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Companionship is Magic by Saphroneth
Companionship is Magic
Too long to fit in other chapters.
(Sorry about Slaanesh pushing the rating... but, you know. Slaanesh.)
138.1 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Mac had barely finished setting up his store when the doors swung open, revealing a purple Alicorn. Twilight was shaking all over, every hair on her main frayed in every which way and her wings extended fully even as she trotted down the stairs. Upon approach, he could hear her teeth grinding and both eyes were twitching, meaning that she wasn't freaked out, but angry beyond all measure, "Mac...I need one of every drink in your pocket that won't crash the loop. And keep them coming until I am unconscious on the floor."

He didn't speak as he started her off easy with mug of the Apple Family's Cider and slowly worked her way up to harder liquor.

Mac asked, "Care ta share?"

A massive stack of papers was plopped down on the counter, causing a couple empty glasses to fall over. Again, Mac took note as Twilight didn't even react as a couple leftover drops soiled the paper. The Alicorn's tone took on a manic undertone. "Have you ever read this? I read this magnum opus the first time I replaced a professor at Canterlot University. I flash copied the original to read when I needed a quick joke."

Mac picked up the document and started scanning it. The document was simply titled, Equestria, a History Revealed.

Within minutes of reading, Mac was already holding back a few snorts as even his baseline self would easily point out inconsistencies in this madmare's writings. As a looper, he could tell Loose Change's understandings of time travel were utterly outrageous to begin with, never mind the theory behind Discord's birth. Mac set down the first couple chapters he had already perused and looked up at Twilight. The mare was now on Tequila and would soon start hitting non-hub world drinks. Sensing Mac's question, she set down the shot glass and continued, "Imagine a world where everything Loose Change wrote is 100% accurate."

The Stallion blinked at the thought, then asked, "Ya crash ah loop recently? Must'a angered Sleipnir somethin' fierce ta create ah new punishment loop for ya."

Twilight glared at Mac as she pulled out a box of peanuts from her subspace pocket and started pelting the red stallion.

138.2 (warewolves)

Stolen from:(RowanEx, Awesomedude17, fractalman)

(I think.)
(This isn't easy to track.)
(Let’s just say that the above people were involved. In some way.)

Princess Twilight Awoke, looking up.

Watching as two small meteorites passed her, and landed on Ponyville, she sighed. Walking down, she soon spotted the crater, hearing a long drawn out sound slowly becoming louder.


"We are NOT in space mate, so SHUT UP! Honestly, you’re worse than Space Cops. ‘You are floating through restricted space please stop doing that. If you do not cease such actions, we will be forced to follow you, and ask you to cease such actions’. Honestly, If I didn’t know any better I’d put all my money on Her having a hand in their creation."



Twilight looked down at the two spinning eyeballs, and levitated the one with the blue eye out of the crater. Blinking half his eyelid, Twilight noticed the damaged circuitry, and glanced toward Applebloom, who descended to meet her.

“Oh, hello, the names Wheatley. Hacker extraordinaire, I should mention. Oh I do hope these ones are sentien-why are you looking at me like that?” Wheatley focused his eye on Applebloom, she was currently watching the sparks coming off his casing.

“Ah could probably fix ya right up, if yer’re giving me permission.” Applebloom waited patiently as Wheatley's eyes constricted, and he began to nod it.

“Oh! Yes, that would be most helpful, indeedly helpful, incredibly helpful. That would make my job of uh-existing TONS easier frankly. If you would be so kind as to -er- do so that would be a GREAT help, thank you very much.” Wheatley blinked as Twilight handed the robot over to Applebloom, who sat it on her back as she looked to Twilight.

“Oh go ahead, but I want to talk to him once you’re done.” Twilight watched the two leave, and turned her attention to the second sphere.

“Space cops, here comes space cops.” Twilight levitated it up, and glanced toward the moon.

“You want to go to space?” Twilight waited, and the ball began to roll around in circles.

“I’m the best at SPAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCEEE!” Wincing, Twilight shook her head to dislodge some of the ringing, and looked around. There were a few approaching, but none of them were close enough that they would know what she had in her magic.

“Sure,” she spoke, calling on her magic, and sending the core to form a circular orbit around the moon.

“What the-” Twilight covered herself with a shield as a third object smashed into the crater. This one was much larger, and Twilight watched as it slid down her shield, and slammed into the dirt. Stepping back, she waited as two forms stepped out of it.

The first was a pony with a strange white Cutie Mark. The second was a robotic version of Celestia almost, and for a brief moment Twilight was struck by visions of Celestia AI, but quickly shook them away. Sure enough, as they walked toward her, Twilight confirmed they were who she suspected.

“Excuse me, we’re looking for a moron, you haven’t seen him around by any chance?” GladOS regarded Twilight, eyes detecting her Looper status before sticking an Anchor label over the top. Chell said nothing as she stood beside her, but that was normal. Chell had never entirely forgiven GladOS for testing on her.

“Welcome to our universe. Sanctuary Loop, don’t cause too much trouble and you’re free to do whatever, yada blada. Wheatley is getting repaired by another looper, I’ll take you to him.” Twilight turned, and led the two out of the crater. Sure, Twilight could just teleport them there, but sometimes it did good to give the new arrivals a chance to talk.

“So, how did Wheatley end up here?” Twilight turned her head, and the two didn’t even glance toward her. Blinking, she returned her attention to where she was going. These two obviously didn’t get out much.

“That moron Woke in my body, in my facility, and had the gall to ask me for ‘lessons on how to make it not explode’. So I told him to press the button to disconnect him, and sent him on a rocket into space. You may ask why I had a button installed for such purposes, the reason is simple; For Science.” They continued walking in silence for a moment, and Twilight once more broke the silence.

“You two...don’t get out much do you?” Glancing behind her, she saw the nod. Turning back around to face ahead, a small smile fell onto her face. Pinkie Pie would have a field day with these two.

“I do hope you two like cake.” Both came to a stop, turning toward a pink blur hurtling right toward them. Twilight chuckled, and took three steps to one side.

“Because in our world; the a Pie!”

Several days later...

"So, you want to go back into space?" asked Celestia.


Celestia shrugged her shoulders. "Very well."

Then she sent it to the moon.

138.3 (warewolves)

“Good morning Lyra, it’s a fine day to be Loopy, is it not?” Twilight smiled warmly as Lyra nodded, pulling out a book as she handed it to Twilight. Turning, Twilight levitated the book back onto the shelf. This Loop, she had decided to sort them in order of relevance to the word Pear. Twilight really did enjoy her new pastime.

“So what personality is in charge this time?” Twilight pulled out her tea set and began brewing some tea for Lyra. Sipping her own, she wondered which would be taking charge in this particular Loop. After all, it was quite a unique variant.

“Actually none, I think I might actually be cured Twilight!” Lyra beamed a smile as she sipped her drink. For once, she was just a single pony. If Lyra examined her memories, she didn’t have any problems looking through them either. It was as if she was a perfectly normal, Looping, pony.

“Uh huh...In that case we need to talk Lyra. Us eleven.” Twilight put down her drink, and looked Lyra square in the eyes. Lyra blinked, registering the fact that there was only two of them here in the room.

“Eleven?” Speaking up, Lyra tilted her head as Twilight nodded, and looked down to the drink in her hooves. Breathing in, she carefully considered her words.

“In this Loop, everypony has multiple personalities. Normally it’s one or two. The others say that they have five or six, but I think that’s due to the Element’s influence. Funny thing; they’re one of our personalities.” Twilight gave a sheepish smile, and Lyra scowled in irritation as she planted her face into the table.

“Just great, the one Loop I’m normal, nopony else is. So what did you call your personalities, and whom am I talking to?” Lyra turned her head so she could look at Twilight, who scratched the back of her head.

“You’re talking to the Public Speaker, the one of us who’s good at talking. There’s also Magic, Party Pony, Book Reader, Sympathetic to Everypony, Loop memories, Previous Loop memories, Magic Master, Fight or Flight, and The Potato.” Twilight scratched the back of her head again, and went to take a sip of her drink as Lyra closed her eyes.

“Do I want to know about The Potato?” Lyra raised her head and decided to finish off her tea. Sipping it, she silently wondered just what every Looper had named theirs. Likely none were as obvious as Twilight’s.

“Mmmn no, the less said about The Potato, the better.”

138.4 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Sunset Shimmer's ears perked up as Principal Celestia strode into the class, "Class, today you will be having a new student. He's a student from overseas, however he is fully fluent in English. Please give him a warm welcome."

Her eyes narrowed as a male teenager with black hair sporting a cyan long sleeve shirt over grey t-shirt underneath and blue jeans strode into the room. There was something familiar about him. He pushed up his glasses as a gleam of light seemed to cross his vision, "Nice to meet you all. My name is Kei Shirogane, but most of my friends call me Shiroe. I'm originally from the Akiba area in Tokyo, Japan. My parents moved here after my father was transferred to the American Branch. It's been such a flurry of a change, I feel like I've been thrown for a loop."

Sunset's eyes widened, her mouth dropped, but then she caught herself and gave the response, "Do you feel awake now, or do you need help finding somewhere to anchor yourself like you were at home?"

Shiroe's blinked and gave a small smirk, "I would be grateful for any help you can provide."

Celestia blinked at the odd exchange, then shrugged it off, "Sunset, are you volunteering to help our transfer student settle in?"

Sunset nodded. Celestia pointed to the seat next to Sunset, "Take a seat next to her. If you have any problems, let her know."

It wasn't until after school that the two could talk, since everyone kept asking Shiroe questions about Japan. Sunset offered to show him around the city after class, and that was what they were doing now. Shiroe withdrew a more circumspect magic staff that appeared like an actual walking stick, "Sunset, it has been far too long."

Sunset grabbed the teen in a firm hug, "Far, far too long. How are Akatsuki and Naotsugu?"

Shiroe gave a small grin and patted her on the back, "Both are doing well. Akatsuki is refining her ninja techniques, Naotsugu often takes to wandering the world if bored. Nyanta is still hoping Konyan will start looping. We have a new looper, Serara, the girl you replaced. She's still getting used to the loops, but we believe she'll be fine. As for me-"

He gave a sly grin and reached into his subspace pocket, withdrawing a potion that made her quirk her eyebrows, "Still trying out your alchemy on visitors?"

Shiroe shrugged, "You didn't mind being a pony for that loop."

His sly grin vanished a moment later, "In all seriousness though, teaching the loopers and settling them into their loops is going well. Those brochures Twilight made were extremely useful. Actually, Cherilee appeared in our loop not too long ago, asking for more tutoring. Second time through."

Sunset snorted in humor, "What did she study this time?"

"Japanese history, mechanical engineering, a brief history of Lovecraftian Horrors, though I think that was because she ended up in Lovecraft's Call of Cthuhlu, and finally Theldesian magics, all of them."

Shimmer whistled, "That's an odd selection. What did she ask for the first time?"

Shiroe shared, causing Sunset to shake her head, "She's taking her desire to learn everything very seriously."

Shiroe leaned on his staff, "What do you usually do for this loop?"

Shimmer shrugged, "Equestria is a sanctuary loop to any guests. As long as you don't cause too much trouble, we'll usually go along with your plan."

Shiroe removed the Pegasus potion he once had Akatsuki drink and the Sunset's unicorn potion, "Actually, I might have an idea-"

He was cut off as Shimmer was suddenly in his face, "Don't do it, Shiroe. I think I know your plan. It's ok to use that potion as a joke in Theldesia on your fellow loopers, but here...look just don't do it."

Shiroe looked confused, then it dawned on him, "Oh...the conversion bureau-"

"We don't talk about it either."

Shiroe blinked, then gave a sad grin, "No, you misunderstood my plan. Listen-"

After a few minutes, Sunset started to grin herself, "Actually, if you can do that, it might just be ok."

A Couple Years later


It was a slow week in Ponyville, what with so few loopers awake in the small town. Shining was awake, but occupied with pushing back dragons that threatened to invade and conquer the whole of Equus. He also considered it good practice to stay in form as head of Princess Celestia's and...eventually, Cadence's guard.

It was shortly after Chrysalis' epic failure of an invasion (due to Shiny's actions), meaning they had some time before the next crisis (big or small) would strike. Twilight shouted, "Spike, get my list on things to do during the doldrums."

A few moments later, Spike entered her room dragging a scroll so big it barely fit through the doorway, "Twilight, why am I carrying your lists in my subspace pocket? Yours could hold the entirety of America by now."

Twilight rolled her eyes, "It's tradition, Spike. You're the assistant...but if you don't want to be my assistant any more, I could store the scrolls-"

Spike waved her off, "No, I don't mind. I was just curious."

With a size shift, Drake Spike started rolling down the list...carefully not to break any of the furniture, "Alright. We got dig to the center of the earth and see what Equestria's core is made of?"

Twilight shook her head, "Seven times out of 10 it's still a mixture of molten iron and nickel. Next."

"Think up a new drinking game?"

"Already have a list for that."

"Research rock farming?"

Twilight paused at that one. Ever since the Petriculture loop, she had forgotten about that one. Moments later, she shook her head, "Let's not for now. I'd like preparations in case Pinkie is another of my imaginary friends."

"Conquer Equis and implement a Oligarchy?"

Twilight blinked, then glared at the scroll, "Cross it out, then burn the ink off so it never existed."

Spike looked at Twilight, "Didn't you make that suggestion when you were drunk out of your mind after failing to redeem Anakin since he was basically Dark Sidious Vader?"

Twilight sighed and nodded, "Continue."

It went on for a bit, until it reached, "Go through the magical mirror and see if Sunset is awake?"

Twilight brightened up at that one, "Yes! I like that one!"

A moment later, Twilight had removed a copy of the Crystal Mirror and pulled out a keyblade of her own. Slightly surprised, Spike gave her a quizzical look, to which Twilight replied, "I don't use it often, but Sunset's taught me how to open the portal any time."

With a twist of the blade, a lance of energy shot out, striking the mirror. With a press of his claw, spike's arm went through the mirror. The dragon pulled out a checklist, "Portal opened, check."

Twilight rolled her eyes and chuckled, "Thanks, Spike."

With that, the two stepped through the portal. On the other side, Twilight looked over her hands for a second, then gave a ping. Surprisingly, two pings echoed back near one another, "Looks like Sunset is awake, and has a friend."

Spike looked at her, "Or someone else is awake. You never know...Rarity might be..."

Twilight rubbed Spike's head, "Then we should check right away."

As Twilight finished, a griffon walked by and muttered, "'Sup, losers."

Twilight smiled at the griffon, "Hey, Gilda!"

The girl turned back, only to pause and review the last ten seconds. Her head turned so fast it was amazing it didn't snap off. No doubt about it, a...griffon...Gilda...had just strolled by them like it was nothing. Twilight looked to Spike, who just raised his paws, looking just as confused as her. Moments later, a unicorn Trixie strolled by, muttering about how her spell wasn't working just right and needed more practice for the talent show. And when she looked closer, there were other people she knew that were no longer humans. Lyra, for example, was looking at her hooves with fascination, then rubbed her horn every now and then. Twilight's eye started twitching.

This was definitely new.

Twilight's hand were shaking a bit as she took a sip of some coffee. She looked across the table at the two loopers and asked, "Which one of you wants to explain why mythical creatures are wondering around Canterlot High. Mythical creatures whom were once humans?"

Sunset and Shiroe exchanged slightly nervous glances, as Shiroe began, "It was supposed to be a joke for when you got here, but things got a bit out of control."

Twilight quirked her eyes as she spun her head to Joe, who was now a Minotaur, and also a very Pink Griffon Pinkie who was bounding over to them. She asked, "Hey, hey, hey! What fresh pastries would you like today, Sunset?"

Suddenly, her lion tail started shaking. Pinkie gasped as she looked at it, "Oh! My tail is shaking...three, no four times. Meaning we have a guest from another dimension!"

Twilight nodded, "Party later, Pinkie. I'll take a chocolate triple deluxe doughnut. The other two will have to suffer a couple glazed ones."

"Okie Dokie! Would you like any potion to go with that?"

Twilight's eyes narrowed at her two looping friends, both who flinched. She replied, "Unicorn, if you would."

With that, the griffon nodded and hopped off. Twilight waved her hand wildly at the retreating waitress. Shiroe sighed, "We were going for a temporary conversion, no mind alterations. We based the design off a chemical breakdown of the Appearance Changing Potion from my universe. The potion was originally designed as a party joke, that would last a couple hours."

He called forth his laptop, pulled up a couple documents, and slid them across the table. Twilight took several minutes to inspect the data, meanwhile pocketing the coffee for later research. Her expression slowly shifted from a mixture of disappointment and frustration to curiosity and excitement. She looked up at Shiroe and asked with a hopeful expression, "Have you completely reverse engineered the potion?"

Shiroe shook his head, "No. All I was able to produce was a cheap imitation, transforming, say, a human into what he or she would look like as a pony. Albeit, I can make them earth, unicorn or pegasi pony, but each one would have the same mane and coat color as well as cutie mark. Same with Griffon, minotaur, changeling, and all others. However if you wanted to look like, say Sunset here or change your gender, you're out of luck."

Twilight nodded, slightly unhappy at that, but understandable. The original potion was incredibly complex, using ingredients that were both incredibly rare for even loopers, but also some she couldn't recognize to begin with. She asked, "Alright. I'm interested. How did you accidentally start a Conversion Bureau Phenomenon?"

Shiroe went into his story, chronicling his acquisition of a College lab at Canterlot University where he presented his current research to the scientists, as well as a proposition to create a party potion. Sunset talked to this universe's versions of Twilight's friends and convinced them to participate in conversion tests. Fluttershy seemed to take to the project like bees to honey, willing to participate in every test. Dash, meanwhile, enjoyed being a Pegasus too much and asked if there was a way to make the conversion permanent. Two new lines of testing were opened, one to allow permanent conversions and the second to change back into humans. Soon, the potion was set to go into production.

Twilight raised a hoof at this, "How did you get this by the FDA?"

Shiroe shrugged, "We had Pinkie Pie talk to them, while she was in her earth pony form. After a five hour closed door session, they agreed to a trial run with a wider audience here in Canterlot High and around the city. Rarity, Applejack and Dash put together an excellent marketing strategy, promoting the opportunity to use magic of a unicorn, the chance to fly as Pegasi and strength unmatched by the Earth Ponies. And the rest you know since you just got here."

Twilight continued to grill Shiroe for the next couple hours on safety regulations of the potions for bringing flying Pegasi to the ground safely if their conversions were temporary and cancelled mid air. Also, limitations on the unicorn magic to prevent more dangerous members of society using spells designed to kill were discussed, to which Shiroe assured her that unicorn magic had limitations in place to prevent serious bodily injury or death upon the target's form. It was also part of Shiroe's deal with the FDA that converted members of the military would be allowed full use of their magic for combat purposes.

Finally, Twilight sighed, "Alright. I won't interfere in this under two conditions. First, you will hire me as part of your research team to study the Appearance Changing Potion. If we can fully reverse engineer it, gender bender loops would no longer be a problem for any looper."

Shiroe nodded and asked, "What's the second?"

Twilight looked at him with a dead serious expression, "If this blows up in your face, you will fix it. If anyone dies as result of the potion failing at an inopportune moment, you will resurrect them and make amends. If the potion ever shows signs of altering a person's or pony's mind, this project will be terminated immediately and you will restore that person's mind at all costs. Do you understand?"

Shiroe nodded and gave a small bow, "Absolutely. Rest assured, I will not allow harm to befall anyone should the project fail."

138.5 (fractalman)

"Ah, Twilight. I was wondering if you could take a look at my latest dress" said Rarity.

"Is this a dress you and Slaanesh have been working on?"

"Oh, no, nothing of the sort."

"Well…alright then."

When Rarity removed the cover for the dress, Twilight covered her eyes as a monstrous amount of heat and light assaulted her. "ACK! Rarity! Please, PLEASE tell me that dress isn't made from what I think it is!"

"Oh, don't worry dear, it's only something I made using Gridfire as-"


As Twilight fled the room, the planet, and the solar system to be safe, Rarity smirked. Then she flipped a switch with her magic, causing the light and heat to dim, revealing a relatively normal diamond-fiber dress and a massive array of lights inside of an expansion charm. "A pity poor Twilight didn't stick around long enough to hear me finish my explanation, I could have told her I only used Gridfire as a power source for energy-matter conversion."

138.6 (Evilhumour)

There was a stomp of hooves that entered Twilight's library, causing her to look up. First entering was very familiar looking colt glaring in complete anger as a tall black alicorn followed him in too. The colt was well groomed, mane perfectly washed and cut. He looked perfectly presentable in public but why did he look so familiar...

Then Twilight looked at the cutie mark and did a double take. "Lemon?"

The colt could only roll his eyes as an answer. "What happened, who is tha-"

Then she realized who it was in front of her. It was Ganondorf, noticing his cutie mark resembled that of the Tri-Force, the top part was a bit brighter, and his face resembled his previous time here. Twilight's eyes darted from the young colt's perfectly groomed mane to the brush still in Ganondorf's telekenetic grasp. Then she burst out laughing as she put the dots together.

Nyx poked her head out of her room and stared at her boyfriend, before falling over in sheer laughter, rolling on her back with Lemon only grumbling under his breath as she started to squeak.

"It took me several dozen scissors, a couple lakes, Equestria's entire supply of rope to hold him steady, an unfathomable amount of combs and brushes but I finally got him looking presentable." Curry Comb,his looping Equestrian name, chuckled. "It seemed that miss Fluttershy was right; it would take a herculean effort to get him all tidied up."

Lemon Rush only sighed, the Little Mother had been taken to the hospital as she could not stop laughing after seeing him. Suddenly there was a multiple-flash of lights as cameras went off, with many pictures being taken of him.

"The things I do for love."

138.7 (Evilhumour, Leviticus Wilkes, Archeo Lumiere and Hvulpes)

Fluttershy walked to her door where a very still and very calm looking Rainbow Dash was waiting for her.

"Fluttershy," she said calm, her eye twitching. "Is, by any chance your son home?"

"Oh dear," Fluttershy placed a hoof to her cheek. "What did he do?"

"Your son," Rainbow's wings twitched as she spoke. "Had me race an Ork biker. Only," she raised a wing in the air. "He gave the Ork red paint, and to which I quote, "This is the super duper ultra fastest red paint. Guaranteed to make you go 130 percent faster than awesomeness." She took a deep breath of air. "The Ork beat me by going ten percent faster than me. While I was an alicorn!" She snapped, glaring at her friend. "Now is your son home as I would like to have some words with him?"

"Well, it seems that Lemon beat you fair and square Dash, so if those words are civil and polite then I see no reason not to let you speak to him."

"No, I was going to ask for some red fur dye."

Fluttershy's lip twitched. "May I ask why you need some red fur dye?"

"So I can fly 140% faster than usual, duh."

A few days later...

"So let me get this straight." asked Twilight as she looked at Rainbow Dash, who looked the same except that her coat had been painted red. No change to her rainbow mane, nor to her cutie mark. "Being red has made you so fast..."

"I travelled in time. Under my own power! I am awesome!"

138.8 (Evilhumour)

Lemon blinked as he looked over the hill and then at the three fillies behind him.

"Are you sure that this is necessary?" He asked them, wondering how they managed to talk him into doing this.

"Eyyup," Applebloom said with a grin. "Best way to test it, after all. We all try to do it, and it happens without fail."

"And besides," Sweetie Bell continued, rolling her eyes. "You've looped here as a foal so often that I'm kinda surprised we've never asked you before."

"To which I am flattered that you have asked me now but this seems a bit much!" Lemon protested, flapping his wings.

"Come on Lemon," Scootaloo whined, edging closer. "Don't be a chicken!"

"There's be a coward and being stupid," he glared at her. "I'm not going to do it!"

"Too bad!" the three of them rushed over and before Lemon could do anything, they pushed the wagon he was in down into the treeline with a high pitched scream following him.

