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They MLP Loops will from now on be posted elsewhere, not here.
It's just too much effort to post them in three separate places, each requiring different formatting. DeviantArt is the worst of the lot because it also enforces draconian limits on submission text size.…
both have the fics.
MLP Loops 143 onwards - location change
Sorry, it's just too much work. As it is formatting and posting these involves several hours each time, and I have a real job.
142.1 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

After The Weasley Twins' Cucco Pastry Loop:

Two familiar red haired teens found themselves waking up in a pitch black room, strapped to a pair of chairs. Moments later, a lamp flashed on, illuminating a pink haired girl sitting across from them. Her hands were folded as she gave them an uncharacteristically serious expression.

"Boys," She spoke in a serious tone, "I hear word going around about a certain pair of Weasley Twins who claimed to have 'beaten me at my own game.' That you turned Tirek into a chicken like I did, but with a pastry instead of magic."

The two shrugged. "Cucco, but who's nitpicking."

Pinky leaned in close. "Just because you gave one pastry prank, you think you gentlemen are the kings of pranks?!"

The twins looked slightly affronted. "No, we're the kings of pranks because we've been pranking before you were even looping."

Pinkie raised a hoof, "I will not let this go unopposed. I declare war upon you both!"

She then gave a cheerful smile as the room lit up, revealing a Hogwarts classroom with the words PRANKS GALORE written on the blackboard. The Weasley Twins' bonds vanished like magic as Pinkie stood and started pacing about the room. "A prank war. Looping Dash will keep score and decide who's the greatest prankster in the multiverse between the three of us."

The Twins looked around, "But Dash isn't even here."

Pinkie ran over to a door and pulled it open, revealing a strange looking house elf, "Silly Billies. I keep Dashes scattered all over Hogwarts, in case of Dash emergency."

Dash rubbed her face. "Pinkie, you could have just called me when you needed instead of making me wait behind this door for the last fifteen minutes."

142.2 (Evilhumour)

Twilight was readying herself for an unAwake Nightmare Moon when a colt slammed the doors open, with a cape around his neck. Twilight's mouth dropped in disbelief at what was she was seeing, the rest of her Awake friend in similar positions.

"Who dares interrupt me?!" She shouted, standing on her hind legs at the blue colt holding a gun.

"I HAVE ALREADY BESTED THE MOON, THE APPLES AND THE SPIKES," he shouted, pointing the pea shooter at the alicorn. "I HAVE BESTED THE SIX CHAMPIONS AND DEFEATED THE FATHER!" He then fired miniature bullets at Nightmare Moon who was flying to avoid the powerful and painful shots. Twilight watched in awe as he avoid all her magic blasts and was actually close to defeating Nightmare Moon by all regards of her tired state. The colt suddenly ducked as an apple went sailing through the window, only to smash into Nightmare Moon's face, knocking away the Nightmare Taint from Luna.

Luna looked up in disbelief at her saviour. "W-who are you?"

The colt, with a cutie mark of the moon with a spike and apple on it stood on the stage, smiling at the princess. "I am the Guy."

142.3 (Evilhumour)


"Yes Elusive?"

"Why are we Space Marines going to fight a daemon invasion without any of our usual powers?" The usual mare looper who was currently a male space marine asked a bit concerned, blasting away the damons with ease as Dusk was summoning mighty pskyer blasts to hold the tide back.

"More than likely because of the obvious joke." Leman muttered unhappily as he cut apart several of the daemons that were attacking with his chainblade. Being an average space marine was always odd to him as he felt so weak and powerless.

"Yeah, making up a new chapter just for us?" Applejack asked as he stood side by side the Anchor of the loop. "Ah thought Fenrir and Sleipnir were better than that!"

"Actually," Butterscotch said from the titan he was in. Everyone unsure of how exactly he got one this loop but everyone else was still glad that Leman was stopped from taking it as a joyride considering the horror stories that Fluttershy shared. "The Rainbow Warrior are an actual chapter and none of this is really made up." He then turned back and blasted an entire squad of daemons with a soft apology.

"Yeah, ah figured that were something screwy when Dashie was the captain instead of ya Twiliy."

"That's Chapter Captain Rainbow Blitz AJ!" Their in-loop leader shouted with glee in his blue power armor, the rainbow strip far larger than anyone else, as he punched apart several daemons. "I'm so loving this!"

"That aside," Leman muttered as he was smacked backwards by an exploding party favor. He hated being so weak. "Is no one else concern that we are dealing with an unAwake Chaos Goddess Pinkie Pie?!"

142.4 (Evilhumour)

Nurgle tilted his head as the goddess in front of him was not Isha and rolled his eyes.

"Begone mortal," he grumbled, splashing her two tone hair with several of his less favourable maggots and diseases . "I care not for you, only my love ... oh it's you Cadence."

The usual pony alicorn chuckled weakly, brushing herself clean with her hand and using her magic to heal herself from his most lovely diseases that he had been working on for Isha. "Hello Nurgle," she smiled as she stood up as she regrew her wing. "I take it that you're keeping up your practice of creating new diseases?"

"Yes," he rolled his eyes, not feeling in his usual good mood, stepping onto some Nurglings as he grabbed some rotten fruit out of his subspace pocket and sending it back to health before throwing it at the fellow looper. "Although it was not for the likes of you."

"Oh," the deity blinked as she caught the fruit and tentatively took a bite of it after using her magic to rid it of several horrifying diseases that Nurgle left on it, more than likely by mistake then intent. "For Isha, I suppose?"

Nurgle flashed his eyes to her and for a brief moment, Nurgle took some of his darker aspects of his rights as a Chaos God. As he choked the very air around him all forms of life and death, he remembered the first and only time Slaanesh had tried to tease him about Isha. Khorne had stepped in to stop the brutality he was unleashing onto the terrified Slaanesh and Tzeentch made several strides to make sure no one ever made the same mistake the near dead Chaos God made again.

"Speak carefully," he said evenly, causing the looper to back up in instinctual fright. "The last deity of lust found it poor to joke about my beloved and I will not show you anymore leniency than I did to hir."

"I would never joke about love, Nurgle." Cadence was truly taken back by Slaanesh's callous words and actions; already resolving to reeducate her fellow deity of love on their duties towards others. "If you want, we can talk about your relationship with Isha and I might be able to help you a bit."

Nurgle listened to her words and judged them to be honest. Nodding his head, he summoned two sofas for them and allowed Cadence a tiny bit of power so she could reshape herself into her normal equine self.

"Thank you very much Nurgle." Cadence flashed him a smile as sat across of him. "Even though I know, can you please tell me how did you two meet?"

Nurgle smiled as he thought back to his first encounters with his beloved to understanding pony across of him.

142.5 (Ryuus2)

Lemon Rush felt oddly good this loop as he flexed his wings and came to a landing. He'd woken up in his mother’s place this time, so he was an adult Equestrian for the first time in a while. He had a similar role to his mother as well, except he was known to handle the roughest beasts of the Everfree on top of the cuddlier ones. He was very surprised to realize that his loop memories included how to perform a spinal adjustment on a hydra and a deep tissue massage on a manticore, as well as the best way to fluff Angel's tail.

This loop appeared to be a mostly baseline Equestria. He opted out of being the Element of Kindness when Twilight came by, and instead stayed to calm the panicking crowd while Silver Spoon, currently Gilda's niece Silver Beak, filled in. The other Crusaders were apparently asleep, so she opted to return to Griffonia with Gilda to help her conquer the realm with mime. The only other obvious changes were an unawake Rainbow Dash who dressed in style, and that Ivory Scroll was taking a vacation this loop. Cheerilee had offered to fill in for her, citing a desire to expand her knowledge on bureaucracy for a later lesson. She had suggested Lemon fill in for her for some reason and he'd agreed readily enough.

As he walked in the door to the small schoolhouse he was ready for anything from an unawake Diamond Tiara's usual antics up to the Crusaders all awakening at once. He was not, however, ready for the four consecutive pings from four distinctly non-crusader foals. The grins on the three colts and one (probably) filly told him all he needed to know. The Chaos Gods had replaced the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

'Welp,' he thought. 'We're doomed.'

After class let out, the four foals stayed behind to talk to their new teacher.

The first thing out of Lemon's mouth was not "So you're the Crusaders this time," or "be good or I'm telling your parents," or even "kill me now before you crash the loop with tree sap." It was instead, "where the Oak did you get that filly sized seifuku, Slaanesh?"

The pink furred unicorn col- fil-...uh, pubescent pony with the expertly coiffed baby blue mane and matching blue eyes in the white and blue patterned Japanese school girl uniform struck a pose. "Do you like it? Rarity Onee-chan made it for me based on a Neighponese design I liked," Slaanesh, currently Elusive 'I can be a Sweetie if you like' Bell, said.

"Before you ask, we don't know either," the light blue furred earth pony/unicorn colt with salt & pepper mane and purple eyes known as Gleaming Mind, otherwise Tzeentch, added. "Shi's apparently been like this since before shi awoke."

"This body is stupid!" Khorne grumbled hotly, flapping his tiny wings uselessly. He was currently a pegasus colt with red fur and eyes and a cropped black mane who answered to Bashaloo, but thanks to an incident with Granny Smith everyone called him Dot.

"Actually, Pegasi are the primary military force, due to their incredible speed, agility, and durability," Lemon said, hoping to head off any potential blood sports before they could begin. "They can fly, walk on clouds, and use weather magic to create and direct rain, sleet, snow, twisters, and lightning."

Khorne perked up at the list of combat maneuvers his new species was capable of. "Well, that's better-"

"You're wings are still too small to fly, though, so you can't reach the clouds to do most of that," Nurgle, presently a green furred earth pony colt with brown mane and yellow eyes named Apple Core, cut him off. "Now I must be off, I've got a new recipe to work on."

"You're not mixing up plagues in the barn, are you?" Lemon asked worriedly, memories of Nurgle's attempts to recreate the various strains of T-Virus flashing through his mind.

"No, no my dear boy. I'm working on a new recipe for apple beer."

"Beer?" he asked with puzzled relief. "I didn't think you'd be interested in that."

"Fermentation is all about one thing rotting away and something else feasting on its remains to grow. Imagine the possibilities!"

"...And now I cannot drink for a month. Damn you, Nurgle," he groaned. He glanced between them looking for cutie marks. He got three blank flanks and one skirt, but if he tipped his head just so much and blew lightly-- He slapped his face -and made a mental note to never do that with a hoof again- before that thought could finish forming. Ignoring his bruised cheek and Slaanesh's grin, he asked a question that he knew he'd regret asking. "You four aren't going to start Crusading for your Cutie Marks, are you?"

"Suggoi! That's a great idea! You're so smart, Lemon-Sensei," Slaanesh cooed sultrily, shaking hir hips in a way that made Lemon shudder instinctively for reasons he Did Not want to delve into.

At an unspoken signal, all four foals shouted in unison "CUTIE MARK CHAOS GODS! YAY!" then ran off.

Once they were gone, Lemon Rush responded in the only way he could. He fainted.

Later that weekend, Lemon met Twilight for tea in her library. She had taken the occasion to thaw a pot of Fluttershy's personal blend that had been preserved in her pocket. It wasn't as good as the original, but it was about as close as almost anyone could get.

After a relaxing gulp of the tea, Lemon asked, "So, everyone knew that it was them but me, and you all decided to prank me with it?"

"Actually, none of us knew who they were for sure," Twilight explained. "Ivory did need a vacation, and Cheerilee did want to expand her course list. I was busy with research at the time, and suggested you to fill in because I knew you could handle anything the new foals could dish out, whoever they were, even if they did awaken. It was a surprise to all of us when it turned out to be those four. How are you handling things by the way? Is the Crusading too much for you?"

Lemon slumped into his seat. "I can handle the Crusading; it's not much worse than some of the stuff I've done as a foal. But somehow, they seem to be causing more trouble than they do back home," Leman groaned. "Apple Core behaves himself, but I have to keep reminding him not to share any of the lunches he brings with anypony. Gleaming Mind keeps nominating himself for different positions and then delegating everyone else to do his work. He even tried nominating himself the teacher once, and I will admit that I took a small pleasure in putting him in detention for disrupting the class." He preened a bit at the memory. One did not often get a chance to so completely one-up the scheming god so thoroughly, even with all the foreknowledge the loops could provide. After another gulp of tea he continued. "Those two are reasonably well behaved, but Dot is always looking for fights or crashing into things because he can't get used to his body. Thanks for looking after him by the way. He's not causing too much trouble?"

"Not at all," Twilight said. Normally, when Scootaloo's parents were...unsavory, she would arrange to stay with Rainbow Dash (awake or not). But with the unawake Dash dressing in style this loop, it was felt that someone a bit more...forceful should look after her replacement this time. And since neither Twilight nor Lemon want to see the end result of leaving the battle god with the Timberwolf versions of Freki and Geri -and their honorary pack-mate Angel Bunny (not awake, thankfully)- for any amount of time, Twilight had volunteered to take him in.

"Actually, he and Spike have been spending a lot of time together. It's always so hard for him to make guy friends his age, and the two seem to have bonded over the whole 'honorable warrior' thing. They've even been working on that Dragon Code of his. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing how the Dragon Migration goes this time around." She grinned. It wasn't often she got to watch her unawake little brother teach those three bullies a lesson, and with Khorne's help -carefully monitored, of course- it looked like it would be a good show. "And Elusive?" Twilight asked curiously.

Lemon's slight good mood melted away immediately at the reminder of the current form of the god(dess) of sensation. He slumped forward onto the table with a groan. "It's Elusive that's getting to me the most. Shi keeps hitting on me, which is actually not that different, but the way shi works all the outfits into it and acts all innocent..." he trailed off with a shudder as he banished the thoughts. "I can't even put hir in detention when shi goes too far because shi always manages to pull out some kind of bondage gear from nowhere. First there were the shackles, then the straight jacket, and last time it was shibari and- Gah!" He smacked his head into the table to suppress the thoughts and the shivers they caused. Fortunately he was able to hold back enough to keep from splitting the table, and only set the tea service to shaking ponderously.

"I'm sure it's not that bad," Twilight said as she rubbed his shoulders with a hoof.

"I caught Rarity giving hir tips. She thinks it's romantic," he mumbled into the table. Twilight sweat dropped. "And the Shipping. Oh, the Shipping..." he half-sobbed.

Before anything else could be said, the sounds of stampeding ponies, splintering wood, and general chaos floated in through the open window. Ponyville being Ponyville, this could mean anything from a monster attack to a royal visit to Zecora grocery shopping, but it was most likely a Cutie Mark Crusade judging by the swirly eyed red and black foal covered in tree sap that flew through the window and crashed into the table in front of them. Leman sighed the sigh of the long suffering, took a moment to compose himself, downed his cup of tea in a single gulp, and got up to go run damage control on his other students. Twilight chuckled at the predicament her fellow anchor had been placed in, then picked up Khorne in her magic and carried him off to the bathroom to begin the long but much practiced process of washing the tree sap from his coat.

Three sap-coated foals sat staring at what once was a rather complicated bit of insanity. Well, two of them were staring, the third was too busy fussing about the sap plastering her/his/its clothes and mane.

"It should have worked! Why didn't it work?!" The light-blue colt ranted.

The green colt sighed. "I just don't know what went wrong."

The pink co- fi- one, was busily trying to think up a cleaning spell that could get rid of tree sap without damaging hir frou-frou princess dress. Hir mane would need professional help. "You'd better hope I don't need a shave to get this sap out of my mane, Gleemy, or I'm taking it out of your feathery backside when we get home." Just then she noticed Lemon trotting determinedly up the street towards them and hir personality pulled a 180, from feminine fury to coquettishly girlish innocence. "Oh Lemon-sensei! Can you please help me? I seem to have gotten very sticky with unusual fluids."

Lemon froze mid trot and resisted the urge to scream in mental and spiritual agony. Barely.

Shaking himself out of it, he put on his 'serious teacher' face. "Okay, what were you lot doing this time?" he asked, glancing at the large pile of wood, pipe, rope, and sundry materials that usually resulted from a failed Crusade.

Tzeentch puffed his chest out and began his duties as chief orator of the CMCG. Interestingly, this was the only position he'd granted himself that he didn't delegate to someone else. "We were trying to get our Cutie Marks in monster catching. To that end, we took apart a game Nurgle found in the HUB and rebuilt it at 100 scale size, taking several liberties and making modifications based off the work of Rube Goldberg."

Lemon face hoofed. This was a bad idea as it just made his headache worse. "...You tried building a better mousetrap?"

"Well..." Tzeentch hedged, until he heard a suspiciously lupine growl from his anchor/instructor. "In laymen's terms...yes."

"You- that- I- whatever," Lemon gave up with a sigh. "Just...go get cleaned up. And don't forget to come back and clean this up tomorrow."

Slaanesh stayed behind as the other two tromped off. "Sensei? Rarity Onee-chan left me a note to give you," shi simpered sweetly, presenting him the note from within hir blouse.

Being very careful to ignore the inviting way the blouse hung open, Lemon accepted the note. When he was done he froze again, this time in shock and dread. Rarity was out of town for the next few days. And she wanted him to look after Elusive.

Slaanesh used peeking at the letter as an excuse to saddle up to his muscular barrel, clearly being innocently inappropriate. Hir reaction was the complete opposite of the stallions. Shi started prancing all over the place like Pinkie Pie. "Yatta! Sugoi! Sleepover with Lemon-Sensei! Squeee!!"

This time, Lemon didn't even try to stop the scream from escaping.

Khorne lifted an ear as he thought he heard a scream. "Twilight," he grumbled as the mare ran the bath for him, "Did you hear that?"

Twilight tilted her head, listening. "I don't think so...."

A few days later Twilight, currently a Pegasus, was sharing a cloud with Rainbow Dash and taking in the site of the bustling ponies below. "Still not ready to show them the new you?" Twilight asked Rainbow Dash a.k.a. the God Emperor of Mankind a.k.a. Empy.

The stylishly dressed blue Pegasus shook her head. "Not quite. I would have had no choice but to reveal myself had I awoken as Celestia as usual, but when I noticed I was a commoner, an impressive one, yes, but still a commoner...I decided to just relax and roll with it."

"Not to mention that it gives you the perfect chance to observe how Lemon is handling the loops without him knowing," the anchor said casually. Empy didn't rise to the bait. She just continued to watch her son as he wrangled the Chaos Gods out of their newest Cutie Mark Crusade -something to do with Zap Apple Cider- with a small smile on her face.

142.6 (Evilhumour)

"Vinyl Scratch, get your flabby white flanks back here this second!"

Twilight blinked as Vinyl ran past her with fear on face as several large musical items went flying through the air.

"I've said I'm sorry Octy!" She whimpered as she ducked a guitar.

"And how many times have you've said that to me?!" Octavia shouted, bucking a violin overhead that landed directly in front of the panicking looper.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Twilight shouted, teleporting in the middle of the two, Vinyl cowering in fear with Octavia picking up her prized cello. "What the tree sap is going on?"

"She forget our anniversary! Again!" the earth pony glared at the gulping musician. "You'd think after looping for so long she'd be able to keep track of our special day, but noooo!"

"Wait, you're looping?!" Twilight reared back in surprise. How did she miss this?

The musician in front of her sighed, and placed down the blunt instrument of pain and wonder. "No, I'm not. She just told me about them, again apparently, and how often we do become a couple." She blushed now, rubbing her beige hooves together. "It might be a bit hard to believe, but if you give her enough time she can be really romantic and sweet." She chuckled softly. "Like a few hundred years I'm willing to wager."

"Hey!" The looping musician poked her head out of scared heap that was hiding behind Twilight. "I'm not that bad!"

"Yes, you are when you just told me that you often forget to keep track of our anniversaries and then schedule a world tour around Equestria on this loops anniversary !" Her glared caused many other ponies watching the scene to gulp and take a step back.

"But it ends just before this loops anniversary Octy!" Vinyl whined back.

"Only by chance!" Octavia yelled. "You asked me, and I quote, 'Say, my sweet music loving and giving mare, what's this day on the calendar that has all this girly hearts around it? Heh, already marking the day when your DJ queen comes back-Octy, why are you so angry and reaching for the piano?'"

Twilight winced, and braced herself for a long friendship salvage mission. She had to bite back a genuine laugh; she had not done this before and it would be something new to write to Celestia.

142.7 (Alex Prior)

Twilight Tirek, Part One

Twilight Awoke, and yet she didn't. If she were to strain her brain, it would occur to her that she was Wakening extremely slowly, and as such take appropriate measures. Alas, she did not. It was for such reason that it felt as if she was thinking through molasses.

Through the haze, she felt herself move, to sneak towards a shape. Twilight did not think to clear her head; she was barely able to think at all.

The shape resolved into a stallion; an intellectual returning from a library. As if hearing her, the stallion turned; his eyes widened. "Oh, my," he spoke, "Do you need some assistance?"

But Twilight didn't listen. Her gaze zeroed in on the load of books in the stallion's telekinetic grip; without hesitation, relying straight on instincts, she opened her mouth and drained the tomes in the stallion's grasp.

Immediately, her head cleared somewhat. As such, she was able to realize a few things.

One, while she was quadrupedal, she also had hands.

Two, she realized that time had reset once again.

Three, she had just drained books of their knowledge.

'I don't think I'm a pony this time around.'

"No, Tirek. I'm afraid I must call in another to stop-"

Celestia Awoke mid-sentence, tripped over her own tongue and fell into a coughing fit. Her sister and her student were upon her side in an instant.

"Princess Celestia! Are you alright?"

