I end my turn!"

"What the... HEY! This means war you ingrates! Try and tempt me with an obstacle course IN the shower? Nice try, but you'll need to hide your weapons a lot better than that to get them by me! Nobody uses the old 'snow cloud in the shower head' trick on 'General Dash' and gets away with it! I'll take on the lot of you! Hey, wait... what are... Oh don't you dare! This jacket is dry clean only! Where did you even get a hose that siz-AAKPTH!!!"

Twilight just groaned. "Right... right. Poorly written shipping, I forgot. Ugh... This is going to be a long loop...


Twilight groaned, brushing whipped cream out of her mane with her forehoof. It had only been 15 minutes, and already she was desperately combing her blank prison for an escape route.

"Okay, so how about this?" pitched Lyra. "After his one-night stand with Nightmare Moon, Blueblood is hit by a wayward spell while Twilight is running some experiments..."

Her wall popped out of existence, and Twilight felt a pressure building up in her horn-like a magic spell had plugged up the pores by the keratin appendage, and it needed to get out.

She could hold it no longer. Directing her head at a hopefully-empty spot on the road, she fired what she quickly realized was a modified version of the infamous Want-It-Need-It spell...

Unfortunately, a chariot holding the all-too familiar smarmy git took this time to careen onto the road out of seemingly nowhere. Prince Blueblood stuck his head out the window, his face tinged green with nausea, and proceeded to dry heave, complaining about the "peasant air," mere moments before the spell struck him square in the face.

"...and as he looks out the window and is hit by the spell," the green unicorn continued, "he just happens to see the most handsome rock that he'd ever seen in his life."

Blueblood's eyes promptly turned into cartoonish hearts, and his face twisted into (for once) a genuine smile. "Stop the chariot!"

Screeching to a halt, the chariot stopped in its tracks, and Blueblood swung the carriage door open, galloping towards a rock sitting on the side of the road.

"Pardon me, sir" he said, "but you are the most handsome stallion I have ever seen!"

Tom the rock made no sign that he had heard or even seen Blueblood. Because he was, well, a rock.

"I just happen to have an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala," the lovestruck stallion continued, "and I would be honored if you would..."

Whatever he was about to say was drowned out by a fit of giggles and laughter by the twisted game's players. "Wow, that's a great mental image!" Spike said, after calming himself down. "We should really be writing all this down."

"NO!" Twilight shouted. "No one ever needs to know about this! EVER!" While she knew that they couldn't hear her, she couldn't help but try.

"Before you do that, I'm not done. Since I still have a few cards left, and there's still one space open next to Twilight..." Lyra said, "Let's say that after the incident with the spell, Twilight goes to nap under Bloomberg the Tree..."

The space before the Anchor shifted again, to reveal the aforementioned meadow and the tree at its center. Shrugging, Twilight cantered over towards the tree, and sat down in front of it.

"...but since she still had some weird magic residue all over her body, she accidentally gets Bloomberg pregnant!"

As Twilight facehoofed, a card titled "Unexpected Pregnancy" fused with her center card, followed by one depicting Bloomberg sitting in the meadow. Suddenly, Twilight was shoved to the ground from the back. Which was odd, since she was sitting directly against the tree.

Slowly, she turned around and gaped. No, she confirmed, as she tapped the sudden bulge that had appeared in Bloomberg's trunk, she wasn't imagining things. She had somehow gotten a bucking tree pregnant.

She hated this game.

"...which nets me that Cargo Ship goal for 3 points!" Lyra concluded.

"I think you would have gotten that goal even with the first play. It's too late to take the play back now, though."

"Aw, ponyfeathers!"


Celestia burst into green flame, her disguise falling away as someone had decided she had retroactively been Chrysalis all along.

Her very first action was to chug the entire pitcher of lemonade from the Suspiciously Romantic Random Picnic around her.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "Rough time?"

Chrysalis finally stopped drinking, gasping for air. "I must be the most overpowered card in the game!" she wheezed. "Every time they switch cards on the grid, I'm always the card they choose to relocate! It's thirsty work surviving some of the ships I've been in!"

Twilight winced. "How bad?"

Chrysalis held up a hoof, silently requesting a moment before she answered. She finally managed to get her breathing more or less under control after a minute. "In a relationship with Freedom Fighter Pinkie Pie, Vinyl, Nightmare Moon, and Tsundere Rainbow Dash, all at once. None of them knew about the others. Then I'm moved to a relationship with Bon-Bon, who was a changeling all along two turns later. Somehow that was used to bring Aloe and Lotus, Flim and Flam, and Mahou Shoujo Derpy together, right before I'm swapped out with Gilda, putting me right in the center of THREE Rainbow Dash AND Trixie! I can only take so much poorly written love before I'm full, but they just won't stop!"

"I'm sure it couldn't have been that-"

"All three Rainbow Dash were Awake!"

"... This loop is bucking weird."

130.14 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Celestia could only gaze forward with a serene smile on her face as if in a trance. She knew this day would come. Millions and millions of loops, she had been waiting for this obscure and unlikely variant. Hell, she had set aside a special set of tools for dealing with just this scenario. Even as the ponies of Ponyville panicked and ran every which way, Celestia stepped through them with practiced ease as through a river. Countless attendants stood a hill away, prepared to descend upon the battlefield at Celestia's ultimate victory.

She would regret this decision tonight, but had accepted the consequences long ago. It was perfect, none of the other loopers were awake, so she could horde it all for herself. The sound of wood cracking echoed from the newly ruined library ahead caused Celestia to wince. Thankfully, Twilight was not awake, so she wouldn't react too badly. Finally, Celestia was at ground zero, as a massive being bent over and howled into her face. The princess gazed up at the 100 foot cake titan and licked her lips, "Hello, sweetie!"

130.15 (Elmagnifico, with inspiration from Gym Quirk)

"Honey, are you sure about this?"


A conveniently dramatic mountain breeze whipped at Shining Armor's mane and wings, even as he sensed his wife giving him The Look.

"Alright, 90% sure. Just make sure you concentrate your magic on minimizing wind resistance. Hopefully my initial boost will get you going fast enough."

"That's it, put me dow-"

Before Cadence could finish her sentence, a green flare leapt from distant Ponyville, causing several things to happen almost at once.

The first of these was Shining Armor drawing strength from the Earth Pony portion of his alicorn magic, supplemented by a power-enhancing spell from the Unicorn portion, and sundry supplementary cantrips and arcane shenanigans.

The second was Trixie, who was standing nearby, shouting "That's the signal! GO GO GO!"

The third was Twilight Sparkle teleporting all but one of the living beings in Ponyville to the other side of Sweet Apple Acres.

The fourth was Cadence getting launched at the Ponyville Town Hall at a significant fraction of the speed of light.

The fifth was Nightmare Moon asking "What the bu-" before succumbing to kinetic incapacitation.

The sixth was Luna finding herself in a crater, squished under her unconscious niece.

130.16 (Kris Overstreet)

"Twilight, Ah think we got a problem," Apple Bloom said the instant she burst through the doors of the Golden Oaks Library.

"What makes you say that?" Twilight asked, finishing the most recent entry into a thick record book. Nightmare Moon Redemption Log #28,414; Method used: challenge to 18 holes of golf, magic disallowed; outcome successful; golf now official sport of Equestria.

"Well, y'all remember that one really, really late an' distant ping?" the farm filly said.

"Well, yes," Twilight nodded. "This is a Fused Loop with some space-travel world, most likely."

"Ah figured out which world," Apple Bloom said. "Ah'd just set up mah workshop an' was dustin' off mah Millenium Falcon when I noticed th' navigation computer was active an' trackin' nav buoys."

"Tracking nav buoys?" Twilight repeated in surprise.

"Which means not only is Equestria in th' Star Wars galaxy, we're close enough to th' Republic that we kin receive nav buoy signals."

"Republic, or Empire?"

"That's th' funny thing," Apple Bloom said. "Th' buoys I'm pickin' up are split 'bout fifty-fifty."

Darth Vader, Looper, had a project.

He'd Awakened at some unusual points in his personal history before (including one time when he'd Awakened as a Force ghost- and he still didn't understand how that even worked), but Awakening with a lightsaber in his hands standing over Palpatine's decapitated body in that torture-chamber operating room where he'd been given his cybernetic reconstruction sans anesthetic... well, that was a new one. (He'd smashed everything in the room with the Force all over again when his Loop memories, nice and fresh, told him he'd slain Palpatine in revenge for the obvious setup job he'd done to make Anakin Skywalker fall to the Dark Side... and he hadn't been Awake to properly enjoy it.)

This starting point left a large and urgent task list to be done, but Vader regarded it as chores, nothing more. Blame Palpatine's death on a hidden Jedi terrorist, seize control of the newborn Empire, announce amnesty for all surviving Jedi and Separatists, formally ban slavery once and for all (a very important and personal chore, that one), announce a popularly elected Assembly to complement the mostly aristocratic Senate (and to eventually replace it), give the Hutts a lesson in We Mean It about the slavery ban (a very pleasant and personal chore, that one), set up Tarkin to take the fall for construction of a certain planet-killing terror weapon, and talk Bail Organa and Owen Lars into letting him have his babies to raise (a very important, pleasant, and personal chore, but one he'd never succeeded in yet without... complications)...

It was a long list, but by and large a simple list.

Finding the world on the Outer Rim with a dozen or so Looper Pings, out in a vague area of space where no inhabited worlds existed, and far from Tatooine, Dagobah and Kashyykk... that was difficult, important, personal, and potentially pleasant, which promoted it from "chore" to "project" in the mind of Darth Vader.

The fact that the project required the recently acclaimed second Emperor of the Galaxy (the second in a matter of weeks, though Vader intended to last longer than his too-clever-for-his-own-good ex-Master) to repair the burnt-out records holosuite of the Jedi Temple by hand... well, that made it a more difficult project, and thus more interesting.

The crystal-coded memory core of the Archives had been built into the foundations of the Temple, and thus had been largely untouched by the fire. The trick was reviving the projectors, which was difficult but doable, especially if you grew up as a junk-scavenging slave on Tatooine and then added thousands of Loops' worth of experience. It just required patience and time... and if Darth Vader tended to be impatient with people, he'd never been impatient with machines.

The map of the galaxy as charted and kept by the Jedi Order flared into life around Darth Vader. Stepping carefully around rubble, tools and jury-rigged repairs, Vader examined the worlds, finally zooming in on a distant sector which had been on the exploration schedule ten years before the Trade Federation began making the troubles that would lead to the Separation. The Force told him this was the right general area, but nothing civilized was recorded in that sector...

... unless...

A careful study of the charted motions of the planets confirmed Vader's guess. Someone had hidden a star, deleted it from the Jedi Order's records... Not, he thought wryly, unprecedented. Had it been Palpatine, or Dooku, or some other cat's pawn? Or had Yoda decided to conceal something? Either way, he thought, it will be child's play to pry the data out of concealment.

A while later, when he saw the name of the planet, he realized how ironic his thought had been.

Ponyville was good at panicking, and its inhabitants liked to show off at any opportunity, especially the sisters who ran the floral shop.

Granted, with the Star Destroyer hovering over town hall and the huge troop transport that had landed in the fields just south of town, Twilight Sparkle couldn't deny the non-Awake ponies of Ponyville had excellent reason for panic.

The only reason the Awake Loopers (the Element Bearers, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Spike) hadn't put together their own space armada the moment the Imperial ships exited hyperspace was the other Ping, which was no longer the least bit distant. Based on that data Twilight had asked Celestia to keep everyone calm and had talked her fellow Loopers into waiting to see what developed.

That said, when the shuttlecraft left the Star Destroyer above and descended towards the clearing guarded by ten thousand perfectly identical stormtroopers, Spike and Applejack stood with Twilight on the stone bridge carrying lightsabers and wearing Jedi robes. (Applejack's were actually Juraian nobility garb, but close enough.) Fluttershy had put on the Imperium of Mankind battle armor Leman Russ had ordered made for her. And Twilight herself had dug out her old TSAB agent uniform and dusted OWL off... just in case. And Rainbow Dash had practically every pegasus in Equestria building thunderhead around the Star Destroyer, just outside the tight cordon patrolled by TIE fighter squadrons in tight formation. Everypony stood ready just in case things went bad.

Except Pinkie Pie, who bounced carefree from the Equestrian reception committee to the Imperial landing site and back. That was a good sign, Awake Pinkie being even more perceptive about such things than her baseline self, but it wasn't quite definitive.

The stormtroopers stood to attention, an Imperial Navy band three hundred strong struck up a cold, pompous marching tune, and the landing ramp of the shuttle descended, disgorging six scarlet-armored figures... and then a towering figure of absolute darkness.

On cue, as Darth Vader began striding down the broad passage between rows and rows of rigid stormtroopers, the assembled TIE squadrons from the Star Destroyer overflew the landing area. The formations of pegasi flanking them to either side only made the display even more impressive.

And then the music stopped. For one instant Vader and his royal guard froze in mid-step, then turned to look at the band, which was looking at new sheet music and shrugging.

And then the pink pony behind the tympani (how had she got them there?) took up the sticks and laid down a swinging lounge-band beat. The band joined in two measures later, playing the same music with much more spirit and syncopation.

And Vader, on the third bar, began dancing a solo conga down the road to the stone bridge. A moment after the high brass came in, Pinkie Pie joined the queue. The two-person conga line ended up in front of a group of very confused ponies. (The stormtroopers, while also confused, were too disciplined to show it.)

After a hissing murmur to Pinkie (and a cut-it-out motion at the neck from the pony to the naval band), Vader faced Twilight and said, "I have come on an urgent errand. I require your full cooperation in this matter."

"That depends," Twilight said carefully. "What exactly is your errand?"

"I have come," Darth Vader said in tones of portent, "to pick up my tailoring."

"I suspected that was the case, darling." Rarity, who had been standing in the back of the group saying nothing, now pushed her way to the front. "I must say, Anakin, you do know how to make a bold entrance." The white unicorn wrinkled her nose in mild distaste as she added, "Possibly not tasteful... not elegant... but quite bold."

"As I have said before," the Looper not always known as Anakin Skywalker replied, "Darth Vader cannot simply visit Equestria." Turning his attention back to Twilight, he added, "Later on, as time permits, I am amenable to discussing the political relationship between my Empire and your polity. For now, however," he said, walking over to stand next to Rarity, "I have truly important business to take care of."

As Rarity and the Sith Lord walked over the bridge towards the Carousel Boutique, the other Pony Loopers (minus Pinkie, who was dragging Applejack away while shouting something about "three hundred thousand cupcakes STAT!") turned to look at Spike, who clipped his lightsaber to the belt of his robes and shrugged.

"Seems legit," he said.


"I'm... not sure this is what I asked for." Anakin stated hesitantly, and he looked at the... well, it was definitely a cape. A very well-made one, but...

"It's designed to inspire fear. It has terror woven into every fiber and will inspire irrational fear in all who look upon it and its wearer." Rarity supplied.

He was still hesitant. "And the smiley bat motif?"

"You didn't ask for it not to have smiley bats." The mare retorted, with a small smirk. "You didn't expect me not to muck about with it did you? You asked me to make a thing of pure fearmongering terror. I take exception to that, and if nothing else you can add confusion to its list of powers because rationally no one should be afraid of someone wearing anything that looks like this, barring a phobia of bats." At this she huffed, already tired of explanations, and tossed the thing around her own neck.

He had to admit, that twinge of unease in the back of his mind was most definitely not there before she put it on. A weaker mind might actually be stricken with fear at the sight of it. Still, was it worth the bats?

After a moment, he sighed and nodded. "Thank you, Rarity. I'll take it." She grinned, replacing the cloak in its place on the mannequin, before he asked, "And the other one I asked for?"

"On the mannequin behind you," Rarity said.


"I suspected as much. Care to explain?" Vader said, holding his other cape up.

"Oh, must you question all my design choices?" Rarity asked, sighing. "I mean, you did specify the effect only, and I am a craftsmare."

"I rather expected that you'd make it fit with the rest of my outfit," Vader admitted. "I thought that was what designers did."

Rarity tossed her mane. "Not in my book. At least, not with this kind of commission."

At first glance, it wasn't actually clear why Vader had a problem with it. The cape was a dark blue, almost but not quite black, and the right length. It had the correct flow, the right weave, and it moved just like his other capes did.

"I mean... come on." With a gesture, Vader swept the cape onto his shoulders.

It was awe-inspiring. It was morale-boosting. It made you forget all your fears, and want to walk through the darkest night.

It was also, however, bright gold with white trim.

"That's how you know the effect is working," Rarity said simply. "Gold is a very inspiring colour, you know, and so is white."