Fluttershy did her best not to laugh as Lemon came home covered in tree sap. She really did.

After her son let her take few dozen pictures, she marched him upstairs so he could take a bath.

"So now the Cutie Mark Crusaders have their seventh looping member." She asked, watching him a draw a bubble bath, something that she would never share out of respect for her son.

Lemon could only snort in amusement and grinned at her, already with a bubble beard. "I passed the tree sap challenge, didn't I?"

"Yes you did," she smiled, walking out of the door. "And once you are done getting cleaned up, you can wash the sap you tracked through the house."

138.9 (Gym Quirk)

"Apple Bloom? Do you still have that Fokker Dr.I?" Scootaloo asked as she peeled off her flying helmet.

The pale yellow filly looked up from adjusting Cookie's holoprojector and blinked. "Huh?...Oh. Hold on. You were flying your favorite Spitfire and he still got you?"

The pegasus grumbled under her breath, then sighed. "Look. I've got no problem coming in second to Wedge Antilles for 'Best pilot in the multiverse', but I'm not gonna stand for getting beat by a beagle flying a doghouse!"

"What makes you think the triplane...?"

"It's his weak point. I'm gonna to go full 'Orange Baroness' and see how he handles it."

"Okay...if you say so. Give me fifteen minutes to finish up here and I'll meet you in the hangar. That good enough?"

Scootaloo muttered acceptance and trudged to the pilot's ready room.

Fifteen minutes later, as she made her way to the hangar, the earth pony decided that this would not be the best time to mention that she had been providing Winona's replacement with technical assistance on the side.

138.10 (Detective Ethan Redfield)


The doors to Golden Oaks Apples swung open wide to reveal a disheveled Rarity. The Purple unicorn sighed. She turned to the Unicorn and asked, "What is it, Rarity?"

"It's Sweetie Belle, come quick!"

The two arrived a minute later at Carousel Boutique. At the top of the stairs in Rarity's workshop sat a bug like pony covered in black chitin. Twilight performed several scanning spells on the changeling, then some of her own she developed from countless other loops. Her suspicions confirmed as to the identity of the changeling, she played along. "Huh, it's a changeling. They're incredibly rare, usually living out in the Badlands away from ponies. Where did Sweetie Belle find her?"

Rarity's eye twitched. "Sweetie didn't find this...changeling you say?"

She shook her head and continued, "This was Sweetie Belle! She tried making breakfast for me and, after burning the cereal, accidentally burned her hoof trying to make pancakes. Only when her hoof burned, it reverted to that black...chitin."

Green flames consumed the changeling, reverting her form to Sweetie Belle, "But sis, I'm still your sister...don't you still love me?"

Rarity patted her on the head and gave a reassuring grin, "Of course, dear, but something's gone wrong with your body. Twilight will be able to fix this."

A tear fell down Sweetie's cheek, which caused Rarity to flinch and feel down, "I'm sorry dear. Even if Twilight is unable to reverse this, I'll always love you."

Sweetie's frown disappeared as she lunged at Rarity, hugging her tight. Rarity sighed in relief and asked, "Twilight, I'm going to get some water, calm my nerves, you know. It's been a stressful day."

After Rarity was gone, Twilight gave the filly a quirked expression. Sweetie gave a sly grin, "Oh come on. You did the same thing to Celestia that one time at the hospital."

Twilight's expression disappeared as she started giggling, "Yeah, that was fun. So, Silver, when are you and Sweetie going to change back?"

The Filly once again burst into green flames before being replaced by a grey pony with a silver mane braided into a ponytail that hung over her right side, "Can't fool you for a second, can I? Sweetie is going to see the griffon lands with Scoots and 'Bloom. Something about getting back to their roots."

"Cutie Mark Crusaders, griffon riders, Yay!"

"Get the buck off me, you brats," shouted a pissed off Gilda.

The yellow filly shouted, "Gilda! Watch out for that tr-"


Twilight shivered for a moment, then pulled out a list along with a quill and ink, muttering to herself, "Talk with Pinkie. See if she's been having her 'Crusaders are about to cause an international incident' sense."

Spoon waved her hoof dismissively, "I'm sure they're fine. Anyway, you should have seen the time I replaced Applebloom and transformed into a deer in front of Applejack. By the end of that loop, unawake you was about ready to pull her mane out, unable to figure out 'Bloom' did that."

Twilight dropped her head as a cloud seemingly started hanging over her head with rain coming down. Moments later, Derpy came in and apologized as she pushed the cloud out the window, "I don't know how that happened."

138.11 (Gamerex27)

Huitzilopochtli slammed his head against his desk. Repeatedly.

"First those damned rodents," he muttered, "and now this."

He looked again at his screen.

CLASS 4 EVENT OCCURRED IN LOOPS -----, ------, ---, ----, AND ----.



"Bees," the feathered god said. "Just...'Bees.'"

Storming out of his office, he took to the air (or as close as he could without bumping into the branches/ceiling above him). He landed near a cubicle, still in his Aztec department, and grabbed the god inside by the antenna.

"Ow! Ow! That hurtzzzzzzz!" Ah-Muzen-Cab complained. "What givezzzzz?!"

"You know damn well what's going on," the war god hissed. "I thought you had that virus contained!"

"I did! Mostly..." the bee god buzzed. "I've isolated the most dangerouzzzz strain in the Summerset Isle Loop, and it's contained there for now! No Crashes!"

"True," Huitzilopochtli said, "but it's still caused lowercase crashes in a...considerable number of my Loops!"

"I am not in a good mood," he growled to the other god. "Damage control, now, or I'm demoting you! Again!"

"...As you wizzzzh." Ah-Muzen-Cab flew up to the ceiling, where his hard drive was, and began the process of debugging.

As Huitzilopochtli turned around to leave, he saw a tired-looking Skuld waiting at the cubicle's entrance. "Problem?"

She was silent for a few moments. "No," she said, "you pretty much did what I was going to do anyways. Saves me some work."

"If I were you," the war god said, tilting his head as he followed her into the hallway, "I would be more...enraged about all these Loop crashes."

"Holy roots, DRAGON BEES!" Loki's voice echoed from far above them. "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!"

"Too tired to..." she yawned. "Anyways, if this is like the squirrels, it'll take care of itself. After a while, anyways."


"And for a virus messing with dozens of Loops," she said, smirking, "I have to admit, it's actually kind of funny."

I really, really hate the Bee Virus, Twilight internally grumbled. May as well get this over with.

"Rainbow Dash, whose wings are logically too small to let her fly, represents the Element of Bumblebees!"

"Beelieve it!" Dashie yelled, deciding to get into character for this Loop.

"Applejack, who grows apples, represents the Element of Osmia cornifrons!"

"That ain't a virtue!" Applejack said, half-indignant and half-bored.

"Pinkie Pie," Twilight continued, ignoring her, "who eats enough sugar to put any other pony into cardiac arrest, represents the Element of Honeybees!"

Pinkie Pie tried to say something, but due to being covered from head to tail in pollen and tree sap, only managed some unintelligible words and a giggle.

"Fluttershy, who would never hurt a fly, represents the Element of Stingless Bees!"

Fluttershy smiled. "They're so sweet," she said, giggling at her truly awful pun.

"Rarity, who is a hardworking mare running her own business, represents the Element of Worker Bees!"

Rarity also tried to say something, but decided against it, since speaking would probably just make the mass of bee stings covering her body worse.

"T...those are only five of the Elements of BEEEEEEES!" Nightmare Moon said triumphantly. "Ha! You have failed!"

"And I, who stay up way too late reading, represent the final mystery Element!" Twilight cried as Nightmare Moon's smirk vanished and she started screaming. "The Element of nocturnal bees, otherwise known as the Vespertine Bees!"

"No! NO!" Nightmare Moon shrieked, backing away in terror.

"And together, we form the Elements of BEEEEEEES!"

With that, beams of light shot out from their Elements, forming into a massive swarm of magically-constructed bees, which proceeded to chase Luna all around the ruins of the castle.


"Are they supposed to work that way?" Fluttershy asked, as the bees slowly but surely stung the corruption out of Luna's body.

"She'll be fine," Twilight said. "The legends said she wasn't allergic, she was just scared of them. Who's up for lunch?"

"N hney in mh ti, plz," Rarity begged through her swollen tongue.

138.12 (Gamerex27, KrisOverstreet, Masterweaver, War3wolves, Banjo2E)

Fluttershy could do nothing but stare as her choir of birds flew onto their perches, carrying bizarre instruments in their beaks and talons.

"Pun Loops," Twilight said with disgust. "Why does it always have to be pun Loops?!"

"Um..." Fluttershy started, tilting her head, "why do you need those instruments? This is a choir, not a band."

In response, one of the birds in the front chirped something, and Fluttershy facehoofed.

"What did he say?" Twilight asked.

"He said..." the pegasus started, then sighed. "He said...'Nothing can stop the Blooze'."

"Yeah," the various Rainbow Dash-colored instruments said in unison, "I'm really not liking this Loop either."

Ignoring her, the birds raised their trumpets to their beaks, lifted their drumsticks, and proceeded to play out an improvised blues melody.

The tall stallion in the black suit said, "It's 106 miles to Canterlot, we've got a zeppelin, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses."

"Hit it," said the short, fat stallion in the black suit.

"Hey, Rarity?" Fluttershy asked, as she walked into Rarity's boutique, "I was wondering if you had that conductor's uniform ready yet. I promised Seraphita that I would give her something to help with her 'Magical stop demons from eating people' song, and since she's from the Amalaverse, she'd need it...quickly..."

Gasping, Fluttershy galloped over to the fallen Rarity, who had fainted into her couch. Looking around, Fluttershy noted that she was surrounded by, of all things, horseshoes, of various metals and designs. Thankfully, she noticed that these were the slip-on kind, rather than the painful "nailed to your hooves" kind.

"So...many...orders," Rarity moaned groggily as she stirred awake.

"What happened?" Fluttershy asked, helping her to her hooves.

"There were SO MANY orders!" the Element of Generosity muttered. "So many! I thought the socks were bad: these are just...urgh!"

"I just don't have enough time to fill the orders before the Gala!" she cried. "Nothing can stop...the Shoes!"

"NOTHING CAN STOP THE NEWS!" cried Mrs. Cake triumphantly. "Twins! I have twins in my bellah!"

Twilight blinked, turning to Pinkie and quirking an eyebrow.

"Yeah, she's been like this all loop." Pinkie shrugged. "So, cookie or fudge?"

"Nothing can stop...the Tubes!"

"Well, I sure as hay wish somepony could!" Applejack yelled over the deafening noise of the Boom Tubes. "All the cider we keep tryin' ta make's fallin' out of the kegs from the dang shockwaves they're makin'!"

"You think that's bad?!" Rainbow Dash screamed back, covering her ears with her forehooves. "The weather pegasi are getting all the complaints about the noise! Five ponies today alone were fired because some idiots thought they were throwing thunder around!"

"Can someone please go and shut Highfather up?" Ivory Scrolls yelled from her office. "My windows have broken again, and the property values of Ponyville are going to plummet!"

"Hal Jordan said he's taking care of Highfather now!" Zecora reassured them. "If I were you, though, I would get out of town!"

"You leave us no choice, princess." The diplomat glowered across the table. "As of now, we are officially at war. And nothing can stop the gnus."

Twilight did not laugh until she was alone and had cast a number of anti-eavesdropping spells. But in the end... she did laugh.

"The NIGHT SHALL LAST...NEVER!" Nightmare Moon cracked with glee, and Twilight blinked, raising a hoof in question.

"Don't you mean forever? You're meant to cause Eternal night." Twilight tilted her head as Nightmare Moon only laughed louder.

"Afraid not, dear subject! Eternal night was just...a ruse!"

It was taking all of Rarity's eons of experience to keep the smile plastered on her face as she listened to the stallion go on and on.

"...and while I did eventually manage to knock out all six of them, my tuxedo simply wasn't up to the strain. That outfit you designed for that pegasus there, though, that is clearly sturdy enough to survive a swashbuckling emergency, and with that kind of style..."

Rarity sighed. "Your highness, I really am flattered you think so highly of my work, but could we perhaps move on to a topic that doesn't involve endlessly complimenting me?"

Prince Blueblood paused in his rambling and winked at her. "I'm afraid not, milady. Nothing can stop the schmooze."

138.13 (Evilhumour)

Vinyl woke up in their bed with a shout as the nightmare was still in her mind.

"What's wrong Vinyl?" Octavia asked, looking at the trembling unicorn, who had tears in her eyes.

"I had that nightmare again, where you are still not looping," Vinyl sobbed, hiccuping as she buried herself into Octavia's shoulder. "But you're looping and you're Awake! We're together and everything is ok." Vinyl was panting now, grasping at straws, desperate for this to be true.

Octavia patted Vinyl with her hoof, leaning in close to her ear. "Vinyl, you know that's not true, we're not awake." Vinyl pulled back to see herself holding her, Octavia slipping away from her. "It's time to wake up."

With a shout, Vinyl woke up, panting in her apartment. She looked around herself, as the memories of her dreams came back to her. And then she broke down in tears; she hated those false, teasing dreams of her Octy looping. Lyra told her that for herself that dreams of Bon Bon looping was even worse with all the other selves in her head breaking down in that possible paradise.

With a shaky hoof, Vinyl pulled out some simple booze and began to drink herself stupid so she wouldn't have to think anymore.

138.14 (Gamerex27)

"I don't know if I should celebrate or just drink myself into the next Loop," Rainbow Dash muttered as she entered Macadam's Oil House. "Energon Lite, on the rocks."

As the Autobot working the bar poured the drink, the Scout-class Transformer took a seat next to the striped Minicon sitting at the bar.

"What troubles you, old friend?" Zecora asked her. "Did a bad Loop send you 'round the bend?"

"Grim Dark," she muttered. "Why is it always these Grim Dark piles of road apples, just when I want to relax!"

Chugging down the Energon in one gulp, Rainbow Dash groaned. "It was this Loop where...Unawake Twilight just went crazy, and tried to kill us all by forcefully Discording us and ripping out our Elements. And of course, she took all her cues from the Loop Which We Never Talk About-tried to shove a jellyfish down Fluttershy's throat, tried to zap Applejack with some horrible shock...thingy, and so many other things I'm not mentioning.

"And before you ask," she said, as Zecora's faceplate moved to speak, "we stopped her. All it took was a buck to the face, a paralysis spell, and we shoved her in a psych ward for the rest of the Loop. One of those ones not run by a Ratched type. And we only got a few bruises and a day's stay in the hospital for our trouble."

"It seems to me that, as of late," Zecora noted, "Yggdrasil always puts us in the worlds that we hate."

"I mean," the Element of Loyalty said, "nothing's ever gonna top Slavequestria, or even what happened with Nao-" she stopped herself, sighing. "-The Fiend," she finished. "And we're more than capable of just derailing the Loops so far that they end up on another continent entirely. But it's still annoying!

"I really don't like it," she muttered, draining her second mug of Energon. "I hate having to fight psychos with my friends' faces. Yeah, I know it's not them, but it's not easy. There's been way too many dark Loops lately. And even though I can derail them in, like, 5 seconds flat, it's getting old."

Zecora patted Dashie on the back, wincing at the unfamiliar sound of clanging metal-on-metal. "Axiom Nexus is always at peace," she noted. "After a Loop like that, you'll need a treat. The Energon's on me. And nothing can be as bad as the bees."

"Oh, you're overreacting," Rainbow Dash said, grinning. "The puns weren't that bad. And it gave me an awesome idea. How does building Yggdrasil's best race track sound to you?"
MLP Loops 138
138.1: Think of it like you ended up in world history according to Animal House.
138.2: S p a c e .
138.3: Oh, hi. How are you?
138.4: Kind of a touchy subject. But Twilight's willing to give it a chance.
138.5: Gridfire. When you absolutely have to turn a moon into gravel very quickly. (Which this is not.)
138.6: Untameable hair versus the bearer of the Triforce of Power! (He took it two falls out of three.)
138.7: Ork physics.
138.8: Well, that makes it official.
138.9: Snoop dog?
138.10: She covers for her friends.
138.11: B.
138.12: Please stop.
138.13: Poor Vinyl.
138.14: It's not all fun and games.

“Nearly Hearts and Hooves,” Spike said, leaning back.

Rarity nodded. “So it is. I assume you have some new and unique plan for me?”

“Nope,” Spike replied, shaking his head.

“Nope?” Rarity repeated. “Nope?

“We have done everything, dear,” Spike pointed out.

“No, Spike, we've merely done everything you can think of,” Rarity replied tartly.

She stopped, and blinked. “Wait. Idea!”

“Oh?” Spike asked, curious. “What idea?”

“It's a surprise,” his wife told him, rummaging around in her pocket for a lump of metal. She took it out, sliced a perfect cube out of it, and coloured the faces six different colours with a flash of prestidigitation.

“Here,” she said, handing it over. “Roll this.”

“A chance cube?” Spike asked.

“No, a die,” Rarity rejoined. “Chance cubes are silly, they're like coin flips for people who use credit chips.”

Spike shrugged. “Fair point. What are the colours?”

Rarity winked. “If I told you, you'd use the Force to make the one you wanted happen. That's not the point here.”

“Fair enough,” Spike said, deciding not to contest his wife's accusation. He rolled it, and the yellow face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

Spike yawned, and stretched. He crawled out of bed, stretched again, and his wings brushed the wall at their fullest extension.

He scratched one of them with his claws, and then furled them and came back to all fours. Still yawning, he headed downstairs.

Sweetie Belle was already there, pouring out some cereal. It caught fire, and she extinguished it with the milk.

“Morning, Sweets,” Spike said.

Sweetie looked around, and did a double take. “Spike?”

“Well, yeah...” Spike nodded. “What?”

Sweetie rummaged in her pocket, and held up a mirror.

“Huh,” Spike said, blinking. “I'm a griffin. Any idea why?”

The sound of feet on the stairs drew his attention up them, as Rarity came downstairs.

She looked gorgeous. Her beak was just-so, her pinion feathers shading between alabaster and pure, snowy white, and her hindquarters were covered with stippled white-purple fur which took Spike's breath away.

She was, as it happened, also a griffin this morning.

“Well,” she smiled. “That would be the yellow result, dear. I admit this means that it's not hearts and hooves, but it's still romantic, is it not?”

“You have the craziest ideas,” Spike smiled. “How'd you pull this off?”

“Discord,” Rarity replied with a chuckle.

“That would do it,” her husband agreed. “Right – shall I cook?”

“Oh, yes please,” Rarity told him. “There's some non-meat bacon in the freezer, if you wouldn't mind.”


“So, what's the plan?” Spike asked, examining his own colouration as they ate. There were some interesting green accents on his wings, but for the most part a subdued, dusty purple was the order of the day. It looked unusual, but not completely outrageous for a griffin.

“Well...” Rarity shrugged. “I was wondering how long it's been since we took over the Griffin Empire.”

“It has been a while...” Spike agreed. “Would you humbly accept it as a Hearts and Hooves present?”

“Why, sirrah, you must be reading my mind!” Rarity said with a chuckle. “Let's go as soon as we're done with breakfast.”

Gilda sighed. “Seriously?”

“What?” Emperor Spike asked. “We do this regularly, you know that.”

Gilda seethed.

“Dear,” Rarity said, delicately. “I think Gilda is annoyed less by the fact you couped the Griffin Empire and more by how you did it by deposing her, specifically.”

“Oh, right.” Spike looked around at the ruins of the throne room, remembering the battle.

There'd been at least one time he reflected a Power Slash with a lightsaber, he could remember that, and there'd been enough fire attacks going around to power a small steampunk nation.

Over there was where Rarity's customized cape of capturing had shot just over Gilda's head, missed her Thunder Edge by a whisker, and ensnared three important load-bearing pillars in a dense web of steel thistle silk.

And that was where all the water had gone.

“Sorry?” Spike tried.

Gilda hrumphed, and then held up a foreclaw. “One demand. Just one.”

“Let's hear it,” Spike said, lounging back on the throne.

“Can I at least keep my imperial suite? I've only just finished doing it up...”

137.2 (EvilHumour)

Leman sighed to himself, really hating that he had to do this, but as it was for her, he had no problem really doing it.

Knocking on the door with his hoof, he waited for the mares inside to finish to gasping, giggling, and what sounded like Vinyl tripping down the stairs.

With another sigh as it was not even night time, he saw a white head poke out of the doorway. The head look back and forth, scratching her head before Lemon coughed to attract her attention.

"Oh, hiya squirt, what brings you here?" Vinyl smiled, opening the door wider for the pegasus foal to trot inwards.

"I'm here as I can't ask the Little Mother as I don't want her to know, Twilight would tell, and Pinkie Pie would make it into a big show and you're the only one that I can bribe to stay quiet," he blushed, looking at the floor. "I need your help."

"Well, I figured that much kiddo," Vinyl said with an eyeroll, watching the foal walk into the kitchen, not noticing a grey hoof on the staircase. "So what do you need?"

"IneedtolearnhowtomakecelerysoupanddaffodilsandwichesforNyx." The foal folded inwards, with his wings pressed close to himself.

"What was that?" Vinyl lifted her ear to the blushing colt that sat at her table.

"IneedtolearnhowtomakecelerysoupanddaffodilsandwichesforNyx." The anchor for one of the more chaotic realms held his head in his hooves.

"One more time, short stuff."

"I SAID I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE CELERY SOUP AND DAFFODIL SANDWICHES FOR NYX!" The foal shouted at her, before clamping a hoof across his mouth.

Vinyl grinned to herself, the thoughts of what she could get off the kid from teaching him how to cook were running across her head when a chuckle from behind made her blink.

"Aww, that's so sweet of you," Octavia smiled at the foal, walking past Vinyl to pat him on the back. "Wanting to learn how make special meals for your marefriend. I remember how Vinyl here tried to do the same for me before I had to stop her after burning the tenth pot."

"Octy!" Vinyl whined, blushing at what her friend was saying.

"It's true, which is why I will teach you how to cook," she smiled, flicking her tail across the unicorn's face as she went to the fridge to pull out the ingredients. "Besides, I doubt you can do much worse than Vinyl here."

Octavia turned her head to a grinning Vinyl before sighing.

"Ok, he is worse than you." She shook her head as more pegasi went to put out the blaze that was engulfing nearly all of Canterlot mountain now. "But at least he can make the meals for his marefriend, unlike someponies I can mention." With a huff, Octavia trotted off leaving Vinyl feeling like she was the guilty one this time. But turning her head, she saw the two foals enjoying a candlelit dinner of celery soup and daffodil sandwiches and smiled to herself before walking after Octavia to try and make up for things that were not her fault for once.

137.1 alternate

“Fair enough,” Spike said, deciding not to contest his wife's accusation. He rolled it, and the green face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

“This is, I'll admit, pretty atmospheric,” Spike said.

“Thank you,” Rarity smiled. “I did think it was a... different... choice.”

“Yes,” Spike said critically. “The kind of atmosphere, however...”

“What?” Chrysalis asked, bringing in their starters. “Is there a problem?”

“I'm still getting used to the whole changeling-hive décor,” Spike admitted. As he said so, there was a splat of something landing on the table. “What was that?”

Chrysalis put the plates on the table, and inspected it. “Caramel.”

“Caramel?” Spike repeated. “How-”

“It's just Changeling-themed,” Chrysalis told him. “I took a course from Pinkie once on decorating with confectionery, so the whole hive helped via using my knowledge. Anyway – let me know if you need anything.”

She stepped out of sight behind a curtain.

“So... what are we doing, then?” Spike asked, picking up a fork and taking a bite. His eyes widened. “This is really good!”

“I'm sure Chrysalis has taken a few cooking courses,” Rarity smiled. “And no, the decor's about it.”

She lit the candle in the centre of the table. “Let's just enjoy the meal.”