Celestia looked into the concerned face of the red alicorn, and nodded. "I'm fine. I just threw myself in a Loop by accident." She surreptitiously checked the faces of Luna and Cadence, only for them not to show any signs of Awakening. Dogwood. She was on her own for now.

Celestia cleared her throat. "As I was saying, Twilight will be dealt with by Discord."
Naturally, gasps greeted that statement.

"...and that's the gist of your mission, Discord. Are you capable of it?"
Celestia peered at the Draconequus. "Are you even, perchance, Awake?"

Said entity nodded with an entirely too large grin. The Princess massaged her forehead with a hoof. "Why am I even asking, of course you are. Were you just expecting an exposition, and how long have you been Awake?"

Discord held up two toes. "First," he curved one toe, "yes, and second," he curved the second, "since Silver reformed my unAwake self. She's been Awake since the beginning, by the way. Did you even check your Memories, or just the ones pertaining our resident Centaur?"

At Celestia's abashed smile, he facepalmed. "Of all the Loops for me to make sense for a change..."

"What have you done?"

The stallion's whisper cut straight through Twilight's confusion. She looked up. To her horror, the books the stallion was frantically flipping through were blank. She had literally drained them of knowledge.

Twilight shook her head to clear it. "It does not matter what I have done," she found herself saying, "It's what I will be doing." Her mouth twisted itself to a grin. The stallion fled.

The centauress found herself expelling a breath. "A close one," she whispered. 'Library,' her mind supplied. 'I need to know more.'

Finding a treasure of knowledge had been devilishly simple. As he inhaled the books, she found her mind clearing more and more. She remembered Loopers. She remembered her Admin. She-

"I do hope I'm not interrupting anything."

She whirled around. There, leaning to a bookshelf, dressed in a sweater and wearing glasses, was Discord. He would have looked every inch the disapproving librarian were it not for the unusually large grin he was sporting.

"You see," he said, unhooking himself from the shelf, "I was just teaching my apprentice the finer nuances of chaos magic, when suddenly I received a most curious summons."

He grinned. "Apparently someone's been a bad girl."

Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Apprentice? Since when were you willing to teach anything to a pony?"

Discord feigned surprise. "Silver Spoon, a pony? But of course not! She's a draconequus like I am!" Out of a whim, he decided to test a little something. "Threw me for a Loop, it did."

The centauress inhaled sharply. "You are Awake?"

Discord blinked. He wasn't expecting that one; he'd felt no Ping from her. Out of curiousity, he sent one out and watched her stumble.
"What was that?" was the demand he received, and if anything, it threw him into an actual loop.

"That was a Ping, Twilight. Remember? Similar to the one you do with your Elements?" Frankly, he was getting a little concerned.

Twilight massaged her temples. "Element Check, yes... Oak, everything's so fuzzy... I need to know more..."

The spirit of chaos could only roll his eyes. 'Might as well pull a baseline.'

"Oh, hello, Princess."

Celestia smiled at her guest. "Good morning, Silver." She was lying on her bed. "You needn't worry about me; I simply had a rough Awakening this morning."

Silver nodded in understanding. Truth be told, her own had been rather intense, as well. Waking up just after using the Elements, then discovering the Element of Magic being Tirek himself? She'd had the shock of her life!

"So, what do you think of this Loop, Princess?"

"Celestia, please."

"Celestia. Sorry. Your unAwake self preferred to be called Princess."

Celestia nodded. "Completely understandable, Silver. Now, I suppose you are wondering why I called you here this morning?"

Ignoring the Draconequus' deadpan look, she soldiered on. "I need your help packing."

At Silver's questioning look, she smiled. "Our centaur fiend gains literal power from books this time around. Knowledge is Power, capital letters being the key here. Were she to drain all of them, she'd beat Tirek by several orders of magnitude."

"The villain Tirek or the plothead Tirek?"

Celestia rolled her eyes. "I know he's not very nice even as a pony, but you must specify. Do you speak of the centaur or the alicorn?"
Her mouth twitched. Silver was also fighting a grin. At precisely that moment, a letter popped into existence.

Silver caught it, unrolled it and started reading out loud. It was short and sufficient.

Going baseline. Twilight's half-Awake; we need books to properly Wake her. She doesn't even remember her Pocket yet, and has forgotten how to Ping! Don't mind the empty libraries.

Silver blinked. "You said she got the power from knowledge, right?" At Celestia's nod, she continued. "So what happens when you add Looping knowledge to that?"

Celestia rubbed her chin with a hoof. "Technically, she may gain enough power to Ascend. Practically, there's the Pocket, isn't there?"

"The one Discord said she doesn't remember yet?" deadpanned Silver.

The two Loopers exchanged a horrified look.


MLP Loops 142
142.1: Because she felt challenged.
142.2: I Wanna Be The Guy, this time.
142.3: Technicolour Terror.
142.4: There's something salvagable there.
142.5: Slaanesh, stop assaulting the rating!
142.6: Metacouple?
142.7: ...books for the book lady?
141.1 (Evilhumour)

Queen Twilight, Savior of Ponykind, Banisher of Tirek the Terrible, Mother of Equestria, Defender of All, and a lot of other titles, tapped Her hoof in annoyance. Her six daughters; Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara, Nightmare Moon/Nyxie Poo, and Silver Spoon had done a wonderful job in leading Her little ponies into a golden age after Her breakup with Discord ended up in a tiffle* that made Her rethink Her actions and let Her daughters start fresh on; in a fashion. She let them know of Herself; that She would brook no fighting between them. They would rule together and She outright refused to let any of them to know who was born first. She told them a few other dozen little rules; no banishing a sister unless it was outright required and She would come home early to make sure, don't rule with an iron hoof, don't drink too much, don't abuse their rights as Princesses, the general stuff a mother and ruler would tell Her daughters before leaving to rediscover Herself.

What She forgot to mention to Her five alicorn daughters and one draconequus was about boys. Her eye twitched as She looked over the last boyfriend, the one damnable rugged alicorn stallion from another world, that was cuddling close to Her Nyxie-poo, with the other five boys in similar situations with Her daughters.

"So girls, want to introduce me to your boyfriends once again?"

*Said tiffle resulted in new land formation, the Rebirth of the Three Tribes, the Reunification of Ponykind, the Era of Silence/Deafness, the Separation of the Tribes, the merging of the Three Great Herds, the Horrible Divide of the Eternal Herd, the minor intergalactic war with the Solar Republic, the Lunar Kingdom and the Everfree Nation against the Seapony Empire, the Rebuilding of the Unified Stable, which was toppled when Queen Twilight threw King Discord into the ruling capital city which dominoed into the toppling of the civilization and leading to the era of Wildness. After which, Queen Twilight turned the King into stone, gave birth to her daughters, brought forth Equestria and took off to rediscover Herself and possibly find someone who wouldn't forget their anniversary.°

°Among other things, like forgetting to take out the trash, leaving the toilet seat up, letting his chaos go a bit wild, and other little stuff.

141.2 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

"What the Bark are you doing?!"

One Twilight Sparkle watched in horror as the Crystal ponies smashed the blackened soot that had once been the remains of Sombra with sticks, bats, hoes, or anything they happened to be carrying at the time. A blue pony stepped forward, appearing sheepish, "We're just, letting off a thousand years of pent up aggression. You have no idea the horrors he inflicted on us what we were gone."

One of the crystal pony foals slammed his stick into the soot, which caused Twilight to snatch the gathered ponies' weapons out of their magic/hooves with her own magic and shout, "You are better than this, better than him! Just go on with your life!"

Another whack on the ground caused Twilight to turn and see Pinkie with a stick in hoof. Twilight narrowed her eyes, "And what are you doing, Pinkie?"

Pinkie looked pleased. "Well, everyone else was hitting the pile of soot, I wanted to join in too. It looked like so much fun!"

Twilight muttered, "Pinkie, you are literally beating a dead horse."

Pinkie didn't even miss a beat. "Pony."

Neither did Twilight. "Whatever. You're one of the saviors of the Crystal empire, act like it, alright?"


After the crowd dispersed, two unicorns wearing carny hats lifted the black soot. They grinned to one another as the one with a mustache spoke first. "You thinking what I'm thinking, dear brother of mine?"

The other one seemed almost giddy with excitement. "Indeed, dear brother of mine."

Some Time Later

"Hey Twilight," Pinkie said as she poked her head into the purple unicorn's room.

Twilight replied, "Yes Pinkie?"

"You remember a couple days ago when you stopped us from beating Sombra's dead remains?"

Twilight rubbed her forehead. "I'm not going to like this, will I?"

Pinkie shrugged. "And you remember those brothers who tried cheating Applejack and her family out of their farm?"

Twilight groaned. "What did they do now?"

Flim shouted. "Come one, come all, to the show of the century! Yes for just today, you can whack the evil, and dead, King Sombra!"

Flam continued. "Three bits a whack and no more than nine whacks at a time, but you can return to the end of the line for more whacking! Come one, come all!"

141.3 (Evilhumour)

Addon to 84.20

As Emperor Guiding Light watched his son walk away with snigger still on his lips, the Captain of his Guards walked up to him. The pony went by the name of Little Kitten, which tugged on his mind for some reason.

"My Lord?" The golden armor pony looked up at him with confusion on his face. "Does this weird stuff happen often in these loops that Lord Fenrir mentioned?"

The pony next to him had the rare privilege of the Emperor of Ponykind doing a double take with wide eyes. “Wh- what did you just say?”

“I simply asked if this is a common occurrence in these loops my lord,” the pony repeated his question, looking steadily at the now sweating alicorn that easily moved the sun.

“Yea- well, no, -actu-" Guiding Light shook his head, trying to get his thoughts in order. “You are the Captain-General of the Custodes, are you not?”

“Indeed my lord,” the pony nodded his head. “Do you require any assistance my lord?”

“I-no- I - Gah!” The alicorn placed a hoof to his face, trying to calm and steady himself. “How long have you been looping?”

“Only for about a hundred or so millenniums my lord,” the pony responded as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have time repeat over and over again-then again, it was their loop they were talking about. “Are you sure you are alright my lord?”

“Ye-yes, it is just a bit of a surprise to find out.” He gave a weak smile to the pony next to him. “There are a number of materials I must go over with you now, but we shall be fine overall. This loop is relatively peaceful and tranquil, although if you have any questions or comments, please tell me now before we begin our lessons.” Guiding Light smiled, gesturing with a wing to his private chambers.

“Nothing truly to report, my lord.” The pony said with a nod of his head. “Although, I’m glad that my battle brothers don’t run around naked and oily in this loop as my memories are informing me. Although, it seems to be a lesson that I have to frequently reeducate them on…”

The Emperor of Ponykind could only groan as he facehoofed, hoping that whatever Leman was dealing with was far more mature and sane.

141.4 (Evilhumour)

"Get back here Lemon!" Nyx shouted, chasing the yellow stallion across Ponyville with many turning their heads in confusion. "Fluttershy told me about it and I want to see it now!"

"Never!" The earth pony jumped over several of the carts in the market street, landing nimbly on his hoofs with something pressed close to his chest as he ran towards the train station. "You'll need to pry it out my lifeless hooves-MEEP!" Lemon squeaked as Nyx teleported in front of him, causing him to rear back. Nyx used her magic to tip her boyfriend over into the fountain and grabbed the magazine before it was destroyed by the water. Using her wing to block the splash the sputtering stallion made, she took to the air as she looked at the pictures of Sour Punch that Photo Finish took.

Blushing and snickering, she had to admit that like his mother, Lemon made one hell of a good model.

141.5 (Ryuus2 with some of Wildrook's ideas)

Almaz sat quietly at his desk and pretended he was paying attention to the lecture his teacher was giving. Normally he would at least try to pay some attention, but he'd sat through this lesson so many times he could recite it by rote...while asleep. The only reason he was even here right now was because he Woke up at the desk and was too polite to leave in the middle of class if it wasn't an emergency. Instead, he mentally went over his plans for this loop...which amounted to "get closer to Princess Sapphire to try and get her looping."

"Alright class, we've got a new student today!" He turned to the door and shouted, "Get in here!"

What walked into the classroom was the single strangest creature Almaz had ever seen, and in this school that was saying something. It's entire body seemed to be a mish mash of different parts in a roughly draconic shape. Its head was vaguely equine with a cropped mane, its body was serpentine and covered in feathers, and it had a dragon’s tail. On its left side it had an ibis’ horn, birds wing, eagles talon, and bulls hind leg. Its right side had a deer's antler, bats wing, lions paw, and a dragons back leg. And every part was a different color, like a child’s color by numbers picture. "Hello, I'm Discord! And I'm going to become this schools Number One Delinquent!"

Just then, another Discord drove by the classroom on a Vespa shouting, "Top Honour Student! Yeah!" before speeding away.

"I hope we all have a Looping good time!" Almaz's head snapped back and forth between the duplicated student and the extra capital letter added to the subtitles...that hadn't been there before. It said something about the nature of his universe that twin chimeras and spontaneous subtitles didn't warrant more than a surprised shrug from anyone in the class. Before anyone could ponder it too much, dual shouts from either side of the room quickly distracted them.

"Darn it, let me in!" Raspberyl shouted from outside the classroom as she banged her hands against an invisible barrier.

"Damn it, let me out!" Mao shouted from the desk he was cocooned to in the front row seat farthest from the door.

Almaz choked back a snicker. Neither of the demons was looping this time, but whoever had the balls to do that would certainly be in trouble when the two tracked them down. Turning back to his desk, he saw that Discord had taken the seat next to his and was presenting a claw to shake, specifically his right leg with his left paw. "Hello, Discord, Equestrian Looper and demigod of Chaos."

Almaz took the appendage with a queasy smile, not sure if he even wanted to think about how he was doing that. "Almaz, hero and Anchor of...I think he called it Disgaea?"

"Oh good, you've had the multiverse talk already. I was wondering when I didn't receive a ping back earlier."

"Yeah, someone named Blues gave it to me just a few loops ago. I'm still getting used to all the new terminology, and I'm not that good at sensing or sending pings yet." Almaz scratched his head in embarrassment. Then something Discord said struck him. "Excuse me, but, I thought Equestria was supposed to be full of horses?"

"Ponies mostly,” Discord shrugged. “But we also have Griffons, Dragons, Sheep, Cows, Minotaurs, Chickens--just about everything you could find on a farm or in a mythology textbook. I myself belong to a uniquely elite breed of chaos spirits known as Draconequii. So elite, that there are only two of us in all the loops, and rarely both of us on Equestria at the same time." Once he was done pontificating from the stage that used to be his desk, he snapped his fingers and was back in a normal seat. "It's good you've already had the talk. If you have any questions, I believe Twilight Sparkle, Equestria's anchor and most accomplished bookworm, has replaced your librarian this loop."

"Er, will she be okay?"

Meanwhile, in the Library.

"Hello, I'm the new Librarian, Twilight Sparkle. The library is for studying and reading. Troublemakers will immediately be removed from the premises."

"By who, you? Bwa Ha Ha!" An unruly freshman demon punk taunted.

"No, I leave that job to my assistant," she said matter of factly.

"And what's he, a bunny rabbit? Ha!" Another punk ribbed, getting guffaws from his friends.

"Actually, he's the giant dragon breathing down your neck." The punks turned around and came face to snout with a fully grown, unawake, Spike, who proceeded to snort out a plume of smoke that left the punks coughing ash. "Be glad it's not the rabbit; he's a lot less gentle." Even when he's not awake, Twilight thought humorously.

"She can handle herself."

Not to be forgotten, Mao had finally broken free, and he and Raspberyl had started peppering their respective sides of the doorway with attacks in hopes of breaking through. Right as they were about to release some of their more damaging attacks, Discord snapped his fingers and the two blasted each other through the no-longer-there barrier. As they were getting up, the other Discord drove by again, and hit them both with lemon meringue pies. They immediately drew weapons and chased after the laughing chaos sprite.

Through his laughter, Almaz managed to pull a couple of cloaked surveillance drones out of his subspace pocket to send after them. This loop had just gotten a lot more interesting.

Later that loop:

"Pretty pony princess...chibi demon cutie...I cannot decide! I must hug them both!" Princess Sapphire shouted before leaping at the two cutest residents of Underworld Academy for a double glomp.

Almaz fought desperately to hold back his laughter as his drones recorded the scene. He'd heard it was decidedly hard to get dirt on the Equestrian anchor, and it couldn't hurt to have something for the Princess and Raspberyl down the line.

141.6 (Evilhumour)

Rarity's ear twitched as she heard loud arguing and shouting outside her shop, faintly aware of the familiarity of the voices.

Without warning, an obsidian alicorn stallion flew into her shop, a grin on his face as he levitated a magazine over to her.

"-xy, please don't!" a yellow alicorn mare whined as she flew into the Carousel Boutique, landing with a pout and blush on her face.

"Sorry, Lemon-er Sour Punch, but this was needed!" The stallion grinned at her, puffing out his chest. "See how good she looks, Aunt Rarity?"

"Indeed." Rarity raised an eyebrow, a tiny bit surprised of much her friend's adoptive son was just as stunning as a model as she was. Then again the loops had a strange kind of humour. "And it is good that you brought her in, darling." Rarity smiled to the stallion of the moon, whom she often foalsat herself.

"Wait, what?" Sour Punch blinked, looking between the two ponies in front of her.

"I know, it's the only way I can actually get her in something without having to search all of Equestria for her." Erebus huffed, rolling his eyes. "Do you know the last time I tried to do so, she hid for the entire loop?"

"Tsk tsk, that won't do." Striding towards the back of her shop, Rarity used her magic to lock the doors and windows. "Would you be a dear and not buck down my walls? If you do, I will tell Fluttershy." She heard a chuckle from the stallion and a groan from the mare behind her. "Nor can you teleport out, as I have far more experience in magic then you."

"Bucking tree..." the mare muttered darkly behind her, the stallion laughing louder.

"Well, I told you should have practiced your magic a bit more, but noooo." The stallion had brought the mare into the room with Rarity, the air filling with measuring tapes.

"Yah, yah," the mare grumbled, stepping onto the podium. "Please no frills; my brothers will never shut up if they hear about it."

"Oh darling," Rarity said, her smile inspiring fear in the heart of the anchor of one of the harshest Loops. "I'm going to make you so lovely!"

141.7 (Evilhumour)

Nyx tapped her hoof on the ground, looking at sweating and panicking man sitting next to her.

"Come on, you can do this!" She ignored the snickering they were getting from the Space Wolves, neither of them bothered to try and glare at the marines anymore.

"It's just so... dainty." Leman grumbled as he placed his hands on the wheel. "I mean, why can't I just drive a tank?"

"Because not everything is a Spruce tank!" She snapped, flapping her wings as the snickering started to die off. "Please, for me?"

The Space Wolves certainly did not d'awww at the sight of the pony giving their king the puppy dog eyes nor did they glare angrily at their king for daring to say no to her. Leman did blush at her big, beautiful eyes and turned his head towards the screen before sighing. "Alright Nyx, for you." He leaned up to give her a kiss on her cheek before cracking his fingers. "I mean, how hard can this driving simulation be?"

Later, Leman would learn to regret saying those words when he managed to drive his car into the ninth floor of a ten story building and then into a twelve story high building roof pool across the city to the amazement of everyone involved. Nyx just shook her head and slapped Leman with a pillow as to get him used to the concept of airbags.

141.8 (Evilhumour)

The library door opened as two wolf cubs walked in, sniffing around. Twilight recognized the two as Geri and Freki, but why were they he-

All of a sudden, Freki leaped behind the sofa.

With a yelp, a yellow foal tried to run the other way but Geri was standing in his way.

"Traitors!" The foal shouted as Geri and Freki pressed into the colt, and dragged him out. "I don't wanna take a baaaaaaaaaaaath!"

141.9 (Gym Quirk)

Fluttershy Awoke to the sound of the bell on the door to Carousel Boutique. She peeked over the counter to see Spike dragonhandling a large birdcage toward her.

"Hello?" he said. "I wish to register a complaint."

The pegasus glanced around at the variety of cages and concluded that she was the proprietress of a pet emporium. She continued to crouch behind the counter.

"Hello, miss?" the dragon called.

Gathering herself, she stood taller and looked at the cage Spike was attempting to lift to the counter. "Oh. Hi, Spike. What seems to be the problem?"

"I wish to complain about this phoenix I obtained not half an hour ago from this very boutique."

She decided to let the loop memories provide details of the transaction. "Ah. The Everfree Red? What''s wrong with it?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong. He's dead. That's what's wrong."

"Are you sure he isn't just resting?"

Spike gestured at the pile of ash at the bottom of the cage. "No. I'm pretty sure I can recognize a dead phoenix, and that's one right there."

Recognizing the setup, the pegasus decided to play along with a mental shrug. "No. He's clearly resting. Remarkable bird, the Everfree Red; lovely plumage."

"The plumage is beside the point. He's stone dead."


"All right. If he's resting, I'll wake him up." The dragon cupped his claws and bellowed into the cage: "Hey! Peewee! Up and at 'em!"

A yellow wing reached out and nudged the cage. "There. He moved," Fluttershy suggested.

"That was your wing hitting the cage," accused Spike.

"Oh...I guess you're right. But I'm afraid you may have stunned him with your yelling."


"Um...yes. The Everfree phoenix is easily stunned, you know."

The dragon regarded her with an incredulous look. "Fluttershy? Are you okay? I mean I got Peewee home from here just a little while ago and he burst into flame and is now just a pile of ash and soot."