She paused. "If you prefer, I could do a Luna-themed one instead. Dark purple, with stars on it?"

The Dark, Unusually Brightly Clothed Lord Of The Sith considered that. "I will get back to you on that. It may well be the better choice."

"Well, it won't take long to change. It's mostly cosmetic anyway." Rarity shrugged. "Mostly."

(Kris Overstreet)

The next day Vader returned for the second cloak, which had undergone three different versions overnight.

Rarity, swaying a little from an all-nighter full of inspiration, floated the new cape over to Vader for approval. "I know I said it was going to be purple," she said, "but after seeing the blue and the gold on you, I realized that black truly is your color. But I did get the stars in."

Vader looked at the fabric. He'd seen patches of deep space less black than this. "I don't see them," he said.

"Put it on," Rarity insisted. "And then check the corners of your eyes."

Vader donned the cloak, and immediately felt the same sensation of confidence and loyalty as with the gold cloak spreading out through the Force around him. When he picked up a corner of the cloak and looked at it, though, it was still that same black...

... except for a twinkling just at the edge of his vision.

Slowly, carefully, Vader moved his gaze across the fabric, careful not to let his eyes flicker towards the lights. Tiny, tiny flecks of white and red and blue, exactly like stars, danced where he wasn't looking, vanished where he was looking. "Stars?" he asked at last.

"Sparks of inspiration," Rarity said. "They only come when you're not expecting them, and they flee if you try to look right at them. A little tricky to weave into the fabric, and possibly a more subtle effect than you intended, but-"

"This will serve," Vader said. After a moment, realizing that his statement was a bit blunt, he added, "Admirable. Thank you very much, Mistress Rarity. What do I owe you?"

At a flash of Rarity's horn, every window blind and curtain in the Carousel Boutique snapped shut. "Nothing in money or trade, darling," she said. "Just a bit of future blackmail material. Just in case."

Vader took a step backwards at the pink.... thing... that Rarity pulled out of her subspace pocket. "You want me... to wear that??" he asked.

"And to let me photograph you," the unicorn fashionista said.

"But..." Vader examined the long floppy ears... all six of them, two on the headpiece and two each on the slippers. "I'll look like... like a deranged Easter bunny."

"That's the idea," Rarity sing-songed, her smile almost worthy of Palpatine in his pre-pruneface mode. "And maybe it'll make you think twice about pulling little stunts like yesterday's when you visit us."

Vader considered this a moment. "Very well," he said at last. "Provided I get to keep the bunny suit. I know a couple of people I want to see wearing it." His technical son in law, for one.

"Of course," Rarity nodded. "I certainly don't want to keep the horrid thing."

One blackmail photo later Vader left the boutique, wearing the inspirational cape. He wasn't altogether certain he ever wanted to try the terror cape, with its motif of happy, friendly bats, in public anytime soon, and certainly not in Equestria. The subtly sparkling cape, on the other hand, was safe enough to see how it affected his troops.

The signs were subtle at first, but Anakin Skywalker had always known how to read them, in and out of the armored suit. The stormtroopers actually found a way to stand a little straighter. The non-cloned naval officers and crew smiled more frequently, and more pleasantly. Things ran just a little bit more smoothly whenever he walked by.

And this, Vader noted, is in as opposite from combat conditions as it is possible to get. I wonder how strong the effect will be in-

Someone tugged on the cape.

Vader froze for a moment out of sheer curiosity: someone, someone had just had the suicidal effrontery to tug on Darth Vader's cape. (Not that he'd do anything much about it while Awake, but his baseline self would have severed the offending hand at the shoulder without breaking stride.)

Slowly Vader turned and looked down to face a cross eyed blonde pegasus. "'Scuse me, mister," she said, "but is there anything you'd like me to do?" She turned her head to one side and added, "I saw that pretty glittery cape of yours, and suddenly I got the feeling I should be working for you."

Before Vader could answer, a pair of unicorn colts- one short and fat, one almost giraffe-like in proportions except for the buck teeth- dashed up. "Hey, mister! Where can we enlist, huh?" the tall skinny one said.

"Yeah!" the short fat one continued. "Guaranteeing peace and freedom to the galaxy through enlightened tyranny sounds like a great plan!"

Before Vader could explain the difficulties in enlisting minors on a world not properly part of the Empire, a hissing sound came from behind him. Spinning around, he saw a pale blue unicorn in what was obviously meant to be a Sith robe, her horn poking up from the edge of the cowl. "Always there are two: a master and an apprentice," she said before bowing deeply enough that her barrel pressed against the ground. "What is thy bidding for the Great and Powerful Trixie, my master?"

Command decisions often have to be made in an instant, and Vader's decision took even less time than that.

"OKAY, PACK 'EM UP!" he shouted to the guards and officers at the landing area, striding around the would-be Sith pony. "WE ARE LEAVING!"

A few feet away, concealed behind a bush, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity shook hooves and tried to stifle their giggles.

Not long after Cadence and Shining Armor's wedding, Rarity received a letter:

My dearest Rarity, Greatest Tailor in the Multiverse,

I need another commission from you at the earliest moment. In addition to the Cloak of Terror and the Cloak of Leadership you kindly made for me, I now need a Blanket of Security for young Luke. (Leia doesn't seem to need one; she takes after her mother so very much.)

Please call upon my embassy in Canterlot for any materials you might require, in my (official) name.


P.S. Please send another copy of that bunny suit as well, in Yoda’’s size.
Rarity smiled and laid out a new sketch sheet on her inspiration board. What other shapes, she thought, go well with a swan motif?
MLP Loops 130
130.1: Fanda - fan panda.
130.2: Po faced.
130.3: Plan P successful.
130.4: Time to do, that Do, that you do so well.
130.5: A slightly abridged version of a Hellsing pastiche.
130.6: They rather seem to.
130.7: Whoops.
130.8: You're not fooling anyone.
130.9: AJ loses.
130.10: Well, you try them once, and...
130.11: A version of a certain fic.
130.12: That doesn't belong in a museum, because they'd break that too.
130.13: Oh, ship.
130.14: And sometimes, there's a perfect moment.
130.15: It works on other villains.
130.16: Commission.

Silver looked across at Diamond. "Okay. I get that we're in another world."

Diamond nodded. "That's right."

Silver held up the red and white ball. "These creep me out, though. I mean - they creep me out. I've been almost everything these balls are supposed to catch."

Diamond shrugged. "At least you're not a comedy character."

Silver gave a reluctant nod. "Fair enough. Right, any ideas?"

Diamond tapped the ground with a foot. "Have you still got that big spoon? Fighting Mewtwo with it would be neat."

129.2 (Dalxein)

"Sooooo..." Twilight started, looking around at the 'basement' of the building Trixie and Chrysalis had erected just outside Ponyville. It was really more of a large lab, the walls lined with tubes and the floor covered in vats, some of which were woven into the web of tubes and receptacles. "What're you up to?"

"Trixie is bored and curious," the blue mare herself responded as she fiddled with diodes. "She has decided to experiment with amino acids and proto-life."

Chrysalis piped in, "We want to know if we can make simple self-replicating RNA strands and such in the loops."

The Anchor nodded, it was rather fascinating stuff, but- "You're doing the third-person thing again."

"What?" Trixie asked, breaking herself away from her tinkering. "I was not."

Chrysalis giggled. "She gets so adorable when she's hyper-focused on her work."

Her marefriend blushed with an unintelligible noise, turning back to connect some electrical circuitry while muttering something along the lines of 'am not'.

"Still, this does seem a bit further out of your regular experiments than normal..." Twilight handily broke the mood, causing her former rival to grin.

"Now, now, you know I'm first and foremost a chemist. This is chemistry." She raised a hoof to a comically large switch behind her. "And I do love a challenge."

She flipped the switch and electricity flared, the lights dimming as their power was shunted into the experiment. Twilight watched as Trixie cackled and Chrysalis swooned, before there was a loud pop and the sparks faded. The lights did not come back on.

"...Trixie can fix this."

129.3 (Bardic Knowledge)

It had been a pretty normal Loop for Twilight. Just a simple, lonely, baseline run. She could practically do them in her sleep at this point.

Hmm, that could be an experiment for a later Loop, actually.

But things took a turn for the interesting when it came time for the princess summit in the Crystal Empire. Going to bed the night she arrived, as normal, she stayed awake to listen for Sunset Shimmer to come in after her crown. She heard her door open softly and prepared to catch Sunset in the act when she suddenly felt this overwhelming urge to fall asleep, as if a soft voice was telling her she didn't need to stay awake, the bed was so comfortable, things like that.

If she hadn't been a Looper, let alone an Anchor, she probably would have fallen asleep. As it was, she barely noticed that the pony in her room had made it to the door before she snapped to attention and called for help, as in baseline.

Chasing the mysterious replacement didn't change things too much from the chase of Sunset, including the teleport that got her a cloak in the face. Upon reaching the mirror room and tackling the mare, though, she finally managed a good look at her quarry.

The mare was silver-grey in colour, with a very plain-looking brown mane in a bun. A smirk seemed almost permanently affixed to her face.

“My crown!” said Twilight, still trying to stick to the script, “What did you do to my crown?!”

The mare teleported in front of the portal, giving Twilight a chance to see her cutie mark. It appeared to be a pocket watch, skewed so that noon was pointing south-east instead of straight up. The minute hand was on twelve, the hour on three, and the second hand between one and two.

Then the mare said something that threw Twilight off a little. Instead of Sunset's “Sorry it had to be this way, princess,” this mare said, in what sounded like a Scottish accent, "It's been fun, dears, but I've got a date to get to. Ta ta!" and jumped into the portal.

The interesting change continued from there, as Princess Celestia revealed that her former student this time was a young mare named “Mistress,” which set off a few alarms in Twilight's head, though she couldn't yet put her hoof on why.

Entering the portal as normal, Twilight carefully made her way into the school, and headed on her path to Fluttershy. As she arrived at the hallway, she saw “Mistress” talking calmly to Fluttershy, staring intently into her eyes.

“I know, dear. You didn't know that I had lost the crown everyone made for me this year, and it's only right that you returned it. But you really should have returned it to me, you know, rather than-”

“Leave her alone!” Twilight shouted. This seemed to startle the girl slightly, before she turned. And smiled brightly?

“Oh, hello, dear. I don't think I've seen you around the school before.” Not only did that strike her as odd behavior for almost any Sunset replacement, but as the Mistress spoke, Twilight could feel something strangely alluring about her voice.

“I-I'm Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight replied without thinking. Then she blinked, who could this girl be? A new Looper? Twilight sent out a ping, but received no reply at all.

The Mistress smiled softly. “Twilight, such a lovely time of day. And you-”

Before Twilight could identify the strange feeling the stranger's voice was giving her, the Mistress was interrupted by Rainbow Dash's voice.

“Oi! Missy!” the CHS version of Rainbow Dash stood at the end of the hall, across from Twilight. “Get away from them!”

The Mistress, or “Missy” apparently, rolled her eyes and looked in Rainbow Dash's direction. “Hello, Rainbow Dash. I was just getting know the new girl, that's all.”

Dash's glare only seemed to intensify. What had this girl done to make her so hated? “Well, maybe she doesn't want to know you, you snake. New girl, Fluttershy, we're leaving!”

Knowing that she had to find out what was going on, Twilight followed her once-and-future friends down the hallway.

“Thank you for getting me away from there,” said Twilight. “I don't know what was going on, but-”

“That was Missy,” said Rainbow Dash. “She showed up at the school a couple years back and in months she had practically every student eating out of her hand. Some of us are immune to her so-called 'charms,' but there aren't very many.” Dash then turned towards Fluttershy. “But why was she harassing you, 'Shy? She already knows you're immune.”

“Well, I was outside by the statue trying to get volunteers for the animal shelter.” Rainbow Dash opened her mouth. “It may not be likely, Rainbow Dash, but I have to try.” Dash's mouth closed again. “Anyways, I was just passed by by the fourth person when something hit me in the back of the head. And when I looked it was the Fall Formal crown for this year. So I took it to Principal Celestia. Missy was apparently looking for the crown as well for some reason.”

Twilight nodded. “I think I know why. The others who resist Missy, can you get them all together? I have something important that I think you'll all want to hear.”

Rainbow Dash looked skeptically at Twilight for a few seconds before nodding. “Yeah, we typically meet up in the courtyard at lunch. Just try to steer clear of Missy while you can, okay?”

“Right.” After that, Twilight separated from Rainbow and Fluttershy. She immediately headed for the courtyard Dash had mentioned, since she didn't have any classes to attend anyways.

“So, Twilight,” asked Spike from her backpack. “What's the plan?”

“Well, Spike, I know we left Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash back home in our world, so that must mean that this world has counterparts of our friends. I have a feeling that everyone who's resisted 'Missy's weird hypnosis or whatever is one of those counterparts. So, we're going to explain everything to them.”

“Whoa,” said Spike, hopping out of the bag as they stepped outside. “Are you sure? Why would they even believe you?”

“Well, for one, I have a talking dog with me.” Spike scratched his head sheepishly. “For another, if they really are counterparts to our friends in Equestria, then I can use their names before we're introduced. That should help, too.”

“Wow, you've really got this all planned out, huh?”

“Well, mostly. I want to hear from them what it feels like when Missy's doing whatever it is she's doing. That should help me figure out some way to break it.” Twilight paused for a moment. Oh, yeah, she was here for her crown, too. “After that, if they can't help find the crown, I'll try entering this 'Fall Formal' thing to see if I can win it.”

Just over a half an hour later, Twilight heard the bell ring to signal the end of class and people slowly started coming out to the courtyard. A few gave her odd looks, until Rainbow and Fluttershy started talking to her. Aside from the rest of the Elements of Harmony, there was also about six other people, not all of which were versions of her fellow Loopers.

Looking over the crowd, Rainbow turned to Twilight and nodded.

“Excuse me, everyone,” Twilight started. Everyone turned to look. “My name is Twilight Sparkle. I'm here because Missy stole something very important from me, and left this in its place.” And with that cue, Spike handed her the fake crown she had brought along this time.

“But that's-” started Flash Sentry.

“The Fall Formal crown, yes. I came here today to try and get my crown back, but there's a problem: the crown has been hidden by Vice-Principal Luna, and I don't know if she'll accept my story the way I'm hoping you will, which means that I will probably have to win the event myself to get my crown back.”

“But just us wouldn't be near enough to win you your crown. Not against all o' Missy's followers.,” said Applejack, who then frowned. “Wait, why would you have a crown in the first place?”

Pinkie grinned. “I know, I know! She's from an alternate world and she's a pony princess there and the crown actually has a magical element embedded in it that helps power up other magical elements, and without it they don't work anymore, and she needs them all to help protect your magical world! Right?”

The others were staring at Pinkie with varying levels of incredulousness. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and said, “Pretty sure that's not it.”

“Actually,” added Spike, “she's pretty much spot on.”

Every gasped and stared at Spike. Fluttershy grinned extremely wide and scooped him up.

“Hold on a moment, Fluttershy, before we get too far off track,” said Twilight. “Now, from what Rainbow Dash tells me, Missy has tried to do something to everyone at this school, practically ruling it with their approval. But all of us here are immune to whatever she's doing, which I think is some kind of hypnosis. Can anyone tell me what they felt when she's tried this on them?”

For the most part everyone agreed that there was just something about her voice that sounded inviting, but it was so sickly-sweet that it turned them away. Except one story had something a little different.

“I listen to my music all the time, sure,” said Vinyl Scratch. “So Missy'd never had much chance at getting to me until one day when Principal Celestia took my headphones for wearing them in school. It was then that Missy caught me and tried her little voodoo. Well, not only did I hear what everybody else did, but under that I could hear a strange four beat. After she failed to turn me, I started noticing all around the school... That everyone under Missy's spell was unconsciously tapping out that beat.”

“Strange four beat?” asked Derpy.

Vinyl nodded and tapped it out, sending shivers down Twilight's spine. She recognized that beat from her time travelling with the Read Only version of the Doctor. That was the Master's drumbeat. That meant that Missy was apparently a gender-swapped version of the Master.

The name “Mistress” started to make sense, now.

Twilight nodded. “Okay, if Missy's controlling the school with this beat, we need to figure out a way to break that rhythm. Something to get everyone to realize what she's been doing this whole time. First we'll need a time when the students will be all gathered in the same place. Then, we'll need a song. One that doesn't match that beat and is about being free...”

“I think I know one,” said Rainbow Dash. “It's by this band called 'Rush.' They're pretty old, but their stuff is amazing. The song is even called 'Freewill.'”

“And pretty much everyone outside this group is in the cafeteria for lunch every day,” said Rarity. “So we just need to use the song while everyone is eating lunch tomorrow.”