Behind the curtain, Chrysalis started the timer, and signalled Sub-Hive Two to start keeping track of the amount of ambient love the two other loopers were putting out.

By the taste of it, just the side-bleed would have them fed for the rest of the loop.

137.3 (OathToOblivion)

"Was that Billy thing really that bad?"

"Oh, believe me, it was. You're lucky you've never run into him, Phoenix," Twilight told him.

"Lucky? Twilight, this is me we're talking about," Phoenix Wright said incredulously. It was yet another Fused Loop where Twilight summoned Phoenix to Equestria. The difference here was that instead of Rainbow Dash being arrested for the murder of Ace Swift, it was Shining Armor arrested for the murder of Cadence. Not something that usually happened. Twilight had a hunch that it had something to do with this Loop's iteration of Chrysalis, but couldn't prove it. So the two were off to the Detention Center to question Shining on just what the hell had happened.

"Oh come on, Phoenix. You've had plenty of good luck too," Twilight pointed out.

"Yeah, and then there are those times where everything looks like it's going to, uh, Tartarus," Phoenix sighed, subbing in the local swear word. He was just plain morose.

Twilight was concerned at this. It looked like Phoenix had had a bad Loop. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Well, Apollo started Looping recently..."

"Phoenix, that's great!" Twilight interrupted.

"I'm not finished. Anyway, he started Looping, and of course he was confused when he Woke up as a teenager again. I mean, we've all felt that when we started Looping ourselves," Phoenix rambled.

"Phoenix, you're rambling."

"Sorry. Anyway, well, there was a lot to tell him, and I told him so. And while doing so, I realized...I never told Trucy that Apollo is her half-brother," Phoenix said sadly.

"...Does Apollo know?" Twilight questioned.

"Yeah, I told him. It wouldn't have been fair not to. He wasn't that mad at me, all things considered. He'd been feeling something familiar from Trucy for a while now, and he did always wonder why they were the only two who could Perceive. He was just slightly irked that it took coming back in time to tell him."

"It's not really like you to keep secrets, Phoenix," Twilight noted. "Why did you keep this one?"

"I don't even know anymore," he admitted. "I guess I assumed that Thalassa was the one with the biggest right to do so, since she is their mother. And you know," he added, "it really hurts. Because I spent almost every single Loop afterwards telling them that they were related from almost the get-go. And then Trucy starts Looping and I immediately forget. Some father I am."


"And now what? What happens when I tell Trucy the next Loop she's Awake? What if she hates me? This isn't even like a normal argument, because as a Looper, it's well within her power to just avoid me for the entire Loop, even if I am the Anchor. What am I supposed to do?!" Phoenix questioned loudly, scaring a few of the ponies who had been observing them walk throughout the streets of Canterlot.

"...Phoenix, I don't even know how to begin to approach this. I've never had this kind of problem with Nyx," Twilight admitted. "But, regardless of anything, Trucy's still your daughter. She'll understand."

"I hope so...but I can't help but feel this is going to go very badly the next time she's Awake."

Twilight didn't know what to say, even for all her experience. When it came to parenting, that was a beast of a whole other kind. In the end, she decided to just try to take Phoenix’s mind off the subject. "Well, we're here," she pointed out, pointing to the Detention Center, "so let's see how Shiny got himself into this."

Phoenix snapped out of it, at least for now. "Right. You're sure he wouldn't have done it? Er, at least this Loop," he hastily added after seeing the glare his equine friend gave him.

"Yes, I'm sure. Shining Armor this Loop is 100% baseline Shiny. No way would he ever do anything to hurt Cadence," Twilight declared.

"Right then. So let's find out what's going on," Phoenix nodded. And so together they walked into the Detention Center.

137.1 alternate

…and the orange face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

“Get up!”

Spike shook his head, grumbling. “What?”

“Get up!” Rarity repeated, shaking his shoulder. “It's nearly dawn!”

“So?” Spike said, pulling the pillow over his head.

Rarity rolled her eyes. “It's Hearts and Hooves day, Spiky-wikey...”

“Yes,” Spike agreed. “Which is why I'm having a lie in.”

“No you're not,” Rarity informed him flatly. “Have you got wings at the moment?”

“Wha?” Spike turned to her, confused.

“Good, you have.” Rarity grabbed his arm in her hoof, Ascended in a flash of light, and then they both vanished.

Spike flailed as he materialized in mid-air. “What the-”

A gentle grip of white magic enveloped him, holding him up. He looked around, then spread his wings and began to beat them. “Okay, I'm flying now, you can let me go.”

Rarity duly did so.

“So... what's all this in aid of?” Spike asked, as the couple floated in the air about a mile above Ponyville.

“Simple,” Rarity said, with a smile. “I've decided to define Hearts and Hooves day as the time between sunrise and sunset.”

“” Spike invited, trimming his wings to exploit a small air pocket.

Rarity nodded towards the east, as the sun emerged from behind a mountain range. “That's dawn.”

She turned in a wide circle, feathers fluttering in the airstream, until she faced west. “Let's see how long until Celestia beats us in a race.”

Spike worked out what she meant, and smiled. “That sounds fun.”

“I try,” Rarity said with a shrug. “I packed several meals, by the way, so we can stop and let the sun catch up if need be.”

Spike indicated his interest in this plan with a flap of his wings, drawing level with her. “Great!”

He paused. “I'm glad you've become so comfortable with flying, by the way.”

Rarity smiled back at him. “Glad you think so.”

137.4 (Evilhumour)

Letting loose a joyful young cry, Record Scratch, Berry Punch and Ivory Scroll pushed off from the top of a hill as they started trying to get their cutie marks from speed racing.

Blinking as they all Woke up, they shouted in terror as their wagon went barreling down the hill and into the forest.

Nyx blinked as the three foals came into her library this loop, all grumbling something about tree sap.

"Hiya Nyx," Record Scratch waved, shaking his white coat in the library almost sending sap everywhere before Nyx caught it in her magic and sent it back to the colt. "GAH!"

With a sigh and a hoof to their faces, the other members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked up at Nyx.

"Do you know where Twilight is, dearie?" Ivory Scroll asked, looking at her friend that somehow got stuck in the carpet and was failing badly to escape from it. "This is an odd loop and we're hoping that she might be able to explain things to us."

"Sorry girls," Nyx used several spells that she designed with the original Cutie Mark Crusaders to deal with tree sap to help the two mares, leaving the male Vinyl alone for a bit longer. "Twilight's my filly this time and not Awake; we've got a stealth anchor to deal with."

With a crash, the three mares looked at Record, who had managed get the bust stuck on his head.

Nyx sighed to herself; this was going to be a painfully slow loop.

137.5 (Evilhumour)

Twilight looked at the creature snuggling against Fluttershy and tilted her head.

"Is that Ike?" she asked, pointing to the strange, green creature replacing Angel for this loop. She remembered him from the Quantum Conundrums loops, and he was always nice to have around.

"Yes," Fluttershy muttered happily, rubbing between his ears, which caused the Interdimensional Kinetic Entity to purr happily. "He's been such a gentlebeing to me ever since we both Woke up."

Twilight blinked again at the creature before looking directly at Ike (although not in the eyes as she learned from last time) and asking, "You promise to not misbehave or causes any problems?"

Ike Meeped, popping out of the dimension before popping back with a plate of cake on it, holding it out to her.

Twilight lifted it to her mouth, took a bite and decided that Ike was going to be a very good looper to have around.

137.6 (Pinklestia, edited by warewolves)

Twilight Sparkle Woke up. She groaned as her loop memories hit her.. It was yet another loop where she married Luna. What’s more, she knew Nyx was Awake and had manipulated things so it had happened. Even worse, she suspected Luna was Awake too, and had been willing to go with it.

"Uh... daddy, do you feel a bit Loopy?" The small black alicorn asked the purple unicorn, a hint of fear in her voice.


"Are me and Momma Luna in trouble for this whole marriage deal?" Nyx knew how much Twilight hated loops where she woke up married to somepony else.

"Actually... My loop memories tell me Luna gives very good back-rubs. Plus, she has been a 'perfect gentlemare'. And is true that Luna is your parent too, so I can't fault you for wanting to spend more time with her." Was she really considering playing along, instead of letting Luna and Nyx take care of the loop problems as punishment and going away on a vacation?

"So... we are not in trouble?"

"I do want vacations the next few loops you or Luna are awake. But for now lets try to see if we can make this family you want so much work, shall we?"

Mother (or father in this case) and daughter hugged each other. Twilight Sparkle sometimes forgot how much Nyx wanted a family. Twilight felt incredibly guilty for having ignored the other parent for so long, even when Luna was awake in the same loop with her. And by her loop memories, she knew Luna had enjoyed playing the role of a mother to Nyx. They might not be a family in the baseline, and Luna might not be her true love, but it made Nyx happy, so it was worth to try.

137.1 alternate

...and the blue face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

“Prince Blueblood?”

Blueblood, that most princely fellow, raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Oh – uh, I was wondering,” the young purple dragon said, pressing his fingertips together. “Could you give me any tips, on... uh, on... trying to attract a mare?”

Blueblood's elegant hoof came to his neatly trimmed chin. “Well, it's a good thing you came to me. I am a master of picking up mares, of course, young dragon.”

Spike nodded. “That's why I thought of you.”

“Indeed,” Blueblood nodded back. “Well. First... mares love being flattered, but it's better to give them a backhoofed compliment. Tell them that they're clearly doing well on their diet – not only do they like the compliment, but they also feel grateful to you for noticing them... because it suggests they're still a bit fat.”

Blueblood saw that the drake's eyes had unfocused, so rapt was his attention.

“Secondly, always make sure you remember that any mare secretly wants a bad stallion...”

“Thanks for your help!” Spike said, a few minutes later.

Blueblood blinked at the sight of Spike in a Tuxedo, and Rarity beside him in a veil. “That was... remarkably quick work, young dragon.”

Spike shrugged. “Oh, I got help from you and from Princess Cadence! They helped a lot!”

Blueblood blanched. “You... did you tell her what I suggested?”

There were some loud staccato clop sounds, as a pony stomped up to the three of them.

Princess Cadence, Princess of Love, pointed her forehoof at Blueblood. “You are coming with me, mister. It's time for another lecture on the difference between romance and sleaze.”

“This seems cruel,” Spike observed, as they watched Cadence drag Blueblood away by the ear.

He's the one who gave the advice, you only reported it,” Rarity pointed out. She kissed his cheek. “Now, since we're dressed for a wedding anyway...”

137.7 (Evilhumour)

Luna sighed to herself and looked at Sunset, eyes darting back and forth.

"You swear not to tell a soul about this?" She pointed a finger at Sunset, glaring at her sister's former-but-now-current student.

"Yes, yes," Sunset said, doing everything that a Pinkie Promise required. "Now can you tell me?"

"Fine," With a huff, Luna placed her right leg onto the desk and pulled up the pants leg. Around her ankle was a thick, metal bracelet. "It seems that a while ago, Celestia and I had a bit too much to drink and that I am a mean drunk. It took about six police officers to pull me off of Celestia and then I had this beauty slapped onto me." Luna pointed at the ankle monitor. "If I get too far from Celestia, I go to prison. If I drink, I go to prison." With a huff, Luna placed her leg back onto the floor. "For TEN months I have to wear this stupid thing, and waste every Sunday evening at a support group or I get sent to prison."

Sunset giggled to herself, finally hearing what happened to human Luna for her version of Nightmare Moon.

Luna slammed her hands onto her desk, causing the girl to jump. "That's it, detention for a month!"

137.8 (Anon e Mouse Jr.)


"Sweetie Belle."

"Isn't my sister usually the one who has these weird variant loops with you?"

A red-crested penguin waddled past them with a quick "Wark wark" as it went.

Twilight looked down at the smaller penguin standing next to her, then around them at the snow-covered Penguinville, covered her eyes with a flipper, and sighed. "Yes. Yes, she is."

137.9 (Kris Overstreet)

... and the Rest Loop: Winter Wrap-Up

(Reminder: The "and the Rest" Loop was one where the Awake Loopers were Twilight, Ivory Scroll, Cheerilee, Zecora, Gilda and Angel. Twilight wanted to go through the motions in a standard baseline Loop to relax, but the other five have mischief on their minds.)

"What's the problem, Twilight?" Ivory Scroll asked.

Twilight Sparkle paced the floor of town hall, where Zecora, Cheerilee, Ivory and Gilda stood in a row watching her. "Tomorrow's Winter Wrap-Up, right? But the problem is... well, you know how Nightmare Moon was defeated without the Elements of Harmony? Well, I need to train the girls in using the Elements so we'll be ready for Discord in a few months. And training hasn't been going all that well."

"Ah, you realize, Twilight," Ivory said delicately, "that tomorrow we really need all hooves on deck. Even using Looper techniques, getting Ponyville organized for a proper wrap-up is something only you and certain visiting Loopers have been able to manage."

"I'm sorry, but this is really urgent," Twilight said. "I've already spoken with the girls, and they're all going to be with me at the Castle of the Two Sisters all day tomorrow. And I need your help to cover for them." She pointed to Ivory. "I need you to shuffle the paperwork and make the substitutions work." She floated three clipboards out of her saddlebags and over to the other three Loopers. "Cheerilee, you're replacing Fluttershy on the Animal Team. Zecora, you're the new Plant Team leader. And Gilda-"

"Yeah, I know," Gilda snapped, snatching her clipboard out of Twilight's magic, "I'm Weather Team leader, because I'm the only one of us with wings at the moment."

"I'm very sorry to drop this on you," Twilight said, "but if you remember baseline, you'll understand why I'm asking you to do this. Otherwise it'll be almost as much chaos as if Discord awakened early!"

"Don't worry about a thing," Ivory Scroll smiled, "you can count on us!"

A day passed, eventfully.

"So, let me see if I have this straight," Twilight said with the calm, sober demeanor of someone who was being calm and sober only because the moment for going completely postal, though imminent, had not yet arrived.

"Gilda, you began by crafting a whirlwind to blast away the last of the snow clouds."

"Sure," Gilda shrugged. "Gets the job done quick and frees ponies up for other chores."

"The tornado broke free and struck the first flight group of returning migratory songbirds," Twilight continued. "The snow clouds froze the birds solid, dropping them into the snowbanks and turning Big Mac's snowplow efforts into search and rescue. As a result, every single Ponyville songbird now has a nasty head cold and laryngitis."

"I thought songbirds didn't have larynxes."

"Next," Twilight continued, ignoring Ivory Scroll's response, "Zecora decided to use her plant-growing powers to help find the songbirds. Unfortunately the seeds she chose were of the toxic Spiny Seekers vine. To be fair, the vines went straight to the birds and lifted them out of the snow, as intended." Twilight looked into the eyes of a mortified zebra and added, "Unfortunately, in the process of retrieving the frozen birds, over one-third of the snowplow team members had to be sent to the hospital with hoof injuries. Foot-long mildly poisonous vines half-hidden by snowdrifts will do that."

"I confess, my dear Twilight, I have no defense," Zecora said. "At the time my plans seemed to make more sense."

"Despite this, Ponyville soldiered on," Twilight said. "Now we come to the really stupid things. Cheerilee personally led the animal wake-up squad, which resulted in several hours lost when the entire town of Ponyville panicked following the first snake stampede in recorded Equestrian history." Twilight tossed her head and, losing her cool for a moment, shouted, "It's rare even among the Loops, and more than half the instances of that I've heard of involve Arrakis sandworms!!"

"I had it in mind to improve the education of Ponyville's animals," Cheerilee said. "I thought some mathematics problems would be the perfect thing to exercise their minds after a long winter's sleep."

"Mathematics for snakes? How are they supposed to hold the pencils?" Twilight now stared into Cheerilee's eyes. "Besides, any student could tell you- NOPONY likes a pop quiz first thing in the morning at the start of a new term!"

"I thought they'd find it easy," Cheerilee protested. "After all, they were adders."

For a moment Twilight looked ready for a premature explosion, but she managed to get a grip on herself. In a much more brittle version of calm-and-sober, shecontinued, "The snake-frightened ponies, unable to flee town across the fields because nopony had plowed them, tried fleeing across the river and pond. Unfortunately they ran into the single, solitary aspect of Winter Wrap-Up which was completed on time: the cutting and breaking up of the ice." Her attention turned back to Gilda. "The resulting rescue from ice cold water of nearly a hundred ponies and half a dozen snakes put the entire Weather Team out of action for an hour and a half."

"We did our job, yeah," Gilda said, shrugging her talons.

"Unfortunately, the fact that every pegasus in Ponyville was airlifting ponies either to the hospital or to the train station for evacuation to Canterlot," Twilight continued, "meant that nopony was aloft to stop the stray thundersnow storm that rolled over town late in the afternoon. The resulting fresh snow, lightning and winds hit Runaway Hill and triggered an avalanche of unplowed snow."

Twilight’s hoof swept aroundthe interior of the town hall, ending to point at the open window everyone had entered by. "As a result of which Ponyville's streets are now buried under several feet of snow! When the girls and I returned to Ponyville we found almost half the town incapacitated, the animals basically homeless, and everything worse than ever before!" Now Twilight lost her cool, stomping back and forth in front of the other four ponies. "It would have been better if Discord HAD escaped- at least then Fluttershy and Applejack would be SPEAKING to me!!" she shrieked.

In a flash of light Twilight ascended. The lavender alicorn stared in absolute fury at the others. "I'm going to spend all night clearing away the snow and getting the animals settled into new quarters," she said. "Please go home and DO. NOTHING. I'll handle it all from here. Like I should have in the first place!" With a final grunt of outrage Twilight took to her wings and flew out the window, leaving the other four Loopers on the balcony of town hall.

"Well, chicks," Gilda said with a smile, "I call that, operation total success!"

"I didn't even have to arrange for the scheduling conflicts," Ivory said, nodding with satisfaction.

"I feel a little bit bad about this," Cheerilee said. "Though I admit it was definitely an educational experience."

"Do not fret about the townsfolk, teacher dear," Zecora replied. "My cures will make their ailments disappear. When morning comes and spring is brought in, today's travails shall be forgotten."

"I still think it would have been better if we'd just done the job properly," Cheerilee said.

"Hey." Gilda held up one hand in a halting gesture. "Not my wagon train- not my donkeys. Twilight shoulda known better than to muck with baseline and leave us to clean up after her. Now she's learned her lesson, and we won't be bothered about stuff we're not supposed to be-"



Four snow shovels stood handles-up, blades embedded in the wood of the balcony floor.

"-bussss-ted," Gilda said, her feather-crest drooping.

"Zecora, Ivory, alicorn up!" Twilight shouted through the new holes in town hall's ceiling. "Gilda, get yourself some fresh ink. And Cheerilee, you better figure something out, because I'm going to work you just as hard as the other three! Sabotage Winter Wrap-Up for a prank? Not on MY watch!"

Zecora began stepping towards the window/door. "I must be off to cook remedies, potions, powders and jams," she said, "for all those ponies in the hospital-"


"-yes, ma'am," Zecora said, lowering her head and accepting the inevitable.

"Told you we should have done it right the first time," Cheerilee moaned.

"But I didn't even get to really DO anything!" Ivory Scroll wailed.

... and the Rest Loop: Sonic Rainboom

The door to Rainbow Dash's cloud home opened, and Rainbow Dash staggered in, exhausted.

"Dude, what's up with you, Dash?" Gilda asked, rising from the couch and rushing over to catch the pegasus before she fell over.

"Oh... hi, Gilda," Rainbow Dash said. "Mind if we order out tonight?"

Gilda guided her best friend and couch-lending host to a chair and flopped her into it. "Girl, talk to me," she said. "You look like something the cat dragged in- and I should know."

"It's the Best Young Fliers Competition," Dash replied. "I've gone through my routine again and again and again. I have to get it absolutely perfect!" She squirmed in her chair. "Everypony who's been accepted to the Wonderbolts for the last fifty years has been a winner of Best Young Fliers! The winner of the Best Young Fliers gets to hang out with them! That's my big dream, Gilda!" She slumped back limply, finishing, "And I still can't get the Sonic Rainboom to work!"

Gilda contemplated her choice of responses. Griffons, alas, were not made for nuance. "Gee, that's tough," she said.

"I know!" Rainbow Dash had known her friend long enough that her bluntness rolled over her. "I've tried narrowing my silhouette, inclining my flight aspect, adjusting my wingtips for minimum resistance... I can touch it, Gilda, I know I'm right on the edge, and then I hit the bow wave and go tumbling flank over teakettle, again and again and again!"

Gilda considered this, and discovered her range of replies hadn't improved. "That's rough, all right."

"And I'm out of time!" Rainbow Dash sighed. "I know I'm going to screw up in front of Princess Celestia and the Wonderbolts and Fluttershy and everypony I grew up with in Cloudsdale! My dream of being a Wonderbolt will be ruined! And all because I can't-"

Gilda reached a single clawed talon up and touched Dash's muzzle, silencing her. "Dash, you know what your problem is?" she asked. "Your head's just not in the right place. You're overthinking everything. You're trying to change your flying style midway through a trick, and at the same time you've got all these worries about stuff you can't control muddying things up."

Music began to play as Gilda sang:

Is your brain a buzzin'?
Is your concentration fuzzin'?
Can't get with the program?
Lucky for you I am
Ready to teach you the trick that you need to win
'Cause you can't cross the line at the finish before you begin

You've got to
Live in the moment! Take it and own it!
Just keep your mind on today
Yesterday's over! Tomorrow is nothing!
Don't let them get in the way
There's a mode to be in if you want to win
Live in the moment
Live in the moment

A winner doesn't worry
Clear your brain out in a hurry
Let what happens happen
When you can do that then
The talent inside you will carry you through to the end
So remember my lesson, forget all your troubles, my friend

You've got to
Live in the moment! Take it and own it!
Just keep your mind on today
Yesterday's over! Tomorrow is nothing!
Don't let them get in the way
There's a mode to be in if you want to win
Live in the moment
Live in the moment

The music slowed, and Gilda stepped away from Dash and closed her eyes to belt out the bridge:

A clear mind and a calm heart will see you through
Don't overthink it!
Don't second-guess it!
Just..... do.....

The beat picked up again for the last chorus, and Gilda, eyes closed, danced to the snappy rhythm as she sang:

You've got to
Live in the moment! Take it and own it!
Just keep your mind on today
Yesterday's over! Tomorrow is nothing!
Don't let them get in the way
There's a mode to be in if you want to win
Live in the moment
Live in the moment

Gilda opened her eyes as the music ceased.

Rainbow Dash had fallen asleep in the easy chair.

"Hmph!" the griffon snorted. "See if I ever do a heartsong for you again! Stupid pony magic heartsong thing..." Shaking her head and grumbling to herself, she went upstairs to fetch a pillow and blanket for her host before calling the pizza delivery pegasus.

137.1 alternate

…and the pink face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

There were a few questions the next morning.

“When?” the dragon asked.

The Jedi was answered by a shrug. “Last night, after we were both asleep.”


“Magic, dear.” The tone of the voice was a little condescending, as though the speaker couldn't quite believe that the question had to be asked. “Of course it was.”


“Oh, Twilight did it.” An elegant toss of the mane. “She was quite willing to help.”


'Elusive' shrugged. “Well, you can't deny it's different.”

'Barb' considered that, then nodded. “I can get behind that.”

137.10 (Scorntex)

"The night shall last FORE-"

Someone hissed from behind the stage. Nightmare Moon paused mid-declaration, and turned around. As the increasingly bewildered citizens of Ponyville tried to work out what exactly was happening, they heard hushed conversations.

Eventually Nightmare Moon turned back towards the audience, and scowled. "I do apologise, my little ponies, but I'm afraid there has been something of a scheduling conflict. Ergo, the night shall end..."

She lifted a hoof, one suddenly bearing a watch that hadn't been there seconds ago, and frowned. "... Now!"

The sun rose, and Nightmare Moon stalked away, muttering furiously to herself.