"Well, he probably thought there was a timberwolf nearby or something. Remarkable bird, the Everfree Red. Wonderful plumage..." she repeated with quiet enthusiasm.

"Timberwolf? Seriously? Look. He's passed on! This phoenix is no more! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! His metabolic processes are now history! He's kicked the bucket, shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the great migration!! THIS IS AN EX-" Spike trailed off, blinking, "...phoenix?"

The dragon was showing the tell-tale signs of a newly-awake looper.

"Fluttershy? Have we been doing the 'Dead Parrot' sketch with Peewee?"

"Sorry, Spike. I couldn't resist. Here. Let me bring him back for you. Regenerate."

As the druid spell took hold, the ashes reconstituted themselves into a small bird, who cheeped apologetically.

Any further discussion was cut off by the door opening.

"Fluttershy! We would have words with thee," declared a midnight blue alicorn as she strode into the shop.

"Oh. Hello, Princess Luna. What do you need?"

" 'tis about this possum you did provide us yestereve. We fear that he may have expired."

Spike regarded the motionless opossum on the princess' back. After stretching out with his Force senses, he shook his head. I don't think the princess will appreciate the joke, Admiral...

141.10 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Celestia looked at the stars, a sigh escaping her lips as four particularly bright lights in the night sky descended behind the moon, causing the mare image to disappear. And then, the four stars started drifting back outwards. Celestia blinked in confusion. A very familiar voice echoed beside her, "Blast these stars. I look away from them for a second, and they go right out of place."

The white Princess turned to the pony next to her, a familiar navy blue alicorn with stars in her mane and a crescent moon mark on her flank. Afraid that this was a dream and that she would wake at any moment, the white princess reached a hoof out slowly, and touched her sister. Her throat dried up and she couldn't speak as Luna turned to her and tilted her head in confusion, "Uh, Tia, do you mind? I'm trying to get this just right."

Celestia blinked, looked at her hoof, then touched Luna again. This time, however, the moon turned a violet color. The night princess groaned in frustration, "Yes, yes, I'm here, I'm alive, you're not dreaming. Look what you made me do! Now I'll be stuck all night trying to fix this."

Luna started muttering minor tree curses as the color of the moon shifted to pink, then cyan, and then so brilliant white that it was basically daytime once again.

141.11 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

The sound of metal rattled overhead as Twilight rested against the wall in a Canterlot Dungeon. Her hoofs were strung up overhead and around her were her best friends and the two princesses in equally dire situations. Each of the Unicorn's horns were covered in a magic inhibiting material, as were the Alicorns' horns as well. Dash looked to her hoofs and asked in a mildly annoyed tone, "Remind me again how we got into this dark situation?"

Fluttershy looked away, "Well, that one was actually me. Last loop was a stealth loop, and Rarity ended up going to Iron Will's seminar. Through a bizarre turn of events, Rarity felt empowered through his seminar and accidentally turned herself into Nightmare Rarity. So this loop, I wanted a break from Iron Will. With Mac's suggestion, Iron Will presented his seminar to Canterlot instead...mostly...the nobles I think..."

Applejack asked the most pertinent question in a dry tone, "Since we're all loopin' here, how'd they get us again?"

Rarity answered, "I think they put sleeping droughts in our drinks at Celestia's party last night."

The doorway opened a second later. Two pony guards lead in a shouting Blueblood, "Get your hands off me, peasants! I started this revolution, I should be the one leading it!"

One of the Unicorn guards must have finally had enough, as Blueblood's head glowed orange for a second, and then his shouting ceased. After being chained up and once the guards had left again, Twilight allowed the Force to flow through her, and sensed he was not dead. "Sleeping spell. This sounds like the Prench Revolution. Might be best to escape before things get any worse out there. They might even start cutting off the oppositions' horns soon if we don't."

With that, all the chains opened (except Blueblood's, who they laid out on the dungeon floor after pulling out his chains from the wall) as eight ponies landed on the ground. Six ascended a second later. With one strike of her hoof, Applejack knocked the door off its hinges and issued the other ponies out. Celestia would go on to use this incident as means to put an end to the Nobility completely. Fluttershy, unfortunately, was tasked with handling Day Court for the loop as a small punishment for her part, but she accepted it humbly.

141.12 (Bliss Authority)

The four Planeswalkers made an odd quartet as they made their way across the unforgiving desert of the Salt Lick Road.

On the ground, one earth-pony mare with golden hair and a mane split between green, blonde and blue, in full barding of Bantian articulated plate, loosely holding a shining spear of white steel that glittered with inner sunlight in a forehoof, sitting upright mounted on a great and regal white lion - and debating the merits of Theros stoicism with that lion.

Next to them, likewise armed with a spear festooned with dragon bones and Zendikari octahedrons, was a purple unicorn with a streak of red and another of blue in her violet mane, clad in furs and scale mail made painstakingly of real dragonscale - shed from willing donors.

In the air above them, soaring on great leathery wings, was an ashen batpony with milk-white hair and eyes clad in black armor, who was sucking the juice from a mango with his fangs as he flew with great gusto.

Elspeth, Ajani, Twilight Sparkle, and Sorin Markov carefully made their way across the alkali sands towards the site of Ugin Spykoranvellutar's Nexus - when they saw a flash of blue.

The very air around them detonated in an explosion of rainbows and deafening thunder as Twilight was knocked to the ground, a hoof on her throat.

A wild, ululating cry sounded in the distance: an orcish shaman, shaking a rattle made of pony skulls and dragon-bone. Suddenly, unicorns, earth ponies, orcs and goblins on the ground surrounded the four of them; pegasi and griffons circled them in the air.

A pair of carmine-red eyes bored hatred into Twilight's own, fluttering rainbow hair above it, blue wings spread. "Sparkhan Twi," the pegasus snarled. "Welcome back to the Mardu. Do you like what I have done with the clan you abandoned?"

Twilight quickly consulted her loop memories. Her 'friend's' name in this reality was Rainbow Helmdasher, and - oh. "Great khan of the Mardu, old friend," Twilight said as best she could through the weight on her throat. "Nothing I can say can erase the pain of your allies dying in the fire. All I can say is that my draconic power, my Spark, was not yet Awake. My own parents were caught in the flames, great khan Rainbow Helmdasher. I had to leave so that my power wouldn't endanger the clan. To say it threw me for a Loop was an understatement."

Rainbow Helmdasher's ears twitched. She smirked, and it was a cruel smirk. "So you just left? To dally with the Surprai and their meaningless wisdom? The Apples and their reliance on shades, memories, and the children of the orcs they kill? Or perhaps you went to the Sultai seeking forbidden knowledge?" She laughed, bitterly, then snarled again. "Traitor!"

Oh root and branch, she wasn't Awake. This was not good.

"Nice army you've got there," Elspeth said, her voice cool and calm. "Shame if something were to happen to it."

"Lame-o is bluffing," one of the griffons shouted. "Just kill them, Dash."

"In a moment, Gilda Razorclaw. In a moment. To lead is to bleed, and this is the blood I would spill." Her red eyes never left Twilight's. "I must have words with the disloyal. You have returned in fire, traitor. I would see you leave as ASHES!"

"Have you ever seen the Wrath of God?" Ajani said. "A great explosion, a fireball of sunlight to blot out the sky? It isn't a pretty sight. It is not a spell to use lightly or without forethought. And three of us know how to cast it."

"Or perhaps more… targeted destruction," Sorin said, landing on two legs to properly gesture with his fetlocks. "A taste of conjured hemlock, perhaps? Or perhaps the dread Rite of the Serpent, practiced by naga cultists in the swampy jungles of the Sultai? Perhaps a blade of pure void that annihilates the first creature it touches would suit. "

"Ixnay on the oomday ladeblay, Sorin." Elspeth hissed. "Therosian, base and Khanate spells ONLY. I don't want to risk Eiken in the morning."

"I thought that Doom Blade had been patched," Sorin sighed. "It's such a fun one. I suppose it's for the best, given how black their hearts are; having them removed won't help."

Gilda landed before him to point a talon. "You dare insult the Mardu?"

Sorin buffed his hoof. "My dear, I have faced vampire lords, werewolves, rakshasa, and world-eating horrors. Why should I be frightened of a griffin with more beak than brain?"

Gilda spread her wings and reared up rampant. "You're going down, milk dud!"

They heard the sound then, like the clattering of bowling pins against a great swirling ball of dragonstorm. The earth-ponies, unicorns and orcs around them went down in a crashing concussive wave, almost all of them with enough time to react clutching a vulnerable point and falling with wordless screams.

"WHO DARES!?" bellowed Rainbow Helmdasher.

A familiar musical voice that squeaked like bubblegum sounded throughout the Salt Lick Road. "I am the terror that pronks in the night!" it said with glee.

Sorin just raised an eyebrow.

A blur of pink and saffron sent one earth-pony collapsing in a heap before it bounced high in the air and hung there for a second, framed by the sun. "I am that little bit of sand that gets stuck in your shoe before it becomes a pearl of wisdom!"

Twilight started laughing, before Helmdasher applied a little more pressure. The other planeswalkers just boggled.

Well, Elspeth and Ajani boggled. "Really?" Sorin said with a sigh, shaking his head and chuckling.

"I am the cloud that rains on your hit parade, the enlightened master of the Way of Fun championed by the Surprai!" the pink blur said, landing in a fetlock-stand before Gilda - and taking her down as she twirled in a spinning kick. She pronked again, landing in a perfect Horse Stance in front of Rainbow Helmdasher, her necklace of white, red, and blue pearls bouncing off her barrel. "I am PINKIE NARPAI!"

"YOU!" Helmdasher snarled, drawing and swinging a sword in a single blinding motion - only to have it knocked up and away with a perfectly executed high block. Dash drew her other sword, lifting the oppressive weight on Twilight's throat and leaving her gasping for breath, and thrust; Pinkie gave ground in a flip kick that battered the blade away from her vitals. "Surprai lotus eating navel-gazer! I have words for you as well! Mardu - deal with the four interlopers while I handle Narpai!"

With a wild scream, the Mardu that could charged at the planeswalkers.

Twilight slammed her hooves on the ground and channeled red-hot mana from beneath the mountains of Tarkir, calling forth goblins of her own to defend her; her allies did likewise. Ajani summoned his lionine kinfolk and Elspeth an angel - which looked suspiciously like an alicorn with an Avacyn bident - using power from sun-drenched plains. And where Sorin gestured with his sword, skeletons clawed their way out of the ground like bubbles from under a swamp.

Dash swung a forehoof at Pinkie in a single, bone-breaking punch. Pinkie smirked, and held up the frog of her own hoof - and channeled mana into it. Dash was thrown back by the force of her own punch, and Pinkie bounced over her - with a knife at her throat.

"Say it," Pinkie said. The Mardu hordes stopped to stare.

"Never," Dash hissed.

"Say it, or the Mardu die."

Sorin gathered up crackling void in his hooves to shape, just in case.

"Very well," Rainbow Helmdasher sighed. "Though it pains me, I must say -"

"HERE'S YOUR WELCOME TO TARKIR PARTY, TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" every single Mardu present - and Pinkie - yelled. Pinkie pulled a table set with an entire Quilinese banquet out of her pocket, and pulled a pair of chopsticks out of her mane. "YOU DONE GOT PRANKED, TWILIGHT SPARKLE!"

Twilight's jaw dropped, as did Elspeth's. Ajani facepawed, and Sorin sunk to his knees, clutching his head, laughing.

"Were you surprised, Twilight? Huh? Huh?" Pinkie said, bouncing in place. "One I knew Rainbow and Gilda were awake and she told me her loop memories we got an epic prank and party for you!"

"I am going to murder you in your sleep!" Twilight howled, though she was smiling.

Gilda was rolling on the ground laughing as Rainbow Helmda- Rainbow DASH offered her fetlock. Twilight took it and Rainbow Dash pulled her roughly up. "Oh, come on. The look on your face was priceless, come on. We set it up so that no one would get hurt and all the Mardu were in on the joke."

A goblin bounced and hooted. "We scare Twi Twi good! We scare Twi Twi and all Mardu laugh laugh laugh!"

"Welcome to the Equestrian Loops, kinda! Have some cupcakes!" Pinkie said, bouncing over to the Planeswalkers and handing each one a confection.

Elspeth bit into hers. "…This is Bant honey-cake," she said.

"And mine is filled with cherry syrup," Sorin remarked. "Amusing."

"I come prepared," Pinkie Pie said, her voice solemn.

(Courtesy of Set Designer FoME:

Rainbow Helmdasher
Legendary Creature — Pegasus Warrior
Flying, haste
Rainbow Helmdasher attacks each combat if able.
Rainbow has indestructible as long as it's your turn.
Whenever Rainbow attacks, defending player may sacrifice a creature. If he or she does, put a +1/+1 counter on Rainbow and prevent all combat damage it would deal this turn.

Pinkie, Enlightened Jester 1URW
Legendary Creature — Horse Monk
First strike, hexproof
Whenever Pinkie, Enlightened Jester attacks, exile the top card of each player's library. Until end of turn, you may cast noncreature, cards exiled with Pinkie this turn without paying their mana costs. (Permanent spells cast this way enter the battlefield under your control.)
"Within fun lies true wisdom. Plus, you know, it's fun!"


141.13 (Gamerex27)

"You...want to learn martial arts?" Rainbow Dash asked, tilting her head.

"Yep!" Pinkie Pie said, doing some stretches to make sure she wouldn't strain herself. "I can't think of any new recipes at the moment, so I'm gonna try something different this Loop!"

"...Pinkie, you can't learn martial arts just for kicks. There's a serious commitment you have to take for this. Years of training, and centuries of practice to make sure the muscle memory sticks in between Loops?"

"C'mooooon," she whined, "we're in a time Loop! We've got forever and ever to do whatever we want! And it looks like a lot of fun!"

"...alright, then," Rainbow Dash said, smirking suddenly. "Just remember: you asked for this. We'll start tomorrow."

She was having the most wonderful dream: she had baked a cake as big as Equestria, with an oven the size of the Moon. It wasn't easy: she had used the most exotic ingredients, from Saddle Arabian cane sugar to golden egg yolks to love-crystalized, solid love taken from her own heart, that is. She put down the icing tube, satisfied of the murals of her friends partying, playing pranks on baddies, and beating up that nasty, mean, awful Naok-uh, the Fiend that they had fought in recent memory.

Slowly, and with great pomp and circumstance, she cut a piece of the cake no bigger than her hoof: everypony knew the first slice was the best, after all. She brought it up to her mouth, and-


Pinkie jumped at least twenty feet in the air in surprise, leaping right out of her dream and back into the real world, just short of smacking her head on the ceiling.

"Hey, Dashie..." she muttered, a bit groggily, " it's a bit early for-"

"No buts!" her new sensei shouted. "Now, get going, unless you want to run ten instead! And no using toon physics, that's cheating!"

"She's been running for hours, and you haven't let her stop," Zecora commented as Pinkie Pie galloped towards them, panting heavily. "Isn't this a bit over the top?"

"It's not the exercise," Dash noted, "it's the discipline. Pretty much every martial art I know has some kinds of trials you need to do to learn the cool stuff-endurance tests like this, for instance. Annnnd that's the last lap," she finished as Pinkie stopped in front of them, before promptly collapsing into a boneless Pinkie Pie-shaped puddle of flesh.

"So...tired," she said, as she shakily rose to her hooves. "Need...glucose...or...maybe...a...sugary...drink..."

"Okay, you get a ten minute break to eat," Rainbow Dash told her, ignoring the gasp of shock, "and then we start with the 'the floor is lava' test. No ascending to fly out unless you're really going to fall in, and yes, it's real lava."

"But won't the heat of being near it boil her alive?" Zecora asked, as she removed a stamina potion from her Pocket and hoofed it over to the distressed Element of Laughter. "The convection alone will cause her coat to get skived."

"I...just...wanted to...learn how to buck bread into shape!" Pinkie panted before she chugged down Zecora's brew, wincing at the bitter taste. "I wanted to hit dough and say 'you are already bread' to cook faster!"

"You wanted to-" Rainbow Dash facehoofed. "Wanting to make a pun is a really bad reason to subject yourself to this. Are you sure you don't want to stop?"

"I...need something to do!" Pinkie Pie told her. "There's always a shortage of sugar this month, and I ran out of the supply in my Pocket, so I need something new to do, or else I'll get boooooored!"

"Alright, then," Dashie said, shrugging. "Since you're my friend and all, I'll grab some hot coals instead of real lava. Not really traditional, but learning balance is better when you only risk second degree burns rather than fifth or so."

141.14 (Filraen)

It was the first morning of a new Loop and a currently human Twilight Sparkle was making breakfast for her guests. She, along with Celestia and Scootaloo had Awoke the previous day in this seaside cabin and since it was getting pretty late by the time of their Awakening they decided to stay the night at the cabin, which according to their loop memories was Twilight's anyway.

'Let's see, lettuce and tomatoes should be...' Twilight stopped herself at hearing someone coming from the bedrooms.

"Good morning," the usually-a-pegasus yawned to nobody in particular.

"Good morning Scootaloo" Twilight greeted back. "There's milk and coffee ready if you want some."

"Please." Scootaloo poured herself a cup and started drinking.

Halfway through her cup Scootaloo could feel herself a bit more awake "Oh, that's better. New loop, here--!"

"Shut up!" Twilight's quickly hushed Scootaloo. "You'll ruin the surprise for Celestia if you shout that loud!"

"For Pr- Celestia? Are you cooking something for breakfast?" Scootaloo asked a bit curious.

"Not really." At Scootaloo's confused look Twilight elaborated, "she raises the sun everyday back in Equestria. How often do you think she can just sleep in?"


141.15 (Leviticus Wilkes)

The muffins, hot and fresh from the oven, looked delicious. Ditzy smiled and gently took one between her hooves, and brought it to her mouth.

"Waitwaiteaitwaitwait!" The muffin shouted. Derpy blinked and stared at the muffin.

"Oh... My... Cylinders! I BAKED A TALKING MUFFIN!"

The muffin, perhaps thrown by the use of cylinders, shook it's body in an approximation of a shaken head. "Neigh young ma'am, you have not baked a talking muffin. You have baked the brilliant, the beautiful, the dazzling, the one-of-a-kind! You have baked... THE KAMINA MUFFIN!"

In the background, an Explosion wrecked Twilight's library, proceeded to climb out of the library, and argue with Discord over who had hit whom while driving.

The muffin turned magnanimously. "Kamina cake, if you prefer."

A second, smaller Explosion proceeded to wreck the town hall, exit the two hall, and argue with Discord and the Explosion over why their hot-tub and library tree were out in the middle of the road.

Bright Eyes squeezed her cheeks together and squealed.

141.16 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Thousands of ponies stood in the fields surrounding Ponyville. All of them were arrayed towards Sugarcube Corner, wearing various bright and pink robes of all different shades. All had balloons of different kinds, some carried them on string, others wore them on their heads or around their necks. Among the most prominent members, patches of their fur had turned bubblegum pink or their manes had portions that were poofy and wild.

Sugarcube Corner itself was different from most loops. It was more like a cathedral, with a massive balcony that could be seen for miles, even in Canterlot. Upon the platform, there stood 6 ponies. One lowered her hoof, revealing a poofy haired Celestia who shouted, "My little ponies, I bring you great news from our glorious goddess. She longs to address you before beginning her yearly Super Ultra Mega Deluxe Party! However, she is rewarding her personal student with a gift that takes time and preparation to complete. Before she addresses you, I present to you the Chosen of Laughter!"

Hoofs stomped as the entire countryside shook. Four of the cloaked ponies stepped forward, and as one they lowered their robes, revealing Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Dash, all bearing the same bubblegum mane and pink coat. In addition, they wore their Elements of Laughter. Their hairstyles remained the same though. One by one, they addressed the gathered ponies. Fluttershy impressed on them the importance of Kind Laughter, where you build each other's jokes up and help them improve. Rarity spoke on the nature of Generous laughter, that pony kind must all go out of their way, giving freely in your quest to bring joy back to a sad pony's life once again.

Applejack lectured on honest laughter, the importance of being willing to tell the truth about a joke in the hopes that they might improve themselves. Finally, Rainbow Dash preached on Loyal Laughter, that even when a friend continues to make bad jokes, you must stand by them, that one day their jokes will be funny if you keep trying.

With that, the four ponies stepped back. Celestia took the stage again. "Thank you, Chosen. Now before the Pink One addresses you, I would like to welcome back into the fold my Sister, Luna, who has returned to her position as High Priestess of the Pink alongside me. She will be taking up her duties once again and will receive visitors during the Night Vigil. I will, as always, oversee the Day Ceremonies."

The fifth pony stepped forward and lowered her hood. The only difference with this Luna and baseline was her mane and coat had a streak of pink running through them. Almost as quickly as she stepped forward, she raised her hood and stepped back. Celestia looked back to the entrance to Sugarcube Corner, where the door was slightly ajar. Taking her cue from the pony within, Celestia nodded, "Now I may present you with the Warp Goddess of Celebration and Laughter, Pinkie Pie!"

Once again, hooves beat the Earth as one pony in a cloak stepped forward, following a leaping Pinkie Pie, who seemed ecstatic for some reason. "My super duper awesome ponies, I have the bestest news of all time! Today, I have decided on my final Chosen to join the ranks of her fellow chosen and bear the element of Magical Laughter."

Pinkie pulled out a necklace bearing a starburst. The cloaked pony lowered her hood, revealing an annoyed Twilight Sparkle, bearing the same bubblegum mane and pink coat of the other chosen. Pinkie quickly placed the element over her neck, then turned to the crowd and shouted in the Royal Canterlot Voice, "PONYVILLE! THE SLEEPER, HAS AWAKENED!"