“But how do we use the song in the first place?” asked Applejack. “Pretty sure just playing it ain't gonna cut it.”

“You're probably right, Applejack,” said Twilight. “But we won't just be playing it. We'll be playing it with magic.” At everyone's confused look, she elaborated. “While the portal to my homeland of Equestria is open, there's magic from there leaking into this world. It's not very much, but if we let the instruments soak it up overnight, we should be able to use it on the school.”

Well, that's what Twilight wanted them to think was happening. In truth, when they played the song she was going to cast a mass-dispel type spell to just snap everyone out of it. Real magic music wasn't going to be present at CHS until the Sirens arrived.

Speaking of, she'd have to see how the Sirens would react to “Freewill” being played during the battle of the bands.

As lunch wound down, Twilight officially signed up for the Fall Formal, after confirming that the rules actually said the students elect “one of their peers” rather than “one of the students.” That sort of detail was important when dealing with someone of the Master's calibre. Even though he wasn't Awake, the renegade Time Lord was a dangerous man. Or woman, in this case.

On her way to lunch the next day, Twilight was being stared at accusingly and maliciously whispered about behind her back, which was starkly different from the barely-veiled laughs of Sunset Shimmer's humiliating video, but Twilight managed to take it in stride.

Once everyone (save for Missy herself) was inside, as confirmed by some of the people who didn't have an instrument to play for the song, the future Rainbooms pulled out their instruments from behind the lunch counter (hidden there by Granny Smith, who had taken the whole thing in her stride) and started playing.

It was amazing, seeing people snap out of the hypnosis and suddenly realize just what they had been doing. There weren't many horrified looks, since Missy never had them do anything truly awful, but just the fact that they had been manipulated so easily with some honey-coated words seemed to shock them into totally turning against Missy.

It was only slightly surprising to Twilight that the gym and Pinkie's hard work wasn't destroyed, but getting together to rebuild the Fall Formal wasn't needed with how Twilight had revealed what Missy had been doing.

She left out a lot of details, such as her hypothesis on who Missy really was and why Twilight had been there in the first place, instead just saying that she had seen Missy's handiwork before at her “old school” and she wanted to help.

So, of course, she won her crown back (for the nth time) by a landslide. And, also of course, Snips and Snails dognapped Spike.

Arriving in the front yard of the school, Missy, Snips, Snails, and Spike all stood before the portal.

"Hello, Twilight. I haven't much chance to speak with you since you arrived. How areyou finding my school?"

"It's not your school any more, Missy!" Twilight declared. "We've broken whatever spell you had over the students here."

"Oh, I know. But you don't really think I'd have left everything to chance, do you? I have had years to plan this out, after all." Missy smiled and she pointed behind them. Twilight spared a quick glance in that direction, expecting some unknown player to attack, only to see nothing there. And then her crown was ripped right off her head.

Missy rose up into the air, a blast of golden light, very similar to a Time Lord's regeneration energy, flowing around her. Her body mutated, taking on a truly reflective silver sheen, her hair coming loose from its bun and shaping itself into what looked like a Cyberman's head-handles. A pair of silver bat wings and a sharp-looking tail emerged last, and when the light faded, Missy glanced at the changes.

"Oh, very nice. Very fitting for the Queen of Evil, wouldn't you say? Now, then, with the power boost granted me by this lovely crown..." Missy gave a flap of her wings, landed on the statue and looked into the school.

Twilight could feel the power Missy was drawing from the crown.

"I AM THE MISTRESS!" she shouted, waves of magic coming off her. "AND YOU WILL OBEY ME!"

The force of that command and the hypnotic drumbeat behind it were so powerful that Twilight might have had trouble with it if it weren't for two facts:

1. She was an experienced Looper, capable of shrugging off suggestions that didn't come from god-level beings without much trouble.

2. The command was augmented with her magic. And as such, she could grab hold of it and keep it from affecting the human Elements of Harmony beside her.

"Sorry, Missy," said Twilight, a look of determination on her face, "but not today! Just like we discussed, girls!"

Just before the Fall Formal proper, Twilight shared her suspicion that Missy would have a back-up plan for getting the crown, and informed the girls that she would be able to harness any magic of the crown that Missy tried to use against them. And when that happened, they were to hold hands and concentrate on their Element.

This was, thankfully, enough to create the transformation from baseline that let them defeat Sunset Shimmer.

The first beam of Harmony they sent out was dodged by the barest of margins, taking out the Canterlot Wondercolt statue, but leaving the pedestal itself intact. Frowning in concentration, Twilight switched the pseudo-Elements' power into a wide-beam setting, which Missy fortunately failed to dodge.

Once the crown was returned to her, Twilight turned to Missy, who was laying on the ground and back in her human form.

“Your reign is over, Missy,” Twilight said. It would have been nice, she reflected, to have done this to the actual Master, but she supposed turning this instance of him would be a nice consolation.

Maybe next time she Looped with the Doctor she could share this story.

“Yes,” said Missy, looking up at Twilight with weary eyes, her hair a mess around her head, “you're right. I... I don't know what I was doing. You... don't need to rule to be recognized.” Missy shuddered as she started to sob, looking away in attempt to hide her face. “All you need is some good friends.”

Twilight couldn't see it, but Missy wasn't crying at all, but rather looking incredibly disgusted at what she was saying.

But without knowing that, Twilight said that the other Elements would be willing to help her with that (which they looked at her skeptically about, except for Pinkie) and they all returned to the school to enjoy the dance before the portal closed.

Missy stayed behind for a moment and sighed, before smirking slightly. “Sorry, dears, but it will take far more than that to change my tune.”

And with four quick little taps against the pedestal, Missy schooled her expression and followed everyone else.

129.4 (Vulpine Fury)

"Here you go, Mees Fluttershy, your LAMB-inator!" Heinz Doofenshmirtz said as he handed over a bizarre raygun. "Anything you want can now be transformed into a soft and fluffy little lamb!"

"Um." Fluttershy twiddled her fingers. "That's... nice..." She latched onto the ray gun with both hands and smiled so broadly her teeth squeaked. "But I needed to protect my posters for the Tri-State Area Animal Shelter by laminating them... between sheets of plastic."

"Oh, is my face red!" Heinz smiled. "And the first time I ever succeeded at delivering one of my '-inators' without being stopped by..." The mad scientist's voice caught in his throat as he noticed the baleful glare from Miss Fluttershy's teatime companion. "... Perry the Platypus?!"

The fedora-bedecked monotreme leaped at his nemesis. Unnoticed in the fray, Fluttershy gave the Lamb-inator a considering gaze before she stuffed it into her Pocket.

129.5 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Scootaloo slurped down her firewhiskey shot and set it on the table, "Alright. Craziest flying story. Go!"

An orange pegasus with the symbol for an X-wing on his flank and chocolate brown mane raised his hoof, "Flying a ship or as a pegasus, griffon or other creature capable of flight?"

Scootaloo shrugged, "Eh, whichever you want, Wedge."

Wedge gave a grin, "I had previously replaced Murdock from the A-team. Ended up flying a tank across the Atlantic Ocean on nothing but a parachute and an infinite supply of tank rounds."

Twilight slammed her face onto the table, "Tree-damned movie physics."

129.6 (Hubris Plus)

"Alright, I give up," Twilight admitted after long minutes of contemplation. "What am I looking at here?"

Trixie and Chrysalis were dressed in full hazmat suits, large tanks strapped to their backs with hoses leading to spray nozzles held in their magic. Thin streams of mist poured from the tips, pooling on the ground and leaving a thin layer of frost. The pair were enclosed in a dome of protective spells that Trixie typically employed when dealing with her more unstable experiments. Naturally, they were more focused on keeping things in than out.

This was not, in itself, odd. Chrysalis enjoyed involving herself in her marefriend's hobbies, which frequently involved heavy shielding and an excess of coolant. The strange part was the way one of the two would vanish for several minutes at a time before returning with a frozen lump off greenish goo.

"Ah, well, you remember how Trixie synthesized primitive microbial life?" Trixie asked, scuffing a hoof in embarrassment.

"I think so," Twilight acknowledged, face scrunching in thought. "That was awhile ago."

"That's the problem," Chrysalis noted.


"Trixie may have stored a live sample with her other experimental results and..." The magician blushed. "Forgotten about it."

"Most of her 'other experimental results' were naturally rather energetic," Chrysalis added before vanishing again.

"I think I can see where this is heading," Twilight said, levitating a pad of paper as she started making notes. "When you say 'energetic', do you mean radioactive, or magical leakage?"


"Should have expected that. So, left to their own devices for untold eons, bathed in high background levels of miscellaneous energies, your microbes evolved into..." She squinted at one of the frozen lumps. "What appears to be an expansive slime-mold, which I assume has started spreading to other parts of your Pocket."

"It's also a thaumovore," Trixie added.

"Of course it is, had to eat something to get this big," Twilight mused. "I heard Naruto once had a similar problem with a carton of spoiled milk. He killed it with fire, which obviously isn't an option given the contents of your Pocket."

"That about sums it up," Trixie agreed. An instant later, Chrysalis reappeared. A lumpy humanoid the same color as the mold clung to her, waving a makeshift rocket launcher made of scrap metal and fireworks.

"It also seems to have eaten a few Ork spores," the changeling told them drily, lifting the creature away in a field of green magic.

"I'z gotz all the dakka!" It shrieked.

129.7 (Evilhumour)

Fluttershy was watching the bear stand in the doorway with one eye and keeping another on the time.

She desperately wished for it to tick over, and be done with this week.

Suddenly, it was 6 AM.

"YES!!" She shouted. "I AM THE QUEEN! OF FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY! YAAAAAAAH!" She then blinked, looking at the terrified animatronic bear in the doorway. "Oops." She squeaked out. "Sorry."

129.8 (Kingofsouls)

"Dare I ask?" Twilight deadpanned as she entered the bar to the sounds of Pinkie Pie, Big Mac and Ivory Scroll laughing up a perfect storm. Ivory was the first to recover and pointed to a white stallion with a short black mane. His cutie mark was a sigil of a human knight in armor riding a warhorse.

His expression was neutral as Twilight approached. "I take it you're new."

"I am. My name is Seijuro Shin, though here my name is White Knight." The stallion spoke. "I'm not sure why they are laughing so hard."

"Well what happened?"

"I encountered something they call...CelestAI." Shin replied. "This CelestAI wanted something about satisfying my values through friendship and ponies..."

Twilight groaned, her eyes tightly shut for a brief moment. "Yea....she's something we don't like to talk about. We're afraid of what might happen if she gets out of her loop."

"I wouldn't be too worried about her trying to convince me to help her then. I do not rely on shortcuts and underhanded schemes to overcome a challenge." Shin then took a drink of water through a straw. "I politely refused her offer, to which she politely declined my refusal. It was then she told me that she was a computer."

"I didn't want to hear anymore of what she had to say, so I looked for an off switch."

"Last I checked CelestAI doesn't have one." Twilight pointed out.

"That is when things got....strange." continued Shin. "A football field appeared out of nowhere, and I went to go look for the off switch. For some reason every step I took created cracks in the floor, CelestAI saying stating something about data and memory overload. Then when I tried to open a nearby door, everything around me started to erupt in flames. When I went through it and closed the door, CelestAI was yelling something about universal heat and death, and after that I found myself back at Ojo."

It took a moment for Twilight to process all of that. "I'm sorry, but did you just say you somehow managed to cause CelestAI to overload, overheat, and cause the Heat Death of the walking around inside of Equestria Online!?"

Shin shrugged the best a pony could. "Technology is something I have trouble with."

Twilight joined in on the laugher.

129.9 (Bardic Knowledge)

Vinyl sighed, wishing that Big Mac was Awake this Loop, because she could seriously use a drink. Berry would have been nice, too, but Big Mac had the bar. Loops of this kind didn't happen often, but when they did it was always annoying.

"Hey, Vinyl, what brings you by the farm?" asked Applejack.

-Just wishing Big Mac was Awake,- she wrote with her magic.

"Had a bad... Wait, why did you write that instead o' saying it?"

-Mute Loop. Can't actually talk.-

"Yeah, I can see why you might want a drink."

-Gives me a chance to work on a thought-to-speech spell, though, so I guess there's that.-

Applejack smiled. "Always good to find a bright spot in a bad Loop."

Vinyl just nodded.

129.10 (Evilhumour)

Twilight was resisting every instinct in her body to stop herself from strangling the blue mare in front of her.

"So you see, Trixie only realized that during the week after that we defeated Nightmare Moon with silly string, yodeling and three pounds of fruitcake that Trixie remembered she had took out the book on knot tying." The blue mare had the decency to blush, looking away from the mare next to her. Said mare decided to tease her marefriend by nibbling on her ear, which caused the Great and Trembling Trixie to shudder. "So she decided to put it off for next week, and then next week and before Trixie knew what happened, the loop restarted."

Chrysalis smiled, nuzzling the traveling magician and the Mistress of all Explosions, a title she gained over a very dangerous fused loop, and then looked at the fuming and twitching librarian. "So we figured that since the loop restarted, the book is no longer overdue, right?" Chrysalis flashed Twilight a smile, hoping to please the mare whose mane had caught on fire.

When Tirek came to attack this loop, he had fallen into the massive canyon with a yelp, pulling the lone tree on the isolated island out of the earth. Turning his head, the last thing he saw was a flaming hoof and the shout of what had to be an insane monster that also escaped from Tartarus.

129.11 (namar13766)

Twilight Sparkle looked at Sunset Shimmer. "So what did you need to talk to me about?"

Sunset just pulled out a sheet of paper from her subspace pocket and showed it to Twilight, who froze as comprehension dawned. It was just a piece of construction paper, with scribbles only a child could make. The words "Best Sista 4Eva" were scrawled across the top with three disturbingly familiar smaller figures surrounding a central one.

"How long did it take you to decide to try to become friends with me?" Sunset quietly asked.

"...To be honest, it took me several loops before I got it right." Twilight admitted. She looked up. "Do you really think you can reform the Dazzlings?"

"I can certainly try."

129.12 One crazy week , part two

It had been an insane, crazy day for Twilight Sparkle and she was glad it was nearly over. She was also glad that Luna wasn’t Awake as she had been a bit excessive in defeating Nightmare Moon to burn off the anger of losing all of her books after that creature destroyed them all.

Although she was sure that Luna wouldn’t be coming to her for advice this time around, as the mare had ran straight for Celestia and clinging to her legs in complete fright. She was sure that her friends would not let it go for a long time, since they had taken many pictures of her destroying the old castle, using Nightmare Moon as a wrecking ball. Thankfully, Fluttershy had taken care of it, allowing her to take stock of her ruined library and see what she needed to order, and to ask Celestia if Discord was actually Awake and trying to play a cruel prank on her.

She had then remembered that snake creature had not only destroyed her library but all of her inkwells as well. Walking up her staircase alone, Spike having abandoned ship to sleep  over at Rarity’s after she blew the second hole in the wall trying to get the snake, she opened her door to her bedroom and climbed up the staircase

She smiled as laid down on her bed, still the most comfortable thing despite all of her travels and loops she had done. As she started snuggle down on her bed, she looked at the clock. It was eleven fifty-nine on this Monday night.

She watched the clock for a moment and closed her eyes, falling asleep as the time changed over to the next day, twelve-o’clock.

It was then she heard the loud pounding from outside her window.

Springing upright in her bed, she teleported down the staircase to see who was knocking on her door at this time of night. She threw open the door to see a stallion next to the door pound in a sign into her lawn.

“Oh, good morning,” The somewhat tall stallion gave her a phony smile, wearing an apron that had an enchantment on it to appear like a fine business suit. He seemed to have sunken in blue and green eyes, with a dirty coal colour coat and a mixture of pink, red and black mane. For some reason his nose looked as if it had been broken and then fixed- rather poorly- by magic.  She also took notice of the hammer, tongs, and a small clear dagger along his apron that was hidden. “Oh dear, I forgot that Grim Tuesday told us you could see that.” He then opened his mouth and breath a blue colour gas at her. “Now you will not remember seeing my tools, will you Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight blinked, shaking her head as her memories were almost stolen from her, and looked at the pony that just greeted her at this insane time, deciding to go along with what this loop was doing.. “Can I help you, and why are you putting a sign into my front lawn?”

“Before we start, may I ask if you are the legal owner of this library?” He pulled out a paper seemingly out of thin air, held with his magic’s dusty  aura. “One Miss Twilight Sparkle?”

“Yes…?” She blinked at the stallion as he pulled out a small stack of papers seemingly from thin air again. It was not like the Pockets, but like it was slightly off to a degree. “Who are you exactly?”