"-an't believe it, spent three Loops working the plan out. WHY COULDN'T SHE HAVE TOLD US THAT SHE WAS TAKING A HOLIDAY BEFORE SHE WENT? THAT'S WHAT I'D LIKE TO KNOW!"

After a few seconds stunned silence, Rainbow Dash sneaked out from backstage, and made her way to where Rarity and Applejack were trying (vaguely) to look as confused as everyone else.

"She's taking it well." Rarity said as dryly as possible, before looking over to Rainbow Dash.

"Not that I can truly blame her. Twilight could have at least left a note."

"Hey" Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Twilight says she needs a holiday, let her. If there's something serious, we can call her."

Several hundred miles away, Twilight Sparkle took another sip from her drink, listening to the crash of waves against the sands of the admittedly lovely, if somewhat astoundingly generic, beach.

A short distance away, Nyx occupied her time trying to make a sand dreadnought, if only because Twilight had asked firmly that Nyx not break out any actual dreadnoughts. Or any other form of heavily armed ship, whether space-going, ocean-going or pudding-going.

After a while, and once she'd found the most boring book in her subspace pocket and utterly failed to read it twice, Twilight decided to help Nyx construct her second sand dreadnought.

137.11 (Gym Quirk)

Spike Awoke kicking at the small egg, ranting about its occupant wanting to be born just as he had. He paused to assimilate his loop memories, absently noting the small form struggling against the unusually thick shell.

Pern again. Benden Weyr hatching grounds, if I'm not mistaken. Pre-adolescent human male this time.

The small creature butted against him through the flexible membrane beneath the outer shell layer.

"Oh, right. Sorry." Spike pulled the knife from his belt and slit the slippery film to let the white form fall into his lap.

"Spike! What" called Lytol from the stands, the alarm in the Ruathan warder's voice giving way to bewilderment.

A wave of confused hubbub circulated around the crowd as Spike assisted the egg's occupant to its feet.

F'lar exchanged a look with Lessa. "I'd expected those two to show up here as a pair eventually, but this..."

Ramoth, dear? Is there something you'd like to tell us? an amused Mnementh asked his mate.

The great queen dragon could only stare at this most unusual of her offspring.

"Hello, Darling," said the indigo-maned white alicorn filly standing before Spike. She looked around at the gobsmacked crowd. "What? You'd think they've never seen a pony before. I don't suppose you have a large dandelion salad handy? I must admit that I'm absolutely famished..."

Spike masterfully limited his slightly hysterical amusement to a silent chuckle as he gently hugged his very special somepony.

137.12 (fractalman)

Twilight smiled to herself. Her plan to take out Nightmare Moon using CAM (compressed avocado mush, rather than compressed antimatter) was almost ready. She retrieved the last modified dungbomb from her subspace pocket...only for it to explode prematurely, covering her in guacamole.

She sighed...and heard chittering, buzzing, and some flapping. Turning, she saw a large number of birds, squirrels, and bugs (including a couple of parasprites), all staring at her hungrily. Some of the squirrels even held up forks and knives!

Twilight spent the rest of the night, and most of the next day, running from hungry critters.

Her third day in Ponyville, at around noon, Twilight found herself yawning excessively. 'Odd', she thought, 'I could've sworn I got enough sleep.'

Pinkie Pie bounced by in slow motion. "Hi Twilight! Why aren't you in bed for your noon nap?" Her voice sounded strange at normal pony speeds.

"Noon *yawn* nap?" asked Twilight.

Pinkie nodded. "Uh huh! Every pony in Ponyville takes a noon nap, period!"

"Yaaaawn, but....why? How!"

Pinkie giggled, bouncing ever more slowly. "Isn't it obvious? Nothing can stop...the Snooze!"

Twilight's facehoof was the last straw, and she collapsed into a cute, curled up state for her nap, even as Pinkie Pie hung mid-bounce and began to snore.

137.13 (Leviticus Wilkes)

"Do you, Applebloom Apple, take Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo Solaria to be your lawfully wedded wives?"

"I do."

"And do you Scootaloo Solaria take Sweetie Belle and Applebloom Apple to be your lawfully wedded wives?"

"I do."

"And do you Sweetie Belle take Applebloom Apple and Scootaloo Solaria to be your lawfully wedded wives?"

"I do."

The priest shut her book. "Then by the powers vested in me by her majesty Princess Celestia, I now pronounce you wife, wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Up on the lonely hill, crowded with onlooking guests, well wishers, close family, and dear friends, the original Cutie Mark Crusaders Awoke. Applebloom found her voice first. "Wait, did he jus’ say wife?"

The reception, perhaps as a blessing or a curse, consisted entirely of Awake loopers. On the one hand, Sweetie Belle was glad that she could speak immediately and openly about ways to very quickly annul the sudden marriage. On the other hand, she had to endure the pain of being ribbed by people who would remember the abortive marriage. Worse still, it seemed to include almost everyone in the loop, and a few who weren't even from the loop.

The look on Lemon Rush's face was really getting at her.

It was around the time the cake was cut that Scootaloo finally snapped. "Well what is it!?!"

The God Emperor of Mankind (also in attendance) swirled some of his beer in the newly minted wife's direction. "The three of you? I'd never have seen that one coming."

Applebloom rolled her eyes. "Ya, thanks fer Uncle Empy."

The Emperor raised an eyebrow. "Who you calling Uncle?"

"Her brother-in-law," answered Celestia. "But her confusion is understandable. The family tree is a little nutty."

The Emperor was confused. "But I'm not her Uncle or her brother-in-law."

Celestia smiled cheekily. "Actually, you are. Pinkie Pie, if I may?" Celestia reached into Pinkie Pie's mane and pulled out a chalkboard (the question of why Pinkie Pie had a chalkboard in her mane went unanswered), and a piece of chalk.

"Let's start with Scootaloo. Now, since I'm her mother this loop-" Celestia paused to hoof-bump Scootaloo, "-I automatically become Applebloom's and Sweetie Belle's mother-in-law. Now, since Rainbow Dash is almost always Scoot's adoptive sister, we can also list her as my daughter-in-law. Sorry Dash."

Dash, also known as the one mare who hadn't been teasing the newlyweds, shrugged. "Eh. Don't mention it."

Celestia smiled, and drew two more lines. "Through me, Scoot's and her friends are also related to Prince Blueblood and Luna. So she's technically Luna's niece as well, by blood at least." Celestia drew another few lines, this time leading from Applebloom.

"Applebloom's tree is the most consistent. She is, of course, tied to Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith, who effectively has become my mother-in-law. Funny that. She's also tied to Pinkie Pie, as... what was it, fourth cousin thrice removed."

Pinkie Pie cheerfully shrugged.

Celestia cleared her throat. "And that makes three. Now we move on to Sweetie Belle, and this is where you come in Empy. Sweetie Belle is Rarity's sister, who is Spike's wife." A dotted line connected Rarity's name to Spike's. "That make's Rarity Twilight's sister-in-law, since she's Spike's big sister, right?"

Twilight nodded, taking quick notes, before the fact struck her. "Wait, what?"

Celestia then drew a line down from Twilight's name, and wrote Nyx. "Nyx is Twilight's daughter, and since she's dating Leman Russ, which we all know will one day end in them getting married-"

Nyx and Lemon blushed.

"-we can say without a doubt that Leman will become Twilight's son-in-law. Welcome to the club, Twilight." Celestia winked at her stunned student. "Thus, since Leman was raised by Fluttershy, we can say that Fluttershy is Twilight's sister-in-law as well, as is the Emperor, since he's Leman's father. Which, incidentally, makes me the Emperor's mother-in-law." Celestia drew a huge circle, encompassing, from left to right, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Applebloom, Big Mac, Applejack, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, Spike, Twilight, Fluttershy, and the Emperor. "Congratulations everyone within this circle: you're in-laws!"

For a moment, not a single pony dared to speak. And then one did.

"Welp... that's nice and all, but it'll only last till the end of this loop," Big Mac observed.

Rarity nodded numbly in agreement with her brother-in-law. "Quite right... best make the most of it."

"Eyup," the assembled chimed.

137.14 (Kris Overstreet)

The night before the night before the Summer Sun Celebration, that first day of a fresh Loop, the various Awake Loopers trailed into Mac's bar to discover Twilight Sparkle already there. (This was by no means a rare thing; the Anchor, having more Loops than the others, was close to even money to be the first Looper in after a rough Loop.

This time, instead of chugging some excruciatingly potent brew to dull the pain, she spent the early part of the evening toying with the bowl of pretzels and taking the very occasional sip from a tankard of hard cider. (Well, not hard-hard cider. Merely harder-than-soft cider. Semipermeable cider.)

The silent waiting ended when Pinkie Pie entered the bar, bouncing on her hooves without an apparent care in the world. The earth pony made a beeline for Twilight's barstool, taking a perch on the stool next to hers and asking, "Watcha doin', Twilight?"

"Oh, hi, Pinkie," Twilight said. "Just thinking. My last Loop was... kind of strange."

"Really? Strange like all the mountains are made out of S'Mores that melt in the summertime and get rebuilt by chocolate-rain snows in the-"

"It was a Bureau Loop."

Pinkie's babble shut off like a faucet.

Twilight waved a hoof. "Not a bad one," she said. "We opened a portal, humans on the other side, yadda yadda. But there wasn't any magic poisoning or anything like that. That wasn't the problem."

"Really?" Pinkie asked. "No formula? No attack squads? No horrible nasty anti-human bigotry to poison relations with converted ponies?"

"No, none of that at all," Twilight replied. "The problem was, the Earth on the other side was one of those where we're fictional... and have a fan base. A massive fan base."

Pinkie tilted her head to one side. "That's bad?"

"Well, the thing is," Twilight said, "we suddenly had millions of people who wanted to visit Equestria. Almost as many humans wanted to come as there were ponies IN Equestria." Twilight sipped her cider and continued, "So Princess Celestia made a rule that any humans who wanted to visit Equestria had to be transformed into ponies, to reduce disruption of everyday life here."

"That doesn't sound so bad," Pinkie said. "Didn't that cut down on the demand?"

"No!" Twilight said. "If anything it INCREASED it! All sorts of people, even people who never watched the show, wanted to come here just to spend time as a pony! They even organized huge weekend-long parties for it! Celestia eventually had to limit them to two per major Equestrian city and town per year, with three each for Canterlot, Manehattan, Cloudsdale and Los Pegasus." Twilight sighed. "And then she put her most trusted subjects in charge of the committee to run things and keep it fair. By which," Twilight said hurriedly as she saw the question forming in Pinkie's eyes, "I mean us six."

"Sounds like my kind of civil service job!" Pinkie grinned.

"Yes, you took to it fairly well," Twilight agreed. "But I could never get over the fact that I was actually aiding and abetting the Bureau."

"That's okay, Twilight!" Pinkie grinned. "You just said it wasn't an evil Conversion Bureau."

"Not the Conversion Bureau," Twilight corrected, "the Convention Bureau."

137.15 (Kris Overstreet)

"What did you do, Pinkie?"

The Element bearers, all six Awake, watched as two different sets of tanks and other heavy armored vehicles maneuvered and clashed around the outskirts of Appleoosa.

"Well, you know how in baseline there's this fight for the town, right?" Pinkie asked. "And how no matter what I try to do to prevent it-"

"We know," the other five chorused.

"Well, I decided that instead of trying to stop it," Pinkie said, grinning in the confident knowledge that she was a genius, "I decided to speed it up so it'd be over faster!"

Twilight's eyes goggled. "You lost me," she said.

Pinkie pointed at the tanks below, which had begun firing on one another. "I gave both sides tanks, right?" she said. "German Tigers to the buffalo so they could squeeze inside, Russian T-34s to the ponies. But I rigged the guns and ammo so instead of shells, they fire apple-flavored pancakes!"

Sure enough, one such shot spun like a frisbee into the open viewport of a tank. The vehicle ground to a halt.

"It's my idea for swift, victorious war where nobody gets hurt!" Pinkie grinned. "I call it... blintzkrieg!"

137.16 (Kris Overstreet)


Prolonged sigh. "Yes, Rarity?"

"Why are we wearing nothing but black and sitting in the back of Sugarcube Corner sharing a bottle of absinthe?"

"Because the world is a dark and depressing place." The purple unicorn, currently resembling a slightly more colorful than usual Maud Pie with black beret and turtleneck, levitated the bottle of absinthe to her lips and took an unhealthy swallow. (Which, when speaking of absinthe, means practically any amount whatsoever.)

"I beg your pardon, darling," Rarity said, wearing a similar outfit. "I know your last Loop was quite the disappointment, but Spike not being Awake aside, this world's not a dark and depressing place at all!" Rarity selected a baked good from the display cabinet and floated it over to where she and Twilight sat. "Case in point- a rainbow-frosted strawberry donut-cupcake-"

"It's a DONAKE!" Pinkie Pie shouted from the kitchen.

"-and those shining green flakes in the frosting? Crystallized love, courtesy of Community Service."

The changeling disguised as an earth pony with a prison-bars cutie mark smiled and waved amiably at the two unicorns.

"We live in a world where this is not only possible, but not all that unusual, Twilight darling!" Rarity said. "And this is only the least of the many joys and wonders that we ponies get to enjoy!" She carefully took the absinthe away from Twilight and capped the bottle- waste not want not, after all- and said, "I admit I was a scoche dramatic when we first met this Loop, but even I think you're carrying this a bit too far!"

She's right, you know, the absinthe in Twilight's system added.

"You know what? You're right!" Twilight Sparkle stood up from the table, hooked one forelimb around Rarity, and dragged the fashionista towards the door. "It's a magical world out there, Rarity! Let's go exploring!"


Eager, slightly drunken giggle. "Yes, Rarity?"

"Why are we at the top of Runaway Hill sitting in the Cutie Mark Crusaders' wagon?"

"Because, according to my research," Twilight replied, pulling a certain collection of Hub world comic strips from her subspace pocket, "this is the traditional method to begin exploring a magical world in the proper spirit of innocence and wonder!"

Rarity looked down the very long, very steep road at the cliff where the road made a sharp right-angle turn before descending into Ponyville proper. "We begin with a two-week hospital stay?"

"You worry too much, Rarity," Twilight said, using her magic and a broomhandle to give the wagon the last little shove needed to start it down the hill. "The tiger and his pet boy never got hurt, after all."

"Twilight, darling," Rarity snapped, "when this is over I demand to see the academic credentials of whoever wrote thaaaaaAAAIIIIIIIIEEEE!!"

"Isn't this exciting?" Twilight asked as the wagon picked up an improbable amount of speed. "Doesn't this inspire all sorts of philosophical queries?"

"Only one, dear," Rarity replied. "HOW DO YOU STOP THIS THING??"

"Oh, everything stops eventually," Twilight said. "Isn't the journey we all go on in the meantime much more interesting than its ending?"

"I'M DONE TALKING TO THE ABSINTHE, PLEASE!" Rarity shouted, her mane beginning to match the color of her coat. "I'D LIKE TO SPEAK TO TWILIGHT NOW!"

"Although I suppose," Twilight said, ignoring Rarity's frantic shouting, "there is something to be said for being aware of the consequences of one's actions, instead of ignoring them for the sake of the-"

It was about this point that the wagon became airborne.


"-fleeting rush of pleasure in the experience-"

And it was about this point that wagon, Twilight, and Rarity went from being a single ballistic object to three disparate objects separated by differences in air resistance.


"-of the untrammeled moment! Oh, is it over already?"

Three flashes of light transferred three objects in motion to three stationary positions on the ground beside the fountain in town square.

"-AAAAAAH oh it's over it's over thank larch it's over oooh, sweet, sweet filthy earth!" Rarity flattened herself on the ground and attempted to hug the dirt. "Solid, loving, friendly earth! Rarity takes back half the mean things she's ever said about you!"

"Wow, you were right, Rarity!" Twilight said, smiling. "I feel so much better already! I think I'll go for a run through White Tail Woods and then sit down to read Rainbow Dash's new book! It's about the Yellow Goddess incognito at a Japanese high school!"

Rarity paused in her adoration of terra firma and gave Twilight her best angry-Fluttershy impression.

A lone white unicorn dressed in black sat at the table in the corner of Sugarcube Corner, drinking absinthe.


"Yes, Pinkie Pie?"

"Why are you sitting in the corner by yourself drinking absinthe?"

"Because the world isn't nearly dark and depressing enough, dear."

"Oh." Pinkie Pie spent half a second thinking about this, then decided to ignore it altogether. "Well, just so long as you don't make a mess and don't give any to the kids!"

The family of goats using the rest of the room for Little Billy Gruff's birthday party baa'ed their concurrence.

137.17 (Evilhumour, Ryuus2, wildrook)

Twilight smiled to herself; a normal baseline by herself was nice once in a while to let herself decompress. So far, she had gone through the motions of the loop, rediscovering the same joy and wonder she had found when she first did it eons ago. Dealing with the Changeling invasion was going to be annoying, but fun in working with her friends to stop Chrysalis.

Unusually, Cadence hadn't been in the mines. and Chrysalis had really stepped up her game this time. Everything had been done perfectly to the point. IF Twilight didn't know better, she'd say it really was Cadence next to her brother on the altar.

"-and if anypony should know a reason why these two should not get married, speak now-"

"I OBJECT!" With a slamming of doors stood the changeling queen herself, flanked by furious looking guards, stalking towards the couple with a bundle on her back. "How dare you do this to me Shining!?" The changeling used her magic to push away the Day Guards that were trying to interrupt her. "After everything that has happened, you do this to us?!"

"I don't know who you are, but this is my wedding, and that is my Shiny you are talking about!" Cadence snapped, flying down to meet the changeling queen face to face, returning her venomous look. "And what do you mean, us?"

Chrysalis raised an eyebrow, shooting the panicked Shining Armor a glare before facing the alicorn in front of her with vengeful smirk. Using her green magic, she lifted the bundle off her back, shaking her mane away from her horn to show a horn ring. Chrysalis held the bundle close to her chest, pulling back the layers to reveal a white foal to everypony's surprise.

"May I present your fiancé's and my child, Rippling Shield?" Cadence gasped as the white little pony raised his little hooves, letting out happy chirps as his big blue eyes locked onto the panicking white unicorn. Cadence turned to stand next to Chrysalis.

"Care to explain this, Shining?" Cadence muttered darkly as everypony started to move away.

Twilight could only sigh as it was going to be one of those loops before her mother joined the mares descending onto her brother.

Shining wilted under the glares from all the mares around him. "So...It kinda goes like this. A few months ago I was sent on a deep cover mission to ferret out rumours about a possible invasion of Equestria. In a frontier saloon to the west, I met an unassuming mare named Chrissy who was trying to drink away her issues at home. When a herd of Minotaur bandits came to town, the two of us got caught up in a whirlwind adventure to save the town, and a romance soon started to build. Once the town was safe, Chrissy told me she knew where the rumours had started, and we set off across Equestria, growing ever closer to the source of the rumours and each other. Finally, we reached the changeling hive, where she revealed she was actually Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. She told me that she had been planning to invade, but in getting to know me, and through me the temperance of Celestia and Canterlot court, she had decided to abandon the invasion in favour of a more diplomatic approach.

"After a complicated pile of political Jargon, I agreed to become an honorary member of the hive by marrying Chrissy, thus allowing me to be the intermediary and representative between her and Celestia during future negotiations. For the marriage to be binding, Changeling politics demanded-" Here he choked as the glares that had cooled during his tale returned with double the force. There was no right way to say the next part, so he decided to just bite the bullet. "-SoIDidMyDutyAndWasOnMyWayWthAChangelingEscortTheNextDay!"

He closed his eyes and braced for the trampling he was sure he was due. When nothing happened for a full minute, he dared to open his eyes. The first thing he saw was his LSBFF glaring burning pain at him. The second thing he saw was the glow of her magic holding back everypony else from unleashing that pain upon him. "Well," she asked with a calm that bellied her glare, "Then what happened?"

Taking the out for what it was, he composed himself a bit and continued. "After debriefing the Princess, I proposed to Cadence the first chance I got. I thought the marriage to Chrissy was only political and wouldn't prevent me from marrying Cadence. Princess Celestia even assured me that because of how different our species were nothing could come of it."

"Actually, that's a common misconception you ponies always make," Chrysalis interrupted from the back. All eyes turned to her and the slowly rocking bundle cradled in her magic. "Changelings are not insects that happen to look like ponies. We are in fact a subset of ponies -much like Thestrals, Centaurs, and Seaponies- who happen to look like insects and all share the same talent, making us generally weaker than any one pony breed, but much more versatile. Our species are biologically compatible with each other, with it being a toss up as to whether the foal will take after either parent."

Here Chrysalis turned her eyes from the crowd directly on Shining. "I loved you, Shiny; I still love you. But I didn't think we could work past the existing prejudices between our species or our responsibilities, so I decided to live the dream for just one night and then let you go. When Rippling was born and I saw he was a pony...I allowed myself to feel hope that maybe we could be together again. When I learned of the wedding, I rushed to Canterlot to stake my claim..."

"...and in the end, Cadence married Flash Sentry, Shining turned out not to be my brother but was switched at birth with Vinyl, Rarity's family turned out to be super spies of the greatest order, Fleur turned out to be the real Celestia, a whole convoluted mess with Pinkie Pie and Applejack and Rainbow Dash that took us so long to sort out that Tirek used my tree to get our attention to his invasion," Twilight told the mouse, with her head on the counter.

Mickey just pat her on the back. "Soap Opera loops are never pretty," he muttered. "You just hit the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you encounter the Spanish Soap Operas."  

137.1 alternate

…and the purple face was uppermost when it came to a stop.

“Okay, what does that mean?” Spike asked, after a moment.

Rarity shrugged. “You'll find out...”

Late in the evening of Hearts and Hooves day – after the day spent walking, the romantic meal, and the inevitable CMC attempt to do something appropriate for the day (fortunately they put out the fires), Spike turned to his wife with a confused frown.

“So...” he asked. “What was the purple result?”

Rarity winked. “Nothing at all.”

“Pardon?” Spike asked.

Giving him a kiss, Rarity smiled. “Purple simply means that I spend the day with the one I wanted to most of all, dear.”

Spike attempted to nod sagely. “Oh, I see.”

“Were you spending the whole day waiting for the other shoe to drop?” Rarity asked, giggling. “No wonder you seemed so tense!”
MLP Loops 137
137.1: It's that time of the loop. Just do something creative.
137.2: The things people do for those they "like" like.
137.3: Confused?
137.4: Being a kid is not always good.
137.5: It seems Ike knows how to behave.
137.6: Nyx Moonchild, Luna Moonparent, and Twilight Starparent.
137.7: Rather less dramatic.
137.8: That was Pen-pen. He's a penguin. Usually, I mean.
137.9: Zecora's rhymes are really well constructed.
137.10: Not sure what Twilight had to deal with, but Anchors tend to get the tough breaks. Not having any help is a bummer.
137.11: The cover story for this one's going to be interesting.
137.12: Groan.
137.13: You need a diagram to keep track of it.
137.14: I hope they had enough fast food.
137.15: There should be air support, too.
137.16: Rarity's got a bit of a low tolerance for sweetness and light this loop.
137.17: Detergent opera.
136.1 (KrisOverstreet, with aid by WildRook)

"Good morning, Fluttershy!" Twilight said as Fluttershy opened the door of her cottage. "I just came by to check on our guest Looper. How's he doing? Enjoying his sanctuary Loop?"

"Er, um, to be honest, not well at all," Fluttershy admitted meekly. "For the first week he ate well, relaxed, and looked happy. He even began to put on weight, the poor thing. And then... he just sort of... tapered... off."

The yellow pegasus led the lavender unicorn off behind the cottage and around the birdhouses and chicken coop to a low grass-covered mound, where a veritable allegory of Want lay sprawled out, head on its forearms. Its forepaws were basically furry hands, and its feet owed more to human clown shoes than anything canine, and of course the muzzle- snout, to give it its due- resembled a canine face more in omission than actual alignment.