Twilight could only facehoof. Sure, she had done this during each of her Chosen's inductions from her in loop memories, but it was still cheesy no matter how you looked at it.

141.17 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Twilight looked between the bird glaring at Twilight, and the brothers that had replaced Flim and Flam this loop, "Pinkie's already done this."

The two looked affronted. "Please, we beat Pinkie at her own game."

The right one continued, "Too true, we bet Pinkie never tricked Tirek into eating one of our newest variations of canary pastries."

"Though you might want to lock it up and prevent your other friends from attacking it."

"It's a cucco after all."

Twilight's eyes widened in growing horror. " a cucco?"

The two looked excited, "Oh yes! We've been working on upgrading our temporary cucco cream into a permanent one, and we made a breakthrough last loop."

"Wanted to test it on the baddest of the bad here before giving it to You-Know-Poo."

"Like we said though, as long as no one attacks him, there won't be a problem."

A shout echoed from above, "Look out below!"

Rainbow Dash came out of nowhere, completely out of control as she slammed the bird into the nearest house, through it and then through the next two buildings. As what sounded like a rooster echoed across Ponyville, Twilight suddenly found herself lifted in Fred's Magical aura while Dash was is George's. The two blazed through Ponyville, screaming. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES," as cuccos started descending upon the town.

141.18 (Drachefly)

Shining Armor woke, and in the exchange of pings, caught three others. Is she one of them? His nervousness dissipated as Cadence teleported in. Yes!

She declared, for the benefit of the other officers, "A moment, captain?"

"Certainly, princess."

They withdrew. Through long experience they'd found this was too early to do any more than talk without lasting consequences.

He asked, "How many loops since we met last, for you?"

"One between. You?"

"One, and it... well, we've had some awkward moments in our time, but Rarity and Spike had an awful one."

Her eyes sparkled in anticipation. "Late awakening?"

"Right. So, Rarity was awake from the start as Sweetie Belle. She managed to get unawake Spike's attention, and they got married."


"Spike woke up. As Snails, of all ponies."

"Okay. Go on -- that doesn't quite compare to our convolutions, yet."

"Right. So, Rarity set about getting her unawake self to finally return his undiminished affections. Just when it was working, Sweetie Belle woke up as Rarity."

"So did you have Rarity as her sister asking her sister as her to keep stealing her husband so she could be with her husband? That's counts as fairly weird by our scale. On par with you-as-Chrysalis and me-as-you."

Shining Armor nodded and went on. "The three of them took a while to decide what to do. They were secretly meeting so often that Snips got jealous of Snails' attention. He disguised himself as Spike to gather information. It. Was. Terrible. In the end, he was so pathetic they explained the loops and swore him to secrecy."

"That's pretty awkward."

"Especially since unawake Spike was listening in."

Cadence blinked. "I... I think we've only topped that once. So what did they do?"

"Didn't matter. He ran away, somehow found his way through the mirror, and settled in as Rarity and Sweetie Belle's dog."

She winced. "Okay, invoking the P-chan gambit wins."

"No. See, I had woken up as Sunset Shimmer. The awkward moment was after I'd confronted him, and he'd finished explaining, and they too had overheard."

Cadence was stunned, trying to imagine the situation. Their time to talk without creating a disturbance ran out, so Shining Armor bowed and backed away.

141.19 (DrTempo)

"HOORAH! Nice work, everypony."

Another day for the Royal Guard, and another Loop. Shining Armor thought to himself. It was a while after the Changeling attack, and the Guard had just defeated a remnant force. While his men celebrated, he saw a new recruit sitting down, removing her helmet. She had a frown on her face, like something was bothering her. Trotting over to her, he inquired, "Are you all right, Private Shimmer?"

The unicorn nodded. "Yeah. I was just thinking of something." Shining smiled, replying with, "I know you're Awake, Sunset. What's bothering you?" Sunset started crying.

"It's just...Compared to nearly every other Looper from here, I spent my first few several Loops in battles. I guess it changed me. Sometimes, I remember those I saw killed, and those I had no choice but to hurt badly..or even kill. One life for a thousand..." Sunset then sighed. "I guess I suffered a little shell shock. I think I might've first noticed it during my Loop with those Titans smashing everyone...It was so...dreary. I had to take down monsters who were simply poor souls who had become monsters. Even then...I didn't like it."

Taking a breath, she continued, "I felt at times that I had lost my way, but I remembered what Equestria is all about. I knew, no matter what, that to protect what one cherishes most, you have to fight. You guys have always strived not to fight unless needed, but I feel like I'm more violent."

Shining nodded. "I've known that for millennia. I get what you mean, though. It seems that you've never let the desire for battle cloud your morals. And Rarity did mention you had said something like this to her a while back."

Sunset nodded, sniffing. "I know. But I can still see those I had to hurt. I sometimes enjoy fighting."

Shining laughed. "It's all right. You want to test yourself. I understand that, too. Besides, with all the places you've ended up, I'm sure you would never forgive yourself if you just stood by and did nothing. Never lose sight of who you are."

Sunset smiled; she seemed to feel a little better. "You're right. Life is precious. I just have to remember the values I cherish, and I'll never become a monster." Grabbing her helmet, she then said, "Let's get back to work, sir!"

Shining nodded, thinking, I know you've been through a lot, Sunset, and your early Loops weren't exactly peaceful. But you've never lost sight of your morals.

Had I been in your shoes, I would be the same.
I hope.

141.20 (Evilhumour)

Big Mac blinked as he was presented with a very unusual sight from behind his bar. It seemed that they were in a fused loop with Warhammer again with the Adeptus Astartes pouring in, although the fact they were grinning and not firing on him meant something was up.

As they began to crowd the bar, one of them walked to him and smiled weakly. He recognized him as Bjorn faintly, rare as it was that he saw the looper as a human and not in his Dreadnought.

"Sorry Ser MacIntosh," the man chuckled weakly as he looked around. "Leman and I accidentally let it slip we've found something stronger the Fenrisian Ale and we're forced to share." He gave a backwards nod of his head towards the slightly uncomfortable Space Marines. "Is Lady Punch Awake?"

"Yes, I'm here," the mare smiled, walking out from the back with the Space Wolves shouting in joy at the prodigal alcohol maker's presence. "Let's see if I have anything that you boys can handle!" She grinned at the mock calls and eager took on their Primarch who was grinning from ear to ear.

They all later had the rare privilege of watching Leman Russ being drunk under the table by a talking, colourful pony who was only slightly buzzed by that point.

141.21 (Evilhumour)

Leman Russ place a hand to his face and slowly counted back from five.

My son, do you have

"No Father, I do not know how she replaced Khorne, nor do I want to know."

MLP Loops 141
141.1: Oh, dear. The one thing worse than the Talk - finding it's too late to give it.
141.2: Not this again. It's beating... uh, never mind.
141.3: As we know, it's not.
143.4: Rule 63 collorary one: everyone you know wants to see you under rule 63.
141.5: Dis Gaea is kind of a cool bloke to get to know.
141.6: collorary two: And they want more pictures.
141.7: Leman cannot drive.
141.8: One does have to wonder if he's playing up the childhood thing as a rest from his grim loop.
141.9: Ah, this one's the Dead Peewee Sketch. (Also note anchor Tibbers.)
141.10: Inverted controls.
141.11: The Revolution Will Not Be Bona Fide.
141.12: Cardponies the third!
141.13: Because of course Dash has unreasonably high standards.
141.14: Getting up after the sun's already risen not really an option for Celestia.
141.15: Pick a name and stick with it, please.
141.16: Pinkie Priest.
141.17: Fear the twins. Or, rather, fear what they've done by mistkae this time.
141.18: Trek, I believe.
141.19: Better to want redemption than to not want it.
141.20: Space Drunkies.
141.21: Oh.
140.1 (Evilhumour)

Sunset looked at the teenager next to her and sighed.

"Nyx, your mom is going to kill me if I let you do this, you know that right?" She rubbed her face, looking at the parking lot. "I mean, she'll be here in a few minutes and if she knows I let you go, she's going to lecture my head off!"

Nyx was about to respond when the distinctive sound of a chopper was heard. Turning their heads, they saw a young man dressed in an open dark blue jacket with fur lining around the neck pull up in front of the steps. Stepping off his bike in his form fitting jeans, every student was able to see his chiselled stomach against his black muscle shirt. Pulling off his wolf style helmet and letting his rough, messy orange hair fall to his side, he gave a smile that caused every girl's knees to melt, either single or in a relationship otherwise.

"Oh sweet birch, he's gorgeous!" Sunset place a hand to her mouth, her face blushing horribly as the definition of bad boy walked over to them, with a silver helmet in his hands.

"I know," Nyx smirked as Leman walked up the steps and gave Nyx a kiss on the lips, causing several of the girls to gasp; either in jealousy or delight that the resident daughter of the librarian, the nerd queen, was being kissed by this hunk of teenage perfection. "Hi Leman."

"Hi yourself." He grinned, his hand reaching for her bag which she passed over without a second thought. "Ready to go?"

Placing the helmet on her head, she smiled as the two of them went to the wolf styled motorcycle, Leman placing the bag in the compartment under the seat. Sunset smiled as she watched Nyx got on the bike behind Leman, holding onto him tightly, her head resting against his shoulder. She, along with the rest of student body, began to cheer as they pulled out of the parking lot for Nyx.

That was cut short as someone slammed the doors open behind her, causing everyone to fall quiet.

Sunset gulped, and she slowly turned her head around to face the enraged librarian.

"Sunset Shimmer, did you just let my daughter off with Leman Russ on that bike?!"

Sunset gulped, wondering how she would deal with her unAwake friend and make sure she wouldn't get detention for a month.

Twilight pulled into her house, eying that damn bike in her drive way and did her best not run it over. Opening the door to her house, slammed the door shut and stormed up the staircase.

"Ok, get your damn hands off my daug-" She blinked, her daughter's room empty. She was sure that the two of them would be in there, doing things her Nyxie was too young to do and things that were making her feel old.

"Mama?" Nyx's voice called out from the living room. Twilight gasped, they were doing it down there, in public, where anyone could see them?!

Running back down the stairs, she took a deep breath to begin lecturing the damn boy that was sitting next to her daughter going over their homework??

"Hello Miss Sparkle," Leman smiled at her, putting down the pencil. "How are you?"

"Very good thank you," she said automatically, "What are you doing in my house?" she glared at the boy sitting next to her little girl both hunched over the table.

"Your daughter and I are going over our homework after I gave her a lift home," he shared a smile with her daughter, who was leaning against him now. "I'd be lost without her help Miss Sparkle."

"I see..." Twilight's eye twitched, noticing the two of them were holding hands as well as that they were going over some semi difficult algebra that she knew Leman was having trouble with so they were not lying. Sighing, she changed mental gears in regards to the boy next to her daughter. "Will you be staying for supper Mister Russ?"

"Oh that would be lovely, Miss Sparkle," he smiled. "I heard so much of your cooking from Nyxie; I'd love to finally taste it."

"Thank you," Twilight smiled, walking towards the kitchen. "Afterwards, we can have a nice, long, talk about you dating my daughter."

Twilight smiled as she heard the gulp from the teenage boy, knowing that she still had it.

Emps bit his lip, trying his hardest not to laugh as his son walked past him again, tugging his neck.

"Leman, please come over and let me help you." He waved over his son, who was trying to fix the bowtie on himself again.

With a groan, his son walked over to him as Leman let him fix the pink bowtie around his neck that matched nicely with his blue tuxedo. "Thank you father, these thing are a devil to put on."

"I know my son," the man nodded his head, pulling out the ends to make it perfect. "They always throw me for a loop."

Once again, Leman head jerked up as he hinted that he was Awake. "Thank you father, I would need to stay Awake next time you show me."

"Indeed as I will not always be here to do it for you and your girlfriend would be annoyed at seeing you as a mess." He said, ignoring the prompt to reveal he was Awake this loop, enjoying how none of his sons could figure it out this loop.

"If you are done with Leman," Magnus muttered in his red tuxedo. "Mom can take our picture and we can go pick up our dates; I know that your Nyx wouldn't mind but my Adagio would!"

"Remind me again how the captain of the Chess and Debate team got the leader of the Dazzlings as a date again, brother?" Leman snarked before running a hand through his somewhat washed hair.

"Your girlfriend's friend Sunset hooked us up." Vulkan answered, looking at Konrad who was tapping his foot against the floor. "I don't know why Sunset gave Konrad Sonata as a date but who am I to judge?"

"Boys, are you fighting?" The woman in a beautiful green dress asked, walking down the staircase with a camera in her hands.

"No mom!" The four of his sons said in unison; the Little Mother was still a terrifying presence to any of his sons, Awake or not.

"Good, now stand together please." She said, walking over to Emps, who picked up the photographer bag as his wife this loop was taking picture for the prom. Fluttershy smiled as she began to take pictures of the four of them smiling together with the Emperor doing his best not to break down in laughter as she 'asked' Magnus and Leman to hug each other.

Hearing a car honk, he walked over to the window and saw the limos.

"Boys, your rides are here." Smiling, he watched Leman and Magnus try to shoot each other dirty glares, only to be stopped when Fluttershy coughed. Handing Fluttershy a coat, he watched three of his sons pile into one limo as Leman went into the other one.

"You think they will be ok dear?" Fluttershy sighed, leaning against him as they walked to their car, with Fluttershy sitting behind the wheel.

"I think tonight will be one for the records dear."

Leman watched the clock on the wall, hearing the ticks echo loudly as he tried not to fidget in seat. Twilight simply smiled at him, holding the camera in one hand and her purse in the other hand as she sat opposite of him in the living room.


"Yes ma'am?" He winced, his voice cracking as he answered her.

"I do not believe I need to remind you that my brother is the captain of the police force, so if you so much as step on her toes, I will-"

"I swear to you ma'am, I will do nothing untoward to your daughter!" Leman responded, paling as he remembered the time the unAwake Shining had once picked him up for a very long talk. Despite everything he had done and gained in the loops, he was still scared witless from Nyx's family as he didn't have his usual strength to back him up as well as the fact disobeying any of them would hurt Nyx's feelings as she had asked him for a baseline loop.

"Good." Twilight said with a smile, nodding her head softly. "Because everything that my brother can dish out, I am far worse." The way that Twilight said it made Leman wished he was fighting unAwake Khorne with limited power right now.

"I-I-" He tried to come up with something to say, but his tongue was tying itself in fear.

"Mom, please stop terrifying my boyfriend." Nyx's voice called out from the second floor. "I'll need someone to dance with and I cannot do it if Leman has fainted."

"Alright dear!" Twilight called back up, turning away from Leman. "One more thing; if you ruin this for her, they will never find your body!" She snapped, glaring at him now with a finger pointed at him.


Leman was short of breath, as Nyx stood at the top of the staircase, in a beautiful silver dress, her purple hair flowing down her shoulders. With a tiny blush, she walked down the staircase as Twilight took picture after picture as Leman stood there with his jaw hanging low.

Finally she reached the bottom and walked up to Leman, examining his appearance before standing on her toes and running her fingers through his hair, messing it up. Smiling, she sat back down as she rocked in her high heel shoes.

"Much better." She said with a giggle, batting an eye at him. "How do I lo-

"Wonderful!" He squeaked out, his legs barely holding back his trembles. "Stunning Nyx."

It was Nyx turn to become all emotions, tilting her head to the side as she blushed from the praise. "Thanks."

Leman reached into his coat and pulled out the corsage to place on Nyx, and blushed. "Um..." he looked over his shoulder, seeing Twilight glare at him.

Oh boy, this was going to be the most difficult thing he ever did: putting on a corsage without getting killed.

Like any soldier, however, Leman simply dug in and went to place the flower on his girlfriend's chest.

Before he could fumble too much, Nyx grabbed his hands and guided them into place. She gave him a reassuring smile and pointedly did not give her mom a coy grin that would have instantly gotten her in more trouble than that time they wrecked the Moon.

Leman gulped as the music began to slow down, with the light dimming in the gym. Konrad was off to the side with Sonata, both of them giggling and seemingly having a blast despite his brother making a bit of a dunce of himself earlier. Vulkan seemed to have a pleasant time with his own date, the two of them in hushed conversation over at the tables now. Magnus and Adagio were also slow dancing; his brother and his date had threatened to steal the show with their dancing skills the entire prom, showing to everyone how nimble the captain of the debate and chess team was. Of course, Nyx and Leman had countered them at every turn with their own dancing and he was sure that they would be crowned king and queen. Then again, it wasn't really fair as Nyx had a much longer time to practice her skills and Leman knew that dancing was just a different style of fighting.

Although, this was more terrifying than any fight he had been in. Leman looked at the crowd, spotting Twilight slow dancing with a man with blue hair with a happy blush on her face and with Father and the Little Mother dancing in another corner, their parents were not really watching what they were doing now. Turning his head to Nyx, he tried to think of how to do this right as none of his soldier training prepared him for this.

"Come on, Leman." Nyx cooed into his ear, leaning against him. "We rarely get to dance, let alone slo-"

Leman had one thought to this whole thing: screw this!

Leman cut her off when he placed his hand around her waist, and his other holding her hand as he slowly stepped in beat with the music, leading Nyx into a dance. Nyx meeped softly while blushing beautifully as she leaned against him, her hand going around his waist to link them together as they dance as one. Slowly, the world began to fade away as it was just the two of them dancing, lost in each others eyes.

She then caused Leman to jump slightly as her hand reached down to his rear and gave a pinch. Giggling softly, she leaned into Leman's shoulder as she grabbed his hand and guided it a bit lower, causing Leman to blush now as his hand raced back to her waist.

"Don't tell me my big bad wolf is scared of little old me?" She cooed into his ear, pulling her head back to stare into his eyes.

"Never, my beautiful night sky." Leman answered, leaning down to give her a kiss which she gave back happily, pausing in place as their lips meet each other.

Suddenly, they heard clapping and cheering. Pulling their heads back, Leman saw they were alone in a circle of students and chaperones. They were giving them both applauds, hoots of good cheer, catcalls, and in the case of one purple mother, the Death Glare.

Blushing, Leman and Nyx bowed for their audience when Principle Celestia's voiced chimed over the speakers.

"I do believe we have our Prom King and Queen, my dear students."

"Indeed sister," Luna said from the stage, smiling at her older sister. "Would Leman Russ and Nyx Sparkle please come up here for your crowns."

Leman, blushing once more, linked his arm with Nyx as the two of them walked their way up to the stage with the student cheering them even louder then before, Twilight seemingly split between panicking, cheering, taking pictures and trying to cause Leman's head to explode with her look alone. The Little Mother, of course, was taking pictures as the prom photographer and father was smirking up a storm.

Leman smiled as the crown was placed on Nyx's head, barely aware of the one being placed on his head by a slightly annoyed Luna-annoyed by the fact he was tall enough that she needed to stand on her tippy toes to place the crown on his head.

Leaning over to Nyx's ear, he whispered a question to her as their hands intertwined with each other.

"Have a good prom Nyx?"

She gave him a peck on the cheek as they bowed, whispering into his ear.

"Best night ever."

And then she pulled him into a very long, very passionate kiss in front of everyone that caused one single mother to faint on the spot.

Twilight stood next to Fluttershy and Emps, tapping her foot before sighing. She looked at Shining who was rubbing his face at what the kids did to get thrown into the holding cell.

"I understand it is typical for teenagers to go to Makeout Point; I understand that." Twilight said, pacing in front of Leman, Nyx, Vulkan, Magnus, Konrad and the Dazzlings. "But what on earth possessed you guys to seal a car to go there?! You had limos!"

Nyx blushed, looking at the floor. "Sorry momma, but I just wanted to treat Leman and his brothers out for a night on the town. Besides, Auntie Lu- I mean, Vice Principal Luna doesn't mind when I borrow her car."

"Yes, when you ask!" Twilight countered. "Where did you even learn to hot wire a car!?"

"I read it in a book?" Nyx said with a weak smile, Leman chuckling before being glared at by Fluttershy.

"Regardless of the fact, I don't think Luna would have pressed charges if you had remembered to put the car in park, Nyxie-sticks." Shining said, eying the door for the eventual arrival of his extended family.

"I did!" She protested before blushing. "I just hit the gear shifter when we got out, it started going forward and..."

"And went off the top of Makeout Point, and into that old wooden library." He muttered, the specialized empty library in the shape of a tree was totaled along with the remains of the car.

Nyx could only groan in embarrassment, with Leman placing a hand around her shoulders as everyone else tried not to laugh.

140.2 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Dash was sitting outside Sugarcube corner, resting her chin against a table as an exotic music flowed out of store. Twilight stepped towards the shop, to which Dash sighed. A ping echoed from the rainbow maned pegasus, to which Twilight quickly responded, being the only two loopers awake. She muttered, "We got a weird Pinkie this loop."

Twilight blinked. "She's not Cupcakes Pinkie is she?"

Dash shook her head. She continued to shake her head at every nasty, disgusting or downright evil version of Pinkie they ever encountered. After she finished, Dash pointed her hoof at the door, "Go see for yourself."

Twilight shrugged. "Sure. I could use a cupcake to wash away my last loop. Leah Clearwater wasn't even awake this time."

After opening the door, the purple pegasus saw Lyra and Bonbon dancing in a pair of dresses in the corner while a pony she recognized at the Apple family reunion was playing a fiddle. Twilight rang the bell, causing Pinkie Pie to appear in front of the counter, "Morning new pony I've never met before!"