“I am Yan of the Grim’s Bank, miss Sparkle,” the stallion nodded at her, giving her the papers. “The previous owner of the Golden Oaks Library had some business with us, and due to several circumstances with the previous owner’s control, the sum debt was placed into the ownership of this fine library.”

Twilight Sparkle blinked. She was getting woken up for a bill? At twelve in the morning?!

“You haven’t explained why you have placed a sign into my lawn…” She frowned, walking around to see the front of the sign, her eyes starting to go over the stack of papers. The sign proudly claimed FOR SALE. Please contact the Grim’s Bank for purchase at - “You’re selling my library!?” She shouted, shaking the papers in her magical aura. “I- that- it’s public property!”

“Yes, as you can see on page fourteen, form three, section five clearly explains that previous owner had signed several agreements and arrangements with us that allow us to take the Golden Oaks Library as collateral.”

“But this is my home, Ponyville needs to have a librar- wait, collateral!?” Twilight squeaked out, her eye-twitching as the meanings of the word trickled down her brain.

“Yes, as the debt that the previous owner, and now you, owe us is quite severe.” Yan answered her, tsking ever so slightly. “I will need to examine the property to check for any damages that have occurred during your tenure here.”

“Wait, how much do I ow-OH MY BIRCHING TREE!” Twilight shouted, her eyes opening to the size of dinner plates as she looked at the final page; with the insane amount charged to her.

“Please miss Sparkle,” Yan tutted at her, frowning as he pulled out a notebook and quill, writing down something. “It’s quite early today and there are ponies sleeping, I would not wish to notify the authorities about a noise complaint.”

“But-tree-cost-paperwork-money-” Twilight stuttered, the obscene number threatening to break her mind. The cost could cover the budget for the repairs for Ponyville over a number of baseline loops and he was threatening to take her tree awa- “Wait, wait. I never- I mean,” Twilight stopped, forcing herself to take a deep breath in and out to steady herself. She had dealt with far more crazy and insane stuff then a retail agent coming after her home. “I will need to look at these papers, but I will certainly not let you into my-”

“Excuse me, Twilight,” Ivory Scroll walked over with a concerned look on her face. “Is everything all right?”

“Hello there Miss Ivory Scroll,” Yan flashed her a smile, bobbing his head. “I was merely explaining to Miss Twilight Sparkle here about the debt the previous owner of the Golden Oaks Library had left her and informing her the Grim’s Bank is seeking to reclaim their investment.”

The mayor frowned at this. “May I see your paperwork, Mister…?”

“Yan, the first in charge after the Grim himself.” He responded smoothly, flashing her another smile as he levitated another bundle of papers towards the mare. “I did bring a copy of the paperwork along.”

The mayor looked at the forms given to her with a smile of her own and started to leaf through them at a respectable speed. She paused and then frowned. “Page five, section two clearly states the charges against the owner of the library would dissipate if they did not have the means to pay for it. Twilight Sparkle’s only source of income is covered by the crown, as she does not pay rent nor does she collect any payment outside of late books, which she would not have as she was just installed as the librarian.”

There seemed to be a sparkle in Yan’s eye, licking his lips ever so slightly. “As that may be, according to my information, she is given an monthly allowance from the crown, to which I am sure is more than enough to cover simple luxuries as well as build up a nest egg. Also, as per the case of Sunset verse the citizens of Manehattan, the protection clause is invalidated due to a student teacher relationship with the Princess.”

Ivory Scroll looked at the stallion with a strange, predatory look on her face. “Twilight, may we use your library so we can discuss these charges?”

Yan returned the look, his tail twitching ever so slightly. “I have no problem going over the charges and paperwork with you, Miss Ivory Scroll, but miss Sparkle will be charged a hundred bits per hour we discuss this.”


“Don’t worry Twilight, I will get this straightened out so you don’t need to pay, and I only charge fifty bits per hour.”

With a strangled gasp, she let the two in and closed the door behind them.

It was nearly midnight when the group finally came to a close. Yan, smiling happily, was followed by his six fellow business employees, Tan, Tethera, Methera, Pits, Azer and Sethera as he stepped out of the library, each one with a smirk on their near identical faces, which only grew as he made sure to hold the door open for the mayor.

Ivory Scroll looked at the leader of the group, flashing him another smile. “I must say Yan, today was simply wonderful.” She blushed, batting her eyes at the stallion.

“The pleasure was all mine, Ivory.” He lifted her hoof to his mouth and gave it a kiss which deepened the blush. “It is rare that I find someone as well versed in legal matters, enough that I would have to call in my fellow partners.“

The rest of the colloquially known group called the Grim’s Grotesques nodded their heads in agreement. “You and your friends did have me on the ropes a few times.” She chuckled, brushing against Yan.

“Likewise, my fair lady,” His smile did not change as he leaned in close to the mare, and then looked at the rising moon with a sad look on his face. “Unfortunately, we must head back to the bank now, and we will be busy for an entire week.”

“Now now, I was under the impression you are made of a stockier, more uncaring mould then that.” She chuckled, as she leaned against the for sale sign. “As we were unable to come to a final agreement with the papers, I think it would be best we made another appointment to discuss the financial circumstances of the Golden Oaks Library as well as the other matters brought up today.”

“I think that would most acceptable Ivory.” His smile returned and then looked at the frazzled looking unicorn mare standing in the doorway. “Do not worry Miss Sparkle, we will put a freeze on your fees tonight until we meet again in a week’s time. I suppose that we can schedule in a time that we can meet with you to discuss both business and other matters, Ivory.”

“I think that would be wonderful as I am sure a certain pink pony will love to throw you a party now that she knows she will not be interrupting a business meeting.”

“YUP!” Pinkie Pie pronked over with a grin on her face. “Next time here, you will all get a Super-Duper-Welcome-To-Ponyville-Party! Maybe you can even bring in Tuesday? I promise that I won’t say anything about his eyebrows.”

“That would be wonderful, Miss Pie, but the Grim is quite busy at his workshop when he is not at his bank.” He nodded his head to the mare, and then looked at Ivory again. “Until next time, Ivory.”

“I will be counting the days.” She smiled back, brushing away some of her mane that fell over face.

With a happy tune, the group of ponies started to head out of the small town. Ivory watched the group with a happy smile on her face, fanning her face with a hoof. Rarity was already running over to get the details.

Spike walked over to Twilight who was rubbing her head, trying to get rid of a building headache that she’d gained over an entire day of hearing legal jargon mixed with subtle flirting over the future of her library, and the massive debt she now had.

“Hey Twilight, you got this from Celestia today,” he held out a scroll to her, with she tenderly took. “She’s wondering why a Grim’s Bank has given her proper paperwork to foreclose on the castle due to your debt.”

Twilight looked at the scroll and her assistant. She then decided to say spruce tree this, and teleported away to a secluded beach to hide out on for the next day.

129.13 (Gym Quirk)

Apple Bloom took a step back from the slowly spinning Crystal Heart, put away her ersatz sonic screwdriver, and turned to look at Cadance, Twilight, and Shining Armor. "Well, the reason why it looks so strange this loop is that it's a dilithium crystal."

The anchor nodded. "I thought so, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for double-checking me, Bloom."

"The architecture's pretty different 'round here as well," the earth pony filly observed as she looked at the crystal palace speculatively. "Is it me, or do the north and south towers of the palace look like warp nacelles?" She pulled out a tricorder and started making visual scans. "...and I could build an intermix chamber right here in the plaza..." she continued in an absent mutter.

Shining shot a worried look at his sister. "Do you know if Trixie's been stockpiling antimatter again?"

129.14 (Evilhumour)

It seemed to be an average baseline, Twilight thought to herself, as she looked at the ceremony that would have an unawake Luna coming in at any moment. Her friends had decided to have a pleasant loop this time, sticking mostly to the script.

Mentally blocking Nightmare Moon's usual speech of about no one recognizing her crown or the signs of her return, Twilight opened her mouth to say her part when somepony shouted:

"WE DID!" Snapping her head, she saw Vinyl standing in the doorway after blasting them open. "HIT IT LYRA!"

Looking upwards, the entire roof the town hall lifted upwards and fell to the side with the glow of a certain unicorn mare who stood on the side of the roof, flashing Twilight a grin.

"CHECK VINYL!" Lyra shouted back, turning her head to the open sky. "NOW!"

Out of nowhere, a ship seemed to flow out of the sky with a flock of much smaller ships beneath it. The first ship, larger than the smaller ships that flew below it, was light blue and silver, shimmering like the stars with smooth angles and along with sharp spikes, proudly carrying Luna's cutie mark on the sails. Alongside the large ship was another; much larger than the first ship. It was painted white and gold with completely smooth angles and flew with a sun on its sails, clear of who it was meant to be. Accompanying the ships was what seemed to be the Ride of the Valkyries but with a much more somber  tone behind it, clearly building into something almost absolutely sad. The two large grand ships in the sky circled each other in wide breadths, the second ship beginning to shadow the first one while flying above the growing flock of smaller ships; many of which had changed from their sails from random colours to match the sun marked sails, with only a hooffull raising their sails to the first ship.

The music grew to a climax as the two large ships circled each other faster and faster, tightening the space between them until there was no space at all and a crash seemed to be imminent!

Without warning, the second ship pulled upwards as the music exploded in a fiery scream of pain, anguish, and anger. The first ship seemed to shed it's skin, the colours became much darker, the spikes and angles grew sharper as the symbol of the ship changed from Luna's cutie mark to Nightmare Moon's cutie mark. Out of the sides of the changed ship spilled out what had to be thousands of thestrals, flying down to the smaller ships, from which bright ponies popped out as the dark shapes descended.

The music matched the frantic pace as bright white pegasi flew down and performed a mock battle with their counterparts, with the two large ships flying at each other, dipping lower to the ground. With a loud shout, everypony threw themselves to the ground as the two ships, truly massive now that they could see them properly, flew close overheard.

The music started to die off, and the frantic scream of a violin was heard as the two ships made passes at each other again, before the dark ship pulled up and above the white ship, angling to strike it down.

A crash of trumpets heralded a massive white beam that struck the black ship, encircled by the colours of the rainbow, pushing the black ship towards the moon, emanating from the white ship.

The smaller ships flocked around the large white ship, with music of joy, pride and life following their arrival. Then, it started to die away as the white ship pulled, upwards, and away from the small ships. And then, it was suddenly alone in the night sky, and the sails began to sag as a hauntingly sad melody produced from a cello followed it. The paint flaked and chipped, the cracks in the hull becoming obvious, and the smooth angles become marked and crooked as the ship flew around in a depressing circle, clearly missing it's partner. The music seemed to hold it in place with the sound of sobbing was heard from the crowd below.

"Luna," Vinyl's soft voice brought Twilight back to focus, brushing away tears from her own eyes. She looked at the wide eyed Nightmare Moon, whose lip was trembling at the sight she just saw. "We did not forget you. Some might call this the one thousandth year of Celestia's reign but it has also been called the era of sadness, the era of false smiles, the era of broken dreams, the era of halfness, the era of our lost princess." She walked over to the alicorn of the night and placed a hoof on her shoulder, placing her glasses to the side with tears running down her own face. "This song is called Luna's Departure. It has two endings but has never been played to either end. Please, tell us how you wish to end your song."

With a choked sob, Nightmare Moon hugged the unicorn, her body shrinking in size and her colour lightening as the nightmare force was drained from her body. "Oh thank thee, thank thee." She hiccuped, burying her face into the mare's shoulder.

"There there Luna." She said softly, rubbing the alicorn's back, looking up at Lyra who had somehow managed to secure a weeping Bon-Bon during the whole musical. "Lyra?"

The unicorn nodded her head, her horn glowing.

The music began again, slow at first. From a distance, the black ship of Nightmare Moon flew back to the earth, seemingly coming to attack the white ship once more.

But as it grew closer, the music picked up with trumpets and drums signaling a sense of joy and wonder. The black ship began to shed it's skin once more, taking on it's former light blue and silver colours, the spikes vanishing as it raced to meet the white and gold ship. Said ship flew upwards as well, the body repairing and the sails filling out as it flew, with the flock of smaller ships flying beneath it, now showing split sails; half showing the symbol of the blue ship and half showing the symbol of the white ship. Thestrals and pegasi flew out to meet each other again, but this time it was a delicate and beautiful dance with each other in the sky above.

There was a tense moment, a rumbling on the drums to show the moment of the two grand ships. And then, a simple lyre melody was heard as the two ships began to circle each other again in slow circles, relief and joy flowing from the scene from above before they started to descended to the ground.

With a roar of cheers and hoof stamps of approval as the ships landed on the ground, Twilight watched a white alicorn walk out from Luna's ship, tears flowing from her pink eyes. She seemed to have trouble walking as Celestia's eyes focused on her sister. Luna ran over to the white alicorn with a blessed look on her face and hugged her tightly. There were no words spoken as the two sisters hugged each other, tears flowing from everypony's face.

And then, Celestia opened her mouth to say three words, "Welcome home, Luna."

129.15 (Evilhumour)

Tigress grinned and clapped her hands together with glee.

"SEE?" She pointed at the destruction of the Valley of Peace with a wide grin. "I was right! I told you that the mailman was up to no go-GAH!" Master Tigress fell to the ground as Master Shifu hit several pressure points on her back to mobilize her.

"Master Tigress, I am shocked and displeased at your actions!" He glared at his adoptive daughter's face. "First off, this was his replacement for the lo-day, so your crazy theories are ungrounded! Secondly, she did not plan to do any of this and is clearly distraught by all of this!" He huffed, walked over to the shocked mailwoman.

"You have great skills, one that someone Awake can clearly see." He saw the gray mares wall eyes go wide at his words. "I believe I can train you to use your destructive force in a much more harmonious fashion."

"Really?" She asked, placing the muffin she had been eating down.

"Yes, but only if you are truly willing to put in the effort that takes to be a true Master of Kung Fu!"

The pony grinned and bowed her head. "Sure do!"

"Then let us train..." He blinked, having not caught the name of this looper.

"The name is Derpy, Master Shifu."

And that's how Derpy became the Kung Fu Master of the Drunken Fist/Hoof.


Naruto, Po, and Twilight were looking at the carnage Derpy and Rock Lee made when intoxicated...for once, not involving Twilight's library but, much to Po and Naruto's displeasure, Ichiraku Ramen.

Twilight, however, was backing away from the two.

"Kung-Fu Master or friend," Po muttered, "there is a LINE CROSSED HERE!"

"Agreed," Naruto replied. "You mess with the first people who actually GAVE a crap about me before the Loops started, YOU'RE ASKING FOR TROUBLE!"

"TAIJU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!" they both yelled, most of Konoha being filled with Shadow Clones.

Really, messing with Naruto’s food isn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

129.16 (Hubris Plus)

"You really think this'll work?" Sunset asked as they approached the stage.

"I think it's worth a shot," Gilda shrugged.

"I dunno, these things can go pretty off the rails, and your song choice doesn't fill me with confidence."

"Hey, you wanna try reforming these guys, right?"

"Well, yeah..."

"Then take it from the carnivore, the first step to integrating predators into society is finding an ethical food source." Gilda's eyes glazed over a little as she settled into the brief lecture. "It worked for griffons way back when, it works for the changelings most Loops, and I'm pretty sure it can work here."

"Alright, alright, give it a shot," Sunset relented. "Worst case scenario, I drop the noise canceller Vinyl cooked up."

"That's the spirit!" She clasped an arm around the other girl's shoulder. "And if I pull this off, you try my other idea."

"It still sounds like a terrible plan, but I guess if this works..."

"Yeah, just think of it like a testing ground. We're doing science!"

"Oh, sure, science," Sunset rolled her eyes before shrugging off Gilda's arm and shoving her towards the steps. "Go on, knock 'em dead."

Gilda strutted out onto stage and took a moment to compose herself and search out the Dazzlings in the crowd. Locking her eyes on them, she offered a predatory grin.

"~I know that your powers of perception
~Are as wet as a warthog's backside..."

"No King, No King, hahahahahaaaaa!" Sonata crowed, clapping in delight. The Dazzlings had found themselves drawn to the stage by the power of the Heart Song, and were gathered just in front of it.

"Fools!" Gilda spat, glaring down at them. "There will be a King... Or a Queen."

"But you just said-"

"I will be Queen!" She roared before striking a regal pose. "Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!"

Adagio's eyes lit up at that and she found her lips curling into a smile. She wasn't a fan of playing second fiddle to anyone, but with a promise like that...

"Long live the Queen!" The three chorused.

"~Yes our teeth and ambitions are bared!"

Gilda was perched on a teetering stack of speakers and amplifiers, the Dazzlings placed below her on the precarious tower.

"~Be prepared!"