Huge yellow bloodshot eyes stared out into nowhere. As the two ponies watched in silence, it took a breath which sounded like a sigh both going in and coming out.

"I've never seen such a bad case of melancholy in a carnivore," Fluttershy murmured. "I was about to bring him to the vet to see about antidepressants."

"Do you think they'll even-" Twilight cut off her words at the sight of a familiar pink mane poking up from a bush directly behind the coyote. The bush sprouted a hoof and made a shushing motion at the other two ponies. This done, the hoof withdrew into the bushes, replaced a moment later by a baby blue cannon muzzle.

"Oh, dear," Fluttershy said.

With massive over-enthusiasm for the act, Pinkie Pie exploded into the air above the bush, hauling back hard on the lanyard of her half-concealed party cannon. The sudden noise shocked the occupant of the molehill enough to send him flying twenty feet into the air, which for land-based carnivores tends to be a somewhat untenable position.

The hard bellyflop onto the grass stunned the visitor for barely an instant. A second later he was on his hind legs, looking around furiously for the source of the shock...

... and seeing a wide-eyed pink pony, which gave him a raspberry that sounded like someone playing with the neck of a glass bottle and galloped off towards the open fields south of town.

Enraged, and full of energy for the first time in over a week, Wile E. Coyote raced off in hot pursuit.

As the dust clouds left by both runners settled, a single sheet of paper fluttered down from the air. Twilight caught it in her magic and read aloud:

"Sometimes it's not what the visitor wants, but what the visitor needs to feel at home. Signed, Pinkie Pie." After exchanging a confused glance with Fluttershy, she continued, "P. S. I'll let him catch me... eventually. PP."

After another, slightly longer glance, she finished, "P. P. S. Keep Derpy away from any and all anvils. - Pinkie." Twilight cringed, remembering the anvil that was dropped on her head in baseline. "I think that's a priority," she said to Fluttershy

136.2 (Leviticus)

Gendo the Looper


In the dark recesses of Shinji's mind lurked traces, imprints of ancient thoughts and timeless memories. Faint glimpses into the earliest loops. In his dark nights, alone and sleepless, he could see even the faintest of them with clarity.

This probably accounted for the déjà vu he was feeling, as he tried to kill someone while four people held him back.

In all honesty though, this differed from his little attempt to through Asuka overboard in two key respects: everyone grabbing him was a pony, and his target was someone that he could not honestly fathom them protecting. It was, after all, Gendo he was after.

Sitting idly at his table and sipping coffee heavily laced with his favorite bourbon, a ponified Gendo Ikari watched his son (who had used a philosophers stone to shed his pony form) advance. On his feet were Rainbow Dash and Ganondorf, directly in front of him was Toph with a rock wall. Twilight had lasso'd him from behind and was pulling all her might. Against the Fourth Looper though, it only amounted to an inconvenience. Gendo calmly sipped his coffee again.

Most of the bar-goers had barricaded themselves against the walls and corners, watching the drama unfold. No one was interfering, not after what had happened to Naruto. The Third Looper was currently on a one way trip to Andromeda.

Shinji took another step, the force of his feet falling upon the wood shattering it into it's component molecules. Sweat poured down his four barricaders as they worked to slow him down. The assembled held their breath as Shinji approached the one being that no one thought would ever loop. And Gendo simply sipped his coffee and waited.

Finally tiring of the charade, Shinji slammed Rainbow Dash, Ganondorf, and Toph with an AT-field, sending all three flying. A single, burningly furious glare at Twilight dissolved the rope binding him with pure hate. Now free, Shinji marched over to Gendo and lifted him up by one of his lapels. His free hand curled into a fist. A single word fell from his lips; "why?"

The assembled held their breath. A few late comers discreetly moved around the edges, trying to get appraised of the situation. Gendo, for the first time that night, spoke. "Why what?"

Shinji started shaking, tears of fury running down his face. A flurry of alchemic sparks coursed over Gendo's body, reverting him from a pony form to his human form. "Why.... why everything. You made my life hell on earth. WHY YOU STUPID BASTARD!?! WHY DID YOU ALWAYS DO THAT!?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME! WHY WOULD YOU KILL TOJI, KILL KAJI, KILL REI! WHYYYYY!?!"

Gendo looked his real son straight in the eye. "Because if I did, then I would have Yui back. If I did, my family would be happy again."

Shinji locked up. Gendo pressed his supposed advantage. "I thought at the end that Rei would give me a choice. A choice to undo everything, fix everything. But instead of me, she gave it to my son. My idiot son who never figured out what was happening and ruined my scenario with his idiocy. I can't fathom why she would do that Shinji. So unless you want to interrogate me for something that I can't explain, for something I can barely even comprehend, I suggest you put me down."

For a moment, near silence filled the air. Tense breathing, the shuffle of skin on fabric, and the minute settling of Mac's bar filled the air. And then it was engulfed with something no one had expected: laughter. Insane, pained, sobbing, gleeful, terrifying laughter. And it was Shinji's laughter.

"You hahaha, you thi-nnnnk that I care what hahahappened to your scenario!?!" A smile the Joker would have been proud of flashed on to Shinji's face. "You're a damn fool, aren't you Gendo?"

In the back, Batman began initiating his "Insane Shinji" plans.

Gendo looked at Shinji. "Boy, let me tell you something. I have no idea what is happening. I only recognize you as the person who is and has been replacing my William."

Billy. It all came down to Billy.

Shinji laughed out loud, long and hard. Ranma and Ichigo started listening in on Batman's countermeasures to Shinji. "You think I don't know that? Well news-flash for you Pops, I'M YOUR SON!" Shinji moved so quickly only a handful of loopers saw his movements in full. The rest merely watched as he slammed Gendo into the ground. "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT HUH!?! YOUR SON ISN'T REALLY YOUR SON! HE'S JUST MY REPLACEMENT!"

Gendo reached up and adjusted his glasses even so non-chalantly, even though he was in clear pain. "Honestly boy, I don't know what to think."

That brought up Shinji short.

"Boy, I've been through third impact three times. Time has reseted twice for me, and both times I saw you instead of my son. William Ikari may not have been the brightest boy, but he was still mine. I didn't realize how much I hurt him. When everything had changed back but with you in his place, I was horrified. I stuck to my scenario though: perhaps their was some way to replicate the results and bring back my son. You foiled it both times. So, Shinji Ikari I don't know who you are, so let Me Go And FIND MY SON!"

Silence came crashing down on to the Ikari's. Finally Shinji stood, and spat on Gendo. "Fuck you."

Gendo sat up and glared death at Shinji. "Fuck off boy. You're not my son."

Shinji turned, and left the building. Gendo staggered to his feet, grabbing his side in pain. A buttercup yellow pegasus, Fluttershy, trotted up to him. "Do you need any help Mister Ikari?"

Gendo nodded, and looked around. "Well? WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?"

The many patrons of the bar slowly returned to their positions, throwing more then a few glares and glances at Gendo. Fluttershy began dressing his wounds. Gendo glared at anything that looked at him funny, and silently worried about his real son, Shinji.

And outside? Shinji walked into the dark. He would not return; he had no need to. Gendo, his Gendo, would never be alive in the same sense he was.

It was strange... and for the first time in millennia, Shinji felt his heart ache. "Bastard. If can't remember me... then fine. I don't need a father anyway."

Inside the bar though, Twilight made her move.

"I know what I'm staring at..." her dangerous voice spoke up, "Even someone who's as skilled at lying as you are can't contradict the facts." Twilight Sparkle strode up to Gendo, matching his expression.

"And what business is it of yours?"

"I set up this sanctuary," the anchor said with a glare, "And while we welcome everyone who wants it, we don't look well at deliberate sabotage."

Gendo wore a mask of hatred, but not even Fluttershy was willing to take his side now.

"If you want to see Billy again, good luck. It seems he's been showing up all over the place these days," Twilight said casually, "But keep three things in mind. One: we all know what kind of man you were originally. I agreed to help you move past that, but if you don't want to change, we'll keep treating you like the monster you admitted you were not five minutes ago. Two:" She bent down to whisper in his ear, "Shinji is the one keeping your universe stable. No other Anchor can take his place for long, and he's among the most powerful entities in existence as we know it. You do NOT want him as an enemy."

Twilight turned away, defenses active in case he tried violence. "Take as long as you need to think it over, Gendo. But there's only one conclusion there to reach for you."

Gendo watched the mare plod away, before doing something quite strange: he removed his glasses. "Twilight Sparkle... You have seen the atrocities I have committed in my quest to reunite myself and my son with Yui. So let me ask you something: would you like to see me as an enemy?"

Twilight spun around, a thoroughly annoyed and confused look on her face. "What the Oak is that supposed to mean?"

Gendo fell heavily into his chair, the weight of his conscious seemingly dragging him down. He wrapped a hand around his bourbon laced coffee cup and drank deeply, never breaking eye contact. "I'm asking you, Twilight Sparkle, if you would rather seem a being who committed such acts as I have, as your father?"

The room was silent.

"Would you rather me be intrinsically linked to you, in a manner that many would see as inescapable, to know that I was, ineffably, your father? Or would you wish me to be a foreign force, a thing, not a person, but a thing separate from you, apart from your circle, apart from your very self? Someone you can demonize, hate without guilt, call "other"? Because if Shinji needs to..." Gendo's shaking hand dropped his cup. "Because... because... be..." Resolution firmed begun Gendo's eyes, force coalescing into action.

"Because if I must become the perfect demon that Shinji sees me as, if only to allow him peace of mind, then so be it. And if that particular fact ever leaves this room..." Gendo allowed his sheer presence to take over, impossibly, but thoroughly, cowing thousands of the Multiverse's most ancient inhabitants. "...Then I won't be responsible for what happens to you."

Silence caught, and stuck within the room

136.3 (JustTheBast)

Twilight sat confidently before the desk of principal Celestia. She had transmogrified the girlish clothes that the portal had seen fit to put on her into a flattering skirted ensemble that made her look much more like the young adult she actually was. Her attire, her confident and reasonable manner, and the fact that she had been able to present the actual Fall Formal crown had been enough to convince the high school principal to take her seriously and produce the crown currently in the school's possession.

"As you can see, Ms. Celestia," said Twilight, gesturing at the two crowns lying side by side, "this one is made of cheap brass and coloured glass, while the other one is actual gold inset with jewels. Given last night's break-in and attempted substitution, I believe it is highly likely that the design process for this year's Fall Formal crown was rigged specifically to produce this facsimile of my heirloom. You may wish to look into how exactly this design was chosen and who might have influenced the decision for their own purposes."

She steepled her fingers - a trick that had taken her several loops in human form to master convincingly - and looked the principal in the eyes. "I have no interest in causing any sort of scandal for your school. If my property is restored to me, I see no need to involve the authorities. Let us just write it off as a teenage prank gone out of hand and say no more about it, shall we?"

Principal Celestia nodded agreement. "That is very generous of you, Ms. Sparkle. Clearly the crown is yours - if you wish to take it back and let that be the end of it, I am in your debt. Rest assured, though, that I will look into the matter and find the ones responsible." Her face clouded with righteous anger. "I do not look kindly on students using school funds to create props for criminal activities."

"Thank you, Principal Celestia," said Twilight, rising from her seat. She took the true Element of Magic and put it in her bag. "I'm glad that we could sort this matter out amicably."

The two women shook hands, parted, and went their separate ways - one to oversee the running of her school, the other to return to a land of magical ponies.

As Twilight walked along the school corridors on her way out, she shook her head to herself. It was always sad to see an unawake Sunset Shimmer, when she came to steal the Element of Magic, but at least it was quite easy to head off her plans, if one only approached it rationally.

*I don't know what's crazier,* she thought, *the fact that I let myself get dragged into a high school popularity contest in baseline, or that a normal high school had the funds to make a crown of real gold and jewels for their yearly dance.*

136.4 (Scorntex)

It was rare, even in the Sister Loops, that Twilight ever got a chance to see the Crystal Empire up-close and personal, and in all its splendour. Usually she only got the chance when Sombra decided it was a sensible idea to aggravate two Alicorns, and a lot of those times ended with the beautiful city gone before she could inspect it, with most of its culture lost after Sombra was through with it, burnt or blasted or smashed or buried forever.

So under normal circumstances, she might actually have been happy to wake up in the Crystal Empire (and as she would later note, despite being a Crystal Pony, she still had the same old starburst on her flank).

Under normal circumstances, which she seriously doubted her current situation qualified for.

As her Loop memories kindly filled in for her, she had been born ever-so-slightly before Sombra had shown up in the city, before he'd risen to power and killed anyone who might have dared object. In this Loop he was playing the role of kindly benevolent rescuer to the faltering Empire, with the horrific nasty monstrousness just barely percolating underneath. And she was his increasingly nervous protégé, evidently approached as a child because he "recognised something in her".

In other words, he had noticed her talent for magic and saw her as a useful tool and instrument, and going by those memories not one worth treating much better than he did everyone else.

"Yeah" Twilight thought to herself, "Buck this. Moon time for Sombra."

(The following excerpt from The Reign of Her Highness, Queen Twilight, Ruler of the Crystal Republic, translated. Third edition.)

It had all happened so quickly. One moment, Viceroy Sombra had been calmly giving a speech to the members of the imperial senate, on the need for increasing control of our nation's exports and imports, and dealings with the new-born Equestria, and in another... he was gone.
There had been a loud flash of light, and a burst of sound, and the curious cry of "buck this". And then there was stillness, and silence, with only the clattering of his ceremonial headgear, followed by a loud crunch.

And then the light dimmed, and Her Ladyship was standing there, her sudden wings
(and the sudden rash of question marks after that word is a genuine article of the original text) flapping with irritation. And she said unto us: "Does anyone mind if I take over? No. Good."

In the interest of fairness, she did turn out to be our most benevolent and enlightened leader, long may she reign. But given she had just banished the Viceroy, you could forgive some members of the Senate for their immediate screaming and running away.

Twilight sat on the carved throne of the Crystal Empire as she calmly read through another ancient scroll, a wide grin on her face. It turned out that this Loop, Sombra had been quite the hoarder of knowledge. It almost made up for the unpleasant memories of his treatment of her un-Awake self.

A quick message to Celestia and Luna (neither were Awake, it seemed) had been sent shortly after her "ascension". Apparently Sombra had already been working on distancing the Empire from Equestria, and everyone else, for some time already. Fortunately, both of the royal sisters were concerned as to what was transpiring in the empire, and were all too glad to help out with their current "succession crisis".

And maybe in a few years she'd get to see what effect the Crystal Empire's art and culture would have on the world.

But for the moment, she told herself, reading. And a bit of politics later. There was a lot of damage to fix, not all of which was Sombra's fault. And she had wanted to see how quickly she could institute a constitutional monarchy in a non-Equestrian setting...

136.5 (Evilhumour)

Twilight placed a hoof against her face, shaking her head and slowly counted from ten to one in the vain hopes that by the time she finished things would not be crazy.

"So Twily, are you really ok with this?" Her foal sitter asked her, the day before she would go on her honeymoon after her wedding with her husband and wife.

Nope. Things were still wrong.

"Look Slaneesh, I do appreciate you asking me this, I really do." Twilight muttered, staring at the alicorn of love and lust that was sitting uncomfortably across the unicorn. The other alicorn in the room was also shaking her head at the whole thing.

"Cheerilee made it clear that I need to ask to do this sort of thing, otherwise Empy here will rat me out to Leman and then I won't be allowed to have fun in the loops anymore," the pink alicorn grumbled, looking up at the white alicorn, who was wearing a gold inline white dress that an unAwake Rarity had spent a long time making. "Aren't I right, Auntie Empy?"

Empy could only groan in agreement, likely wondering why she was dealing with this brand of insanity.

"As I was saying," Twilight stared at Slaneesh, causing the Chaos God to shrink back. "These things are normally fine, as long as you remember the rules."

Slaneesh rolled her eyes at this. "Yes yes, I know. Don't let you see it, don't show you the tapes unless you pay for the blackmail, if they Wake up I should take a step back-"

"If Shinning Wakes up, yes," Twilight glared. "Unlike Chryss, he is in a monogamous relationship with the mare you are replacing right now. If I find out you took advantage of my brother, I swear that I will make Empy here look like an unAwake Fluttershy! Do you understood me?" She barked out, her magic pressing onto the alicorn, showing the power and might she held against the squirming pony.

"I-I understand." Slaneesh meeped in fear. "I'll even Pinkie Promise!" The pony began to do the motions, saying "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"

"Good." Twilight released the pressure on the mare. "Now, I can't believe I am saying this, but have fun on your honeymoon with my brother and the changeling queen."

"Will do," Slaneesh leaned in to hug Twilight. She then whispered something into her ear before teleporting away. "Sister."

Twilight and Empy could only facehoof at the fading giggles as the three equines departed on chariots for parts unknown. Twilight looked at the mare next to her and Empy looked back.

"Dress shopping and then booze?" Twilight offered.

"Sounds wonderful to me."

136.6 (Crisis)

Twilight felt very strange as she woke up. There was something off about her surroundings... Something she couldn't quite put her hoof on...

Looking around her room yielded nothing out of the ordinary... save for that lump under the covers of her bed that she was certain hadn't been there when she went to sleep.

Despite the sinking feeling, she lifted the covers to take a look, and started screaming bloody murder when she saw the empty violet eyes of the severed unicorn head staring back at her from under an indigo mane with rose and violet streaks.

"Twilight!" the head suddenly spoke to her fiercely. "Twilight! Wake up!"

Twilight shot up in bed, sweating and breathing heavily, her pupils shrunk to pinpricks.

"You okay, Twilight?" Applejack asked. "Y'all were tossing and screaming somethin' fierce and all. Molestia nightmare again?"

"No..." Twilight started getting her breathing under control. "Somepony take a note: No more watching The Godfather right before bed."

"Ah," Applejack nodded knowingly. "Yep, that'll do it."

136.7 (DrTempo)

Sunset Shimmer, who looked like a humanoid unicorn, stood next to a grave in an old garden, with the names "To Iris and the Colonel" engraved in it. Wearing a Repliforce beret, the Looper saluted at the grave, not noticing Zero was next to her.

"Hello, Sunset." It was a testament to Sunset's experience that she didn't instinctively attack.

Frowning, she sniffled. "Hello, Zero. Come to pay your respects as well?"

"Who do you think made that gravestone? It's not like anyone would do that for Reploids considered Mavericks."

Sunset broke down, crying, "How do you do it, Zero? Having to basically kill the one you love time and time again? I befriended Iris, and I knew her fate. I wanted to save her from that fate, but not just because it's the right thing to do, but because she truly was my friend. I saw her like a little sister, Zero, but I could do nothing!"

Slamming her fist into the ground, she lamented, "I tried to convince her not to fight you...told her she could likely get killed. But, she insisted. She wanted answers. And in the end, for all the strength I've gotten throughout my time as a Looper, I failed to save a friend. I should've just stopped her by force."

Zero put his hand on Sunset's shoulder. "She'd never forgiven you, Sunset. Trust me, I never want to have to end her life. I've tried so many times. I tried everything, but it seems like no matter what, I fail. This is my greatest failure, Sunset. When it happened the first time, I wondered what it was I had to fight for. But I realized that I fight to protect those I cherish. I never considered myself a hero. I always fight for those I believe in."

Sunset smiled. "To me, that's what heroes do. I fight to protect those who need help. From my Awakening, I always have done that. My home Loop may be the biggest Sanctuary Loop around, but my earliest Loops were in places like Soul Society, the Elemental Countries...places where I had to fight. I'm willing to do what I have to-no more, no less- to help others, and I've never killed unless it was the only way. But, that just makes those I fail to save hurt even worse."

Zero simply said, "That's all we can do. We can't save everyone. But, we can do the best we can...every single Loop."

The two looked at the grave, and saluted.

Sunset then said, "Goodbye, Iris. I will never forget our friendship."

136.8 (Evilhumour)

Celestia looked at Luna who was standing with her on the shoreline.

Luna, Awake with her sister, looked back in the same awe and disbelief fashion.

The two of them looked down at the three fillies who were trembling and trying to hide between each other, the tree-damn book lying in front of the three of them.

Celestia, shaking her head, asked the three unAwake loopers a question she never asked before. "Where did you three find the Necronomicon, and why did you read it?!"

"That's what it is?" Applebloom asked, looking up from the huddle, only to cower back as an earthquake made the shoreline vanish. The girls were scooped up by the princesses magic. "We're just trying to see if we could get our cutie marks from some old spells!" The fillies whimpered as a city began to rise from the ocean.

With a sigh, the two alicorns threw themselves to the sky, ready to deal with Great Old Ones that were waking up from their ancient slumber. As they flew and pulled out their magic might to protect their ponies, Luna grinned at Celestia, which caused the mare to sigh.

"Fine, you're right, the girls would summon Cthulhu, Hastur, Tirek and the rest before getting their cuties marks! I'll give you the bits later Lulu, alright?" She snapped, watching Luna only to chuckle. "But I will not do the other thing!"

"But Tia~!" Luna whined as the horrific, mind defiling monsters rose from their ancient prisons and began to breath in their unholy power for the first time in eons. "You promised! Need I get Pinkie Pie to hold you to your word?"

"Luna, we're about to do battle with the Great Old Ones and you're holding Pinkie Pie over me now!?" Celestia snapped as uncountable armies of Deep Ones began to clash with the sea ponies without too much concern, knowing that the fifteen score warriors would be more than enough to hold the line just fine until King Helix came with the rest of the sea pony army.

After all, they were lead by their fearless leader, who admittedly was somewhat constantly stoned and looking for his seagnomes that he had gave to his daughter on her wedding day to her candy making wife, and he had defeated Discord all by himself without too much assistance.

Though she did miss the old North pole...

"Of course Tia," Luna smiled as she began to send meteors into the awaking Great Old Ones, hitting several blow their many belts. "Otherwise, you would weasel out of it like your paperwork."

"Fiiiiine!" Celestia pouted as she sent a massive solar strike into their midst, blowing several weaker ones into fine unnaturally coloured mists. "I'll do it!"

"Huzzah!" Luna said with a smile as she flew in close for combat, using her magic to smack Tirek across the entire planet, where he would end up crashing into the domicile of a lavender mare with an adoptive filly. "We shall greatly enjoy seeing you in the most pinkest of fru-fru, dear sister!"

With a sigh at the silliness of her sister and what she will be suffering for the next hundred loops they were both Awake for, she too entered the battle of Great Old Ones, ducking as a confused centaur came flying back towards them.

136.9 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Twilight stepped through a pair of doors of a ruby colored mansion that had replaced Fluttershy's cottage. The unicorn's ears were sharp enough she caught the sound of ice cubes in a glass and a page turning from down the hallway behind another set of closed doors. Curious, Twilight tapped on the door, to which a gruff, but familiar french voice echoed from within, "Go away."

Twilight blinked, then gripped the door with his telekinesis, "Hey are you awake? I feel like I've been thrown for a loop trying to find you."

She gazed upon a yellow pegasus with a suit covering his cutie mark and a red mask over his head which also covered his mane. The pegasus looked up, his expression already brightening, "Ah, Miss Sparkle. I knew you would loop around to visit me. Been awhile since you replaced the Administrator of Mann Co."

Twilight blinked, then brightened, "Spy! How are things with Red team?"

Spy flapped his wings, bringing him over to his alcohol cabinet. He chuckled and poured Twilight some scotch, "It's Flutterspy this time. You'd call it, single letter transposition or something I'm sure. As for the others, you know Dell, he likes turning our war on its head. Scout's been making a nuisance out of himself as always."

He continued sharing everyone while handing her the glass, then came to medic, which he just gave a small frown, "He's descended into Sakura Syndrome, almost as bad as Sakura at her worst."