Twilight nodded her head, "Morning. I just arrived in town to check that the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration are completed and I felt a bit...peckish for a couple delectable confections."

Pinkie blinked, "Peckish, pony who hasn't giving me her name?"

Twilight looked a little bashful, having met Pinkie so many times she forgot to introduce herself, "Sorry. I'm Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's Personal Protege`. And I'd like to buy some cupcakes."

The pink pony's mouth opened wide, "Ooohhhh! That sound fancy! What's a protege`?"

The music had been going for quite a bit now and showed no sign of stopping. Twilight looked at them and sighed. "I'm the princess' student. What's with the dancers and fiddle?"

"That's sound swell! As for the music, it's what separates us from all the other cupcake shops in Ponyville."

This time, it was Twilight who blinked in confusion. "I'm sorry, other cupcake shops?"

Pinkie nodded. "Yepperoni!"

She leaned in close to Twilight, as if conveying a dark secret. "They're spread throughout Ponyville, just looking to take our customers."

Twilight quirked an eye at the pony. "Riiight. About those cupcakes?"

"Sure thing! What will you have?"

" about...a dozen Cloud Nines and another dozen Caramelicious."

Pinkie shook her head. "I'm afraid we're fresh out of Cloud Nines and Caramelicious is no longer being sold."

Twilight shrugged. "Never mind. How are you on the Lemon Meringue Pie?"

Pinkie held up a hoof. "Never at the end of the week, Miss. Always make it fresh first thing on Monday."

"Dang it. Well, hmm...what about Snickerdoodle?"

"Ah, well, we've been meaning to make some for two weeks for some special orders, but no Cinnamon Buttercream has come in."

Twilight gave Pinkie a skeptical look. "Yes...well it's not my day, is it. Do you have any Coco Coccoa?"




Twilight was catching a theme here. "Any cupcakes at all?"

"Ordinarily yes. But they were all bought up for a party for Diamond Tiara."

Sighing, Twilight nodded. "Ok. How about some cake? I enjoy a good red Velvet Cake."

Pinkie looked sheepish this time. "The competing Pastry shops bought the entire stock for the month. None for Sugarcube Corner."

"Do you have Chocolate cake?"

"It's not one of our most popular dishes in Ponyville."

Twilight looked shocked at that. "You got to be barking kidding me! It's one of the most widely sold cakes in Equus!"

Pinkie shrugged. "Not here though."

Rolling her eyes, Twilight asked, "What is the Ponyville favorite?"

Pinkie thought for a second, the replied with a big smile, "Fat Rascal!"

With a skeptical frown, the purple unicorn asked. "I...see."

Pinkie nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, It's unbelievably popular in these parts. I just sold some an hour ago. It's our number one seller."

A moment of silence pierced only by the music passed. "Is it?"

Pinkie reassured her it was. "Alright, then I'll have some...Fat Rascal."

Pinkie turned to the counters behind her, then turned back. "Oh yeah, that customer ordered the last of it."

With a nasty slap, Twilight's hoof met her own face. "Do you have any cake at all?"

"Of course I do. This is a pastry shop after all."

All the time, the music had been eating away at Twilight's mind. She turned around and shouted in the Royal Canterlot Voice. "WOULD YOU KNOCK IT OFF FOR A MINUTE! I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!"

As the music finally cut out, Pinkie patted Twilight on the back as the purple pony rubbed her horn. "You haven't asked me if we have any Princess Cake."

Twilight stared Pinkie in the eyes. "Is it any good?"

Pinkie shrugged and gave her a mischievous glance. "Could be."

Twilight nodded. "Ok...have you got any Princess Cake?"

Pinkie gave a flat no, to which Twilight muttered. "Of course not. That figures, it was the utter height of optimism to expect otherwise. Not much of a pastry shop, is it?"

"Finest in the town."

Twilight crossed her hooves and gave the Pastry sales pony a half lidded expression. "And what brings you to that conclusion?"

"It's so clean."

Twilight reached over and pulled Pinkie close. "You do have pastries here, don't you?"

Pinkie nodded. "Of course, silly filly."

Twilight looked Pinkie in the eye and cast a spell that would force Pinkie to tell the truth. ""

Pinkie tried saying something, but ultimately the response came out. "No."

Twilight came out and sat down across from Dash, resting her chin against the table. "You want to try another pastry shop?"

"There aren't any. I've already checked a minute before you arrived at Sugarcube Corner."

"I'm taking a nap. We'll beat the evil out of Nightmare Moon tomorrow."

140.3 (Gym Quirk; setup by Masterweaver)

Contrary to popular belief, most loopers did not know every individual native to their home reality.

Oh, there were exceptions of course. Sparsely populated loops tended to have high social interaction, and certain devoted loopers would take time out to at least make a census. Pinkie Pie had a particular chaotic spell that would automatically teleport her and her party cannon to any house if a resident she knew personally was having a birthday, and she'd spent whole loops tweaking the duplication effect and trying to meet every pony, griffon, minotaur, and other sapient life form native to Equestria. Still, for the most part loopers kept to their own, interacting with nonloopers only if they were close friends, family, or unawake loopers.

Granted, the Equestrians were a little freer in who they mingled with, out of some ancient herd instinct or simply the need for friends. Still, the majority of them didn't really know too many ponies outside of their baseline places of residence.

But the unending struggle to stave off boredom did result in impulsive behavior from time to time.

All the pegasus known as Red Curtain knew was that there was a strange purple unicorn in his apartment, wearing a far far too wide grin, who had just promised to grant his every wish.

"Except sexual ones. I do have standards after all." The unicorn sipped her drink. "And all you have to do is be my friend for, oh... five, six years."

All in all, Twilight did not indulge in these random acts of friendship very often. The amusement value was frequently offset by high levels of banality and frustration.

But every now and then, the rare and wonderful occasion of a genuine surprise did occur.

"Would you be terribly offended if I declined your offer?" asked the middle-aged bespectacled earth pony mare.

"Um...What?" was Twilight's not-particularly-erudite response.

"Setting aside the farfetched nature of your claim and taking it strictly at face value, I would start by explaining that I am reasonably content with my life just now; any fleeting desires I may have would be just that: Fleeting.

"I suppose that, seeking proof of your claim, I could ask for a hayburger with cheese, no mayo. You would then either conjure one up with your magic, or more amusingly, proceed to my kitchen and cook one. Of course, as I have no hayburger buns, that option could prove problematic.

"Then I suppose I could ask you to cause my assistant to fall madly in love with me, but I'm certain that we both know that sort of thing never works out in the long run." She proceeded to point out the common problems and pitfalls involved with asking for wealth, fame, etc., making a point of stressing the Law of Unintended Consequences, matching the unicorn's own experiences quite closely.

Twilight stood mesmerized at the well-practiced cadences of a veteran lecturer.

"Essentially, I am fully aware of the comedic and ironic possibilities of the scenario you are proposing. Again not wishing to offend you, I am simply not interested in subjecting myself, or you for that matter, to such hijinks, Ms. Sparkle."

"Huh? You know me?" Twilight started to search through her loop memories for this odd pony.

"Not exactly. We do have an acquaintance in common, though," explained the mare as she went to a large desk piled with papers. She rummaged in a drawer and produced a business card.

Dr. Genre Savvy, PhD
Professor of Applied Literature
College of Equinities and Esoteric Studies
Canterlot University

"I attended the Manehattan Institute with Dusty Tomes; I believe he taught your 'Pre-Unification Unicorn History' classes at Celestia's School two or three years back. We've been fairly close for decades, and he has mentioned you a few times over the course of our correspondence. Pleased to make your acquaintance in person, Ms. Sparkle." The professor extended a hoof.

Twilight felt a genuine smile spreading across her face. "Professor? Do you have some class syllabi I could look at? I find myself thinking I would greatly enjoy auditing your courses."

There's probably nothing that I haven't already learned from experience, but it should be interesting to see how her formulation of the Laws of Narrative Causality compares with what Unseen University has to offer.

140.4: (Gamerex27)

"Morning, Rarity!" Vinyl Scratch said as she cantered into the boutique. "Hey, is that giant mouse head ready yet? I was hoping you'd Woken Up early, so you could finish it in time for-"

"HIDE ME!" Before Vinyl could collect the needed fabrics and threads sitting on a nearby chair, Rarity tackled her into a nearby closet.

"Ow! Ny think ny but ny tunge!" Vinyl moaned as she picked herself off the cramped floor.

"Tell them I'm not here!" Rarity hissed, as the din of a massive crowd started to make its way into Vinyl's flicking ears. "I cannot deal with this again!"

"Who?" Vinyl asked, wincing as the pain slowly faded from her mouth.



"THE COLOR DOESN'T MATTER!" Rarity screamed on instinct, before she could stop herself. "THE DRESS LOOKS FINE EITHER WAY! BOTH COLORS MATCH!"

"THE HERETIC IS HERE!" one of the voices yelled, as the banging at the door became louder. "BURN HER AT THE STAKE!"

"You are Awake, right?" Vinyl asked over the roaring of the crowd and thudding at the front door. "Can't you take care of them?"

"They just keep coming back!" Rarity moaned. "Like cockroaches! No matter how many times I knock them out or paralyze them, they keep coming back! Nothing works!"

"Wait a second...aha!" Vinyl said, as she levitated the unfinished mouse head to the cabinet with her horn. "Here, put this on, and we'll sneak you out!"

The moment Rarity had shoved the hat onto her head, the door broke from its hinges, and was trampled to splinters by the herd of rampaging ponies barging into the building.

"YOUR DISGUISE SHALL NOT FOOL US, HERETIC!" the leader, a stallion with a paired question mark and exclamation point Cutie Mark said. "FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST BOTH SIDES OF THE DRESS DEBATE, YOU WILL PERISH!"

"Sheesh, overkill much?" Vinyl muttered. "Hang on a sec."

She pulled a guitar out of her pocket, stood on her hind legs, and got into position to play a chord. "I WANNA ROCK!"

"ROCK!" the herd involuntarily yelled, as they were blasted off of their hooves by the sheer force of the power chord.

"C'mon, while they're distracted!" Vinyl whispered, dragging Rarity out the door. "What's going on, anyways?!"

"I Woke Up early," Rarity replied, "and I decided to make a dress based of something I'd seen in the Hub. But I never imagined it'd lead to a civil war in Ponyville! I thought it was all in good fun before an Unawake Diamond Tiara tried to break my face when I said the dress looks like either color depending on the lighting!"

"That doesn't make any sense!"

"Things don't make sense all the time, and you don't see anyone complaining about that!" Rarity retorted, before running headfirst into a pillar.

"OWWWWwwait, "she said, "there was never a random pillar here. So, that must be...." she trailed off, as she looked up.

Before both ponies, a gigantic version of an Unawake Sunset Shimmer (poorly disguised with Groucho Marx glasses) roared, teetering in place on her stilts and magically color-changing dress. "HAHAHAHAHA! MORE! MORE ARGUMENTS! MORE ARGUMENTS, SO I CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CONFUSION AND CONQUER THE WOOOOOORLD!"

"Seriously?" Vinyl asked, as she and Rarity prepared for battle. "Worst. Evil plan. Ever."

140.5: (Bliss Authority)

"Good morning, Applejack! You look to be in one piece. Good to see ya after what the Sultai and th'Mardu have been up to - how many zombies did my favorite daughter and her soldiers bag?"

Applejack Awoke with a start. That voice couldn't possibly be -

She turned towards Bloomberg and stared. Hanging in the air above it, limned in white, were the ghostly forms of two ponies - one stallion and one mare; the former wore a Stetson, and both wore scale-mail barding and ferocious helms with carved faces.

"What's the matter, pard?" the stallion said, grinning. "You look like you just seen a ghost, sugarcube."

Applejack rushed over to the tree and hugged it. "Mom, dad, I missed ya," she said through her deep breathing.

"It's only been a few days at the front, girl," the ghost of Gravenstein Cider - the ghost of Applejack's father - said with a chuckle. "Come on. I know yer made of sterner stuff than that. You can outlast the bad times if we can."

She nodded, gritting her teeth. Applejack didn't know if she was going to hate this Loop or if she should spend it making up for lost time. "Sorry. Just a harrowin' experience. You know how them Sultai get," she said - hoping that her expression wasn't telling the truth her words omitted. "I gotta - I missed you," she said. "But now I gotta talk with some friends about my next step."

"Course. Make sure yah look after your brother, okay?" Apple Pancake's ghost said. "And you come back now. Still gotta teach you mah namesake."

Applejack blinked. "Can do, mom."

Then she consulted her Loop memories.

She was still Applejack, and she still ran an orchard with her brother and sister and her Granny Smith. But the Kin-Trees of Sweet Apple Acres housed the spirits of the Apple clan's dead. All of the Apple clan's dead. For she lead the entire Apple clan. Into battle.

She looked down at the barding she was wearing and saw an apple-shaped amulet - made of Kin-Tree Amber, with a cameo of Granny Smith carved into it.

"This is gonna be a long Loop," Applejack muttered as she entered the white stone castle that her loop memories indicated as her house.

"Eeeeeyuuuup." Big Mac offered her a mug of cider. The hard stuff. "Mah little sister, the Khan of clan Apple."

"Now don't you start too," Applejack said.

Winona turned her head to Applejack from her bowl of food - the one on the table - and grinned, tongue lolling. "Brothers tease, Khan," she said. "It may as well be a law of the Apple clan."

Oh right. Ainok were a thing here. Applejack took a deep pull from the mug of cider; she was really going to need it this loop.

(Applejack, the Foremost
Legendary Creature — Horse Solider
Whenever Applejack, the Foremost attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on another target tapped creature you control.
Each creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it has indestructible.
"We'll serve our descendants well, but that's no reason to seek out death."

140.6 (Evilhumour with little bit from Masterweaver)

Twilight sighed, rubbing her face.

"I think Yggdrasil is running out of ideas of how to mess with my tree." She said to herself, looking at the fallen cut out of her home before rolling her eyes and leaving to get a drink.

Unfortunately, she had forgotten how bad an idea it was to test fate. The next loop, the tree transformed into a writhing tentacle monster that, for some reason, played the blues on a saxophone.

The ten loops after that were even stranger.

140.7 (Evilhumour)

Twilight rubbed her face and looked at Pinkie Pie, Discord and the many queasy ponies around her.

It had seemed like a fun idea to deal with Nightmare Moon, by having her fall onto a trampoline that launched her back to the moon. Until Discord had made copies and hid them everywhere!

One moment Applejack was bucking a tree, the next moment she was on the moon coughing out moon dust. Rarity posing in her shop ended with her flying back with ice on her wings and a torn dress. One moment Rainbow Dash was snoozing on a cloud and suddenly she had to deal with the Federation asking her endless questions of surviving a warp seven face plant into the San-Francisco beach.

Somehow he managed to rig it that the Crusaders landed in a planet full of tree sap after they went down a hill. The best, though, had to be her brother and sister in law celebrating their wedding night in deep space, still holding their bedsheets close to each other.

The worst though, had to be the 'misfire' when Tirek didn't soar through the sky but instead hit a flying Celestia -who would later report ended up in a bi solar system, which helped her improve her surfing skills- and rocketed towards Trixie's wagon as she was getting rid of her more dangerous explosions as she was trying to get back to her roots. He then, holding the ticking time bomb that was Great and Annoyed Trixie's home, landed face first into the Golden Oaks when Trixie's wagon finally exploded.

It took Twilight several days to put out all the fires and rampant explosions, which finally gave her a chance to look at everyone and give them a lecture.

"-understand?!" She finally finished her lecture, only to find herself as a tiny filly with a book fort around her.

The implications soon dawned on her and she groaned, placing her head forwards. Toppling her fort over, Twilight was suddenly airborn, with the curses that would get her filly mouth washed out as soon as Twilight Velvet and Nightlight pulled her out of the sofa.

140.8 (Drachefly)

Twilight had thought it was nearly baseline - Celestia had closed the letter with 'take care', underlined, which was within the range of unusual variation with no far-reaching consequences, and the magic system was peculiar - until she arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. Each tree had a large bulging parachute-like sack over it, seemingly filled with balloons. But as she approached, she realized that the objects holding the sack up were apples.

"Since when do apples fall up?"

Spike, looking up with her, commented, "Actually, I think they're more like giant cherries."

Twilight's eyes widened. "Oooooak. It couldn't be 'I Wanna Be The Guy'... could it?" Her horn lit up as she prepared the most intense and detailed danger-warning magic she knew. it took a few tries.

None of the usual magic-detection magic works this loop. But, precognition is unusually strong. That'll do, I guess.

"'Oak'? And... what? Who is it you couldn't want to be? What are you doing?"

"Just... watch out. Don't touch the apples. Don't assume that things will stay put. If anything begins moving, dodge. Do anything I say, no matter how weird it sounds. And expect lots and lots of spikes."

"Well, I'm all set on thaaaaaaa-" He was suddenly catapulted towards her, but not before she'd teleported backwards a step. I should have seen that one coming even without the precognition.

"What the hay?" He declared as he dusted himself off.

Twilight was frozen in place, looking into counterfactual futures, frowning. "All right. The moment I step off this rock, duck and take a step to the left. Ready? Two, one..."

"It's all right sugarcube, you can make it. Just... jump."

Twilight eyed the extremely narrow, spike-lined passage skeptically.


Ah. I guess I can. She jumped. And landed safely.

The manticore executed a three-paw landing once more, and this time landed directly next to Fluttershy. Before it could menace them once again, she reached out and pulled out the thorn. It waited a moment, then bounded away.

"Woot! Scared it off!" shouted Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy corrected her, "The poor thing just had a thorn in its paw."

This produced confusion among most of the others. Applejack pointed out, "Wouldn't it be, you know, dead?"

Twilight facehoofed. Or nearly - she didn't want to risk an actual hoof-on-head collision.

The trees didn't just shoot glares - they held up a rhythmic stream of fire, shooting three-meter-wide glowing orbs between them. Before Twilight could recalibrate her danger-senses to not just say 'don't go that way, period', Pinkie, of course, danced through the course with no difficulty.

"How did you manage that, dear?" inquired Rarity.

Rainbow Dash added, "Yeah, it's like you were passing THROUGH them."

Pinkie fell into song: "You see, when I was a little filly and I faced an evil clown,
the glowies and the shadows they would always make me frown,
I'd hide in the corner, from what I thought I saw,
But Granny Pie said that wasn't the way to deal with balls at all!
She said, 'Pinkie, you've got to stand up tall
Learn to turn off particle effects
You'll see where they can't hurt you
just laugh to make them disappear!'"

Twilight began laughing, more from the abrupt insertion of the non-rhyme than from anything else; as she did so, the deadly core of the gigantic glowing balls was revealed, and they weren't actually that big. There was enough space between them that the path was a merely difficult timing puzzle.

As they heard from Steven what had happened, Applejack muttered to Twilight, "Here's another monster from the Everfree, that can take a hit and not explode. 'tain't natural."

Twilight was going to say, "Did you know that Canterlot is not nearly as deadly as Ponyville?" but then she realized they were about to be faced with a problem.

Rarity, was of course, indignant at the offense to his appearance. "This will not stand! Twilight?"

"Yes, Rarity?" I wonder what she's going to do now.

"Put me in a ball of force. All except my tail."

"Umm, what? I mean, okay."

And then, Rarity exploded in a gigantic fountain of guts. Stunned, Twilight passed the tail up towards the serpent. However, Rarity took over. "Now, now, I sacrificed one of my seven remaining lives for this. I'd like to have it just so."

"Sorry! I, ah, didn't realize the spawn point was so close."

Twilight was used to a delay before the bridge straightened out. She wasn't used to it falling down halfway, then slowly, haltingly, jerkingly working its way back up.

"What the hay is going on over there?" muttered Applejack.

Fluttershy timidly eyed the spinning blade-like mists, "Do you think I should... check?"

Rarity said, "No, I don't think you'd make it through. The safe spot moves too fast for you."

Twilight channelled Lando Calrissian as she said, "We've got to give her more time." And then, quieter, "Come on, Dash, buddy?"

After six long minutes of waiting, the bridge was firm, repelling the gears, and Rainbow Dash appeared through the mists. She opened her mouth when Twilight interrupted, "RUN!"

The six dashed across the bridge, narrowly avoiding a volley of arrows from the forest. Almost to the end, she ordered, "STOP!"

A giant stone pillar thrust up and poked through the bottom of the bridge right in front of Applejack.

After a moment, Twilight said, "Proceed."

Once they were gathered on the other side, Rainbow Dash said, "Are we clear? OK. So, I'm hauling up the bridge when these costumed Wonderbolt wannabes show up, called themselves the Shadowbolts, and demanded I join them and abandon you. Then they asked..." she focused. "'Do you not decline to reject our offer to avoid being a member of the complement of the set of non-Shadowbolts? Yes or no. Opening your wings counts as consent to join the Shadowbolts.'"

Applejack's jaw dropped. "You got through that?"

She waved a hoof and blew the end clean. "Simple. I figured what they were doing and counted the negatives. I got through that in no time. Then they got annoyed and pushed me off the cliff, and loosened the bridge. So I had to grab it and come back up - with my wings closed. Pulling the bridge with me. With them flying around, distracting me."

They entered the elements chamber. The way in had been eerily easy. Just as Twilight was about to reach the elements, a gigantic black keratinous wall slammed down in front of her, crushing them.