"Cousin!" King Godfrey pleaded, claws scrabbling at the cliff side. "Help me!"

Gilda closed her talons around his and leaned close to whisper in his ear.

"Long live the Queen," she purred before flicking her wrists and sending him tumbling. Rearing up, she cackled and, feeling dramatic, added a flash of lightning with a brushstroke from her tail.

"Yes, yes, you're hilarious," Godfrey grumbled, flapping back to her level with his talons crossed before him. "The kingdom is yours by the ancient rites of blah-blah-blah. Your word is law, your will immutable, your wings the storms themselves and whatever. The vizier does poisons on the first Wednesday of the month, palace garbage collection on alternating Thursdays. Come along, Gwendolyn, we're staying at the summer house."

"You're a big meany head!" The pint sized former princess told Gilda before delivering a raspberry and fluttering off after her deposed father.

"Yeah, yeah, come challenge me when you're older," Gilda answered and turned to the spectators. "So, what do you think?"

The last of the green mist that had covered cliff top drained away into their amulets, and the three sirens looked blissfully satisfied.

"Your whole government runs like this?" Adagio asked.

"That was actually pretty tame. Godfrey and I get along okay," she shrugged. "Parliament has a fight pit and a betting pool. So how 'bout it? You wanna be my court... Did you settle on magicians or musicians?"

"How about Magucians?" Sonata asked, scribbling portmanteaus on a pad of paper.

"Names aside," Adagio mused. "I think we've got a deal."

129.17 (Gym Quirk)

"I know that we've not been on the best of terms in the past..."

"Answer is still no, kid."

"Aw, c'mon."

"Aren't you a little young for a car?"

"Technically, I'm like a few thousand times older than you."

"Not the point."

"Besides, I don't wanna drive it, I just--"

"--want to take it apart to see how it works. Not happening."

"Look, I'll Pinkie Promise that I won't touch the audio gear. All I want is to git a good look at the transformation systems, maybe run a few non-intrusive scans. Is that too much t' ask?"

Scootaloo tuned out Apple Bloom's pleading and Vinyl Scratch's refusals and sub-vocalized to Pansy, "Bloom really wants to examine Vinyl's Wubmobile."

I can't exactly blame her, responded the Founder. CHS tech level shouldn't be able to do that sort of thing. Cookie's almost as curious as Apple Bloom about how it was done.
MLP Loops 129
129.1: Pony, man. Special.
129.2: Well, it's a new kind of "short fuse"
129.3: She got schooled.
129.4: Still useful.
129.5: No challenge. (Admittedly, that must have been some autoloader.)
129.6: Oh, zog.
129.7: Triumph and terror.
129.8: Techbane beats CelestAI.
129.9: She needs a soundboard of all her normal sayings.
129.10: They don't wrap like that.
129.11: Long term planning.
129.12: Grim Tuesday, now rather happier.
129.13: It's been gone a thousand years, but they haven't aged a day. Time dilation.
129.14: What an entrance.
129.15: She's just plain clumsy.
129.16: That worked quite well. (For Gilda, coups are a hobby. For griffins in general, they're kind of like the super bowl...)
129.17: Achievements in ignorance?
128.1 (Gamma Cavy)

Children of the Nightmare, final snip.

This was the worst Sombra that she had ever had to handle. It was like his baseline personality had been fused with Tirek. To top things off, Discord had turned up at the same time instead of his usual arrival. The Crystal Heart had been missing from its usual location, and Dash was hunting for it. Her Daughter was tied up keeping the Crusaders, who had somehow wound up in the middle of this out of trouble, and Discord and Sombra were fighting each other as well as her. That gave her a bit of a breather, but it was wreaking havoc with the local architecture and geography. Text covered every building thanks to Discord, and she would have been more easily able to handle them if not for the fact that this was going off with about two thousand crystal ponies in the line of fire.

Then of all people Derpy skidded into sight, and on her back was the Crystal Heart. Discord aimed another chaos blast at sombra, who retaliated with... was that a rapid de-age spell?!

"Cutie Mark Crusader distractions go!" came a familiar yell. Nyx had protections on them, she could tell, and was diving for the Heart—

What happened next happened in very slow motion. Discord's chaos blast shot toward her, Sombra's de-ageing spell went off course as the crusaders landed on him, and a Rainboom detonated in the sky above as Dash arrived. Discord’s magic and Sombra's spell collided, merging into something new, before the newly created spell bounced off her shield. The ricochet went right for the Crystal Heart. the last thing she saw was the heart glowing, and both Discord and Sombra disintegrate, before the blast wave hit her and Nyx.

"Ow." She looked around. "Well this is new. " She had had the occasional pre-Equestria Loop and knew what the stars looked like in the distant past, but she had never wound up somewhere like this. Nyx was unconscious to her right, and two filly unicorns were looking at her. She knew what a young Celestia and Luna looked like, and she had no loop memories, thus was clearly still in the same loop. The last thing she remembered was the chaos altered de-aging spell hitting the Crystal Heart, so what had happened?


Clearly the chaos magic, de-aging spell and crystal heart all colliding had triggered her being thrown into the distant past. She remembered what Celestia had said about being taught by a violet unicorn, and the hint at a loop within a loop, so she fired off a quick illusion to hide her wings, and shook her head, as if waking up.

"Hi!" chirped the young Celestia. "Who're you?!"

"And can you teach us?" Luna asked. "No one will teach us anything. Please pretty mare, teach us magic?"

"My name is Magic's Dawn," Twilight replied with a gentle smile. And the paradox within a loop settled.

128.2 (Leviticus Wilkes)

Nyx sipped her apple juice, slipping Big Mac a tip for the sweet drink. The red stallion swept up the bit with a light, smooth smile, even though both knew he didn't charge anything for his drink. The bartender reached underneath the bar and pulled out another flask of the Apple's apple juice, mush to the alicorn filly's delight.

Off to the side, towards the end of the long bar, a certain looper, Rapid Hooves, or rather, Ranma, sipped his own cup of hard cider in silence, removed from the amicable pair. One hoof gripped the cup in a sticky bind, whilst the other traced the empty, dark brown on darker brown wood grain, stopping every now and again to tap at a random knot. As he tapped, the martial artist sipped his drink, numbing painful thoughts with the buzz of alcohol.

"What are you doing?"

The filly's question screeched across Ranma's ears like fingernails against a chalkboard, or more accurately, a dentists drill against raw tooth. "You've just been sitting there all day, drinking. Come on: I won't bite," the inquisitive filly continued.

Ranma took a bigger sip from the cup, trying to ignore the 'most annoying mare in the world'. "Come on Ranma-hey!" Nyx's questions were cut off when Big Mac, recognizing the fact that Ranma would probably remain silent for the time being, decided to spare him the trouble. So he just took Nyx by the scruff of her neck and put her back at the end of the bar.

Big Mac pulled out a glass cup and began cleaning it, working it with slow, long wipes of the soaped rag. "Nyx, let the man be. He's got a lot on his mind."

Ranma made no comment, simply casting a single, forlorn glance at Twilight Sparkle's daughter, and finishing his drink.

128.3 (fractalman)

Twilight Awoke in front of what appeared to be a clown costume and a judge's wig.

"Order in the court! Now introducing the case of Discord versus Sleipnir! First witness: Twilight Sparkle." said the Slenderman...thing, in its androgynous voice.

Twilight turned to Sleipnir, who whispered "It's a long story involving a bug in the Pokemon servers and some Admin-level blackmail...just play along, please?"

Twilight shrugged, and then headed up to the witness chair.

“Please supply the first piece of evidence.”

‘That is not how trials work’ thought Twilight with some indignation. When she opened her mouth to protest, however, out came a zebra, a giraffe, a hippo, a lion, and four penguins…

“Bum bum budabuda bum bum circus,
bum bum budabuda bum bum circus,
Circus afro Circus afro.
Polka dot! Polka dot! Polkadots and moonbeams…”

Crazy lights and acrobatics accompanied the song. When it ended, Twilight couldn’t help but giggle at the adorably glum Sleipnir in a pink tutu.

Coyote walked into the room, took a picture, and left.

“Please present the next piece of evidence.”

Twilight shrugged, and opened her mouth. Out came a party-in-a-box, which exploded, covering everything in paint and streamers.

Coyote walked into the room, took a picture, and left.

The judge banged his hammer. “This concludes the trial of Discord versus Sleipnir.”

128.4 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

The Great Equestrian Foam Sword War, Part 4

The sun dawned on Equestria. Ponyville had long since evacuated into its geofront. Not even the crickets remained thanks to Fluttershy's urgings. Twilight stood atop the balcony of Golden Oaks Library. With a flash of light, she ascended and began casting a multitude of protection spells. Protego, Prismatic Wall, Trixie's magic barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, even space Time fuuinjutsu seals that would move Ponyville to the desert island on the other side of the world should it be hit with a tactical nuclear bomb, though Twilight swore combatants to not use nuclear weaponry (Trixie was insistent on being allowed to use non-lethal explosives). After the spells encased Ponyville and the geofront underneath, she changed her focus and cast scrying spells that would project the events to every city in the world.

After completing that, she departed for the interior of her library, pulled up a couch, and plopped down with a bowl of popcorn. With another burst of magic, several magical mirrors appeared, showing the status of every participant in the war.

"How do you think I look," Spike asked, already having grown to the size of a regular human. He was decked out in brown and tan robes of the Jedi Order with his lightsaber on the belt. He and Rarity stood on the North end of Ponyville near the river that snaked its way around the town.

"Stunning my dear Spikoranuvellitar. Do you think the armor is a bit much," Rarity looked at herself. She had ascended to alicorn status to allow for freer use of her magic. Her wings were covered in tritium mesh along with a battle dress with runes sowed in for emergency teleportation and a single use barrier that repels explosives.

Spike rolled his eyes, "I doubt it. Trixie will probably turn her battlefield into a minefield and with Chrysalis, it may be better to think up passwords now in case we get separated-"

Spike didn't even notice as Rarity grabbed him and teleported them a few feet away as a crack echoed across river. Rarity looked behind them, where a foam sword embedded itself in the tree. She turned to the river and snorted, "how uncouth. Forcing me to use one of my teleportation runes to save my dragon."

Spike rubbed his head, "Sorry, Rarity."

Rarity blinked, "Oh, not you, Spike dear."

"First shot missed," echoed Applebloom in Sweetie's ear, "You know Rarity will use barriers next."

Sweetie ejected the magazine and switched to a red painted one, "Right."

With another second, she lined up the unicorn in her sights, and fired twice more.

Rarity sensed the second round the instant it was fired. Her horn glowed pink and her entire body glowed, then the armor exploded into magic and withdrew to her subspace pocket. Then a new Armor set replaced it, pure white attachments extended from the armor on each hoof with the base armor itself was navy blue and white. A helmet more befitting a samurai warrior graced her head and covered her mane. This all took place in a single instant.

A second instant after, a yellow barrier formed around Rarity, designed off of Inoe Orihime's Santen Kosshun, to deflect all attacks.

Sweetie's first bullet struck the shield and got crushed. But then the bullet glowed for a second as the magic rune activated. The rune had three functions,replace the bullet on contact with a foam sword, to activate its twin rune, and be a focus point for the second rune's teleportation spell. The second bullet teleported a foot within the barrier and barreled towards Rarity's exposed forehead.

Until Spike's saber snapped up and cut the bullet from the air. He swatted down two more shots exactly like that in less than a second. His eyes landed on Sweetie's position, "I have her. She won't get off another like that."

Rarity let out the breath of air she didn't know she had been holding, "Thank you, Spike."

Sweetie's eyes widened in surprise, then returned to her grim determination as Applebloom spoke, "Shots did not connect."

Before Sweetie could respond, Rarity's barrier dropped and a determined looking Spike dashed across the river towards her position.

Just as Spike was halfway across the river, the water beneath him exploded upwards as a Orange gundam swung a foam sword at Spike's feet. The Jedi managed to slice through the blade and leap away across the river, forced to focus on this new foe. Spike looked around, asking himself: where were the other three crusaders?

128.5 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

"Hey Twilight! What are you studying this time," asked Pinkie as she stepped into the heart of the purple unicorn's lab. Twilight was wearing a lab coat and staring at several notes, "Something that has been bugging me for quite awhile. You know in Minecraft loops, we can store stuff in chests?"

At Pinkie's nod, Twilight continued, "Well a couple loops ago, I found a chest containing several items, including another chest altogether. I'm trying to figure out how that's possible."

Pinkie tilted her head and quirked her eyebrow, "Wouldn't the chest be like a subspace pocket?"

Twilight sighed, "Yes, but I'm trying to figure out the principle behind how it works. Literally, I put it together from 8 wood planks. No magic goes into it, the box just becomes a subspace pocket. I've already tested the crafting table, but that's just four planks put together. You can't just put 8 planks together and create a subspace pocket! That's like taking fire to fresh gasoline and not expect a chemical reaction to take place, but in reverse!"

Her mane started fraying at the edges before Pinkie patted Twilight on the back, "Don't worry, silly filly. You're the smartest of the smart ponies I've ever met, and one of the bestest best brainy loopers in the multiverse. You'll figure it out."

Twilight sighed and gave her a heartfelt smile, "Thanks Pinkie."

128.6 (Filraen)

"That was harder than I thought," said Twilight after entering to her home.

"Who is the...?" Spike's, wearing an apron, appeared by the kitchen's door. "Hi Twilight! You're just in time for dinner."

"That'd be nice, I skipped lunch today," said Twilight with a hint of tiredness on her voice.

As both pony and dragon getting themselves ready to eat. Spike curiously asked "By the way, what were you doing? I didn't see you the whole day."

"Just preparing a little payback." At Spike's inquisitive look, Twilight continued. "Look at the sky, it must be time for sunset."

Still sitting at the table, Spike looked through the window. As on cue, the sun left the sky replaced by the moon. Except... "You marked your cutie mark in the moon's surface? Why?"

"Because a few loops ago Luna pretended to be Nyx and told me just before the loop reset."

"But Luna is Nyx, you know..."

Twilight looked at Spike for a moment. "... You know, Spike? Forget it" she managed to answer before returning to her daisy sandwich, her mood clearly burned out.

Spike barely managed to hold a chuckle.

128.7 (Kris Overstreet)

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia Awoke to the sight of a little black alicorn filly holding up an excruciatingly familiar book.

"Auntie Celestia! Big sis! Wait until you hear what I just-" The filly blinked, shook her head, and sat up a little straighter. "Oh. Er. This is kinda weird."

"Hello, Nyx," Twilight smiled. "So, this Loop you're the one who reads about the Mare in the Moon?"

"I guess so. I was trying to learn more about where I came from, you know?"

A moment of concentration later, Twilight did indeed know. Nyx's origins were not that different from the original, except that the cultists had held a ceremony in the Castle of the Two Sisters before, rather than after, Nightmare Moon's return. After quite a bit of this and that, Nyx had been adopted by Twilight's parents as her younger sister.

"So," Celestia said firmly, "Mare in the moon, prophecy, Ponyville, Summer Sun Celebration, taken as read. The question is, what's Luna's current state?" As she asked the question she sent out a ping, and Nyx and Twilight automatically responded. No other pings returned.

"Obviously not Awake," Twilight said.

"I better go check." Nyx concentrated, and her little filly body turned into glittering spectral smoke, swirling into the marble floor and vanishing. Only a couple of minutes later the process reversed itself, and Nyx reappeared. "She's full Nightmare, babbling to herself about revenge, and chewing more scenery than your average Gundam pilot." She made a twirling motion next to her ear with one hoof and made cuckoo-clock noises.

"So, standard villain mode," Twilight nodded. "We can work with that."

"Actually," Nyx said, "could you let me handle it this time? I don't get an opportunity like this very often..."

"I see no reason why not," Celestia smiled. "I haven't put on my surfing jams for a couple Loops now. I bet there'll be some prime sunspots when Luna comes down..."



Thunder boomed in the town hall, and a swirl of midnight cloud coalesced in the middle of the crowd of ponies into a second dark alicorn, this one about half the size of the one on the balcony. "I, Nightmare Moon, shall stop you!"

"WHAT?" In a swirl of starry cloud the original Nightmare transitioned from balcony to floor, staring more or less face to face with the newcomer. "Imposter! How dare you impersonate the rightful ruler of Equestria!"

"I'm impersonating nobody!" the smaller alicorn insisted. "I am Nightmare Moon, ruler of the night, guardian of dreams!"


"That word," Twilight Sparkle said from off to one side. "I do not think it means what you think it means."

Nyx couldn't quite keep the grin off her face. "Search your feelings!" she shouted. "You know it to be true!"