He shrugged as he took a sip of his own drink, "Well, it's not much worse than his baseline self though, since he was something of an insane quack to begin with."

Twilight shook her head sadly, "Sorry. Hope he manages to snap out of it."

Spy looked at his glass, "Maybe Sakura will loop there soon. I feel she might be able to snap him out of it...-" his expression darkened briefly, "-or she'll regress."

Setting down his drink, he tried smiling, though only succeeded in a rueful grin, "I hope not. But enough about my group of misfits. Surely you have questions."

Twilight tilted her head in curiosity, "You think Fluttershy has replaced you this loop?"

Spy gave a wry grin, "Undoubtedly."

136.10 (elmagnifico)

Macintosh fought.

Unlike those rare occasions he felt the need to call back to that fateful loop and plumb the green-tinged depths of his determination and will, this was not a physical fight.

Nevertheless, he was losing, and had been since he'd Awoken.

A voice cut through the background chatter, piercing his defenses and drawing his attention.

"Hey Macintosh!"

Another blow, and he winced inwardly. His face showed the pain as plain as day, which meant he still wasn't fighting hard enough. Normally, he could hide behind a stoic face and monosyllabic responses when his mind was troubled. Between keeping the current batch of loop memories suppressed, out of respect for the pony they usually belonged to, and the difficulty of changing his routine to something so close to normal, his reactions were floating nearer the surface than usual.


Hearing his own voice respond - from another body - just made the fight still harder. He shuddered slightly, causing the brown stetson to fall forward in front of his eyes. A push from an orange hoof, one that was his and not his, more properly hers, but responded to his commands, put the headgear to rights. This action revealed a concerned-looking Applebloom. The bustle of the Apple Family Reunion almost drowned out his little sister's repeated question.

“Ah said, you okay sis?”

Macintosh shook the head he was inhabiting at the moment. He mentally groped about for a response. Having trouble with being in your sister's brain was no excuse for being rude. Not like it was a malicious question or anything of the sort. Just the genuine worry of a younger sibling for their older kin, typical of both the looping 'bloom, and in this case her unawake counterpart.

In a less busy setting, his siblings might show their concern in other ways, like make his favorite breakfast, or get out a photo album full of pleasant memories. He'd do the same if he were worried about one of them. Questions were also used, it wasn't like any of them were shy about being blunt when the need came, but in either case it was just how they cared for each other.

“Eeyep, jus' Woke Up on the wrong side of the bed, is all.”

He managed to assuage Applebloom's doubtful expression with an easygoing grin. Or perhaps she could sense the tension just beneath the surface and decided not to inquire about the grimace. Either way, she moved on.

Macintosh sighed.

At least there was still work to do. After that first few minutes of paralysis, he'd been able to throw himself into the preparations for the Celebration, as well as the Reunion. His duties were different in this body, but he could recall the schedule that he and Applejack had worked out together. That was still fresh in his own memories, like they'd only made it yesterday. Right now, for instance, there was a bushel of Red Russets that needed to come down so they could be set out fresh-as-possible.

Russets were grown in the South Orchard, out by the road to Ponyville. Macintosh ambled up to one of the trees, Bertram was what his sister had named it, but his mind was elsewhere. Not like this was particularly cerebral work. A quick, businesslike buck was all that was necessary. His mental capacities were focused on inward battles though, so he almost jumped when the low, steady voice spoke from his immediate left.

“Sis, you sure you're alright?”

He could hear the concern behind the question, and it wasn't just because he had inadvertently left his mental Voice talent open.

“Ah'm good Mac, just a toucha headache.”

He'd settled on calling his unawake counterpart Mac. It was an abbreviation he had no particular attachment to, so attaching it to somepony else held no self-identity issues.

The face he was only used to seeing in a mirror gave him a half-lidded look then. He tried to brush aside with that ironclad confidence his sister could employ with infuriating ease. A pang of guilt put an end to that as it stabbed at his already-tender mental spaces.

On the other hoof, he didn't particularly enjoy it when somepony else used it on him.

“Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle.”

Ah, there was the anchor, and right on time.

He'd seen this encounter from afar enough times to know what came next. Provided she didn't do something to knock the timeline too far off kilter, Twilight would show up to inspect the preparations, and in the process get whirled into trying a bit of everything, winding up overstuffed and uncomfortable. In the old days he'd just gone through this tableau on autopilot, trusting instinct and inconspicuousness to keep anything from drawing her attention to the stallion who was experiencing time in a loop.

These days, even when she or somepony else messaged him that they wanted things strictly baseline, he made a point of cutting anything that passed his hooves into smaller portions. Since he'd received no such indication, he mentally started dividing the strudel into eighths instead of fourths.

“Well howdy there, welcome to Sweet Apple Acres.”

Cousin Fritter's voice served as perfect punctuation to his grabbing the basket of Russets and heading for the serving table. On the way there, he almost stumbled over the small purple dragon that had accompanied the unicorn.

“'Scuse,” he intoned, skirting around Spike, but taking the chance to catch the slitted, green eyes. He was taking in the sights of the farm, the traffic of Apples of all shapes, sizes and ages. The light in those eyes was shimmering with curiosity, and there was only wonder at unseen sights, no recognition in the young drake's gaze. Macintosh drew upon his time as an empathic Voice and sent a mental probe at Spike just to be sure, and got no push back.

Unwake, then.

And so the scene went without too much incident this time around, although it was Fritter that did the whirling. Odd, she'd never done that before. Of the other relatives it was usually Fuji Junior or Golden Delicious who took Twilight for a tour if the scene went off script. Macintosh, for his part, managed to moderate his influence to reducing the glass of apple-whiskey that got passed to her and narrowing the slice of pie to something less mouth-damming.

As Twilight moved away, apparently satisfied in the thoroughness of the culinary preparations, he trotted after her, business-like. Also trying all the while not to trip over the unfamiliar hooves and different center of gravity.

He caught up to the anchor just around the first bend, where she'd apparently been waiting.

“I knew you were off your game. What's wrong Applejack?”

His eyes screwed up in concentration.

“Not Applejack. 's Macintosh in here.”

He heard her straighten in shock, although it wasn't as abrupt as he might have expected. That was right, she'd spoken of loops like this, where you were some other pony altogether.

“Shows me for thinking I can get away with just pinging rather than checking the elements. I can handle things solo if you like.”

“Mah thanks.”

The rest of the Reunion passed in a blur. Relatives that were instantly familiar and friendly as ever, interacting with him in ways he'd never seen. For instance, Fourth-Cousin Maldahyde, with whom he rarely shared a conversation, was apparently on good terms with all the mares of her generation, and quite worried by her cousin Applejack's restiveness. About the only normal thing that day was the pie, which was good as always.

He had just finished sweeping the last of the dust and debris onto the compost heap, amid talk of an ancient vengeful princess being defeated using some party balloons, three irate mustelids and a pound of spaghetti. He'd been mostly successful in getting his duties done and averting too much suspicion, although Fiddlesticks was still wondering about the string when she left.

His reverie was interrupted by his unawake counterpart giving him a glass of something cool and nice-smelling.

“Cinnamon Sweet Cider. Y'alls favorite.”

It wasn't, but there was no way Mac could know that. The corners of Macintosh's vision blurred as the voice that was normally his continued.

“Ah don't know what's wrong. Just that it's there. If'n' y' wanna talk about it, ah'm here.”

The features that were not normally his stretched into a genuine smile, and he followed his brother into the house.

Maybe he could do this, after all.

136.11 (RowanEx)

Twilight Awoke in blackness. She checked her loop memories. She then checked her subspace pocket. And then, she noticed she was in HER subspace pocket.

Oh. New looping universe...?

She looked at herself carefully. She's a scientist, with a glove on her left, and a watch connected to the intercom to her right arm. She too had a goggles she doesn't wear as always, and wears it. She checked who was at the manor.

Is Nyx solving puzzles- wait, how did she do that?! All things tu- Oh, wait, it turned into metal. The- what the buck?! She's flying?! Oh. She's just wanting to get into the next room...

After realizing what she remembered, she facepalmed. Dimensions. That's what the loop's speciality.

Quantum Conundrum loops are very tricky...

Prof. Quadwrangle, or Quartet Wrangler, a unicorn, walks around the Golden Oak Library, and only to be met by a confused and Awake Rainbow Dash.

"New looper?" Rainbow Dash asks.

"No, no I'm not! My loops tend to place me in a pocket dimension, and when fused loops, things are different." Wrangler replied. "But this experience is new. And my loop memories... tell me that I'm the overseer for the Summer Sun Celebratio- wait."


"I remember now. I'm replacing your Anchor."

Rainbow Dash stood in silence. "H-how did you know?"

"She... um... looped in once, replacing my nephew. She told her baseline while solving puzzles..."

Awake Spike faceclawed. Better than spending a loop with Ike, he thought. But, is he looping?

136.12 (Evilhumour)

One Crazy Week part three
Twilight smiled to herself as she settled herself down on the isolated beach, sprawling out on her towel. Normally, she did not just run off from things like what happened today but dealing with the snake incident and having to deal with paperwork over her tree that had somehow caused the financial collapse of Equestria was a bit much.

As such, Twilight decided that she would take this day off. Checking internally, as from a numerous amount of loops where she had raised the sun and moon gave her a very precise estimation as to what hour it was supposed be, and a watch she pulled out from her subspace pocket, it was Wednesday now. Acting on an impulse, she brought out an inflatable beach mattress from her pocket, the latest book ‘Iris Drake’ wrote and decided to herself that today would be a simple reading day.

After all, she thought to herself, what could go wrong on such a pleasant and peaceful day?

With a mighty splash of water, Twilight woke up with a start. Shaking her head, she saw she was still on her mattress in a massive storm, the sea heaving her around without mercy or a chance for to really collect herself.

Sighing, she started to gather her magic when a lightning bolt crashed right in front of her, startling her as it popped her mattress and sent her rocketing through the storm. Holding onto the flying mattress, Twilight strained to keep her eyes open as more bolts of lighting landing near her, almost if they were trying to actually hit her.

Once more, she tried to bring her power together when suddenly her mattress stopped rocketing forwards. With a meep, she was flung head over tail with the inertia from the sudden stop, and landed in the water with a mighty splash. Sputtering, Twilight forced herself to break the surface and paddled on the ocean sea as she tried to get the water out of her lungs. Turning around in attempts to spot her mattress, she saw that the sudden storm was now gone and the sea was definitely warmer than it should have been if she was still in normal Equestria. Finally, she spotted her mattress as it began to sink into the waters below before she used her magic to grab it.

Or she tried as her magic shot out with tremendous speed and power that destroyed the floating device and caused the looper to mutter things under her breath as she continued to tread water.

Still, Twilight’s mind was trying to behave normally and that meant analyzing everything that had occurred so far.

She knew that this was some fused loop now and not some weird variant as she thought with the whole deal that happened yesterday; and someone was pulling a prank on her, one she intended to get even with very quickly.

She knew she had sent out a ping early in the loop with only her friends responding back but maybe she could get whoever was doing this to trip up by pinging back by instinct as she once did to some of her friends. So on that logic, she sent out a normal ping.

Twilight instantly regretted doing the action as the ping had become equivalent to the sound of a low level Trixie explosion going off in her head, with her body shaking due to the raw magic rebounding from her ping. Clutching her head as she kicked with her hind legs, she let out curses as she tried to clear her head of the pain and get a control of her magic that was both sprawling out of her and building a pressure in her head, while being faintly aware it was pulling on her body outwards in some fashion.

Sometime after her twentieth swear involving some she just invented that involved bees, a duck, a brand new tree hybrid and her Admin given corporal punishment, she felt someone grab her by the armpits and lift her out of the water, only to drop her on a wooden floor.

She heard someone muttering about helping her and another person responding back, but the pain from her own building magic prevented her from paying attention as it was still out of her control. Without warning, she felt something shoved onto her horn and began to feel some relief from the pure magic overload. While she felt her magic starting to slow down thanks to whatever had been placed on her horn, her magic was still out of control and was still concentrated in head to be painful enough to force her eyes shut.

“Oh dear, the mortal is still leaking magic,” the second voice responded with some worry in his voice. “Mister Sunscorch, if you can hold her steady please while I get out my more advanced magic blocker out.”

“Aye sir,” The first voice responded above her, placing one arm around her chest, pinning her legs and wings to her chest. She then noticed that she had her wings out, although they would be useless until she could dry them out. “Oi, lads, hand me a towel. She’s going to be shivering something terrible once Dr. Scamadros helps block her magic flow properly.”

Slowly, Twilight forced her eyes open when she felt a heavy towel dropped onto her back and sides, with a strong hand rubbing her sides dry. Twilight bit her lip to not only fight the lessening pain but also the sounds of bliss she felt from such an action.

As her eyes finally opened, she heard a shout of victory from Dr. Scamadros and then something shoved around her head, blocking off her magic completely and finally allowing her to think clearly without the overload of magic within her skull distracting her.

“Oooo, that’s so much better,” Twilight smiled, reaching with a hoof to rub her head when something blocked her hoof. “What the?” Twilight frowned, noticing a faint white circular outline around her field of vision.

“Oh, you mustn’t touch the magic inhibitor miss…” Dr. Scamadros, a strange looking man with moving tattoos of a doctor treating a patient moving into a parent telling their child a lesson, or at least that’s what it looked like to her.

“Twilight Sparkle and what do you mean exactly?” Twilight, by nature, was uncomfortable around magic inhibitors and she had spent some loops figuring out how to escape nearly all kinds with some success. Most of the time she just overloaded the inhibitor to the point where it either exploded, melted or most rare of all, burnt herself out completely and thus negating the ring completely.

“Ah, well miss Twilight Sparkle, I had first thought the Absorbing Cork would suffice by cancelling your outflowing magic from your horn, but your continued transformation into this new state proved to me that a stronger inhibitor was required. As such, I had just redesigned an old project of mine that would act as a more discreet inhibitor but due to your body figure, the intended portion was lost.”

Blinking Twilight turned her head away from the doctor and to the water to see what he meant.

Twilight was beyond relieved that no one was around to see her like this. The top of her horn had a cork shoved on it yes, but what was worse was the collar that she had around her neck. It was a tall, white circular thing that she only seen on a pet that just had surgery and was placed to prevent the dog or cat from biting the stitches.

She was also very tall now, taller than Celestia and just under Sleipnir by a few feet, and her mane glistening in it’s completely ethereal state. Her coat was immaculate, her hooves were solid and shone like they had several layers of polish on them. Her teeth were perfectly straight and her bangs were at the exact proper length, a fact she knew by heart and would die if any of her friends knew that she had looked up that bit of information. Her horn had more ridges then Celestia’s did and her wings were larger than Celestia’s as well, perfectly swan wings that were on the perfect edge of being usable and unusable.

In short, Twilight looked like an alicorn made perfect except for having an Elizabethan collar and cork on her horn.

Before she could lament the sad fate she was in, she heard Mister Sunscorch shout from behind her.

“Ah there we go, found your realm little one-er, big one.” The sailor behind her laughed a bit, Twilight unable to move due her sheer size. “We’ll have you back in no time.”

“Wait, what? What’s going on here?” Twilight turned her long neck around to look at the sailor over her shoulder in a one-hundred eighty degree turn, realizing she could do that now with some unease.

The sailor shrugged, as several more people behind him continued to row the boat forwards.

“To be fair Lady Twilight Sparkle, I don’t know.” Sunscorch responded, causing Twilight’s eyebrows to arch at the lady part. “I don’t know how you made it through the Line of Storms, but Dr. Scamadros here has a means to send you right back.”

“Yes, Lady Twilight Sparkle,” Dr. Scamadros smiled, with his tattoos now showing a carpenter patching up a roof for some reason. “We will have you back home in no time; you will just need to wear the collar and cork for a few days until your magic ebbs off enough so it will not overwhelm you again.”

“Wait a second, who are you peo-” With a lurch, the rowboat hit a rough patch of water, causing Twilight to flap her wings out of reflex to steady herself. Twilight noticed the sun that was just overhead before was now replaced by a moon.

“There we go, Equestria on Wednesday night, just when you left.” Dr. Scamadros said with a smile that changed into a smirk when he noticed Twilight’s frown. “Oh yes, Lady Twilight Sparkle, times runs true in the House. One day in the Secondary Realms might be twenty years in the House, or an hour inside the House might last for a day within the House.”

“Wait, that doesn’t make any sense!” Twilight exclaimed as they pulled up to the beach “How can time be both longer and shorter at the same time?” The people in the boat shrugged as they started to disembark from the boat with Twilight shaking herself dry of any remaining water off her coat.

“Time is a tricky thing within the House, Lady Twilight Sparkle,” Sunscorch spoke as the people began to climb back into the boat. “We once left a tavern for a year, came back to only to find the tea still warm.”

“Huh?” Twilight blinked as she tried to process this with her tired mind before she realized two important things. One, the people that saved her were already out sight and most likely gone. And two, she was not on the same beach she woke up on this morning and she could see a number of islands in the distance meaning she was more than likely on an island herself, meaning the people had stranded her on a deserted island without any way getting home besides flying. She could already begin to pinpoint where she was, using the stars to guide her home.

It was then she realized something else. It was no longer Wednesday.

It was Thursday, and if things were going to be like the last three days, then whatever was going to happen today was not going to be fun at all.

136.14 (Gamerex27)

Spike Awoke as he was re-arranging one of Twilight's book shelves. Looking down, he noted that a great deal of the books had been knocked to the floor.

As he was puzzling over these strange circumstances (Twilight would never treat her books so poorly in a normal Loop), he heard hooves banging at the closest door. "Spike!" Twilight's voice cried. "Open the door!"

Raising his brows, Spike twisted the doorknob open with the Force, and a disheveled-looking Twilight walked into the room. Her mane was frazzled, and the frown on her face clearly showed that she was not having a good Loop at all.

"Bad Loop?" he asked, picking up a few more books.

"Not the last one," Twilight said, exasperated. "The last one was another one where I was Star Swirl's assistant: tons of fun. It's this one that's...argh."

She trotted over to the bookshelf, and angrily swatted her forehoof at the rows of textbooks and non-fiction. "Ponies...can't grab anything in this Loop. You know how we can just pick things up with our hooves?"

"Touch-based telekinesis, right?" the dragon asked, placing the last book back on the shelf. "All ponies have innate magic, even though it comes out in different ways, and you said way, way back when these Loops started that it was one of them."

"This Loop, it doesn't exist!" Twilight's horn glowed, and the book detailing Celestia's fight against Nightmare Moon slowly floated off the shelf. "I have to use my horn for everything! And even then, it can't work for everything!"

Spike checked his Loop memories: sure enough, Unawake him was less Twilight's assistant and more her caretaker. In fact, nearly every pony had either an assistant of some kind to do things like preparing and serving food (and for the exceptionally lazy, opening doors like Unawake Twilight), or had prosthetics paws/hands installed in place of their forehooves (mercifully with painkilling spells).

"Oh, no. Is this that Slavequestria variant you guys are always talking about?" Spike asked nervously, checking himself over for any binding runes or slave brandings.

"Thank bark it's not," Twilight said, flipping through the book and looking for any changes. "They're usually not too different that what you did in Baseline: just a bit more work, and better paid. And Celestia put a lot of laws in place to make sure abuse didn't happen. Wait, Luna's assistants went to the Moon with her too?!"

"Still really not liking the implications of all this," Spike muttered, looking out the window. " Gummy doing the baking for the Pies? Shouldn't he get paid for that, then?"

"Yeah, it's...still kind of messed up," Twilight agreed. "I think Celestia was also offering big rewards for anypony who came up with mass-marketable prosthetics. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the festival trying to figure those out. Could you take care of Nightmare Moon this Loop?"

"Only if you pay me overtime for that," Spike joked. "Seriously, though, something tells me that it'll take care of itself. I don't see any 'assistants' taking being banished to the Moon for a thousand years just because of something stupid their boss did well."

"I...still don't get why Celestia did that," Twilight muttered, carefully putting the book back. "And how did Equestrian society even form if no one can pick anything up?!"

"There are some pretty big things wrong with this Loop," Spike agreed. "How can everypony here afford an assistant for every single pony in the family? How did any of this get started in the first place?"

"And why did Unawake me have so many books when she was too lazy to open doors?!" Twilight exclaimed. "And why did you put up with that?! It doesn't make an se3N238R8377@%@%$&$%#%@%-"

Sleipnir blinked, checking his monitor again. No, he wasn't imagining it: the Loop really did just crash because Twilight and Spike were, of all things, pointing out lore glitches in the Loop.

"Going to have to patch that problem out," he muttered, hooves clattering all over his jumbo-sized keyboard. "This seems way too problematic to just leave in."
MLP Loops 136
136.1: That would be Pinkie Pie (humourous humourous).
136.2: Evil Abe Lincoln Clone.
136.3: It is quite crazy.
136.4: The well-known technique of the Celestial Substitutionary Ruler.
136.5: Slaan-eeesh.
136.6: Some things are a lot scarier than they were intended to be.
136.7: Repeated traumas.
136.8: I don't want to know. R'yleh, I don't.
136.9: She has a backstare.
136.10: Quite a traumare.
136.11: Pocket change.
136.12: It must be Wednesday. I never could get the hang of Wednesdays.
136.13: Don't ask questions.
135.1 (Kris Overstreet)

Twilight Sparkle Awoke in the park, but this time she wasn't reading That Book. She was working on a thesis paper of some sort, and Awakening had caused her to lose her thread of reasoning. By juniper, she grumbled to herself, I hate it when this happens. This is so very annoying!

Before she could go back and read what her unAwake self had written, she heard voices from the parkway path, arguing voices.

"And I say the moon is made of rock!"

"The moon is a celestial sphere, a jewel crafted by alicorn hooves!"

"My professor says the moon is made of green cheese!"

Twilight grit her teeth. The previous Loop hadn't been all that relaxing, and she'd dropped into this one in a state of tension only made worse by her mind getting derailed from her current research assignment. I can't concentrate. I need a moment of quiet to organize my mind, and I'm not getting it thanks to this pointless bickering. I cannot WORK under these conditions!

In a flash of teleportation she dropped herself between the three bickering fillies. "QUIET!" she shouted. "Ponies are trying to STUDY out here!"

"Er, Twilight Sparkle," one of the ponies- Twilight didn't particularly care which in her current frame of mind- greeted her. "Um, sorry to disturb you... your... whatever you were doing. We were just leaving, weren't we?" Frightened nods from the other ponies.

"No, no," Twilight insisted. "We're going to settle this once and for all. You want to know what the moon's made of?" Her hooves slowly left the ground as magic sparked and flared from her horn, sending streamers of lightning to the ground and into the bushes around them. "Let's find out from the foremost authority!"

As dark clouds gathered in the formerly clear, sunny summer sky overhead, Twilight Sparkle began chanting:

To Canterlot at the noontime hour
I summon thee with all my power
Thy twisted soul, they wicked hoof,
Thy dragon's eyes shall bear me proof
From thy prison beyond the sky
Where centuries have passed you by
I command thee come and grant my boon:
I invoke thee, NIGHTMARE MOON!

Lightning cracked, thunder shook the ponies gathered, and for a second everyone, even Twilight, was blinded by a flash of light.

And then, the sky again clear, the sun shining, Nightmare Moon sat in a bathtub, scrubbing her back with a brush, and singing something about the more fortunate aspect of a hedgehog's existence as opposed to other creatures. The singing stopped as the last few drops of water trickled out of the now disconnected showerhead.

The Nightmare opened her eyes, looked at the four ponies looking back at her, shrieked, and drew the shower curtain around herself. "How did you bring me here?" she gasped. "WHY did you bring me here? Can't you see I was busy? What do you want that couldn't wait two DAYS?"

"I summoned you here," Twilight growled. "These ponies were arguing about what the moon is. Is it a rock, a made thing, or is it a big lump of cheese?"