A bit of the roof collapsed, and Twilight looked up. Up Nightmare Moon's leg, which disappeared into the mists. "WHAT? All this, and we're only to the Mike Tyson fight?"

Nightmare Moon only laughed.

Rarity said, "We have bested your fruit, spikes, and..."

Rainbow Dash filled in, "... those guys!"

Twilight continued, "Now, we shall best you, Nightmare Moon!"

Nightmare Moon loomed closer. "No. Not Nightmare Moon. The Daughter."

Twilight's head cocked. "What?"

Nightmare Moon squinted. "Yes, now I recognize you. MOTHER. THE MANE. THE COLOR. THE CUTIE MARK."

Twilight just raised an eyebrow.

"Check your loop memories, mama. You know that none of this makes sense."

Twilight froze. She glanced around to the others, who had cracked wide grins. "Waaaaaait. You mean it was all fake? But... Rarity! ... I didn't... oh."

Rainbow Dash laughed. "Why would just Ponyville operate under video game rules?"

Twilight exclaimed, "Because it's near the Everfree? Trust me, this isn't... wouldn't have been the weirdest variant I've seen. How long did it take you to prepare this?"

Rarity put in, "Mainly, it was waiting for the right conditions. A variant with hard-to-detect magic, when we wake up early and have enough of us awake. We were actually about to set it off once, but then had a guest anchor and quickly canceled."

Pinkie raised a hoof. "I'm not awake. Say hi to me for me."

Applejack said, "Applebloom's going to be mighty disappointed she wasn't around for it, but I'm sure the crew got plenty of video."

Twilight sighed. "You guys."

Ares mulled over the loop report Sleipnir had forwarded him. Totally hacked together, but it might work... Hmm. Hmm. Nope.

140.9 (KrisOverstreet)

"So, Bruce, how long has Pinkie Pie been wearing the Lasso of Truth?"

"About five hours."

"How long has Diana been trying to untie it?"

"About four hours, fifty-five minutes."

"... and then I said, 'You can't use gouda in a cheesecake! That's silly!' But she wouldn't listen to me, and that's how we ended up with the Cheese Monster that Ate Ponyville! Well, almost ate Ponyville, I mean it doesn't really count if the buildings are all still standing and all, but 'the Monster that Almost Ate Ponyville' doesn't sound as cool! Don't you agree? It's really important that a monster's name sounds really cool. Poor Solomon Grundy, he doesn't get respect here because he has a silly name! He needs a more macho name, like, 'Grundy the Grinder!' Or how about 'Solomon Smash!' Oooh! Oooh! I know! 'Creature of the Cursed Swamp!' Nice and simple! Do you think you could get me to see Grundy so I can ask his opinion? I think he'll really like it! I wonder what else he likes? Do you think he likes cheesecake? I do! I love cheesecake! But not with gouda, because that's just silly!"

"... so, poker night at your place, then?"

"No need. Alfred is sending up some cupcakes in a few minutes. That should lure her out of the lasso."

140.10 (Gamerex27)

"Mkay, ths s jst sylli." Discord mumbled through his gag. "Hyu tyd mi up cz I stpd u frum blwing up a cti?"

Ignoring him, the pegasus guards hauled him in front of the throne, and promptly shoved him to the ground.

Finally managing to work his way past some of the binding runes, Discord turned his tongue into a pair of siccors, and cut the gag to pieces. "Pleasure to see you, Celly," he muttered.

The Princess beamed at him, but something...sinister was in her eyes. "Discord. I'm surprised that it took you this long to wake up, with all the chaos those nasty humans are causing."

"Nasty?!" he said in disbelief, struggling to get up and falling back to the floor again. "They're a hell of a lot more interesting than you ponies! I mean, how come I didn't go to Earth earlier? Have you seen how wonderfully chaotic they are? I should buy a vacation home there! Maybe in the Bahamas, or Bermuda! Somewhere with a 'B!'"

"Leave us," Celestia said. Her guards bowed their heads, and cantered out of the room.

"Wow, not even a questioning order about leaving you alone with a spirit of chaos?" Discord asked mockingly, rolling his eyes. "Your little ponies are getting more and more boring by the aeon."

"They are newfoals," Celestia pointed out, a hint of pride in her voice. "They know how to follow orders."

Instantly, Discord's smile left his face. "Newfoals," he spat, grabbing his mouth and putting it back into its rightful place. "You mean those humans whose souls you remove and put all that icky harmony and friendship in their place?"

Looking left and right, Celestia's grin turned sinister, and she leaned in close to whisper to Discord. "I'm afraid that I don't know what you mean."

"Look," he said, "we all know you're going to kill me. Can you at least tell me what this is all about? Just between you and me?" Behind his back, he made the somatic motions for a charisma-boosting spell, working his magic.

Sure enough, Celestia laughed. "Oh, very well. Not like anyone else will ever know.

"Yes," she said, "I'm altering the newfoal's minds. Oh, they're still in there somewhere, I'd imagine, but not in control anymore. I suppose it'd be quite horrifying. But really, isn't it ever so lonely with just one mind in there?"

"One mind?" Discord's eyes widened. "What...what are you talking about?!"

"You seriously haven't gotten it yet?" the being in front of him, who was certainly not Princess Celestia, said. "You really believe everything you see?"

The alicorn was engulfed in a burst of green fire, burning away to reveal the queen of the changelings, Chrysalis.

"Oh my-CELLY!" Discord yelled, struggling back to his feet. "Your beautiful coat is gone! And you've turned into holey cheese!"

"No, you foal. It is I, Queen Chrysalis!"

"But...why are you doing this?" Discord asked, horrified. "Aren't all those gooey pony feels enough for you?"

"In this modern age," she huffed, "there is more and more strife. So, I looked for a new food source, That happy accident with the humans' particle accelerator brought the continent here, and I seized my chance. I put Celestia into a coma, stuffed her in a closet, and took her place."

"That doesn't explain the ponification! How did you ever fool Celly's subjects into thinking the nicest and most peaceful pony around would support genocide?!"

"A few changeling infiltrators there," she replied, "a few murders there, and such. Of course, the humans just had to have too different neurochemistry for us to properly feed on them. So, naturally, I made a barrier to kill them off, and offered to turn them into ponies to escape death."

"But...that's diabolical!" he shrieked, making some very convincing tears. "Don't you have any empathy?"

"You are one to talk of empathy," Chrysalis scoffed. "And besides, I do have empathy. For my subjects. What's a few murders and mind wipes here and there to feed millions of my species? But, I believe I've said enough."

"Have you, now?" Instantly, Discord's feigned emotions vanished from his face, to be replaced by a look of triumph.

"Er...yes," she said, suddenly confused. "I...believe I am supposed to give you some last words. Do you have any?"

"Oh," Discord said casually, "just five. And they are..."

Snapping his bonds like they were made of wet noodles, Discord gestured behind him, knocking over a nearby flowerpot to reveal the camera crew of Diamond Dogs filming the entire scene.

"Smile," he said, "you're on Canid Camera."

For a few moments, the entire chamber was totally silent. Chrysalis' eyes twitched. Twitched again. Her mouth opened, then closed.

Eventually, she was able to get one thing out. A high-pitched scream of terror and horror, as she realized exactly what Discord's plan had been.

"How much?" she shrieked, any trace of composure leaving her body. "How long were they there?!"

"For the entire thing," Discord said smugly. "It was a stupid idea from the start. Yours, I mean. Kind, caring, and beloved Princess Celestia, suddenly becoming a genocidal and malevolent maniac? C'mon, you thought no one would see how hilariously out of character that was?"

As Chrysalis lunged at him out of desperation, he pulled out an oversized sledgehammer, and bopped her on the head. "I think I'll leave you here for the angry mobs forming on both planets to find," he said cooly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find Celly and go back to the good ol' days. Back when chaos was fun, and not all about killing and brainwashing."

As soon as he left the hallway, he walked into the kitchen.

"Let's see here..." he muttered. "Aha!" he said, lifting up the fridge. "Always the last place you expect!"

As he yanked the comatose Celestia from underneath the fridge, he pulled out a cell phone. "I won the bet!" he said cheerfully, to the pony on the other end.

"For now, yeah," Twilight Sparkle agreed. "You beat the Doctor's record for 'least words to take down an oppressive regime,' but I'm going to kick your flank in this contest next time I end up with Brainwashlestia."

"Which one is that, again?" he asked, over the noise of police sirens and a screaming Chrysalis in the background.

"The one who was brainwashing everypony with the Elements of Harmony to eliminate suffering. Those things are hard to fight off, but actually fighting her was kinda sad, since breaking the spell on the whole world was easy once I'd fended it off in the first place."

"You going for four, then?" he asked. "Or do you want to step things up a notch, and go for three?"

"I guess we'll see when I'm in that Loop next (although I never want to go back there)," she said. "How about a drink with Fluttershy and I over in Paris to celebrate? No horrible French accent this time."

"Oh, Sparklebutt," Discord said, right before he vanished in a poof of smoke, "you know I can't promise that."

140.11 (Bliss Authority)

Twilight Sparkle Awoke in both senses of the word and immediately regretted it. Her joints ached, she felt like she could swallow a lake from thirst without first Ascending, and -

Was she sunburned? And covered in furs?

She sprung to her legs - noting that she had all four of them, which was a small comfort - and took stock of her surroundings. A needle of sunlight was drifting in from the front flap of a tent; it reminded her of some of the yak and ibex handicrafts from just outside the Qilinese Empire. Among the possessions of whoever she had replaced were paper scrolls written in scarlet ink, a spear festooned with a dragon's skull (one that, thankfully, didn't look a thing like Spike), and a polished onyx octahedron. Her rations included daisy pancakes and dried noodles.

Twilight consulted her Loop memories, and then hissed in a breath. Apparently, this loop she would be playing the role of one Sparkhan Twi, the greatest expert in draconic magic across multiple worlds - and once thrall to an exceptionally dangerous dragon, Nicol Bolas. A dragon with what seemed to her to be a very familiar looking pair of horns - who wanted to steal the magic of multiple worlds, maybe blow up a few Kin-Trees while he was at it…

She groaned, massaging under her horn. "Fused loop," she said. "Great."

It was then that she heard the deafening roar, and the bellow of a rhinoceros ("Krushok," her Loop memories provided) before that bellow guttered and died. Then squelching, and silence.

Twilight grabbed her spear in her will and set it to impale anything that entered the tent. Was that - was that a lion? Okay, granted, with all the tricks she knew from BASELINE, let alone from the loops and this plane's geomancy, she could take a lion. But she was, after all, a pony with something of a pony's instincts, and hearing a lion at her door was extremely unnerving.

She flung open the tent curtain.

The lion was there, pure white save where the blood of the krushok he was eating stained its nose and mouth red. It turned to Twilight, ears folded back and eyes widening even as the pupils contracted (without slitting; this was not a nocturnal cat). It lifted one paw towards Twilight.

Branch it. She was going to stop this fight before it began, using her in-loop powers. She drew on the ley-lines of two distant mountains from in the plane and used her spear as an extension of her horn, letting the fiery red mana twist around it and create an electrical arc.

"LIGHTNING STRIKE!" Twilight shouted. Huh. Must have spent too long in shounen loops.

The lion caught the bolt square in the chest and was physically flung back by it, and Twilight smelled the reek of burning hair. Then it recovered, rolling to land on all four paws, and snarled.

Then it bowed it's head, closed its eyes, and SPOKE. In what had to be Bellepheric, no less. It raised one great, shaggy paw and conjured a pair of earth-ponies out of the pure, golden sunlight he traced with his claws.

They both drew their swords with their mouths and stood in defensive formation before the lion, eyes set and determined.

"Now that you've gotten that out of your system," the lion growled in a bass voice tinged with a Cloudsdale accent, "shall we skip the fight and introduce ourselves? Peace, Sparkhan Twi. Please tell me that you're Awake. Time is of the essence."

Twilight stared for a second, spear still pointed at the lion. Then she sighed, sitting down on her hind legs and swinging the spear fully upright in the same arc. "You've got some, uh. On your chin," Twilight noted.

The lion wiped his chin with the bottom of his paw and looked at the resulting bloodstain, then sighed before licking it off. "Sorry," he said. "I must look quite frightening to a pony. I'm not used to being a quadruped, or craving raw meat. It wasn't sapient, I made sure of that."

Root it. She was the Princess of Friendship, and she had all sorts of toys in her subspace pocket if things went south. "Yes, I'm Awake," she said. "Peace, lion. The Walk to the deserts of Tarkir has thrown me for a Loop."

"Quite understandable," the lion said. "I am Ajani, born of Naya. Theros is my home. Speaking of - you two can go home now," he said, dismissing the two summoned soldiers with a wave of his paw.

"This is normally a human-controlled loop?" Twilight asked. "I wonder why you're a lion instead, then."

"Because I am of the Leonin," Ajani said. "The majority of Planeswalkers are humans. I am an exception. My friend and partner who I Walked in with is currently an earth-pony. I suspect that a vampire associate of mine will be a bat-pony."

Twilight massaged under her horn. "Vampire. Associate."

"I respect what he does for the sake of the Multiverse far more than I hate what he must do to survive, yes," Ajani said. "He's an associate and an ally, not a friend."

"Gotcha," Twilight sighed. "Where are they now?"

Ajani shrugged, which was an interesting gesture to see on a lion. "Elspeth is out grazing - she found a plains full of clover, which she's going to bind for mana after - and Sorin is hunting. We were all hungry."


Ajani started cleaning his paws. "By the way - allow me to state for the record that you're an excellent mother, judging by how well you've raised your daughter," he said.

She sat up. "You know Nyx? How?"

"She's saved Elspeth's life from an angry sun god a few times."

"Angry sun gods suck. Wait -" Twilight tilted her head at Ajani. "- We're fused with THAT world?"

"Dominara, known as Magic: The Gathering in the hub, yes." Ajani chuckled. "Forgive me my laughter - It's just that you're replacing - well." He smiled openly at Twilight Sparkle. "I can't WAIT to tell Sarkhan Vol of the Mardu he was replaced by a pony."

Twilight snorted. "Any particular reason why?"

Ajani laughed. "The Mardu are a horse-clan, that's why!"
MLP Loops 140
140.1: Certain relationship milestones.
140.2: At least it wasn't the Dead Philomena sketch. (Wait, that's an actual episode.)
140.3: Unfortunately, she meta stallion.
140.4: Because of course there was.
140.5: Crossover is Magic the Gathering. They're all quite a bunch of cards.
140.6: Do Not Temp Happy Fun Tree.
140.7: Moonshot!
140.8: I Wanna Be The Filly?
140.9: DC Comics, of course. Poor Justice League.
140.10: ...actually explains a few things.
140.11: Same deal as .5 - cardilicious.

My Little Argent: Music is Magic Part 2

Ponyville, Saturday.

What appeared to be chaos just happened, as Saturday was a good day for abruptness and randomness to occur on the same day, especially if your location was Ponyville. In this case, the abrupt chaos on Saturday took the form of a titan bursting from the ground, a large amount of buildings and foliage sailing into the sky and landing who knows where.

The titan rose and rose until it rose no more and formed into a more solid state as it poured from the ground. The titan was a strange humanoid yet legless creature made of the earth the ponies stood on. Red veins of lava were engraved onto its skin, and the same fiery substance formed what could be described as hair. Four angry red eyes stared at the ponies who stared back in awe and fear.

Pinkie Pie simply walked between the beast and Ponyville's civilians. "Okay everypony, repeat after me." She took a deep breath before screaming. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

And so all of Ponyville screamed and ran for their lives as the beast roared louder than a dragon and tore into the town with a mighty swing of it's arm. Just as suddenly the ground ripped apart to allow vines and brambles to emerge, hunting the ponies that ran.

A mountain

Two hundred miles away from Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle, Zecora, and Symphonic Void watched in horror as the mountain creature burst from the ground, trees and buildings flying into the sky like they were birds enjoying the freedom of flight. "What kind of creature do I behold, this mighty beast with power untold!??" Zecora asked.

"And that would be my nemesis Akash'Bhuta." Symphonic Void replied. "The embodiment of chaos and destruction in nature."

With a thud, several of the launched items fell next to the trio. One of the items that had landed was the ruins of Twilight's tree.

Twilight begun to shake violently, and Symphonic Void swore by the Virtuoso's that came before him that she was starting to smolder. "Uh, Twilight?"

"I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO RELAX AFTER THAT SOAP OPERA LOOP!" She shouted. One Crown of Magic, one ascension and one teleport later, Twilight was gone in a flash of magic.

"Dare I ask?" Void turned to Zecora, who seemed to be ready for what was going to happen. As if it happened on a regular basis.

"Akash'Bhuta I'd hate to be, for she has ruined Twilight's Tree." the zebra explained. "A fate most dangerous and I know why, for know that beast will now soon die."

The gigantic burst of magical energy shaped into a laser beam that tore across the landscape and into Akash'Bhuta explained all Symphonic Void needed to know.

The Pits of Tartarus

The gaunt red centaur sat in his cell, hunched over and leaning against the wards that kept him in his cell. He turned to his new cellmate, oddly calm in her cell. "So, how did you wind up in here?"

The creature roared.

"No kidding? Celestia's standards must have fallen far if destroying a tree was worthy of imprisonment in Tartarus."

139.2 (Kris Overstreet)

Sing a song of six bits
A pony named Pinkie Pie
Baked four and twenty cupcakes,
Please don't ask me why.

They giggle if you're friendly
And explode if you are not.
Isn't that a silly dish
To serve in Canterlot?

Rarity, Rarity, quite contrary,
How went your fashion show?
With rude reviews and hurled horseshoes;
To the ice cream she doth go.

There was a crooked pegasus
With golden crooked eyes
She flew a crooked flight path,
Each trip was a surprise.

Hoity Toity sat on the wall.
Hoity Toity had a great fall.
Celestia's horses and Celestia's mares

Fluttershy has a little hare,
Its fur as white as snow.
And what it does when she's not there,
You really don't want to know.

How now, zebra, have you any brews?
Three, sir, three, sir, yes I do;
One for the frog, one for his croak,
And one to cure fools who walk through poison joke.

This is the tree library.
This is the dragon who lives in the tree library.
This is the owl who aids the dragon who lives in the tree library.
These are the books reshelved by the owl who aids the dragon who lives in the tree library.

This is the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads the books
Reshelved by the owl
Who aids the dragon
Who lives in the tree library.

This is the farmer who lies never speaks
Who rescued the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads, etc.

This is the swift pony whose tricks are unique
Whose rival's the farmer who a lie never speaks
Who rescued the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads, etc.

This is the pegasus who's really quite meek
Best friends with the pony whose tricks are unique
Whose rival's the farmer who a lie never speaks
Who rescued the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads, etc.

This is the seamstress whose designs are tres chic
Who spas with the pegasus who's really quite meek
Best friends with the pony whose tricks are unique
Whose rival's the farmer who a lie never speaks
Who rescued the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads, etc.

This is the pink pony who acts like a freak
And flusters the seamstress whose designs are tres chic
Who spas with the pegasus who's really quite meek
Best friends with the pony whose tricks are unique
Whose rival's the farmer who a lie never speaks
Who rescued the unicorn who's kind of a geek
Who reads, etc. etc. etc.

Twilight the Sparkle
Lay down her ink-quill
And said this to Rari-ti:
"The Loops at this time
Made us nursery rhymes,
And don't you dare ask me why!"

139.3 (Evilhumour with KrisOverstreet editing skills)

Big Mac blinked in surprise as a furious Pinkie Pie stormed into his bar, glaring angrily around. Every looper that had any remote survival instincts fled the bar immediately, with Rapid Hooves in the lead. "G-g-gosh sakes, Pinkie," the bartending stallion stammered, pouring a glass of Pinkie's usual rough-Loop tonic, "what's got you loco all of a sudden?"

"I looped into a Hub loop." She muttered, grinding her teeth as she slammed back a drink. "I saw the worst show ever. And it had THIS in it!" She pulled a music player out of her mane and turned it on:

Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy,
Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy...

"That show made a mockery of Laughter and Happiness," Pinkie snarled. "And if I ever loop into that world, they will get full Chaos Goddess of Parties, Fun Lord of Sith, Pinkamena BUCKING Diane Pie!" she roared before storming out of the bar.

"Do y'all want your drink?" Mac called after her.

The cellar doors slammed shut hard enough to knock one off its hinges.

"Eenope," said Big Mac, and slammed the shot himself.

139.4 (Evilhumour)

"Are you sure you want to do this Lemon?" Nyx looked around, knowing how much trouble they could get in if someone were to walk in.

"Ye-yes Nyx," Lemon blushed, pulling his wings in close as he looked off to the side. "I want to do it and you're the only one that I trust to do it with."

Nyx blushed at her boyfriend's praise. Taking a moment to calm herself, she used her magic to lift Lemon above her. Slowly, inch by inch, he came closer to the goal, closer to that treasure pot they both loved.

Licking his lips, Lemon reached out with his hooves, his wings beating rapidly almost caused Nyx to cancel her magic out from the breeze.

And then, suddenly, the light flicked on as two ponies walked into the room.

"What are you two doing?!" Fluttershy shouted, causing Nyx and Lemon to meep loudly. With a startled shout, Lemon grabbed the beloved treasure pot in his hooves, with his wings beating to keep him upright when Twilight's magic grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and carried him over to Fluttershy with Nyx going over to Twilight in the same manner.

"Um...nothing momma?" Nyx tried to give her mother her big puppy dog eyes, with Lemon doing the same to Fluttershy. Sadly, neither attempt worked with both mares glaring at their kids.