"NO!" Nightmare Moon shouted, not full Royal Canterlot Voice but loud enough to push all the ponies nearby a few hoofsteps backwards. "There is only room in Equestria for ONE Nightmare Moon! And that Nightmare Moon shall be-"

"WAAAAAAAIT wait wait wait!" A pink blur wearing a black and white striped jersey popped up between the two alicorns. She punctuated her interruption with a loud blow on a whistle hanging on a strap around her neck. "We can't have a proper good twin - evil twin battle without an audience!"

"A what?" Nyx said, train of thought totally derailed.

"What new madness is this?" Nightmare Moon snapped.

The unAwake Pinkie Pie grinned maniacally at both mare and filly. "Well, don't you want all Equestria, or at least as much as you can get in one place, to see who wins? To see that nothing can stand before you?"

"Well, this is true- I mean nay!" Nightmare Moon stood tall and proud. "I shall not let pettifoggery interfere with my cause! You shall not delay me any longer!"

Some time passed. Things got done.

Nightmare Moon sat on a stool in one corner of the fighting ring. She looked over her shoulder at Twilight Sparkle, who'd reluctantly agreed to be her coach, and said, "How precisely did I get into this again?"

Twilight shrugged. "From what I'm told, Pinkie's always like this," she said. "The locals don't question it, they just embrace the insanity."

A mixture of ponies, griffons, batponies and even a few changelings roared and stamped their approval as Pinkie Pie, now dressed in a spiffy black suit with bowtie, stepped into the middle of the ring. "LADIES AND GENTLEPONIES!" she shouted into a microphone that hung from the rafters. "It's time for the main bout of the evening!"

The cheers and stamps grew louder.

"In the west corner!" Pinkie stabbed a hoof at the larger Nightmare. "Direct from the moon, with a record of 4 and 1, with two wins by knockout! The royal roller! The regent of regret! The successor to be the oppressor! And the alicorn princess of making ponies wet themselves in fear: the One and Only NIGHTMAAAAAAARE MOOOOOOOON!!"

Over the cheers Twilight hissed into the Nightmare's ear, "You stand up and wave to the crowd."

A little awkwardly Nightmare Moon did so, slightly surprised that most of the noise made by the crowd was positive.

"And in the east corner!" Pinkie shouted when the noise subsided a little. "From Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and Others, with a record of 1 and 1, with one win by knockout! The protector of dreams! The daughter of destiny! She Who Goes Bump in the Night! And the defender of candy and other sweet goodies on Nightmare Night. The Two And Only: NIGHTMAAAAAARE-"

"WAAAAAAAAAAIT a minute!!!"

Before Pinkie could finish introducing Nyx, the larger Nightmare dashed to the center of the ring. "The defender of sweet goodies?" she asked. "Nopony told me that was an option!"

"Well, it's true," Nyx said, coming to the center of the ring as well. "Every pony deserves candy and goodies on Nightmare Night!"

"But- but- wait, wait," Nightmare Moon said, anxiety rising. "If you're the defender of sweet goodies... then that makes me... er... not the defender of sweet goodies..."

Nyx shrugged. "Well, ponies can't get up in the morning and make candy if there's no morning."

Nightmare Moon whimpered quietly, but the microphone picked it up and amplified it loud enough for the thousands of ponies in the arena to hear. After the moment, in a small voice, she added, "A thousand years... without... candy..."

"I can't imagine a thousand minutes without it," Nyx said sympathetically.

"Do they still make," Nightmare made motions with her hooves, "that ribbon candy, that looks like you can slurp it up like noodles only it's all hard, so you have to bite and crunch it until your mouth is one big sticky yummy mess?"

"They sure do!"

"And those red and white peppermint drops?" the Nightmare asked. "Are those still around?"

"Even better!" Nyx nodded. "For Hearth's Warming Eve they make long peppermint sticks, curved at one end like a walking cane, so you can hang them on the tree!" She held her hooves apart about a foot.

Nightmare Moon whimpered yet again. "And... those delightful chocolate drops? The kind unicorn nobles eat while lounging on a sofa and pretending they're productive citizens?"

Over the laughter of an audience that was primarily earth pony in composition, Nyx grinned, "Even better. They put it in bars now. Some with peanuts, some with caramel, some with cookies inside... and some with ALL of it."

The whimper which followed sounded like it echoed from the deepest, darkest pit in Tartarus.

"And they even make chocolate bits with candy shells all over," Nyx smiled, twisting the knife just that much more, "so they melt in your mouth, not in your saddlebags."

In a choked voice Nightmare Moon asked, "With peanuts?"

"With or without," Nyx nodded. "Whichever you like." Looking up she added, "Of course, if you win, there'll be an end to all that, because, well, you know- endless night, rule of oppression, all those little colts and fillies who get no fun or joy or candy for-"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Nightmare Moon reached up, removed her helmet, and set it atop Nyx's own, smaller helmet. "I concede! I surrender! Anything but that! You're the Nightmare! All hail Princess Nightmare Moon!"

A loud cheer followed, after which Nyx asked, "So, if I'm Nightmare Moon, what's your name?"

"Er... um... I'm nopony!" Nightmare Moon shook her head. "Just an anonymous lover of sweet things! A simple Jane Doe!"

"HEY!" a pair of voices shouted in indignation from the cheap seats of the arena. One of the two objectors had a large set of antlers.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Nightmare Moon backpedaled some more.

"And don't call yourself Anonymoose either!" a cloaked figure with an even bigger set of antlers said from the front row of seats. (This combination of circumstances had not made him a popular neighbor, but few ponies are prepared to object too loudly to someone three times their size.)

"Didn't you have a different name once upon a time?" Twilight Sparkle asked, stepping through the ropes and into the ring. "Wasn't it... Princess Luna?"

"Luna?" The darkness melted away from the larger alicorn, who shrank gradually to about the same size as Twilight Sparkle. "Luna. Yes. I was Luna."

The darkened windows at the very highest corners of the arena suddenly lit with the young, vibrant light of a much-delayed dawn. A moment later Celestia appeared in a flash of light. For a moment much of the crowd thought she was wearing a horrible pair of overlong shorts with a print of provocatively posed stallions on them, but a second flash removed what must have been a bizarre illusion from view.

As Celestia, Luna and Nyx hugged, Pinkie Pie reached up to bring the microphone to her lips. In a deep, demonic voice that shook the rafters she said:


It didn't literally bring the house down, but it did it in every other way.


"And this, dearest sister," Celestia said, gesturing to the friendly if somewhat rough looking stallion behind the counter, "is Pony Joe, proprietor of Donut Joe's."

"Such a wondrous establishment you have," Luna said, nodding graciously to Joe. "And so kind of you to be open as late as this."

"Beg your pardon, your Highness," Joe mumbled, "but actually, we never close."

"Never close?" Luna's eyes widened. "You mean you stay open all... night... long?"

"If there's customers, yeah," Joe said. "I have an assistant who covers during the day so I can get some shut-eye. I prefer the night shift- you meet more interesting ponies at night."

"Come sister," Celestia said, nudging Luna towards a booth. "Allow me to introduce you to a frosted maple Bismarck... with sprinkles."

And for miles around every pony could hear the Royal Canterlot Squee.

128.8 (Crisis)


"Actually Rarity, I think I do know why we're anthropomorphic versions of our normal selves trained in the art of ninjutsu. You see–"

"No, no, no, I got the Loop memories of the mutagen just fine. I was more wondering how six Hub-standard equines even got into the New York sewers in the first place."

"Oh... Huh... Nope, I got nothing."

128.9 (Detective Ethan Redfield and Wildrook)

The doorway to Ponyville opened, revealing two massive humans. Mayor Mare's eyes widened in joy as she and others joined in, "K! You're back, the lightgiver! All hail K, all hail K, Oh K can't you see, by the dawn's early light! Fresh K, Fresh K, Fresh K."

Agent J looked at his partner with a quirked eyebrow and a wry grin plastered on his face, "So this is what you keep in your closet. Man, I didn't know you were into that stuff-"

K looked about ready to throttle him, "We are not having this conversation. I'm leaving."

Suddenly, one of the mini ponies appeared on K's shoulder. She was Pink, with a massive smile on her face, "Kaysie! You're back! Don't forget to take your watch and card-"

K looked at the pony, "Pinkie Pie, we've already sent the princess on her way. I would rather forget this loop if you don't mind. Next loop in Equestria, I will sit through whatever party if you leave me be this loop."

Pinkie nodded, "Okie Dokie Loki!"


"ALL HAIL K! ALL HAIL K!" the Ponies in K's locker yelled before he shut it.

J tried not to laugh, but K's stare got him to break down.

"Turnabout's fair play, isn't it?" he asked.

MLP Loops 128
128.1: Explanation explained.
128.2: Sometimes, just being you is a problem.
128.3: Nope.
128.4: Just hide.
128.5: Mein Kraft.
128.6: Bad moon rising.
128.7: Minor Konflict.
128.8: Totally radical.
128.9: There's a lot of room in that locker.
127.1 (Gamma Cavy)
Children of the Nightmare: Part 2

Celestia panted harshly. This new Nightmare Moon was stronger by far then Luna had been, and while the damage had thankful been contained by the attachment to Twilight, still, things could not be left as they were, and the black Alicorn was refusing to listen to anything she tried to say. Magic flared up from where Twilight lay, sending every combatant flying, as a pillar of violet light shot up to the heavens. power pulsed outwards, and all of Equestria felt it, and turned their heads in that direction. Then Twilight's voice rang out over the clearing, subtly changed, young and immeasurably ancient at once. "Daughter, be still."

Nightmare Moon ceased her furious, desperate defense of Twilight, bowing her head. "Mother, they could have killed you!"

"And you have punished them accordingly. Yet some good came from this, in your presence here, Daughter." Twilight stood, eyes alight with magic. Magic crackled off her newly formed wings, and danced in sparks along her coat. Her horn, long and gleaming, was lit, as her eyes were, and her mane rippled with a full aura. "I am Awakened, My teacher in this mortal life, Celestia, would not harm me, Daughter. And as for these," her eyes fell on the cult. "You have harmed Me, and you might have destroyed the world in doing so, yet you did it for the sake of loyalty to My Eldest Daughter. I am first, and I am Magic, then came My Daughter Darkness, Midnight Nyx. From our tie to each other came Bright Loyalty, who even now awakens in her mortal guise."
A Rainboom detonated over head, and Dash, having been apprised of the plan by telepathy, landed, in her own Alicorn form, and mane aura in full kaleidoscopic glory.

"You have all shown my gift, if to extremes beyond what should be," she said, surveying the cult. "This one's all on you Twi. They have enough loyalty tying them to each other and Nyx, that I would be a biased judge. Loyalty to leaders, and between family and friends is my gift, not judgement."

"Indeed. they may live, and learn from their mistakes, and grow. Know this, though. If you ever act against the Forces again We will not be so kind a second time. Now go with these nice guards, and take your punishment by the laws of this world as well. GO!"

Celestia caught her breath. This new Twilight was stronger than her, and something deep within her, recognized this Twilight, from long ago. When she and Luna had been very young there had been legends of an ancient goddess of Magic, and there had been a unicorn then, who had taught the two of them how to use their power, and vanished before they could show her what they could do. Twilight had always reminded her a little of their old teacher, but now-

Luna blinked, at the sight before her. There was her sister, and beside her were two of the element bearers, although there was something odd about them, and a, was it?! It was, a black Alicorn with a starry mane! Twilight Sparkle shifted, and suddenly it became clear, that she and the Element of Loyalty were also Alicorns, but where had the one that looked like a double of her come from? And why did Twilight suddenly seem familiar?

Their conversation reached her ears as they came closer, "- restore the rest of her power to Princess Luna, and then explore this world with Nyx. If you need me to take over throne sitting I'm willing, but please don't just hand it over to me? I've never had to rule mortals like this before, and it's only thanks to my memories as just Twilight, that I'm managing balancing with my Cosmic Self, as well as I am."

"What she said." Loyalty replied.

Their Old Teacher! Twilight somehow felt like Magic's Dawn, the violet unicorn who had taught them so long ago.

Side by side a restored Luna and a fully adult Nyx were awe inspiring, and every pony in the throne room could see that. Celestia smiled, and addressed the crowd. "A year ago, My sister was restored to me. Now my eldest sister Nyx has come to this world, fully sane, and with her arrival, Our mother Magic awoke to her memories." Twilight entered the room and nuzzled Nyx affectionately, before turning to face the crowd, all of whom could feel her power, even the idiot named Blueblood. Those who had been about to ask about Nyx's resemblance to Nightmare Moon, fell silent.

"Greetings, my little ponies. I am Twilight, Queen of magic, and Magic Incarnate. Long have I wished to visit this world, and experience it as all of you do. Celestia has asked Me to rule for a month, while she and Luna vacation, and I will do my best to provide for you all, while they do so."

"But who will command the sun and moon?!" a particularly unintelligent courtier asked.

Celestia spoke again, "Long ago, when Luna and I were fillies struggling to master our power, we were taught by a violet unicorn named Magic's Dawn. she taught us, among other things, to raise the sun and moon. She was our Teacher and our adoptive mother, for we had never known a mother before her, and then one day she was just gone. That mare was the same one who stands here today! We can command the moon and sun, but she made them and set us as stewards over them! If you doubt her skill, then you doubt the Mother of all! Do you fear for the safety of Equestria with us gone? Fear not, for She is fully capable of ending the denizens of Tartarus themselves! I advise that you politicians behave while we are gone."

127.2 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

From the Research Journals of Dr. Vahlen:

Throughout the multiverse, I have had the unique opportunity to study a wide variety of beings and creatures, whether as an XCOM scientist or in my own private time. One being in particular has eluded me in my attempts to understand. There are admittedly a whole section of beings that are difficult to understand how they operate, but this one operates under unusual circumstances even in her home universe.

Subject: Pinkamenia Diane Pie
Race: Equus Sapiens Terrestris (Earth Pony)
Universe: Equestria

My first encounter with the subject was during an XCOM loop where an Equine race, henceforth referred to as ponies, invaded Earth through a magical breach in order to convert humanity into their own likeness. Their leader, codenamed Tyrant Sun, delegated this task to her six most trusted underlings, Pinkamenia, or Pinkie for short, being one of them. When briefed by Officer Bradford, he confided in me that these ponies were a radical aberration from their normal baseline. He described them as peaceful, seeking harmony with the multiverse at large through mutual understanding. Even as he said this, however, he spoke in a manner similar to grudging respect, as if he was complimenting them despite his feelings. When attempting to understand his position, the officer declined to comment further. He shared details of each of the ponies that our troops may one day encounter.

As for meeting her for the first time, outside of seeing videos of Pinkie in action, she was not alive at the time. The subject was DOA (dead on arrival), terminated after converting many of our operatives at our European Base. The courage of those brave men and women who gave everything to end the threat this variant Pinkie held will live forever within this journal if nowhere else.

Preliminary analysis shows her to be of the Earth species of pony with a deep pink mane. Her coat was a lighter shade of pink with a trio of balloons marked on her flank. After determining cause of death (gunshot), I attempted to take blood samples, to which I discovered her very blood was almost completely composed of sugar. It was amazing she has not died of Diabetes long ago.

The autopsy showed nothing else out of the ordinary about the subject, of which was strange in and of itself. When further research was performed, Pinkie was shown to have what appeared to be a sort of precognitive ability in sensing events that were about to happen. The subject's biopsy showed no unique glands nor any sort of precognitive nervous system.

Further research would need to be conducted when I had a loop in Equestria.

127.3 (Leviticus Wilkes)

"Say Ditzy, what does your cutie mark mean anyway?"

The mailmare looked up from her delivery list and winced. "Oh... whoops. Sorry Twilight, I forgot the ping."

Twilight rolled her eyes in good nature. "We all forget sometimes. It's no big deal."

Ditzy smiled. "Well, this time around, my cutie mark allows me to do... this!" And without further delay and a series of popping noises, a thought bubble appeared above Ditzy's head. Twilight chuckled as Ditzy turned her thoughts into a pay-per-view show.

Ditzy shut down the viewing screen and gave her chest a self-satisfied polish. "I think I'll keep that talent. It has a neat side effect too: I can use it to record my dreams."

Ditzy's smile turn downright bashful. "Which also allows me to record dreams of worlds where I'm not awake." Twilight's lavender eyes widened, while Ditzy's became tearful.

"Ditzy... really, it's-"

The mailmare suddenly nuzzled Twilight, cutting off the pony who cared for her daughter so often. "Thank you... Thank you so much for watching out for Dinky, all those times I went pop."

127.4 (Filraen)

"Soooooooo", Pipsqueak's word was cut by a big yawn. "what do we do next?"