Nightmare Moon's eyes narrowed. "You summoned me here for that?" she hissed. "When I get my powers back in two days you're going to be the first-"

"Answer the question." Thunder rolled behind Twilight's command, and as the other student unicorns trembled, even Nightmare Moon leaned back in her bathtub, away from the very annoyed lavender pony.

"It's a rock," she said. "It's a big, barren, airless, dusty rock, made inhabitable only by my magic and a nice little clubhouse I made for myself in happier days." She pointed to the tub and continued, "Do you know how hard it is to get a plumber to make a house call on the moon in this day and age?"

"There," Twilight Sparkle said, "From the Mare in the Moon herself. It's made of rock. Debate over. Satisfied?" Her tone of voice dared anypony to even whisper a word of dissatisfaction.
Her three pony classmates weren't about to go there.

"Very well, my soon to be loyal subjects," Nightmare Moon grumbled. "May I go back now? I have a lot of preparing to do before I defeat-"


"-my sister," the Nightmare groaned, slumping in the bathtub as Princess Celestia descended on the group.

"Luna, how did you return two days- are you still the Nightmare? Who- Twilight, what is the meaning of this?" Celestia kept looking back and forth from Nightmare Moon, who looked about as embarrassed as an alicorn mare of ultimate evil can manage, and Twilight, who was finding that Pretty Darn Annoyed had multiple quantum states with no apparent upper limit.

"Delays, delays, delays!" the unicorn mage snapped. "Fine, I'll straighten this out, and then I can get back to my thesis!" Again sparks of magic flew from her horn. Again she rose into the air, not really noticing. This time she didn't bother with a chant, simply summoning five ponies by raw power. They appeared in a quintuple crack of thunder.

"Howdy, Twilight," Applejack said. "Why didn't y'all Ping-"

"You!" Twilight's horn flashed, and five familiar stone spheres appeared in the middle of the group. As her hoof pointed to Applejack, she said, "Equestria's most honest!" One of the spheres cracked, shattered, and reformed into a jewelled choker around Applejack's throat.

"You!" She pointed to Fluttershy, who would have run screaming if she hadn't been Awake, and thus merely flinched. "Equestria's kindest!"

Crack, shatter, magic bauble.

"You! Equestria's most loyal!"

Crack, shatter, bauble.

"Equestria's funniest!"

Crack, shatter, bauble.

"Equestria's most generous!"

Crack, shatter, bauble.

"Great! Love you all! Friends forever! That's magic! Go team!"

Flash, shimmer, jewelled tiara atop Twilight's head.

"Rainbow magic zappy time!" Twilight shouted, as streams of light connected her with five Awake, but very confused, Element bearers.

Zappy happened.

Princess Luna, still in her bathtub, wobbled dizzily, clinging with both forehooves to the rim of the tub. Celestia, not having been touched by the rainbow tornado, was a bit wobbly herself. Jaw moving motionlessly, she pointed a hoof in amazement at Twilight, who was still hovering in the air.

"There!" Twilight shouted. "Nightmare defeated, sister restored, Summer Sun Celebration still on for day after tomorrow, moon composition confirmed, NOW I can get back to my- WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT??" she shouted, veins pulsing on her temples as she noticed everypony gaping at her.

"Twilight, darling," Rarity said quietly, "your wings are showing."

Twilight for the first time noticed she'd ascended, glancing back and forth from one wing to another, then looking down at the growing smile on Celestia's face.

"Awwwwww, buck," she said with feeling.

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Short Tempers, never did get back to her thesis.

135.2 (Masterweaver)

Fluttershy tripped, hit the ground, and burst into a large pile of yellow and pink lego bricks.

Twilight stared for a few seconds. Then she reassembled her friend. "Are... are you okay?"

"Um... Yes." Fluttershy nodded, blushing. "I could have put myself together eventually... you didn't have to do that."

Twilight nodded to herself, not really listening. "No problem. I've just never see a pony, uh, go to pieces like that." It had to be a variant loop, Fluttershy hadn't given any sign she was awake...

135.3 (DrTempo and Evilhumour)

Sunset Shimmer sighed. She'd heard of this Loop from Cheerilee, who'd met an all alone Nigel Uno.

And she'd Replaced Numbuh Eighty Six. According to her Loop Memories, she was...a jerk. Sighing, she went on her job of gathering Sector V to be 'decommissioned'; she knew it was an evil plot by a KND agent to keep himself from being decommissioned, but best to keep up appearances for the moment.

Chad was in for a buttkicking, though.

Sneaking up behind Nigel, she tried a bit of CQC, which he dodged. "Not bad, Numbuh One. Worthy of the number. Now, how about I throw you for a Loop?" Grabbing him, she swung him around, and tossed him into a tree.

Suddenly, she heard weapons activate behind her. Sector V'd snuck up on her. Cracking her knuckles, she prepared to attack, when Nigel made a hand sign, and all five members of Sector V used a Ping. Sunset laughed. "So, when these guys get their Wake up call?"

Numbuh Four said, "If you mean being part of his whole timey wimey business, all at once."

Sunset smirked. "Why am I not surprised...So, shall we help Chad celebrate his birthday?"

Nigel nodded. "Lead on, miss..."

"The name's Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer."

"Ah yes, one the ponies." Numbuh One smiled, shaking his head as his team started to make their way to hanger. "Thankfully not one of those dreadful conversion bureau loops, if I am correct." He dipped his sunglasses to look at her, probing her for a reaction.

Sunset stopped midstep, fear flowing down her face. "Oh no, I am so sorry, that's a reall-"

"Relax Numbuh Eighty Six," Numbuh Two said, placing a hand on her shoulder before shaking his head. "I mean Sunset. Numbuh One told us the first time it happened and it wasn't all that bad."

"In fact, it was a pretty good loop for my uncle." Numbuh One said. "Time to show our friend T.E.A.M. U.P." He grinned as they turned around, and dove for the couch. "Chad's birthday party can wait, you need to see this."

"Are you sure?" Sunset blinked, surprised to see anyone this eager to show off a CB loop.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure." The bald boy smiled as Numbuh Four pulled out some popcorn from somewhere and started stuff his face as the rest of Sector V claimed their spots. "Besides, we can wreck his birthday a bit later."

"Ok..." Sunset blinked, sitting on the edge of the couch. "So what's T.E.A.M. U.P.?" She asked.

"T.E.A.M. U.P.," Numbuh One smiled as he clicked the play button on the remote. "Totally Epic Adventure Mashup Using Ponies. But for now..."

"Leeeeeeeeeeeet's play!" They all drawled out with a shout as the scene began.

Nigel Uno sighed, unhappy that of all the people to Awake first was his uncle! Not his friends, not his father, not even Lizzie but his uncle!

Shaking his head, he flipped the channels, going past the cartoons of his friends from the Loops (too weird), the Rainbow Monkey channel (too annoying), the news that ponies had made contact (ponies made contact?), a channel-

"WAIT WHAT!?" He shouted, flipping back and seeing with growing horror it was on the dangerous Loops. "Oh no! EVERYONE, OMEGA THREAT LEVEL RED!" He shouted as he started the Treehouse's defenses procedures which he had been upgrading every loop he had the chance to do so. Running past his startled and scared friends, he grabbed the communication console and began to slam in the numbers for the Moon Base.

"Hey, this is a restri-"

"I DON'T FLIPPIN' CARE, WE HAVE A POTENTIAL GRANDFATHER LEVEL THREAT ON OUR HANDS HERE AND IF YOU DON'T GET ME TO SOOPREME LEADER THIS SECOND I SWEAR I WILL COME UP THERE MYSELF AND I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO DO SO!" Numbuh One shouted into the phone, causing the operative to hide behind his chair as he fumbled for the keyboard to make the connection.

"Hey Numbuh One, these ponies have just created this strange orby thing in the middle of town-"

"Oh no, I hope I am not too late!" Nigel sprinted from the screen to the balcony, hitting the secret panel to activate the magical disruptor. "Please work, please!" He began to pray to himself, watching the damn cursable bubble splinter out of existence. "YES!" He shouted, pumping his arm.

"Numbuh One, can you explain to us what exactly is goin-What are those ponies doing to those people!?" Numbuh Two pointed to the TV screen which showed the ponies flinging the serum against the helpless adults, teens and kids, turning them into ponies.

"Yes, Number One, care to explain to us what is going on?"

Turning his head upwards, Nigel Uno looked up to see a frightful scene. On his tree were five ponies; two pegasi, two normal ponies and one unicorn. The unicorn shook her mane, and walked down the tree branch, her fellow ponies flanking her.

"I only have one thing to say," Nigel stood besides his friends, flexing his ice powers. "KIDS NEXT DOOR, BATTLE STATIONS!"

Numbuh One focused on the unicorn, using his frost powers on her horn first, to weaken her magic control. The pony danced backwards, yelping in shock as her shield clumsily blocked it.

Numbuh Five was focused on the yellow pegasus, using her cane fu and superior fighting styles to block the thrown vials of the serum as well land some blows on the pegasus.

Numbuh Four leaped towards the blue pony with rainbow as her mane, managing to grab her ears and was trying to slide onto her back with some success despite her shouts of protest and attempts to buck him.

Number Two was managing to prove very difficult to lasso, as his 2 x 4 tech was snapping the rope before it got to him.

Which left Numbuh Three alone with the pink one.

Kuki was proving to be a very difficult target to hit but the pink was doing a good job at keeping up.

And then it happened. Numbuh Three slipped on a discarded pizza slice that Numbuh Four had dropped on the floor early that day.

"Time to make you kiddies into proper happy children!" The pink pony giggled as she forced the serum down her mouth.

"NUMBUH THREE, NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Numbuh One, Two and Five all shouted as she began to shrink in size, with fur starting to cover her body.

"KUUUUUUUKIIIIIIIII!!!!" Numbuh Four bellowed, losing his grip on his enemy. Seeing the chance, the rainbow mare threw him off into the table with a crash.

"Wa-Wally?" Numbuh Three looked up from the floor to see one of her best friends not moving, laying next to her with his eyes closed. "You...hurt him." She spoke with tears flowing down her face, the serum nearly taking full effect as she reached out to touch him. Suddenly, she sprang upwards, tackling the pegasus out of the sky with fire around her. "NO ONE HURTS MY FRIENDS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!" Numbuh Three declared, all signs of ponyism gone as she began to slug the pegasus down into the ground, back handing the pink pony that tried to sneak up on her into the wall.

"Good job team, let's keep it up here!" Numbuh One shouted, turning his attention back to his enemy, who he had managed to freeze to the ground. "So long as she-"

"What have you done to my friends!?" A voice shouted, and with a pink bling, an unawake Twilight Sparkle entered the scene.

Number One gulped, stepping back from this pony as she used her magic to defrost the unicorn known as Rarity, pulling Numbuh Three off of a badly bruised Rainbow Dash as well as retrieving a knocked out Pinkie Pie. Applejack dashed over to her friends side with Fluttershy hovering weakly by her sides.

"How dare you hurt my friends!" The purple unicorn shouted, her mane starting to catch on fire. "All we are trying to do is bring peace, order and unity to this world, and this how you kids react!?" She brought her horn close to Nigel's face, his entire body started to be coated with ice. "Do you miserable brats have anything to say for yourselves?!"

"Just one thing; SECTOR V SELF DESTRUCT: NIGEL UNO APPROVAL!" He blasted the pony in front of him, knocking her into her friends.

"HOAGIE P. GILLIGAN APPROVAL!" Numbuh Two shouted, already running for the escaped pods.

"KUKI SANBAN, APPROVAL!" Numbuh Three said over her shoulder, trying to help Numbuh Four to his feet while making her own way to the pods when Numbuh Two sprinted back with unseen speed.

"ABIGAIL LINCOLN, APPROVAL!" Numbuh Five shouted, staying beside Numbuh One as she fired against the ponies that were finding their footing.

"Wa-wallabee... Beatles, app-approval." Numbuh Four muttered weakly as the doors to the escaped pods closed around the three friends.

"Self destruct of Sector V approved by Numbuhs One through Five. Self destruct in five." The robotic voice of the base was replaced with sirens and alarms, red flashing lights replaced the normal lighting.

"Numbuh Five, get out of here!" Numbuh One shouted at his number two operative as he rolled to dodge a blast of magic from Twilight, her friends trying to pull away from the soon to be exploding tree house. Nigel responded with an ice blast to her feet, causing her to trip and fall on her stomach.

"No way Numbuh Five is going to leave a kid behind again!" She shouted, ducking a tossed serum bottle.


"That's an order!" He shouted as Twilight unleashed a large magical blast that tore straight through the entire Treehouse, with Fluttershy whimpering and Pinkie Pie starting to wake up.

"I said no!" She shouted as she rolled off his back, firing a ball of taffy at Applejack's tail, stopping her lasso tricks for the moment.


"Look out!" Nigel shouted, pushing her over as two explosions rocked the tree house.


"Numbuh Five?" Nigel tried to see through the smoke, seeing the outline of his friend yanked away.


"Numbuh Five!" He shouted before something grabbed him with tremendous speed and whisked him out of the tree house. He heard a faint bling and swore he saw the outline of a teleport.

"Zero. Have a nice day."

And then the tree house exploded and Nigel Uno passed out.

Nigel Uno awoke in a semi familiar place. It was a largely undecorated room with a roaring fireplace and a lone chair face it.

Pushing himself away from the wall he was placed against, he walked up to the man he knew would be on the chair.

"Uncle Benn-"

"How many times I told you not to call me that Nigel?" The man coated in black asked him tiredly, turning his head to face his nephew. "You'd think you'd learn after all these loops is that I really don't like that name."

"Uncle Benny," Nigel frowned, as his uncle was Awake but in his depressed state, which only happened Poppy Uno was around. "What happened? What's the situation?"

"The situation?" The man turned his head back to fire before sighing. "We've lost. The adults, the teen and the kids are all trying to fight back but they're picking us off one by one. We've already lost New Jersey to them."

"That's not good." Nigel placed a hand to his chin. "That's more operatives we can afford to lose. Come, we need to start to-"

"Start what?" Benedict Uno asked his nephew. "We've lost! There's nothing we can do to stop them! They're stronger than any of us!"

"So that's it? We get invaded and you just give up?" Nigel leaned closed to the man. "I for one plan to fight on, not stay behind and whimper like some baby!"

Benedict's eye twitched. "What did you just call m-"

Without warning, an explosion was felt as the fireplace and the wall around it was forced inwards at the Uno men. Reacting instinctively, Benedict grabbed his brother's kid close to his chest as he rolled away from the falling bricks. Standing upright with Nigel as the dust settled, he saw two figures that filled him with dread.

One was the second in command of the whole invasion, the personal student to the invader's god like queen Twilight Sparkle.

Next to Twilight was her, in all her unholy glory was the white queen of fire, death and destruction: Empress Celestia.

Again, acting out instinct, he stepped in front of Nigel and tried to stare down the alicorn, but memories of his father echoed loudly in his head.

"What are you doing in my house?" He tried to sound strong but he knew his voice cracked.

"We've come for that boy you are hiding, human." The alicorn didn't even really look at him, as if he wasn't important enough to acknowledge.

"You're not taking him you evil ponies!" He tried to make his shout fear inducing like always, but there was a tremble in his voice.

"And what do you think you are going to do, little one?" She asked haughty, giving off a small laugh.

Benedict Uno blinked, something pricked his brain.

"What did you just call me?" He sneered at the pony, taking a step closer.

"What you are, what all your kind is to me." She took a step forwards, matching his sneer. "Children against a goddess of fire."

Something burned inside of Benedict now, as he clenched his fists.

"Don't call me that!" He shouted, the fire starting to build around his legs.

"I shall do what I please, child. I know better as I am older, bigger and more powerful then you will ever be."

"I SAID, DON'T CALL ME A-" He was roaring now, a fire storm running through entire his house now as he pulled his arm back. "CHILD!"

With burning anger and rage, he punched the white pony across the street and into the house next door. And then the house after that. And the one after that. And five more houses after those did she finally stopped.

Looking upwards, the Empress of the Ponies whimpered from an unknown pain; a pain she never felt before. With a bling, her student was trying to help her stand but when the magic touched her body, she cried out in pain.

"HAH!" Benedict and Nigel Uno landed in front of them, flying with fire and ice respectively. "I was under the impression you were a goddess!" The adult shouted, as he punched the white pony into a lamp post with Nigel keeping Twilight frozen to the ground. "Last time I checked!" He shouted as he rained down fiery punches into Empress of Ponies, before leaning in close to the singed pony. "Gods of fire can't be burned!" Just as he was pulling his fire powers around his fist for a powerful blow, the pony teleported to the side to escape him.

Gasping from the pain and disbelief that a human, of all things, managed to actually burn her, she asked one question to the man.

"Wh-who are you?"

"I AM BENEDICT UNO, LEADER OF THE ALLIANCE OF CONCERNED ADULTS, AND THE TRUE MASTER OF FIRE!" He shouted, moving to stand by his nephew. "AND IF YOU THINK I WILL LET YOU FREAKING PONIES TURN US ALL INTO ONE OF YOUR FREAKY NO SOUL MONSTERS, THEN IT'S TIME TO FEEL MY REAL ANGER!" The alicorn whimpered out of instinct as the man had brought memories back of her own stern father, yelling and brow beating her and Luna in the ground.

"" She stuttered out. She was afraid of the man that managed to use fire to hurt her but she would not back away from her mission to bring Harmony to the universe. This proved that the humans needed Harmony to get rid of their warlike and dangerous ways. "You two think you can stand against me, my student and my little ponies alone?" She asked, regaining some confidence as she felt and heard her army start to gather behind her.

"That's where you're wrong lassie!" With a shout of surprise, an overweight human jumped down between the man and child. "You mess with one Uno, you mess with all of them!" The man smiled a wicked smile. "Numbuh Zero, recommissioned and reporting for duty, sir!"

"As the rest of the Kids Next Door Numbuh One!" The voice of the Soopreme Leader said, with more operatives coming to stand alongside Uno, crowding around him with their best 2 x 4 technology armed and aimed at the ponies.

"Don't forget us, you ungrateful brats." Mr Boss said, stepping to stand along with man that called himself Father as more adults grouped around him, with some moving to stand in front of the children as if to protect them.

"Or us," Cree frowned, with the teenagers standing behind Monty Uno, sneering viciously at the ponies.

The Uno men flashed either other a grin, nodding their heads.





With a mighty roar, the battle that would see the buttwhopping of the invading ponies and the end of the hostilities between adults, teens and kids began.

After Sunset watched the tape, she was shocked, to say the least.

"I've seen Xelly get whooped a lot..but THAT was impressive. To think, you guys are relatively new to the Loops. Remind me never to anger any of you unless I'm sure I can win the inevitable fight. Now, shall we say Happy Birthday to Chad? I mean, I get the whole 'undercover' business, but he could've bowed out gracefully. Let's go!"

"Indeed." Nigel leaned to whisper in Sunset's ear. "By the way, Father hasn't had any Fused Loops yet. All baseline." He lowered his glasses again and stared at her right in the eyes to drive the threat home. He then turned to his friends, smiling again. "Ok team, let's go wish a happy birthday to our friend Chad."

End Transmission

135.4 (Kingofsouls)

Twilight grumbled as she entered Carousel Boutique, a sour expression showcasing itself. Rarity bit her lip as she approached her friend. "Bad Loop Twilight?"

"Soap Opera Loop, and believe me it was one of the worst." Twilight moaned. "I really need a drink badly, and guess what? Big Mac and Berry aren't Awake."

This caused a confused Rarity to ask "Wait, both Big Mac and Berry?"


"Well, then if Big Mac isn't Awake, and Berry Punch isn't Awake, " mused Rarity "then who opened the bar?"

The bar in question was simply put well hidden. It looked exactly like any other house in Ponyville, save for a silver flute carved into the establishment's sign. Twilight opened the door, ringing to announce her arrival. She was greeted to the interior of a simple bar lined with tables and stools. Behind the bar was a single Earth Pony, silver fur and orange-ish red mane wearing a black cape. His cutie mark was a circle with a segment of sheet music in neon green.

He was currently cleaning several glasses via what appeared to be magic, strumming a lyre made of wood, coating the glasses in green sparkles. The bartender looked at his guest with green eyes. "Good morning. Welcome to the Silver Flute. Can I help you."

"Why yes." Twilight answered. "I need a strong drink, something recent caused me to be a little Loopy."

"A Looper then." He strummed his lyre, bottles of alcohol floating to assemble a drink. " Any preferences?"

"Strong. Really Strong."

The requested drink was quickly made Twilight gulping it down like water. "Hey, that's really good."

"Thank you. I was a bartender before my destiny found me. An incredibly useful talent indeed. The bartender replied. "For such a colorful word, your alcohol is pretty potent. Another?"

Twilight nodded as the bartender started to maker her a twin of the previous drink. "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Twilight Sparkle, and I'm the local Anchor for this Loop."

"Symphonic Void is my name. I think." The bartender put a hoof to his chin, thinking hard. "Sorry, this is the first time my memories are telling me what my name is. It is a little awkward."

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"In regards to my true name, it is Anthony Drake. I prefer to be called by my hero name, the Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void."

"That...sounds familiar." Twilight mused before she discarded that thought and moved to another. "I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Equestria is a Sanctuary Loop. If you don't do anything too reckless, dangerous, or any combination of the two, then you can simply relax and take a vacation."

"I will keep that in mind when my nemesis comes by." Argent strummed again as more bottles flew, this time fixing himself a drink.

"I take it there's a backstory there."

"I come from a loop of superheroes." Argent explained. "And we loopers have noticed that when we travel to other Loops, our Nemesis tends to follow. Thankfully none of them are Looping. "

"So, how bad?"

The Argent Adept then pulled out a tiny box, and a silver remote with a large light. Pushing the button, he fired a beam at the box. It instantly grew in size until it was no longer abnormally small.

Twilight was impressed. " A shrink Ray?"

"Indeed. Our Anchor though of the idea." Argent explained. "He figured, if he couldn't make a larger Subspace Pocket quickly, then he would instead make the things he wanted to put in it smaller. Thus, he got our local super scientist to build a shrink ray."

"Impressive thinking." Twilight took a closer look at the box. "Sentinels of the Multiverse?"

"Would you like to play a game?" grinned the Virtuoso

135.5 (KingOfSouls and Kris Overstreet)

"A bar?"

Two part-time mixmasters, one the owner of the current bar already full of generally quadrupedal Looping clientele, the other a Looper visiting Equestria from a minor superhero world, stared in disbelief at the being asking the question.

"Yes." C-3PO replied. "I was wondering how one would go about developing such an establishment."

"My first piece of advice is to get reinforced tables and chairs." The Argent Adept answered. "Bar fights happen frequently, especially where I am from. "

Big Mac silently nodded. That was a good piece of advice, though brawls in his bar were thankfully rare. Being a larger than average pony in the first place, capable of becoming a green gamma-irradiated musclebound monster five times his original size, discouraged such nonsense.

On the other hand, the magical and technological mayhem cost a lot more to repair than simple fighting ever would...

"You will also need at least one, and preferably more than one, competent servers," Argent continued. "Particularly beings with well-developed social skills and a high level of empathy."

"That should present no problem," Threepio replied. "My counterpart R2-D2 has repeated experience as a serving droid, and my databanks can be easily supplemented with knowledge of over a billion drinks recipes."

"Bein' a bartender's 'bout more'n mixin' drinks," Big Mac said. "Any machine can make drinks with th' right programmin'. But a bartender's there to provide a personal touch."

"Oh, I am, as they say, all about the personal touch!" C-3PO said eagerly. "My primary function, as you well know, is interpersonal relations! I live to serve!"

"Riiiight," Big Mac drawled. "Th' thing is, when Loopers come inta bars, they're there for one'a two reasons. Either they're lookin' ta relax or have fun, or they're tryin' ta kill some kinda pain. A good bartender knows how to tell which is which, an' how ta get th' second kinda customer ta let go'a their pain an' get it outta their system."