"I told you Lemon, cookies are for after dinner!" Fluttershy scolded the flinching pegasus colt, with Twilight pulling out lecture number three-four-oh-two-dash-one for her daughter. "We are both very disappointed in you two!" That caused Lemon to whimper, proving how much of a mamma's boy he was, with Nyx folding inwards next to him. "Now Lemon, go to your room, I will be in there in a moment to talk to you."

"You too Nyx." Twilight was a bit miffed that Fluttershy stole a chance to give her looping daughter a proper scolding.

With a sadden look on their young faces, the two foals went to the bedroom and closed the door.

Instantly, their faces perked up. Nyx turned to face her boyfriend and smiled.

"You still have it?"

Lemon responded by pulling the cookie jar out of his subspace pocket and handed over a cookie to Nyx.

"My hero!" Nyx happily said, kissing his cheek before taking a bite of the cookie.

"So you two wish to be proper thieves, right?" Sly looked at the two sitting on the couch in their hideout, with Murry and Bentley smirking behind him with Camerlita barely holding back her laughter.

The two looked at each before nodding.

"Just one thing, before I teach you anything, you promise me that your moms won't skin me for this?" Sly asked in a seriously scared voice.

They both nodded their heads at this.

"Good," Sly smiled at the winged unicorn and wolf sitting next to each other. "Now Nyx, Leman, you want to learn how to steal cookies without getting caught?" Sly smiled at the two kids, sitting down in front of them while rubbing his paws together. "Let's begin with the basics, shall we?"

Lemon looked at Nyx.

"You know, maybe Pinkie Pie was not the best choice."

Nyx nodded her head.

"But Nyx, can you tell me what we were thinking in stealing Celestia's cakes?!"

"I don't know Lemon, I just don't know." Nyx sighed, kicking a rock away. "But hey, first time out on the moon; you've lasted longer than most loopers in not getting sent here!" Nyx smiled as Lemon chuckled, hugging her with his wing as they looked down at Equestria from their lunar time out together.

139.5 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

"Twi', can we talk a' minute."

Twilight looked up from her copy of Daring Do and the Filliosopher Stone. Applejack stood in the doorway, seeming uncomfortable. Shrugging, Twilight set the book down and asked. "Sure Applejack. What's up?"

"Well, do ya think we're relyin' too much on our outside abilities? Ah mean, if a problem arises these days, we just go Alicorn a'lot and beat the stuffin' out'a anythin'."

Twilight shrugged. "Well, we don't want to let any one thing get too stale with time repeating itself."

Applejack shook her head. "Ah know that. But still, just the other day, ah saw Fluttershy stop the stampedin' cows by circlin' them up with trees til' they calmed down with her druid powers, Pinkie's been experimentin' with her warp goddess level parties, and Dash has pretty much takin' over running the weather worldwide. Don' get me started on Rarity and her enchanted dress business, 'Bloom snuck up on me with one of her invisibility cloaks. Bark knows Ah can't remember the last time we had a regular, baseline loop without one of us changin' somethin'."

Twilight tilted her head. " want a perfectly baseline loop, is that it?"

Applejack gritted her teeth. "No! Ah just...can't we have a loop where we don't ascend or use abilities outside Equestria?"

"What brought this on?" Asked Twilight.

The mare lowered her head. "Mah extended family, every time they visit and see Ah keep hangin' out with ya'll when yah do those out of loop powers, they look at me funny."

Applejack looked clearly uncomfortable, meaning this happened enough times that it broke the pony's back, to use a phrase. The purple unicorn nodded. "I'm sure we can do that. I'll talk to the others."

After Applejack had left, Twilight sighed and pulled out a picture of her mother and father. A single tear slid down her snout as she slid the picture back into her pocket. Celestia, by this point, was more of a mother to her than even her own mother. However, her parents were still her parents and she still loved them. Silently, she wondered to herself, would they ever start looping?

She knew that most of the other loopers in Equestria were in a similar situation...except maybe Dash and Scoots since their parentage were constantly in flux. With such a large family, Applejack probably hurt worst of all since family was the most important thing to her. However, Twilight still hoped that her family start looping one day, even if it was a bit selfish. Maybe after Applejack's self imposed limitation loop, Twilight would quit being Celestia's student after redeeming Nightmare Moon and live with her parents for a loop, re-establish her connection to them. Heck, one loop, she may establish connections with all the other loopers' parents or siblings, whichever they had in the hopes that they start looping too.

(Several Loops later)

Twilight awoke to an elderly voice saying, "Get yourself up, Twilight Apple! Family reunion's upon us, and Summer Sun waits for no-mare."

The purple pony's gaze landed on Granny Smith, felt her head, and sure enough there was no horn. She pulled out a brown cowpony hat, put it on her head and began setting her plan into action.

139.6 (Detective Ethan Redfield)


Twilight awoke to the screeching of one Pinkamena Diane Pie poking her head out from behind the tree she was resting under. Pinkie's eyes were narrowed as she leaned in close to Twilight and asked. "Were you awake my last loop? Were you responsible for that?"

Having absolutely no idea what she was talking about, however sensing this was somehow her baseline self's fault, she asked. "What...happened during your last loop?"

Pinkie circled Twilight as she began. "I was all set to have a deluxe super party for your arrival in Ponyville, since I haven't had one of those in forever, so when I step into your library to begin preparations, I see you there already getting preparations started. I thought it was weird, but decided to go along with it anyway. I gave the looping code, but you didn't give the right response, so I figure you're not awake. But then it doesn't stop there. After we defeat Black Snootie, I jump back to Ponyville to start preparations for another deluxe super party, when I see Spike finishing up decorations for the party. Cakes are baked, pin the tail pony posters are up, even the hot sauce practical jokes are there! I figure it's just coincidence, but it's like that every party for the whole loop. I even tried setting up parties for people on the other side of the world, Gilda or Chrysy, but lists for party preparations were already sent out a week prior to the party and I just get there when the preparations are complete-"

By this time, Pinkie is almost hyperventilating. Twilight pulled her into a hug and patted her on the back. "Shhhh...It's alright Pinkie, it's Ok. No, I wasn't awake for that loop. Maybe one of the others were awake and was playing a prank."

Pinkie suddenly pulled away and started bouncing, her good mood restored, "Oh, Oh, you think it was Chrysy? Dissy might have been able to pull it off. Or Dashy like when she disguised herself as future you and appeared in your Castle tree, the day that one loop ended and said to do all those crazy things to have Daring Do write a new novel for the next expansion set for her blackmail collection. Or-"

Twilight blinked, then reacted. "WAIT, THAT WAS DASH?!"

Pinkie put her hoof to her mouth and muttered, "Oopsie!"

The pony ran behind the tree and disappeared, leaving a stunned Twilight behind. A couple strands of her hair popped out. However, she did not once raise her voice, which was the most terrible. "Dash, next loop we spend together, you're getting a lecture you can't sleep through or ignore."

<Elsewhere in the Multiverse>

A certain blue skinned Turian paused and shivered all over. Shepard noticed this and asked, "Trouble, Darrus?"

The turian looked at Shepard with an annoyed glance, "I told you to call me Dash. And I think someone just placed a curse on me..."

139.7 (RowanEx)

Twilight opened her eyes, then, looked at the ground. More like, a huge flat solid brick. Sleipnir told her about a new Safe-Mode loop, and Twilight rolled her eyes after realizing that THIS was that loop.

She didn't notice Pinkie Pie creating a big cake, and after realizing what she made, Twilight's eyes shrank to pinpricks and her jaw slacked open.

"Pinkie, how did you do that?!" Twilight asked.

"It's simple!" Pinkie gave Twilight a stamp-shaped object which she picked up, "Use the Stamp Tool! Build everything! It's free!"

That last sentence ringed a bit from a hub loop she had before. Twilight looked at the Stamp Tool, Pinkie's big cake, and the flat brick. Then, it was clear.

'Roblox?' Twilight thought, 'I thought it... huh.'

Twilight spawned a Roblox version of her house, in front of Pinkie's cake which she began to "eat" by poking it with her nose.

This was going to be fun, until Rainbow Dash zoomed by, riding a poptart cat that left a trail of rainbows.

She hoped that Pinkie wasn't the owner of the empty Place they're in. At least she let the Stamp Tool in, which means build all the time.

And so, Twilight Sparkle, knowing the loop's abilities, built 500 libraries.

"And the books aren't the same!" she declared.

139.8 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Twilight stood outside Golden Oaks Library, staring at a changeling resting in a box she had just opened. Said box was delivered for her birthday, which won't take place for the next six months. Her left eye was quirked at the bug. "You're not fooling anyone, changeling."

The changeling spoke in a monotone voice, "Please refer to the instruction manual for further input."

Rolling her eyes, Twilight removed the paper from the box and started reading. After a few minutes, she started laughing and cast a simple spell. Twilight's horn began to glow a golden hue for a lie detector spell as she said, "Enter registration mode."

"Thank you for purchasing your changeling doll. We hope you have an amazing, magical experience with all the adventures the changeling doll will give you."

The golden color surrounding her horn glowed red, Indicating that the changeling was lying. Twilight rolled her eyes again. The changeling continued. "In order to make sure your changeling doll isn't stolen or used by unwanted ponies, please insert a D.N.A sample into the changeling doll's mouth. It is recommended to use a strand of hair."

Of course, Twilight was curious just how far this changeling was willing to take this farce, so she gave him a strand of hair. She was prompted to give him her name, to which said did so. "Twilight Sparkle, please pick an objective for me. What am I intended for?"

Twilight thought for a second, when an evil idea came along, "Research subject."

To the changeling's credit, he seemed to adapt quickly, "Error. Purpose not recognized. Please enter valid use for changeling doll. Options include bodyguard, friend, lover, child, parent, servant and slave."

Twilight rolled her eyes again, feeling she would be doing this a lot this loop, "How about statue."

The changeling replied. "Optional mode accepted. Changeling will now enter statue mode. To exit statue mode, you may say, 'enter reprogramming mode,' and change the purpose as you see fit. In order to choose an appropriate statue appearance, please connect your horn to your changeling doll's horn."

This was getting too interesting to stop, so she shielded every part of her mind until the only image accessible was of a stone statue of a royal guardsman. To be extra safe, she removed the image of the spear from her mind, giving him only a set of armor.

With that, the changeling took on the requested appearance and stood completely at attention. Twilight smirked as she pulled out several saddlebags and started loading them with bricks, then placing them on the 'statue.' With that finished, Twilight called for Spike. "I need you to bring the others who are awake here. I will stay here and watch our friend."

How long have I stood here, unmoving...unending pain of my back and being forced to stand wide awake, The changeling pondered, even now not moving for fear of being discovered. It was Rainbow Dash's turn to watch over him. Every second of every day, he was watched by at least one pony if not more, all of them element bearers. Every time she said an error, Twilight was called in and cast a healing spell, whether it was his feet or back. However his consciousness was even now waning from being awake for so long. He never wrote in an error code for the optional statue mode. He shouldn't have latched onto that opportunity to infiltrate. But what was he supposed to do? Twilight thought about dissecting him. He figured a statue couldn't be any worse. Boy was he wrong.

His mental facilities were spent, he was unable to even announce a simple "Error Code," as he wobbled a bit. His eyes were drooping under his facade as the wobbling got worse. Is that the ground rising to meet me, he pondered.

The changeling slammed face first into the floor, the saddlebags crashing down and denting the wood beneath. Immediately, the changeling reverted to its original form. Rainbow sipped another Mountain Dew and checked her watch, "Buck, that's some dedication to your act. Two weeks and five hours, much longer than I figured possible. You got my respect, little guy."

She pulled off the brick filled saddlebags and picked up the changeling, making for the door and Ponyville Hospital.

139.9 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

What if the Wibbly Lever was the Wrong Lever?

It was not one of the doctor's best days. First, Rory drops the thermal coupling causing the Tardis to crash land inside herself resulting in a space loop. Then when things can't possibly get worse, a second Amy Pond steps through the door of the Tardis, declaring things just got more complicated, and starts flirting with Amy 1. Now, he was trapped in a space AND time loop. With the departure of Amy 1 into the police box, Pond Couple 2 exited the Tardis doors. Resisting the urge to rub his forehead, he shouted at the flirting Ponds, " two into the police box NOW!"

With their departure, he prevented any further Ponds from entering his craft by ordering them to stay still, "I'm setting up a controlled temporal implosion, it's the only way to reset the Tardis-but unless I find exactly the right lever to control the implosion...we're all gonna die!"

The Ponds winced, Amy deciding to speak, "You don't know...which lever..."

The doctor's concern started fading as he almost rubbed his hands together, "No...but I'm about the find out."

The Tardis door flew open with a flourish, a triumphant doctor shouting, "The Wibbly Lever!"

The doctor raced to the console, "The...Wibbly Lever, thank you!"

Lifting the oddly designed lever up and slamming it down, the device made several beeps reminiscent of a classic arcade game. His task finished, he raced across the control room and into the TARDIS doors. The light from the TARDIS Exterior Shell started flashing white, a grinding noise resounding through the room. And then the tardis started shaking violently, the cloister bell ringing. The doctor ran to the levers, a panicked expression on his face, "Oh dear!"

The TARDIS central console glowed brilliant yellow for a second, then erupted into an ever expanding fireball which consumed everything.

The doctor's eyes opened as he jerked backwards, "What?!"

His head turned from side to side, his eyes scanned the immediate area, confusion evident on his face. Apparently, he was in an apple orchard, in a strangely vibrant world where everything was slightly off like he was in a cartoons. His mind immediately asked where was his TARDIS? If the TARDIS did explode like he remembered, why wasn't he dead? If it had all been a dream, where was he? His hand withdrew his sonic screwdriver and began scanning the area...only for his eyes to finally land on the screwdriver in hand. It was the one he held from his 10th incarnation that had been destroyed in an earlier adventure. Still, it was programmed with the function to locate his TARDIS so he switched to the appropriate setting.

A second later, he asked again, "What?!"

His screwdriver could not find the TARDIS anywhere on this world. A second after that, the screwdriver didn't even recognize the world he was on. His mind started racing, thinking up reasons for why he couldn't recognized neither the time period nor the world he was on. His musings were halted a few minutes later when a small voice spoke from deeper in the orchard with a southern accent, "Yer not from these parts, ain't ya stranger?"

His head turned and mouth dropped, "What..."

Standing in front of him was an orange coated small horse, pony he recalled from his knowledge of earth animal life, with three apples on her flank, "No, sorry, I'm the doctor."

The pony tilted her head, "Doctor? Where ya from, stranger?"

The doctor shrugged, " and there, well, I travel a lot."

He blinked for a second...something was wrong. He wasn't speaking like he usually did...almost as if...

His hand dipped in his pocket and pulled out an oversized mirror, which confirmed his suspicions, "What?!"

Staring back at him in the reflection was the image of the 10th doctor. He was the 10th doctor, his predecessor. Maybe he absorbed some of the Time Vortex, causing his body to regress to an older regeneration, well whatever. His mouth curled into a grin regardless, "Oh...brilliant!"

The pony looked at him quizzically, "Are ya alright, Doc? And how'd ya pull that mirror out a' yer pocket?"

The doctor looked up, surprised, "Oh, yes, sorry, just got a pocket that's bigger on the inside. What's you're name, miss?"

She tilted her hat up, "Name's Applejack."

Applebloom sighed as she slammed her head on the desk, throwing away another failed version of the sonic screwdriver. She couldn't even get the screwdriver function to work on it, and her special talent usually involved building machines. With a sigh, she withdrew several new parts and started working on it again. She hardly noticed the door open and Applejack greeting everyone. She muttered a greeting before being absorbed in her work again. It was several minutes later that someone spoke to her, not that she noticed, "Oh, I see you're working on a screwdriver."

Applebloom nodded, "Yeah."

The stranger continued, "Seems like your frequencies are all wrong. Have to tune things just right, or all you get is a vibrator. Though, your model doesn't seem to have certain crystals that would make it work."

Applebloom muttered in frustration, "Ah can't get them items, they're from a read only universe! And apparently Ah'm tone deaf, else Ah would have this figured out already!"


A few minutes passed in silence before he spoke again, "You know, you could try for a laser screwdriver instead."

"If Ah wanted a weapon, sure," the looper muttered in a surly tone.

"Well, laser can be applied non-lethally. One of my companions used one as a power source to pull me out of a riptide in time."

Applebloom blinked, her attention and curiosity picked. She turned to the voice, only for her mouth to drop completely. The doctor waved, "Hello! I'm the doctor!"

The filly's eyes widened a great deal before she rose from her seat and raced out of the house, screaming "TWILIGHT!"

The doctor watched, slightly confused. Applejack shouted out the door. "'Bloom, get back here! 'BLOOM!"

The pony sighed. "Sorry about that, Doc. Ah'll see to her. Ya'll should head to the cellar. Ah heard he's startin' a new hobby as a bartender."

The doctor took her up on that and made her way to the cellar, only to see a red massive pony standing behind a bar. His eyes widened a bit for a second, then returned to his passive expression. The doctor waved a bit. "Hello, I'm the doctor."

The red stallion nodded. "Big Macintosh. What'll ya have?"

The doctor thought for a second. "Lime Soda."

139.10 (Evilhumour)

Luna blinked as she Woke up while flying.

Over mud.

And then in mud.

Groaning as she went fairly deep within the mud, she shook her head as her loop memories beg-

"LULU!" Tia's voice caused her to snapped her head around as a galloping white mare came right up to her-oh Tree, not this again! Before Luna had any chance to respond, her 'sister' picked her up in her magic and held her up in the air. Blushing, Luna tried to escape but she was just a filly this loop against the adult white mare holding her in golden aura. "I know you are eager to try flying, and using your magic, but you mustn't scare me like that! Jumping out of the window?" Tia tsked as she carried Luna beside her, still covered in mud. "Didn't Miss Rainbow Dash teach you better then that?"

"Well, she did say going fast was good..."

"No Luna, I know she didn't," Tia leaned over and sniffed. "Goodness, my little Lulu, somepony needs a bath." Smiling, Tia tapped Luna's nose, teleporting them into Luna's bedroom. It was filled with stuff toys, castles, dollies, knights, a couple of play swords and a seemingly sleeping possum called Tiberius on her pillow. "Do you want to take a bath with mommy again?"

Luna's ears folded against her head, blushing as she nodded her head. As humiliating and awkward these loops were for Celestia and herself, Luna greatly enjoyed the times she could be a filly again with an actual mom this time.

With a hum and silly song, the Queen Celestia of Equestria and Princess Luna had a very fun, very bubbly bath together.

139.11 (Kris Overstreet)

Ryu had learned, long ago, the bartender's sixth sense of when to ask questions and when to stay the hell out of a customer's affairs.

So, when a slim woman apparently just out of her teens, with purple skin and pony ears and tail, sat next to a giant of a man who looked like his hair had never been cut, combed, brushed, or possibly even washed since the day he was born, and each matched the other shot for shot, Ryu just served the drinks and turned his attention to less potentially disruptive customers, like the evil god with the flaming eyebrows holding a heated discussion over the nature of inverse morality with the Monarch.

"... and that's when I threw myself into the volcano," Twilight Sparkle said. "For which I spent a Loop in Hyrule's CDi-variant, and after that here." She slammed back the remainder of her drink, banged the bar with her fist for more, and said, "So what's your excuse?"

"You remember that Loop you crashed with your fleet of Elements of Harmony cannons?" Leman Russ quaffed his tankard and slammed it down. A refill appeared next to it almost immediately. "Well, something like that happened again, except I was the only one Awake. My father and the Chaos Gods were all at their absolute worst. And one of Father's most intolerant Inquisitors decided to invade planet Equus. Twice. And failed catastrophically both times."

"Well, good," Twilight nodded.

"I'm not done," Leman warned. "You and Celestia and pretty much every pony on the planet decided that their world would never be safe until all the warring races of the galaxy were converted into ponies. And the Elements of Harmony could do that in that Loop."

"WHAT?" Twilight knocked over her fresh drink. "We never did any of that! In our Loop we just used the Elements to purge the corruption of the Void and its accompanying hatred! Humans stayed human! Eldar stayed eldar! And orks... well... that was a bad idea all around," she admitted, picking up the fresh drink which had replaced her spilled one while she talked.

"I know," Leman nodded. "I was there. But this time the Elements had more than a turn-to-stone or exile-to-moon setting. They had a bam-you're-a-pony-now setting. And nothing could block it- shields, armor, whole planets, nothing at all."

"That sounds terrible," Twilight said. "How did you stop them?"

"Stop them?" Leman asked. "Whose side did you think I was on?"

Twilight's jaw dropped as Leman chugged down his drink.

"To be fair," he added as he set the tankard down again, "I ended up flipping a coin to decide. The Imperium was really that bad, that Loop."

139.12: (Evilhumour, with little add-on by Detective Ethan Redfield)

There was a chorus of snickering, causing the colt's ear to twitch.

"Brothers, we can be mature about this," The colt said with a strained voice, looking upwards at three ponies around him. One was a red unicorn with a strange sun circle for a cutie mark, one was a green earth pony with a dragon's head as a cutie mark with the last pony, a bat-pony, with a skull withered wings coming of the sides for his cutie mark. They were at that odd stage between colt and stallion, gangly and awkward with their new long legs but still at that age where they loved to tease those closely related to them and younger than they were. "Isn't that what you're always complaining about Maroon?"