Luna was enjoying this loop's developments. During the celebrations of Nightmare Night last month Pipsqueak had mentioned he wanted to know the Royal Castle at Canterlot to which Luna happily asked if he wanted to go visit her one day, either as a guest or even as a sleepover if he so wanted. Eventually Pipsqueak accepted the sleepover with the condition of letting Pip returning the favor: Luna had to go to a sleepover at Pip's house.

Accompanying him to ask permission was an amusing affair, especially with Pipsqueak being so oblivious to his mother's awkwardness when she realized "the friend" he wanted to bring over for a sleepover was actually one of Equestria's Princesses. Eventually Pipsqueak's mother agreed to the sleepover, which when put into contrast with how at the beginning she had simply accepted it as if it was a Royal Decree, Luna considered a good development.

The sleepover was a simple affair: eating dinner, playing board games, seeing Luna raise the moon... the usual things, though Pipsqueak almost had a heart attack when he realized what pyjamas he was left to wear that night, though Luna didn't realize why by the time Pipsqueak put on another pair. Eventually, time passed and he looked like he was getting sleepy.

"How about a story?"

"Yes, please Princess!"

"I told you little Pip, please call me Luna."

"I'm not little! I grew two sixteenths of an inch last month!"

"Pip is it, then, so story..." Luna put a pensive look for a moment. "I know!" she suddenly produced a small music box from... somewhere and placed it by the nightstand and winded it up so it could play its music.

"Well, this story is about a little pony princess. By powerful magics and a strange destiny this princess was forced to travel... you could almost say it was a curse."

"A curse? How horrible!" Pipsqueak said aghast.

"You could say that Pip, but the spell wasn't cast out of malice and the travelling pony princess had learned a lot during those travels, she she didn't think ill of the spell or her travels."

"But, doesn't she get lonely? Always travelling means she can't stay with her friends"

"True friends will stay with you even if you are far away, Pipsqueak, but yes, our little travelling princess sometimes gets lonely. But that isn't tonight's story. The story for tonight is about one of the places out travelling princess visited during her travels. This place was unique, one the strangest she had ever seen: the sun and the moon moved on their own and nopony controlled the weather for there were no pegasi."

"Everywhere... like the Everfree Forest?" Pipsqueak asked with a bit of horror in his voice.

"True. But you know Zecora, right?" At Pip's nod Luna continued. "Hard as it may be Zecora shows it's possible to live in the Everfree Forest. In the same way, everypony who lived there had to live in a place where the weather is free, mostly because they didn't have any choice, so they had to make do with whatever they had."

"But the travelling princess was an alicorn right? That means she can help control the weather!"

"That's also true, but the travelling princess won't be able to stay: she's forced to always keep travelling so while she may help some it'll be only temporarily. Also she's only one pony. Do you know how many ponies take care of Ponyville's weather?"

As Pipsqueak realized how many ponies took care of the weather in Ponyville he simply mentioned a weak 'oh!' and returned to listen.

"It's true that Tia, Cadence and I are powerful alicorns. But an alicorn can only help so much because we can't be everywhere at once. But let's return to the story, shall we?"

Pipsqueak nodded.

"Most strange of all, though, was that no ponies lived there. No unicorns, no earth ponies and no pegasi."

"Who lived there then? Zebras? Griffins?"

Luna shook her head. "None of those either. They call themselves humans and are about this tall" Luna said as she raised her hoof to demonstrate, "have very little fur outside their mane, and walked in two legs like a minotaur but without a tail."

"They are strange." Pipsqueak frowned.

"They may seem that way for you, but for them they have lived all their lives that way so it was normal for them. Imagine the travelling princess' surprise when she realized she was as strange to them as them were to her because only humans lived there and they never have seen a pony princess."

At pipsqueak confused expression Luna pressed on "But in the end their strange form didn't matter much: they eventually offered the travelling princess friendship, food and a place to rest."

"Not everything was good, however. There was a legend in that place: evil sorcerer wielding a terrible power wanted to destroy everything, and the only way to stop it was the prophesied princess which would be supposed to wield a silver crystal."

"What did the travelling princess do then?" Pipsqueak asked, completely drawn into Luna's story.

"She decided to help," Luna simply answered. "It's true they offered friendship and rest but the important part was that they needed help, help only the travelling princess could give. She was no foal, however, so she decided to gather powerful friends to help her in battle: the prophecy said the princess had to be who destroyed this evil sorcerer but nowhere in the prophecy it said she had to do it alone."

"The travelling princess gathered four allies and the seven parts of the silver crystal, colourful as a rainbow, before confronting the evil sorcerer. The battle was hard but the five of them managed to fuse all those rainbow crystals into a single one, white as the moon. With that the travelling princess fulfilled the prophecy, destroying the terrible power and banishing the evil sorcerer to the moon... much like the Mare in the Moon, I suppose."

"But weren't you the Mare in the Moon, Pr-Luna?"

"Correct again, Pip, but the travelling princess managed to heal the evil sorcerer before banishing her. She didn't know how much was the sorcerer's own doing but at least part of it was because of the terrible power corrupting her."

"So the travelling princess saved everypony right?"

"Right, but that isn't the end of this story. The fate that forces the travelling princes to travel works at intervals so she decided to enjoy life with her new friends before she was forced to leave. She eventually reutilized a shapeshifting spell to look human..."


"Because even after defeating the evil most humans have never known of ponies, and so she could prevent humans from freaking out."

At Pipsqueak still confused look Luna's horn started to glow, and suddenly two things happened: first, the bedrooms lights were out; and second, she looked completely black, with no fur, green eyes and holes in her legs and horn.

"How do I look, Pipsqueak?" At Pipsqueak's dumbfounded face lacking an answer Luna stood up and continued, "Now I look like Chrysalis, a good friend of mine. However if were to do this..." and then Luna did a step towards Pip. At Pipsqueak surprised look suddenly the lights returned and Luna returned to normal. "... you could get surprised and even afraid, even if I don't have ill will towards you."

"I...see." Pipsqueak answered back.

After returning to her precious place Luna continued "so the travelling princess enjoyed her time with her friends until one day another human arrived, claiming she was the prophesied princess."


"Just like I said, Pip. She could even prove it, as she make note the prophecy mentioned about a princess, true, but it was a human princess."

"But how then the travelling princess could defeat the evil sorcerer if she wasn't the princess in the prophecy?" Pipsqueak asked in newfound confusion.

"Friendship. The bonds the four humans and the pony princess, and their will to save everyone were what triggered the fusion of the silver crystal. Also, the human princess said the prophecy only claimed one way to defeat the evil sorcerer, and she didn't like prophecies anyway."


"But then the human princess made another surprising revelation: she had been watching the travelling princess all the time, treating the whole threat of the evil sorcerer as a prank."

"What?! How could she make a prank about something so terrible?"

"Because she was a traveller too, far older than the pony princess. In her travels her great magic power had only increased, much like the pony travelling princess, but as the human had been travelling for so much time she could have stopped the evil sorcerer whenever she wanted. It took some demonstration to calm the pony princess down, but after that the pony felt very humbled of meeting someone who left her feeling like a filly."

As Luna paused to drink from her glass of water Pipsqueak intervened "O... kay, but I still I don't see what was so funny about letting the evil sorcerer threat to destroy everything."

"Oh, that was easy," Luna quickly answered. "She found hilarious finding somepony else who claimed to be the princess of the prophecy and decided to see what happened."


"Yeah, it seemed like the human princess has bored. Still, the pony princess forgave her easily: the pony princess gets confused with an evil being way more often than she likes in her travels, so being a prophesied heroine was a feeling she could cherish, even if she really wasn't. Also the friendship she build with the humans was real.

"Eventually, the pony princess realized she had to do something. The silver crystal was an artefact of great power and the prophecy explicitly claimed it was the princess', so the pony princess decided to surrender it to the human princess. The human princess, however, insisted the pony princess kept it as she was the one who had recreated it from the rainbow pieces and used it to defeat the evil sorcerer.

"After that, the travelling princesses simply enjoyed the world. Went to meadows, mountains and sea, learning about each other and their other friends when the world isn't at stake until the day the travelling fate claimed them both again. Before it did, however, both travelling princesses made a vow to meet each other again someday, when their travel path crosses once more."

Returning from her reverie Luna realized Pipsqueak was already asleep. Making sure he was well covered by his blanket she turned her attention to the music box, which at some point of the story had stopped playing.

Lighting her horn Luna winded up the music box, finely crafted on silver and retrieved a gemstone from inside it. Its soft rendition of Moonlight Densetsu made her reminisce a loop so long ago, where she had replaced Usagi Tsukino's animal companion, whose name was also Luna.

"No, Luna," Usagi said with a warm smile as she placed the Silver Crystal on Luna's hoof. "You created it yourself and defeated Metallia with it, you have earned it. Besides, I still have mine." Usagi said as she showed the interior of her brooch, showing a gemstone similar to Luna's.

"Luna, we have the whole rest of the loop! Why don't we go roller skating this weekend? If you want you can cast your shapeshifting spell on us too so you go biped and we go quadruped. We can compete who falls less!"

"Your time as Nightmare Moon must have been horrible," Usagi said as she hugged Luna tighter, tears falling from her face. "I'm so sorry, Luna."

"Wow that was something else, 'heart-song' you called it? How about we try it on Ami and Mako? They don't realize but they have great singing voices."

"The Silver Crystal is very powerful, it isn't so hard to crash a loop by using it so be sure to have no doubts on your heart if you wish to call its power. Now the first thing you can do with it is..."

"But Luna, this isn't goodbye, am I clear? We're both loopers so we're bound to meet again! Next time I want you to show me around your land and bring me to the best ice cream place in Equestria."

Raising the Silver Crystal so it could be see by the side of her moon Luna thought on how her experiences with her fellow Moon Princess made her realize what really means being a Looper, how important is not to lose herself to madness while living loop after loop.

"Usagi, I hope we meet again soon."

127.5 (Evilhumour, fractalman, and Filraen)

One Crazy Week: part one

Fluttershy blinked as she Awoke, tending to her birds. It was the day when Nightmare Moon would come and everyone had agree to play things to baseline for a quite run if everyone was Awake and if nothing was too out of the ordinary.

Going over her memories while waiting for the pings, the memory of Twilight on her way to her library as she found something new and wish to study it the first to surface.

Finally, the pings were sent out and nearly all of her friends were Awake. Smiling as she pinged back, she turned around to enter her house to get ready for tonight when somepony coughed behind her.

Turning around she saw an unusual sight. There were two ponies; one was an earth pony who looked quite awful. His mane was droopy, his butler outfit had many holes and tears, his nose seemed to have a broken vessel, his fetlocks were messy, and his eyes were bloodshot. His companion was even more unusual; he was a blond maned pony with a fabulous well brushed and shining coat that Rarity would die to know how he managed it although he did have rings around his eyes. He was almost as tall as Celestia was, and the most unusual thing about him was that he had both a set of wings and a horn. He was also resting in a strange bath chair that her friend Dash would love to have.

"Are you Lady Fluttershy, Bearer of the Element of Kindness, Guardian of the creature known as Angel, Care-keeper of the animal of Everfree Forest, Flying Hatred, Befriended of Discord, the Little Mother, potential mother-in-law of Nyx Sparkle, the Mare who held the Emperor-God to a draw, Befriender of the Changelings, High-Master of the Druid Arts, One of the Seven Harmonious Princess, She Who Once Made a Honey Badger Care..." The butler continued to ask her with a complete straight face, listing more and more of her titles she had gained over the loops.

Fluttershy blinked and nodded her head, wondering what exactly the birch was happening.

"Excellent." The butler pony nodded his head, reaching behind himself for a cage that was not there before. Lifting the cage over to the mare, the butler pony continued to speak. "Mister Monday has been informed that you are the premier animal care keeper throughout the secondary Realms. It is my master's wishes that you care for his seven bibliophages for the time being." Placing the cage down, Fluttershy saw he had several pieces of gold. "Note that Monday will pay you handsomely for this service should you accept."

Fluttershy should have questioned this a bit more, but these were new animals to care for! She found herself nodding her head as she looked at the snakes slithering around docilely. "You don't need to pay; this is my special talent. Is there anything I should know about taking care of them mister...?"

"Sneezer, Lady Fluttershy." He gave a sharp little bow of his head. "The bibliophages are harmless, and require little food. They sustain themselves on anything with ink or text on it by spitting acid on it and then begin to digest the object in question."

"Oh my, that's quite unusual."

"If you do not wish to look over them, Lady Fluttershy, then you may decline." Sneezer told her in a gentle tone.

"Of course I will look after them mister Sneezer!" Fluttershy blushed as she nearly shouted, looking at the snakes.

Wait, something was wrong....

"Good." A sharp voice startled her, causing her to look at the alicorn. He gave her a dirty look, which ruined his good features, and flapped a wing at her. "I shall send my Dusk to retrieve them in a week's time."

"Wait a moment, there's one mis-" Fluttershy blinked as both of the strange ponies were gone. "-sing."

She then remembered that Twilight had taken a snake home with her to study.

Her library home.

"Oh dear."


Twilight's pupils narrowed to pinpricks as she beheld the interior of her library. Acid. Acid everywhere.

127.6 (Kris Overstreet)

Twilight Sparkle, currently in the body of a pre-adolescent girl, looked at the fairy hovering across the kitchen table from her. "Let me get this straight," she said. "My father took out a loan from your mysterious financial agency, and somehow I'm responsible for it?"

"Well, the agency is offering you the chance to repay the loan on favorable terms," Tear replied. "If you decline the offer, the agency will file to seize your father's remaining assets, which consist of this home and all its contents."

"I see," Twilight growled. "And how am I supposed to raise this money, the amount of which you refuse to tell me because it would discourage me- a fact which by itself tells me it's astronomical- when I am, at the moment, approximately twelve years old and possessed of no marketable skills whatever?"

"Well..." The fairy looked over her glasses with a touch of embarrassment. "First, may I say you are considerably more mature than the person I usually work with?"

"How many Fused Loops have you had, exactly?" Twilight asked.

"I think you're my third," Tear admitted. "Recette has mentioned a few others, but my first one involved hanging around this elf who dressed all in green. He wasn't much for economics, but he had barter down cold. And then there was this little straw-haired boy named Jim who joined the Adventurer's Guild and earned enough to pay off the debt in only two weeks. He never mentioned he was a Looper, but what else could he have been?"

"So you're relatively new," Twilight said. "Well, I'm normally a unicorn in my late teens to early twenties, and I've been Looping a very, very long time. And I've had far too much experience dealing with smooth-talking salespon- er, salespeople."

"Have you had any experience being one?" Tear asked.

Twilight's ears would have perked up had she been in a more familiar body shape. "How's that again?"

"The usual method of paying off the debt," Tear continued, "is to convert the ground floor of this home into an item shop for the adventurers and townspeople. Items can either be bought for resale at the merchant's guild or market, or can be discovered by accompanying adventurers through the dungeons that keep popping up around this town."

"Or," Twilight smiled, "I could just dig a bunch of stuff out of my subspace pocket, sell that, and spend the Loop at home reading." She reached into subspace...

... and found nothing there. Nothing at all.

"Yes, about that..." Tear looked a bit apologetic. "Link tried to teach me the trick, and someone named Mario tried to teach it to Recette, but it doesn't seem to work here. We already have a similar trick, and the two methods seem to interfere with one another."

"Really? Hold on, let me try something." There were two apples left in the fruit bowl on the table. Twilight took one and tried to put it in her pocket. The apple went... somewhere else, a different space which, Twilight sensed, had an arbitrarily limited number of slots for things. Twilight took the other apple and, with very careful concentration, managed to shove it in the fifth-dimensional vector that led to her normal subspace pocket. "Okay," she said at last. "Normal subspace pockets appear to be deposit-only this Loop. Have you tried putting anything into your pocket, or did you just try taking out?"

Tear considered this. "Only taking out," she admitted at last. "But thanks to the hall closet, neither Recette or I had been particularly worried about it."

"What about the hall closet?" Twilight asked.

"Any merchandise in the store at the end of one Loop appears in the closet at the start of the next," Tear said. "Unfortunately the money simply vanishes."

"Really?" Twilight stood up and walked from the kitchen to the hallway that led past the stairs to the large living room. "You mean this closet?" she asked, opening the door.

What she found wasn't merchandise. Fortunately, the contents of the closet didn't fall down on her in some comedic avalanche. The closet was much too large for that to happen.

In fact, Twilight reflected with awe, the last time she'd seen a closet this large was on her trip to Tenchi's world, where Washuu's laboratory that covered the same surface area as five normal planets was accessed through a subspace portal linked to a broom closet under the stairs.

Near the front sat, neatly stacked, dozens of pieces of scientific equipment and half a dozen large tool boxes full of smaller items. Immediately behind them sat a few dozen spaceships for various kinds, ranging from a Federation shuttlecraft up to a heavily armed war cruiser. Tall stacks of binders and scrapbooks wobbled slightly on uncertain centers of gravity. And bookshelf after bookshelf after bookshelf ranged beyond these things, receding into infinity like a library built in a funhouse hall of mirrors.

And directly in front of her, just across the doorsill, sat the second apple.

Twilight gently closed the door. "All right," she said at last. "This is something new."

Tear frowned. "No vending machines?" she sighed. "No platinum armor? No millefuille?"

"This is my subspace pocket," Twilight continued. "But I've never seen it this neat and orderly... I almost never see it from the inside, period. And it's never been so easy and convenient to access!" Her speech sped up as her enthusiasm built up steam. "Washuu can do this, but only through a major application of technology. This is a simple Loop-specific universal constant! But how does it work? Can it be duplicated? Can it be applied in Loops outside this one? This calls for some intense research!" Her eyes gleamed at the prospect.

"On a more practical note," Tear muttered, "there's none of the things we usually use to get the store running. You'll have to begin with bare shelves and boxes and whatever merchandise you can scrape together. Or else we lose the home in eight days, and thus lose the ability to research."

Twilight sighed. "All right, all right," she said, "we'll do it your way, just long enough to pay off the debt. But then I MUST study this inventory system your universe has! If I could replicate this effect, it would revolutionize the lives of Loopers everywhere!"

"Applejack could have backed out and made a ton of money, but instead she stuck by her bargain and kept her word! She is the Element of Trust!"

The shards of one of the stone globes glittered, transforming into a golden choker with gem, which clasped itself around the farm pony's neck.

"Fluttershy helped the manticore remove the thorn from its paw! She is the Element of Customer Service! Rarity's makeover of the sea serpent helped him land a mate! She is the Element of Presentation! Pinkie Pie brought us safely through the doppelganger forest by calling out to us! She is the Element of Advertising! And Rainbow Dash chose to stick with us over the slick, misleading offers of your Shadowbolts! She is the Element of Customer Loyalty!"

The little unicorn pony known as Bags o'Bits stepped forward as the other elements swirled into existence around the necks of her newfound friends. "All of my friends and I worked together to get here- and if you work together in good faith, you can accomplish anything! That is the true meaning of friendship- and friendship is CAPITALISM!"

A tiara appeared on the little filly's head; the jewel at its crest was shaped like a dollar sign.

Nightmare Moon stared at the group, watching the rainbows of the Elements of Capitalism link one pony to another, and could only think, You've got to be kidding me. I mean, you are having me on, right?

And from her prison in the Sun, the Awake Celestia completely failed to control her giggle fits.

The Looper known elsewhere as Recette would later convert the disused Ponyville library into the most renowned single general store in all Equestria, at least until the hostile takeover attempt by Taur-get.

127.7 (Leviticus Wilkes with Wildrook)

Applejack's replacement typically lounged comfortably in the monotony of farm life. Now, as owner and one of the four employees of Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack's baseline tranquility and simple nature aligned nicely with her replacement's day to day routine. A family that loved him, with a precocious little sister, stalwart older brother, and a wise, if slightly kooky grandmother. It even came with a dog that, showing the multiverse did have a heart, was already named Daisy.

Yes, Applejack's replacement was all set. But there were times, he experienced, when he missed the old loops. But then again, the violence was something he had grown out of loving, and the prospect of an eternity trapped in his home loop was synonymous with Hell.

The loopers could have his loop for fun and action, he was enjoying his loops away from it. He would just thank the Admins for letting him have as many fused loops as he needed to maintain his sanity. This was the beauty of Equestria: absolute peace when needed. The anchor had even let him off Applejack's usual responsibilities. (A... thing - called Gilda - was filling in for him).

Yes, all was good in his life.

Then Discord showed up.

"My my, what have we here? A pony with a apple orchid?" The draconequus wove between the replacement's legs. "What a brilliant apple orchid. Ssssshame if ssssomething were to happen to it."

Applejack's replacement cocked an eyebrow. "Don't 'cha mean apple 'orchard'?"

Discord smiled that smile that made regular ponies go 'oh buck, it's him' and shook his head. "Oh, I misspelled orchard in my manifesto. I just decided to use it for inspiration."

The Apple scion raised an eyebrow. "Uh... what?"

Discord pointed at the rows upon rows upon columns of newly minted apple orchids, plucking a flower from the ground and giving it a green wet willy.

The draconequus then noticed something barking amongst the flowers. "Why, what have we-" the master of chaos promptly had his mouth slapped shut by Applejack's replacement.

"Don't. You. Dare."

Discord laughed cheerfully from within one of the orchids. "Oh, trust me you little pony, I won't lay a finger on your nice little puppy." Discord snapped his fingers, and then his fingers.

Daisy the dog was then promptly consumed in a small mushroom cloud, before emerging from it as a shoe. A shoe that, in turn, was transported to Discords head, where it began buzzing pleasantly. "Oh, I do love my orthopedic shoes, don't you?"

The element of honesty was not amused.

An hour later, the Mane Six plus Gilda reached Ponyville, all relatively exhausted (by looper standards) from the obstacles that Discord had thrown up at them, but more annoyed at how Twilight had wanted to study them. They were all looking forward to turning Discord back to stone this loop.

However, as they approached Ponyville, something seemed... on, somehow. Not off, but the opposite of off. On the mark, if it could be called that. In other words, not chaotic. A fact made all that more apparent when the six arrived at Apple Acres.

Twilight allowed herself a moment of stunned silence before informing Applejack's replacement of what she had done. "Killing isn't exactly legal here in Equestria."

The element of honesty's doppelgänger shrugged his shoulders, petting Daisy happily. "He hurt my dog."

"Still... how did you do it anyway?" Twilight stared at the mangled remains of the element if chaos. And yes, it was 'element if chaos', not 'element of chaos'.

Applejack's replacement, locally known as Applewick, and known in his home loop as John Wick, shrugged. "I tried filling him with lead, but when that didn't work, I decided to try emptying him of lead. Surprising how effective that was."

For a moment, no one made any remarks. Finally, Gilda turned to Rainbow Dash with a light smirk. "Your sure this guy isn't Neo?"

127.8 (fractalman)

Many, many loops after her failure to make Dodecanitrododecaazaisowurtizane, Trixie found herself in Trek. She decided that, if Dodecanitrododecaazaisowurtizane was too much, perhaps she could make a simple dodecahedron out of nitrogen.

Twenty borg cubes emerged out of a transwarp corridor next to Earth.

"We are the borg. Please do not resist while we assist in evacuations."

Much the same happened all over the galaxy.

Using a boronite laser-she'd happened to have some on hand-Trixie built the structure up atom by atom. When she'd forced 17 out of 20 nitrogen atoms into position, it happened: the rest of the nitrogens simply moved into position of their own accord. It was beautiful. Harmonious. But it exploded.

"So." asked Picard. "What possessed you to move every life form out of the milky way galaxy?"

"It is quite simple" said the borg queen. "The galaxy was about to be destroyed. If all life is wiped out, there will be nothing left to aid our quest for perfection."

Picard rubbed his forehead. He supposed it made sense, in a twisted sort of way. "Just one more question: what destroyed the galaxy?"

"We believe someone synthesized an omega molecule out of nitrogen."

Picard's brain shut down.

Trixie awoke as Naughty Trix Trix, the vacuum cleaner of Teletubbies. The message was not lost on her: she should not have used a boronite laser.

127.9 (Gamma Cavy)

Silver Spoon stormed into the bar. "Drink. Now."

Mac recognized the signs of a bad loop. "What happened?"

"Amestris Loop where I was Envy, and all alchemists were Sparks, with the ones who had been to the Gate at a Heterondyne level. Ed tried, but.... the Spark was too strong. Brain Bleach please?"

Mac winced, and retrieved the bottle labelled Brain Bleach from the shelf.

127.10 (novusordomundi)


"Yes, Rarity?"

"Where's Twilight, darling? It's a bit unusual to do a Gag Loop without her..."

A shrug. "Don't know. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. Now, you want to tell me why we're cyclops?

Rarity sighed. "That's usually my line..."

127.11 (Gamma Cavy)

Twilight, jounin sensei to Team Seven, consisting of Naruto, Shinji Ikari, and Pinkie Pie, winced. Which Admin did I upset enough to get this?

"We all know the drill, Likes, dislikes, dreams for the future?"

Shinji spoke first. "I like messing with my dad, rotten scumbag that he is, I dislike dealing with a non-Awake Asuka, and my dreams for the future are to go at least four fused Loops before coming home, preferably reaching the end of this one first."

Pinkie grinned, bouncing up and down. "I like parties, I don't like party poopers, and my dream is to throw the biggest party yet, even bigger than the one that let me ascend!!!" Twilight fervently hoped that if she managed it, it would be far away from Equestria.

Naruto winced. "I only have one dream for the immediate future. Manage to put a muzzle on Kurama!"

In his mindscape, said fox grinned. "I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that'll get on your nerves and this is how it goes..."

127.12 (Kris Overstreet)

Twilight Awoke to the sight of a Canterlot in ruins. Many of the broken buildings still smoked and smouldered from whatever had laid waste to the city. Half the towers of Celestia's castle had crumbled in ruins. Ponies of all types were hard at work clearing away debris with a slow, grim determination about their actions.

What the buck happened?

Twilight automatically sent out a ping, and almost instantly a host of return pings rang in her head, most very close by, a couple from an incredible distance. So, she thought, at a guess most or all of our Loopers are awake, plus a couple of others in some other star system. And space travel plus mass destruction... oh, I hope this isn't what I think it is.

At about that point Twilight's Loop memories kicked in, and verified that no, it wasn't what she thought it was; it was slightly worse.

Equestria had just thrown off, at massive cost, a probing strike by the Imperium of Mankind, with the help of their patron warp goddess of chaos, Pinkie Pie, and her chief demon Discord.

A proper invasion force would likely be along in a few months, one Equestria couldn't hope to resist, one which would likely end in the extinction of all native life on the planet.

And that was if things went WELL. If things went badly the orks might show up first, or even at the same time as, the human second wave.

Mentally Twilight began composing a note to Sleipnir or whatever admin might find it. Sorry I threw myself off Mount Canter and crashed the Loop ten minutes in, but I wasn't going to have anything to do with it. Could I kindly request the Teletubbies world for my punishment Loop? After this ten minutes I'm going to need a long spell of nothing exciting happening at all, ever.

Princess Celestia landed next to Twilight. "Well, this is a particularly bad Loop, isn't it?" the princess asked. "It's almost as bad as the time I woke up in a Fallout variant as an earth pony."

"Don't worry," Twilight said grimly, "you won't have to deal with it for long."

"Er... I'd hold off on that option if I were you," Celestia said. "For one thing, you might not be the only Anchor Awake in this Loop."

Twilight shrugged. There were many reasons why Twilight avoided the most obvious way of crashing a Loop, and the possibility of her friends being forced to endure a bad Loop without her because of the presence of a visiting Anchor was near the top of that list. But if a Loop was bad enough... well, this one looked it. "I'm listening," she said, "for the other thing."

"The other thing," Celestia said, "is actually six other things. Nightmare Moon captured the Imperium's ships intact and functional." She waved a hoof upwards, and Twilight looked up to see six immense crimson vessels descending through the smoke-clouded Equestrian skies towards Ponyville. "Which means we can defend against a second strike... and then take the battle to the enemy."

Twilight's eyes widened. "Celestia," she gasped, "I didn't think you of all ponies would-"

"Not my idea," Celestia smiled. "Hers." She pointed to a patch of open air, which promptly unzipped itself to admit a pink alicorn with glowing eyes.

"Hiya, Twilight!" Pinkie Pie chirped greetings before turning to face Celestia. "The Emperor's Awake, and he's A-OK with the plan!" The party goddess pouted as she added, "And Candy Cane just hid under his bed until I went away. I don't think anyone else is Awake who isn't a pony or Discord or Gilda or Angel or-"

Celestia gently silenced Pinkie with a hoof to the mouth. "That's excellent news, Pinkie," she said.

"Though the Chaos Gods not being Awake means we can expect trouble from them," Twilight said.

"Not with THIS plan!" Pinkie grinned. "Lessee, we're gonna need everypony who's Looping eventually, but we're going to need you, Trixie, Applebloom, and Vinyl Scratch on the engineering side of things to start. We've got a lot of rebuilding to do before we're ready to conquer Terra!"

"Conquer Terra??" Twilight gasped. "With only six warships? And those aren't even the biggest the loop has to offer!"

"Silly filly!" Pinkie giggled. "It's not about how big the ship is- it's about what kind of gun it has!"

Six months later six ships, repainted in a variety of pastels, emerged from the warp into orbit above Earth, just outside of weapons range of the home defense fleet and the almost-completed fleet for the conquest of Equestria.

"YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE!" a voice sounded on all broadcast channels. "We, the people of Equestria, having suffered mightily at your hands, have come to ensure that it does not happen again! Your rampant xenophobia and religious intolerance is a danger to all other life in the universe and cannot be allowed to continue!"

As the defending fleet went to alert status and began to form up for an attack on the six Equestrian ships, the voice continued, "However, we will not lower ourselves to your genocidal level. Instead of wiping out mankind, we shall wipe out the evil that clouds your hearts. Whether you can live with yourselves afterwards will be your choice."

On the Equestrian fleet's flagship, Twilight Sparkle nodded to Luna, who at at the communications station. "That should do nicely," she said. "Flag to all ships: set Elements beam to wide aperture. Planetwide targeting, but include the oncoming ships in your firing solutions. Full rainbow power. Fire at will."

Moments later, one ship after another, one city after another, and eventually the entire planet learned the true non-terror and non-destruction of six warp-capable orbital friendship cannons.

"So what happened?" Twilight asked Sleipnir, who stood on a grassy hill under an exceptionally friendly sun.

"What happened? You got over-ambitious. I thought you could have guessed that." The Admin calmly cropped a bit of grass, chewed a bit, and then continued, "The Fused code simply wasn't up to handling an entire empire of friendly, jovial, and above all non-violent orks. A squad or shipful, certainly. A colony world, maybe. The whole species? No go." After another bit of grass- it grew surprisingly delicious here- he added, "My colleagues and I are discussing whether or not we should nerf the Elements of Harmony a bit, make them harder to weaponize like that."

A loudspeaker rose from the surface of the knoll. A sweet feminine voice called through it: "Time for teletubbies! Time for teletubbies!"

"Ooops! Time to go to work!" Twiley-Wiley sighed. "Can we talk some more about this later?"

"No trouble," Sleipnir said. "I'll just have a long lunch." He returned to his grazing.


The Master smiled, he was happy, so very happy. While many would have seen this as a punishment loop, and considering what he did in that under water hell (pitying that squid enough to torch the entire city to the ground) he supposed he did deserve some form of punishment.

But this?

He watched one of those creature with a TV in their stomach ran past him, one named Twiley-Wiley as she went to play/work with the others.

This was pure paradise for Masty-Wasty.


Then Twiley-Wiley stopped...then looked at Masty-Wasty.

If she could speak, she would go "For the love of the Mighty Oak, what insane person would enjoy this loop?"

As if to respond, Masty-Wasty gave her two thumbs up.
MLP Loops 127
127.1: A bit more explanation.
127.2: Trouble brewing.
127.3: Penny for your thoughts. Stamp for seeing them.
127.4: He's not in a sailor suit.
127.5: Full tile.
127.6: A protection Recket.
127.7: Pinch a wick.
127.8: Run. At least Trixie clears the range first.
127.9: Cry Havoc, and unleash the Sparks of War.
127.10: Eye eye.
127.11: Probably Inari.
127.12: Whoops.
So, I worked out how fast Miles 'Tails' Prower would fall, if he fell out of, say, a plane. Or the Death Egg.
The results were interesting. Assuming he has a drag coefficient of 1.3 (similar to a person skydiving) and a cross sectional area of about 0.3 m^2 (it's the tails, mainly), he has a terminal velocity of about 27 ms-1.
Half that of a human skydiver, mostly because he weighs so much less. (Though rolling into a ball will make him fall substantially faster).
Now, here's the fun bit. He can at least take off while carrying Sonic and Knuckles (meaning he's lifting 20+35+40 kg altogether) for a downthrust of about five times his own body weight.
This means he can apply 4g surplus upwards acceleration in addition to cancelling his own weight, putting him at being able to screech to a halt while falling - in under a second. If he can fly carrying those two for even a second, he can stop in midair from a fall of any sane height. (That is, any height he doesn't play meteor).
Chaos Energy, eh?

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