"Maroon!" The red unicorn shouted, falling onto his back while laughing his head off. The green earth pony and the bat-pony snickering were getting louder. "Oh by Father, this is too rich!" He continued to laugh. "What's your name, wittle brother? Fierce Fang? Mighty Bark?" The red unicorn managed to get on his hooves, still chuckling.

"Well," the colt blushed, rubbing the back of his head and looking around Ponyville.

"GAAAAAAAASP!" All four of them snapped their heads towards to the pink pony. "Your brothers are here Lemon Rush?! Oh I have to plan for so many parties!" With that Pinkie Pie vanished in with a squee.

All three heads of the teenage stallions turned slowly to the blushing and frowning pegasus colt. "Don't you dare laugh, any of you!"

"Awww," Big Maroon cooed, mockingly rubbing his brother's mane. "Is our wittle bwother cranky?" He laughed again, ignoring Lemon slapping the hoof away. "What do you say, Vul-I mean Forging Fire and Corn Curse?"

"Maroon, I'm warning you, I am this close to bucking you in the face!" Lemon snapped, shoving his face into the unicorn's, with the earth pony sharing a concerned look with the threstal. They were no longer laughing, but looked around nervously.

"BUCK!" Maroon laughed again, before using his hooves to pinch Lemon's cheek. "Oh this far too fu-GAH!" He shouted as he was suddenly kicked in the chest, sailing through the air and into a building.

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP YOU DORK!" Lemon shouted, flying into the building with Forging and Corn leaping towards to the building to stop their brothers from fighting in the odd tree building.

Ducking as books flew through the sky as their two brothers wrestled around the library floor, both of the other Primarchs tried to pull their brothers apart when a loud voice roared:


All fours head snapped towards the furious purple pony standing on top of the staircase, magic flowing from her body. This caused Forging Fire to drop Lemon back onto Big Maroon's chest with Corn Curse trying to get his hooves out from his brother's armpits.

"Lemon, are these your brothers?!"

"Um....yes." Lemon squeaked, hunching down on Maroon's chest in fear. "Look Twilight, I'm really sorry, it's our first time all together here in Equestria and please don't send us to Lunar time out!"

"Lunar time out?!" Twilight laughed a bit crazy, her magic reaching out for the four of them. Before any of them could react, she grabbed each of their ears and began to tug as she stormed her way out. "Oh no, I doing something far worse for you lot!"

Fluttershy was awoken by loud banging on her front door. Flying down as quickly as she could, she opened the door to see her friend and Anchor furious.

"Oh dear, what's wron-"

"Your boys," She snapped, her horn's glow twitching and four sharp yelps of pain were heard. "Destroyed part of my library!" All of a sudden, three stallions and a colt were thrown into her cottage. "Deal with them!" She snapped before teleporting away.

"But.... I only raised Lemon." Looking down she saw the four of them look embarrassed by the whole situation, with Lemon trying to hid behind the green earth pony. "Lemon, who did you fight with?" She asked sharply, using the Stare on her son. Meekly, he pointed a hoof at the red unicorn who was grumbling at the whole situation before turning to face her.

Maroon, or Magnus, had face a lot of strange and odd things in the loops that only strengthened his resolve and will power. Looking into those eyes, however, made him feel incredibly small and naughty, with the humble words of an apology was muttered from his mouth to her.

"Good," Fluttershy smiled, "Magnus, Vulkan and Konrad?" She asked the three of them, with them nodding in response.

"Big Maroon, Forging Fire and Corn Curse." The green earth pony answered with a weary smile. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you ma'am."

"Thank you," Fluttershy smiled. "I'm glad we could finally meet."

"Indeed," Forging Fire smiled, pulling a series of books out of his Subspace pocket. "I've been waiting to give you this."

"Oh?" Fluttershy asked, taking the books, looking at the title. "'The Stupid Things Leman Russ Did Whilst Unsupervised, Vol. 1'."

"You actually wrote it!?" Lemon squeaked in surprise, with Maroon snickering before being cut quiet by Fluttershy's glare.

"Oh Lemon, I'm sure it can't be tha-" Fluttershy stopped herself as she began to read. "FTL?" Flipping a page, one of her eyebrows arched upwards. "Stuffed animals?" With another page, the other eyebrow joined the first one. "Leman Russ, we are going to have a long talk afterwards."

"Awwwww." Lemon pouted, glaring at his snickering brothers again, knowing it would be a mortifying loop to deal with.

The door to the small cottage slammed open, causing Fluttershy, Forging Fire and Corn Curse to jump up from the sofa, with their tea cups rattling after jostling the table.

Big Maroon looked furious, before wilting under Fluttershy's glare as he used his magic to close the door quietly. "Where is my little brother?!" He snapped, twigs and leaves falling from his body, still covered from head to hoof in tree sap.

"What happened Maroon?" Forging Fire asked, biting back a smirk.

"Our brother," Maroon's ear twitched in anger. "Introduce me to his girlfriend." At this, both of Forging Fire and Corn Curse ears perked up at the mention of their Anchor's famous girlfriend. "She's the daughter of this loops Anchor, that Miss Twilight Sparkle," He switched his tone as Fluttershy raised an eyebrow at him, reminding him the terror that was the Stare. "She was a perfect lady, or so I thought." He grumbled loudly as he paced across the hallway, itching to shake his body but the yellow pegasus would not like it and he did not want to make her angry. Ever. "She wanted to show me around with her friends, to introduce me to some interesting concepts that she wished to test without Lemon." He pawed the ground, his horn glowing for a brief moment before going out. "These little girls took me to the top of a hill, and wished to see if a person who joined one of their crusades would incur the same results they do."

"They took you on a Cutie Mark Crusade?" Fluttershy asked, holding back her laughter perfectly. Forging Fire and Corn Curse, on the other hoof, were not doing so well, being loud in their laughter.


"And by that, they pushed you down a hill in a wagon to see if you would get covered in tree sap-" She turned her head to her other ...sons. She was warming up to the idea of calling them hers like she had done for Leman Russ so long ago. "No matter what the girls do for their crusades, they always get covered in tree sap."


Sitting on a cloud above the cottage, the two foals were joined in the laughter by the other stallions inside the small house.

Lemon turned his head to face Nyx, tears running down her face. "You were right," leaning over, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for dealing with him."

"Like there was any doubt." Nyx fluffed her chest out, snickering loudly. "Only I get to decide who torments my favourite stallion!"

Lemon was giggling loudly before managing to stop himself. "My hero!" He swooned himself into her arms before she let him go onto the cloud, both of them giggling like loons and happy as could be.

A voice shouted from below the cloud, "I thought I was your favorite stallion!"

Nyx looked down to see Shining Armor, resting comfortably against the side of the cottage. Nyx blew a raspberry at her uncle. Shining chuckled and shouted, "I heard that!"

Rolling her eyes, Nyx looked back to Lemon and muttered, "Barking chaperones."

139.13 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Twilight rested her chin against the countertop of Donut Joe's restaurant. Nothing she did helped. She had taken a dozen loops worth of lessons trying to eliminate one of her major weaknesses: Dancing. She couldn't dance to save her life. Literally, when asked to out dance cockroach on a DDR machine, the cockroach had won. It was a second later that another pony, male, sat next to her. Her eyes turned to the pony, and she recognized him immediately from the N7 emblazoned on his flank. "Why didn't you ping us when the loop began, Shepard?"

The pony held up a hoof for a glass of tea. "Wasn't awake at the time. Woke up about a month ago and went on an intensive training trip. Only came back a couple days ago. What's got you down this time, Twilight?"

"Can't dance."

The stallion chuckled as he held the glass up in his hoof and gulped it down. "Neither can I. Doesn't stop me from having fun on the floor."

He set the glass down and turned to face her. Twilight scoffed. "At least you can probably out dance a cockroach."

Shepard had the glass up to his lip at that, and he gagged on the drink, spraying it out in a burst of laughter and coughing, "You...danced against Dr. Cockroach and you're upset? He...*cough* his PHD in dance!"

Twilight's eyes widened, "Wait...what?"

Shepard pulled out a PADD of his own and showed her a wikipedia entry on Monsters vs. Aliens. Twilight rubbed her horn and moaned. Shepard patted her on the back, "His universe has only recently started looping, probably why you never heard of him."

A minute of silence passed, then Shepard asked, "What are your plans for the Gala this loop?"

Twilight sighed, "Not going. The others are putting together a dance party and I don't want to give them more blackmail material."

Shepard thought for a second, then his mouth formed a smirk. "Want to turn their party on their heads?"

Celestia, the only other pony besides the elements that was awake, stood a short distance from the specially designed dance floor. Her usual spot was occupied by an illusion of Celestia that would greet all well wishers and nobles without them any the wiser. She herself was under a notice-her-not charm as well as a compulsion charm to avoid her area. She was resting on a bench, waiting for Applejack and the others to begin their dance off. Dash and Pinkie stepped onto the floor first, strutting their stuff. Dash seemed more into the robot and electric slide. Pinkie initiated a very impressive break dance. Applejack took to line dancing while Rarity performed the tango solo. Fluttershy danced a slower waltz. A crowd had gathered around the dancing mares, all wondering what the buck they were doing.

Suddenly, a disco ball dropped from the ceiling as every spotlight on the floor came to rest on the orb. This threw off all the others as the floor started lighting up. A snappy beat started up, Shake it, Shake it.

Celestia blinked as a familiar tan coated stallion stepped onto the floor dressed in a white jacket and blue ascot. The stallion gripped his collar and allowed the beat to take him. A familiar purple unicorn stepped out of the crown as well, wearing a green shoulder-less dress that went down to her ankles. The music still played in the background (Shake it, shake it) as the five elements and Celestia's jaw dropped in unison. The unicorn held up her front hoof and beckoned the stallion forth.

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah.
Show 'em how they do it now.

Dash asked Pinkie, "What's going on? Is that Twilight? I thought she was staying at home?"

Pinkie held up a video camera as she muttered, "Thought I felt a doozie coming."

The stallion and mare stepped forward towards one another, in unison bobbing their head at each other. Once they were a foot from each other, their disco began, as they proved themselves quite good at it. Dash leaned in to Pinkie and asked, "Was Twilight replaced by a changeling or something? She's doing really well here."

A couple other ponies stepped around them and joined in. Dash finally managed to get a glimpse at the stallion's cutie mark and her jaw dropped again, "That's Shepard! Ok, those two have to have been replaced by changelings."

Applejack gave Dash a quirked expression, "Dash, ya think anythin' baseline could kidnap those two and replace em'?"

Dash opened her mouth, then thought better of it. "No."

By the end of the song, the entirety of the nobility had joined in on the strange dance.

Twilight and Shepard managed to extract themselves from the dance floor without the other elements catching up. After exiting the building, Twilight teleported the two of them back to her library. Once they arrived, the two burst out laughing, Twilight asking, "Did you get their reaction on camera?"

Shepard rubbed a tear away, "Sure did, and the expressions of everyone else, including your mentor."

Another moment passed as Twilight asked, "How long do you think it'll take them to figure out we artificially induced a heartsong?"

Shepard shrugged, "Give them a couple days. Still, that was fun."

139.12 continued: (Evilhumour)

Twilight paced back and forth with Forging Fire, Big Maroon and Corn Curse watching her with fear. Fluttershy was sitting in the middle of them, watching her friend and preparing some tea as Twilight tried to deal with what happened when they all Woke up.

Luna was also pouting in the corner of the room, grumbling about how her daughter/sister stole her/their moon to go on a thousand year date with her boyfriend.

Twilight was ok with the thought of her daughter dating, knowing that their two kids were more than capable to defend themselves and her Nyxie was beyond capable to defend herself if Lemon tried anything. This wasn't the first time the two of them have gone off for an adventure, but it was the first time the two of them did so as alicorn teens. Even though they were both ageless, all of them were ageless but Nyx was still too young to go on a date with a teenage boy and she was growing up too fast and she knew what teenage boys were interested and she knew how sav-

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door, causing Twilight to jump. Teleporting over and opening the door, she saw an armoured unicorn stallion glaring at her, his horn glowing as he held up two red face ponies.

"Ma'am, we found these two on a moon reported stolen over a thousand years ago." He moved a dark coated mare, her long purple mane hiding half of her grinning, blushing face. "After making them pull over, discovering the stolen property and finally producing evidence, we do believe she lives here; is this correct?"

"Yes, this is my daughter." Twilight said calmly, eying the mare that was holding the yellow coated stallion's hoof, both of them in mid snickering. Said mare noticed the glare the purple unicorn was giving her and meeped softly, hiding behind her mane like the stallion next to her mother once did.

"Sorry ma-"

"Later Nightmare Moon Sparkle." She said equally calm, causing her daughter to squeak and the stallion next to her to gulp loudly. The stallion holding them coughed, causing Twilight to throw her calm glare at him. With nary a flinch, the stallion looked into the room and eyed Fluttershy.

"Ma'm, are you the mother of this stallion he-"

"Yes, he is one of my boys and I do hope he did not do anything wrong." Fluttershy blinked, looking at the table before glancing at the trembling, pale alicorn stallion. "I trust there is a record of events?"

"Yes ma'am," He said, pulling out a pamphlet to both mothers. "This is when they are due to appear in court, the cost of the damages, the fine of driving a moon without a permit and several other details." Placing the two alicorns down inside the library, he nodded his head. "I do need to find one miss Princess Luna; we need to know what to do with the remains of the moon."

"I am she and what did they do my moon?" Luna asked with a bit of fear and a bit of steel in her voice.

"This was ma'am, and I do apologize as what you see may be a bit uncomfortable." He lead Luna out of the library, closing the door.

Twilight eyed her blushing, teenage daughter cuddling up against the tall, rugged stallion, his wing holding her close.

Grinding her teeth and pulling her wings in tight to her side, she took a step forwards to give a brand new lecture that she just invented that would last at least two loops when Luna suddenly cried loud enough to cause several glass planes to shatter, with the others gaining spiderweb cracks.

Twilight blinked, turning her head to see a weeping Luna latching onto the armoured stallion before turning back to look at the two teenagers, only to find the door open and a note where they just sitting.

Picking up the note, she started to read it out loud.

'Sorry momma, but we were only halfway done with our date! Don't worry, we'll be back in time for our court day and tell Auntie Luna we're really sorry!


Nyx & Lemon'

Twilight blacked out after reading that, later learning from Fluttershy that she blew up the Golden Oaks in a fit of rage.

Oh she would need a special lecture for these two!

139.14: (Detective Ethan Redfield)

A vacationing police officer and his niece sat on a plane. The plane was destined for Austin, Texas. However, these two weren't ordinary vacationers. The younger one was giving funny looks at her uncle, "Uncle, stop being so coy and tell me why you kidnapped me-"

Shining looked affronted, "I have not kidnapped you."

Nyx gave him a flat stare with her eyebrow quirked, "So what do you call coming into mommy and my house at two in the morning, hold your finger to your mouth in an attempt to shoosh me, then picked me up and a pre-prepared suitcase, and then finally walked out the door?"

Shining looked sheepish, "I left a message on the kitchen table explaining everything. Besides, we haven't spent uncle/niece bonding time in...a three million loops or so."

Nyx's expression somehow turned more skeptical, "And you think mommy will react like a normal human when she finds me gone from my bed tomorrow? She probably won't even look at the table."

Several rapid fire pings washed over them in rapid succession, causing Shining to flinch. Nyx chuckled, "She's probably torn the entire neighborhood apart looking for me. You're so dead when she finds out."

The house hovered mid air, broken down into its individual pieces down to the bare nails. Twilight was frantic, stepping between the pieces looking for any sign of Nyx. Could this loop not be a hub loop? Had a supervillain kidnapped Nyx? These and many more thoughts flew through Twilight's head as she grew more and more panicked. Why hadn't Nyx Pinged by now? Sure, she can handle herself, but what if it were Dio, or Kyubey, or some other villain looper they haven't met yet appears?

Suddenly, her cell phone started ringing.

Shining gulped as Twilight picked up, "Twiley? Yes, I'm awake. I know Nyx is missing. Look, I have her with me now."

Dead silence reigned for a second. Sweat started dripping down the officer's head, "I just wanted to have some uncle/niece bonding time-"

He held the phone away as the phone somehow managed to convey the Royal Canterlot Voice, "AND YOU DIDN'T THINK IT A GOOD IDEA TO TELL ME BEFORE PULLING THIS STUNT! WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK TO TAKE HER WITH YOU?!"

With a wandless muffliato, he weathered the diatribe of words, "There was a note on the kitchen table. It should still be there. It even outlines the places I'm going, alright?"

Twilight's voice cut off for a second as, presumably, the note floated over to the anchor. After a full minute passed, she growled out the rest, "I expect her back in a month. Aspen Birch Bark help you if she isn't back by midnight on the 28th day. And if she doesn't say this was the best hub world adventure she's ever had, I won't be held responsible for my actions. Now put Nyx on."

Shining passed his niece the phone. Twilight said, "Nyxie, let me know if Shining causes you any trouble. And do have fun!"

Nyx replied in an enthused tone, "Will do mommy! Love you!"

Twilight said the same, then the line cut off. Nyx handed back the phone to Shining and asked, "So, what's in Austin anyway?"

Shining shook his head. "That's not our final destination. We're catching a connecting flight to New Braunfels, Texas."

Nyx quirked her eyes again, "And there?"

Shining chuckled. "That's a surprise."

After arriving in New Braunfels and a short trip through the town, they arrived at their destination, a massive water park named Schlitterbahn. Nyx muttered, "This is definitely new."

Shining chuckled, "Never been to a water park before?"

"I've been to garden worlds in Warhammer, Aquilaris during its time as a resort world in Star Wars, ridden the space Titanic in the Whoverse among many others, but no, I haven't. Now I'm curious how it will stack up."

Shining ruffled Nyx's hair. "You can't compare one universe's adventures to another, otherwise you'll just long for times that have passed an won't come again for billions of loops. Let's have some fun."

Nyx could get behind that. As the day progressed, Nyx couldn't help but admit she was having fun. There were dozens of rides to partake in, plenty of tasty food to eat, and excellent company to enjoy. Even though she had been through life and death situations, her heart still went to her throat as she slid down the 168 foot water slide. She played a pirate as she defended Han's Hideout from the one man army of Shining Armor. Her mind imagined herself flying like her Alicorn self as she was launched into the air in the Skycoaster. As the day wound down and Shining took her to the hotel, Nyx wondered what would be next? Twilight did say Shining would have her for a month, so where else would the two travel?

139.15: (Kris Overstreet)

"So, what did you call me over for?" Skuld asked.

"You know how that tree library almost always gets blown up in the Equestria Loop?" Sleipnir asked. "I've been going over the logs, and that library was getting destroyed at above-average frequency even before the Tirek expansion began."

"Your point?" Skuld said pointedly. "I ask because there are a dozen acts of divine idiocy happening right now, and I need to administer the mighty hammer of debugging." She gently rapped Sleipnir's desk with said hammer. It went squeak.

"Maybe Yggdrasil's trying to tell us something."

Skuld blinked. "Continue."

"Library. Tree containing lots of knowledge. Gets horribly damaged." The horse spread its four forehooves to indicate the whole of the Admin offices. "Yggdrasil. Tree containing all that is knowable. Gets horribly damaged." Lowering his hooves, he pointed one to his terminal and concluded, "Maybe if we study the various incidents that destroyed the library in Ponyville, we'll gain insight into the Event, and thus to a final workable repair that brings Yggdrasil back to full capacity."

Skuld raised an eyebrow. "So, what you're saying is, Yggdrasil is trying to point on the dolly where the bad man touched it."

Sleipnir looked distinctly uncomfortable. "Er... could you please pick a different metaphor?"

"The bad, bad centaur man with horns," Skuld pressed on. "I'll just tell Tyr that we all need to be on the lookout for a malevolent centaur about fifty thousand parsecs tall? Or maybe larger? Be kind of hard to miss. And we'll have to question Chiron very closely, make sure he wasn't-"

"All right, I get it," Sleipnir sighed, slumping over his terminal. "The theory needs work."
MLP Loops 139
139.1: Crossover is Sentinels of the Multiverse. They don't seem very good at sentineling, though.
139.2: Dang loops.
139.3: Someone didn't like Ren OR Stimpy.
139.4: D'awww.
139.5: May not actually work that way.
139.6: Aim Twilight Sparkle away from eyes or face when annoyed.
139.7: Duplication.
139.8: That is dedication, alright.
139.9: Whoops...
139.10: Note the anchor asleep on the bed.
139.11: ...I have to admit, it's a tricky choice. Either way you can moderate the worst bits of your side.
139.12: Oh, dear. Shenannigans.
139.13: Dance, Dance Revulsion?
139.14: Laughing "Uncle!"
139.15: ...well, it might be the explanation.
So, I worked out how fast Miles 'Tails' Prower would fall, if he fell out of, say, a plane. Or the Death Egg.
The results were interesting. Assuming he has a drag coefficient of 1.3 (similar to a person skydiving) and a cross sectional area of about 0.3 m^2 (it's the tails, mainly), he has a terminal velocity of about 27 ms-1.
Half that of a human skydiver, mostly because he weighs so much less. (Though rolling into a ball will make him fall substantially faster).
Now, here's the fun bit. He can at least take off while carrying Sonic and Knuckles (meaning he's lifting 20+35+40 kg altogether) for a downthrust of about five times his own body weight.
This means he can apply 4g surplus upwards acceleration in addition to cancelling his own weight, putting him at being able to screech to a halt while falling - in under a second. If he can fly carrying those two for even a second, he can stop in midair from a fall of any sane height. (That is, any height he doesn't play meteor).
Chaos Energy, eh?

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