"I believe I see your meaning," Threepio said primly. "I confess the specific protocol of such matters escapes me, however."

"Th' first lesson," Big Mac continued, "is that customers don't want a nosey, pryin' barman, 'least not at first. Once you're friends with a customer they'll accept a question like, 'How ya been?' But when someone comes inta that door for th' firs' time with a lot on their mind an' a powerful thirst, ya can't try an' put 'em on th' psychiatrist couch right off. Ya gotta wait until they open up, listen, let them do th' talkin'."

"Seems perfectly simple," Threepio said. "I believe I shall have no trouble applying that particular lesson."

Big Mac looked around and silently noted that, on this matter, the droid was the only believer in a large room full of atheists.

"How 'bout we put it to th' test?" he said, lifting the gated section of the bar and waving Threepio in with one hoof.

"You mean now?" Threepio asked. "I would be most gratified, but are you sure I'm ready?"

Nope. "We'll see," Big Mac said. "Firs' customer through that door, she's yours, right?"

"Very good, Master MacIntosh," Threepio agreed.

The next Looper into Mac's Bar, as it happened, was Chrysalis, looking grumpy. Big Mac noted that Trixie wasn't Awake this Loop, and neither were Cadence and Shining Armor, a combination that tended to get the changeling queen depressed at the best of times.

No sooner had the changeling stepped up to the bar than the tall bipedal protocol droid wobbled up to her. "Good evening, madam!" he said with a sprightly, hopeful tone. "I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations, and I shall be your server tonight. I note by your demeanor that you are experiencing unpleasant feelings, but do not worry! It will be my pleasure to assist you in any way to make your evening more enjoyable, by serving you drinks, by listening to your troubles, and by providing sage advice, comfort, and even the occasional bit of witty banter! Would you like to begin by describing in detail the causes of your current negative mood, perhaps over a delightful glass of Altair water?"

The changeling raised an eyebrow and stared at the shiny droid for several seconds. Then she switched eyebrows and stared a bit more before saying, "Hydrospanner, please."

"Ah, I know that one," Threepio said. "The popular cocktail known as a hydrospanner is made from equal parts vodka and-"

"Not the drink. The tool," Chrysalis hissed.

"Ah. I beg your pardon, ma'am," Threepio asked, "but why would you want that?"

"A talking golden trash can has somehow snuck behind Mac's bar," she said slowly and distinctly, "and I plan on shutting it up."

Threepio hobbled around in a little circle. "I do beg your pardon, ma'am, but I don't see any talking golden-"

His photoreceptors happened to pass over a mirror on the wall. In his processors, the circuit closed.

"Oh. Oh my."

"I'll get you your usual in a minute, Chrys," Big Mac said, taking Threepio's elbow in one hoof and guiding him away from her.

"I am so sorry, Master MacIntosh," Threepio moaned.

Argent shook his head at the flustered droid. "I think you may need to observe first before you try again."

"That does sound like a simple idea, but simple observation may not yield the results I desired," Threepio moaned.

"You sound like you expected to nail it the first try." Argent sampled his drink, one that rivaled the drinks he made, and continued. "A wise man once said you learn more when you fail than when you succeed. I suggest you review what you did, then see what you did wrong, then next time...try again. And keep trying until you get it."

"I only wish I knew where I went wrong!" Threepio sighed. "My programming says I followed the correct protocol to the letter. It appears bartender protocols are rather more difficult than I thought."

"Eyup," Big Mac agreed, kindly but firmly walking Threepio back out from behind his bar.

135.6 (Kris Overstreet)

A pink pony with a slightly poofy blonde mane sat on a hilltop, looking at her fully inflated hot-air balloon, then looking back at her copy of Flying For Jackasses, then back to the balloon. The moment she'd seen the royal guards from Canterlot delivering one to the new librarian at the Golden Oaks, she'd doubled her odd-jobs schedule, putting every bit she earned (except for what she spent on enough cherries to put at least one on every item breakfast, lunch and dinner) towards the purchase of her own. Surprisingly, it had only taken a couple weeks, thanks to the generosity of Ponyville.

Burner tanks full? Check. Sandbags in basket for ballast? Check. Lunch? Check. Bucket for certain emergencies? Check. Megaphone to hail passing pegasi in case of trouble? Check. Flight helmet and goggles? She pulled them out of a shopping bag and carefully fit them atop her head, chin strap left open. They felt so very right there, like she had been incomplete without them. Double check.

Weather conditions? She checked the Ponyville weather schedule: continued wind from the southwest at ten knots, freshening to twenty as a warm summer front with gentle showers was brought up from Las Pegasus to allow the cacti to bloom in the Badlands. No rain scheduled in Ponyville or anywhere east until day after tomorrow earliest. The morning fog had burned off over the Everfree, leaving that untamed forest surprisingly quiescent weather-wise.

So- checklist all GO. Time to embark and cast off.

The mare had two legs in the basket when she heard the loud whirring sound, like somepony twirling a rock tied to a string over their heads. She piled back out of the basket and dashed out from beneath the canopy, looking up in the sky just in time to see another pink earth pony, one everyone in Ponyville, absolutely everypony, knew by first name. She was pedaling some kind of contraption with gears and chains linking the pedals to a great big propeller above her head and a smaller one hung from a latticework tail behind her. Grinning, not noticing the balloon below, Pinkie Pie pedaled her way up, up, up and away into the clouds.

The blonde-maned pink pony's teeth clenched.

It had taken two months of twenty-hour days without rest, between the double-shift odd jobs, weekends part-timing at Hay Burger, using the now-pointless balloon for occasional paid joy rides or aerial photography, and nights spent almost until dawn reading books on metalworking, structural engineering, and fluid mechanics. The easiest part of the whole thing had been buying Pinkie's original contraption; the party pony had let her have it for a song.

Now, helmet and goggles back on her head, the blonde-maned mare admired her cherry-tinted, heart-motif carriage of the skies. One ponypower would be more than sufficient to take to the air, despite the added weight of the superstructure, even with a passenger. (Even so, she'd included a second pair of pedals just in case.)

She had mounted to the saddle and put rear hooves to pedals when the soft buzzing sound she'd heard most of the morning became a loud roar.

A shadow flitted across her craft, followed by another, then by another. She looked up to see three things that looked half like box kites, half like clotheslines full of sheets, fly overhead and climb into the skies. Silhouetted against the sun for one brief moment, each looked like a strange bird caught in mid-flap, except for the blurred circle of the propeller pulling each along. Seated just behind the wings on each craft, wearing no helmets or safety gear of any kind, were three extremely familiar little fillies. One chasing the other through the skies, the fragile, swift craft dove, swooped, banked and twirled through the late summer air.

The blonde-maned pink pony beat her head against her helicopter's windshield.

The last leaves were falling, and the chill of winter winds tried to push her way through the plush-lined flight jacket the pink mare had added to her helmet and goggles.

It had taken all fall. It would have taken longer, except many of her most common odd-job givers had looked into her bloodshot eyes, shook their heads, and paid double the wages just to send her home. (She'd promised them she'd go straight to bed. She'd lied.) Most of the expense had come from experiments with engines, as the Cutie Mark Crusaders had denied all knowledge of those strange craft or their motive power source. Steam had been a disaster, and magic motors wouldn't store enough power for any but the shortest of flights. Eventually she'd had to consult Pinkie Pie, who had coerced her into two days of uninterrupted sleep followed by a crash course in the internal combustion engine, as powered by a combination of the old oil from Hay Burger and ancient shortening from Sugarcube Corner.

Her new craft required a large flat meadow for takeoff, and the only one available was on Sweet Apple Acres. Granny Smith had given her permission, and the cows had graciously allowed her to store the craft in their barn while it was under construction.

It was now or never, or at least not until spring. Cloudsdale had scheduled a particularly severe winter this year, and the snows for the Hearth's Warming Eve celebrations were already building up north of Vanhoover.

Her hoof had just left the choke knob and shifted over to the electric starter switch when she noticed the air shimmering directly above Sweet Apple Acres. She climbed out of the cockpit and stared with shock into the air as an immense craft shaped like an apple with a big blue window built into it, surrounded by a thin wooden Saturn's ring, blurred out of invisibility and into cold, hard existence. In complete defiance of the laws of physics the giant ship hovered above the farmhouse for a minute or two, then nosed up to the heavens and gradually but inexorably accelerated away, eventually vanishing in a sonic rainboom on the edge of sight.

The existential scream that clawed its way from the deepest part of the pink pony's soul and out through her throat broke thirty windows in Ponyville and could be heard from the balconies of Celestia's palace in Canterlot. A certain statue cracked and some bits fell off, but its occupant, who had been planning a truly epic prank for five Loops now, splashed the bits with crazy glue and pulled them back onto itself.

Pinkie Pie pushed the trembling, wild-eyed pink pony with the tangled blonde mane into the middle of the library's main reading room, under the gaze of the other five Elements of Harmony. "I caught her trying to break into the Mirror Pool cave," she said, for once completely serious and solemn. "I didn't know the problem was this bad, or I'd have brought her to you sooner."

Twilight Sparkle looked at Cherry Berry, the cherry-loving, non-Looping town aviatrix of Ponyville. Normally the mare was among the more positive citizens of the town, always willing to lend a hoof, but this Loop's version was in the throes of a nervous breakdown. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Cherry Berry lives for two things in life," Pinkie said. "She loves cherries, and she longs to fly. She works with a smile because she knows the money she makes lets her take her hooves off the ground. But this Loop, every time she's about to do it, one of us stomps on her dream with a size 5,184 lead horseshoe. She doesn't just want to float. She wants to fly. She wants to soar."

"And Applejack taking Shojiki- a starship of incomprehensible power to an earth pony- out for a picnic cruise to the next galactic arm over, in full sight of her, was what pushed her over the edge?" Twilight asked.

"She keeps seeing what she can't have, Twilight," Pinkie nodded sadly. "You know, it's easy to forget sometimes that our shenanigans aren't always private things. She won't remember any of this next Loop, but that doesn't make her feel any better now. And I think we're kinda responsible for it."

For a couple minutes the Element Bearers sat in silence, while the non-Looping pony in their midst, still trembling, stared from one to another in total incomprehension.

"I think I got an idea," Rainbow Dash said. "We can give her a gift. It is that time of year, after all."

The other Loopers in the room nodded, listening intently to Dash.

"Twilight, we're gonna need to modify Starswirl's last spell," she continued. "And I think we have a full second set of Elements, what with the Crusaders being Awake and others. That's good, because we're gonna need all the power we can push into this one..."

Cherry Berry awoke from a sound sleep as the last sunrise of autumn peeked through a narrow gap under the heavy cloud blanket of Hearth's Warming Eve snow. She worked her way out of the nest of blankets and tarps that separated her from the hilltop below and the chilly air around her.

Without really thinking about it, she focused magic through her horn and pulled her flight goggles off her helmet and onto her eyes. The same magic carefully buckled the chin strap under her muzzle.

She stretched her wings out, first her left, then her right, shaking them to realign any that had become mussed or tangled in her sleep.

The earth pony spared no thought for the fact that, for no apparent reason, she now had a horn and wings. It was good and right that she had these things. It was her destiny, as the cherries with planetary rings around them and a rainbow-colored contrail behind them showed.

It was morning, and that meant it was time for her pre-breakfast flight.

One beat of her wings took her above the clouds.

The second beat of her wings took her above the atmosphere.

A certain part of her mind, memories which if examined would obviously not have been anything she could ever have experienced in her life, told her to do this and this and this with her magic, and the third beat of her wings struck the fabric of the universe and pushed her beyond the limits of general relativity.

And through her goggles, the blonde-maned, pink-bodied alicorn saw the stars fall past her like Hearth's Warming snow.

"I gotta haul GARBAGE!" Rainbow Dash moaned to Lyra, who was accompanying Bon-Bon on the latter's rounds clearing away the refuse from Hearth's Warming Day; trash bags full of wrapping paper, table scraps from feasts, and that sort of thing. Rainbow Dash, the fastest earth pony alive, pulled a second cart alongside Bon-Bon's, obviously not thrilled by the experience.

"It was your idea, Dashie," Lyra pointed out. "And Twilight is pretty sure your abilities will revert in the next Loop. If they don't, she says duplicating your Ascension conditions should be enough to get them back."

"Yeah, but... garbage!" Rainbow Dash pointed behind her at her cart.

A shadow soared slowly overhead, and the ex-pegasus, the non-Looping earth pony and the multiple-personality unicorn looked up to see an immense garbage wagon being towed slowly though the sky by a pink-bodied, yellow-maned alicorn wearing an old aviator helmet with goggles pushed above her horn. The smile on her muzzle screamed happiness and contentment.

"But I guess it was worth it," Rainbow admitted. "For one Loop, anyway. Besides, it was my idea."

And the fastest filly in the universe, for the next four years or so anyway, soared along on her rounds, with two more odd jobs to take care of before her pre-dinner flight around Antares.

135.7 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Twilight sat down at a bar, rubbing her head and muttered, "A triple espresso, also Genocide by Toffee if you would."

Mac nodded, "Rough loop?"

Twilight rested her head against the counter and muttered, "No, just a strange dream. In it, Derpy Hooves rode into town on a Velociraptor wielding a nuclear rocket launcher while declaring freedom from Celestia's Tyranny during the Night of the Summer Sun Celebration."

Human Lyra, riding Pony Lyra, stepped out the bar door, "You have some strange dreams, Twilight."

Next to Twilight, Applebloom fiddled with her latest sonic screwdriver. The driver suddenly hummed, blowing up a quarter of Mac's counter. Mac just shook his head and tapped his hand on the counter, causing the wood counter to grow and repair itself like the accident never happened. Then the bartender set the espresso in front of Twilight along with a plate of sweets that would be considered 30 percent under the lethal dose of sugar, "Maybe you should take a break...go see the world again, rule the griffons or somethin.'"

Twilight nodded as she wolfed down the drink and started on the treats.

135.8 (Vulpine Fury)

"Oh, moth-er! I'm ho-ome!" Scootaloo caroled gleefully as she walked into her home for this Loop. She loved relatively baseline Loops where she had both parents. She still wasn't sure if her mother this time was a visiting Looper or not, but she'd replaced Pinkie Pie as the Element of Laughter. The house was spotlessly clean, and almost reminded her of the too-perfect homes in movies and, when Equestria had them, on TV shows.

She sniffed, and recognized the smell of burnt starch and linen. "Mom?"

A pale cream mare with the curliest, most vibrant red mane poked her head sheepishly out of the kitchen. "Yes, Scootie?" Loopty Loo absently blew out a tuft of her mane that had been on fire.

Scootaloo gave her current mother a flat stare. "You burned Dad's shirt while ironing it again, hm?"

"Oh, LOOP-tyyyy, I'm ho-ome!" Her current father, Babalu, caroled as he came in the back door, before he caught sight of the ruins of the frilly shirt he needed for his show that night. "Loopty... you have some 'splainin' to do!"

Loopty's overwrought cringe and cry almost made Scootaloo feel bad for wanting to laugh, until Loopty pulled out another, perfectly fine frilly shirt that she'd stashed around the house for frilly shirt emergencies.

135.9 (Kris Overstreet)

Twilight Sparkle's first thought, after Awakening to see herself surrounded by clanks and jagermonsters, was, Back here again?

This would make the third time she'd visited this alternate Europa. The first time had been an exercise in frustration, even with very nearly all her Looping friends joining her. The second time, alone but armed with foreknowledge and full access to her out-of-Loop abilities, had gone much more to her own satisfaction.

Since then she'd found the Hub backup material, a series of comic graphic novels- comedy! COMEDY!- and read them thoroughly, just in case. In all honestly, they'd been a very good read, and Twilight thought she might have enjoyed them if she'd found them before having to live through the hell of actually being IN the thing.

And yet... this third visit was different. She looked down at herself in her severe but expensive black clothing. She looked at the young woman with midnight-black hair and a bored expression next to her. She looked at the trail of minions, toadies and lackeys trailing her, flanked by the aforementioned robots and jagers.

And she looked ahead, noticing that absolutely no one was actually walking in front of her except two jagermonsters clearing a path through the streets of Beetleburg for her and her entourage.

Oh my larch
,she thought, I'm the Baron this time.

The Loop memories came quick and fast. Barona Twilight Funkelbach, highly enlightened despot of a third of Europa and friend to as much of the rest of the continent as would stop shooting at one another, had managed to keep an uneasy peace for fifteen years. The young woman with her was Nyx, her daughter... who showed not a glimmer of awareness of her Ping. Her unAwake self had managed to do better than the baseline Baron Wulfenbach, in that a few rulers in Europa actually existed who weren't murderous, backstabbing, callous/insane psychopaths held in line solely by fear.

But she still wore black, mourning missing friends.

And now she stood at the gates of Transylvania Polygnostic University, prepared to conduct a surprise inspection that would inevitably conclude with discovering the horrible atrocity of war that Professor Beetle, ruler of the city, thought was his second closest guarded secret.

Which meant somewhere around here there was an Agatha Heterodyne, the young woman she'd replaced her first two trips. Whatever else happened the rest of the Loop, Twilight desperately wanted to meet her.

Twilight cut short the impromptu ceremony at the gates. Professor Beetle and his senior assistants never got in a single complete sentence. Twilight wanted to see Beetle's personal lab, and what the Barona wanted, she got. To try to soften her high-handed demands, she sent a couple of lackeys to fetch tea and scones so she could have a comfortable chat with her old teacher... in his personal lab, right now, I insist.

And there she was, in the lab, just shoving a closet door shut with her back- a smiling blonde woman with glasses-

No. No glasses. And crossed amber eyes.

"And this is my personal student," Beetle continued, "Desiderata Clay." In a softer voice he confided, "Please be understanding. She was robbed of her locket this morning and is still a bit, er, traumatized, poor girl."

Twilight barely heard. She was too busy watching the young woman step away from the closet, one hand lingering on the knob.

Of course the knob came off in her hand.

"Whoops! Excuse me!"

Of course she slid it back in and jiggled it to see if it was back in place.

Of course the contents of the closet- which could only have fit inside by serious violation of the law that two objects cannot occupy the same point in spacetime- exploded out of the closet, showering everyone EXCEPT Desiderata- jagers, clanks, even her daughter- with lab equipment.

"Oops! My bad!"

"Derpy," one of Beetle's assistants said, "please help pick this stuff up. Carefully."

"Yes, sir!" The young woman leaned forward to grab something, then noticed it was the arm of the clank that had been standing closest to the closet. "Oops! Looks like I broke your clank, ma'am!" she said. "But don't worry! I can fix that!"

I can fix that.

Twilight thought those four words, coming from Derpy Hooves' mouth in baseline, could not be any more terrifying. Oh, how wrong she was.

Please, please, please, she thought, let her not remember this Loop. Let her not pick up the Spark... oh, who am I kidding? First she replaces Doctor Doom, and now this. Next time she's Awake I better be ready to save Ponyville from automatic muffin-baking machines.

135.10 (masterofgames)

Lyra wandered into the Twibrary (TM) on unusually unsteady legs, speeding up and slowing down seemingly at random, bumping into things, and almost constantly on the very edge of losing her balance. "Left, turn LEFT! No, right front leg, THEN left hind leg! I'm trying, this isn't as easy as it looks! Brake, BRAKE! Okay, that's it! Move over, I'LL take the forelegs! Maybe you'll do better manning the horn." she babbled.

Twilight slowly lowered her book, glancing over the top from her favorite chair. "... Do I even want to know?"

Lyra glanced over. "Oh, hey Twilight! I'm just - No! Don't look away! I can't see where I'm aiming the legs! AAAHH!" she yelped, finally tripping and landing face first, thankfully on the rug and not the hardwood. "Ugh, that's it. Nobody touch anything until I finish with Twilight. All mikes off guys. We don't need any interruptions. Just one talking at a time." she groaned, twitching.

Twilight merely raised an eyebrow.

"Ugh... okay. Long story short, Science Me got the idea to build a cockpit in my head, Power Rangers style, so we could all pilot the body like a mecha." Lyra sighed, lying awkwardly motionless on the floor.

"A work in progress I'm guessing?"

"Yep. Starting to think the old way we had was better personally, but we promised to give it a shot." Lyra confirmed.

A moment later, her stomach grumbled loudly. "Ugh, Sweet Roll, we told you to keep an eye on the fuel levels!" she scowled, the effect being rather wasted at the potted fern she was facing.

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Any particular reason you're here?"

"Yeah, can you tell Bon-Bon we aren't nuts?" Lyra asked as Twilight levitated her to her feet once more.

"You just referred to yourself as 'we', you let one of the voices in your head renovate the inside of it, and you broke the universe once. You ARE nuts Lyra."

"Well yeah, but that doesn't mean Bon-Bon has to know!"

"... I'm going back to my book."

"Aww! Twilight! Come on! Please?"

135.11 (masterofgames)

Twilight had been once more interrupted from her reading when Vinyl had run up to her tree, waving a poster at her through the window and looking worried. Now she was once more unable to resume her book until whatever the problem was had been solved, which was why they were both looking carefully at the unrolled poster for one of Octavia's concerts.

"I just don't get it! 'Tavi is one of the most uptight, prim and proper ponies I know, so why the R rating for her next big show?" Vinyl asked, gesturing to the content advisory label on the poster's corner.

Twilight did not respond, too busy muttering to herself and going over every inch of the poster with a magnifying glass.

A short while later, Twilight had her findings on a whiteboard and was reviewing them for her. "The first clue was the number of musicians." she said as she gestured to the picture on the poster with a collapsible presentation stick. "They amount to much more than the usual for her groups. If you'll look closely however, all the extra seats are in one place, the string section! All the other sections have the same number as usual."

Vinyl nodded. "Okay, I see it."

"Furthermore," Twilight continued. "all the extra seats are in the back, meaning the smaller instruments."

"... So?" Vinyl asked, head tilting slightly.

Twilight floated her stick in front of her and closed it with a sharp click, one eye twitching slightly. "It means, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that there is only one reason for the rating! The symphony is rated R for needlessly excessive violins. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to get a drink. And then read everything. I'm not sure when I'll stop. I'll let you show yourself out."

135.12 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Another loop had come with no one else responding to the ping, meaning she was the only one awake. This loop, however, was frustratingly odd. It seemed Mayor Mare was more bureaucratic than most loops...enough that it made the Vogons look like the public relations committee. She had to sign document after document for every occurrence. Nightmare Moon was not immune, though the Mayor nearly died trying to get the diarch to pay a thousand years of back taxes for renting the moon. An equitable solution was reached that Luna would pay half her 'newly founded' kingdom to Celestia and the two would rule the Lunar Republic jointly as princesses (Celestia got all the troublesome Nobles during day court).

Apparently, the Mayor had been doing so since her inception as Mayor. Every morning, the citizens of Ponyville would be served a new round of paperwork that would need to be signed, since, according to the Mayor, Bureaucracy stops for no pony!' Admittedly, it did make their lives easier, especially since it kept many of the more troublesome visitors out of town. Further, it made taxes dirt cheap what with all the loopholes.

With Derpy's arrival, Twilight just rolled her eyes as she signed the sheets, not even bothering to look at them. She thought nothing of it until the next day, when Mayor Mare showed up at Twilight's front door, looking confused, "Miss Twilight, why did you not show up?"

Confused, Twilight asked, "Uh, show up for what?"

This was new. Mayor Mare sighed and replied, "Didn't you read the paperwork yesterday? No matter, there was a clause for the event to take place the day after if the champion failed to appear. Come with me."

Now curious, Twilight followed the Mayor to the outskirts of town, only to pause. Grinding her teeth slightly, she looked at Mayor Mare with a deadpan expression and muttered, "How long has Dash been planning this?"

The Mayor gave a small grin, "Since you beat her that one loop. And don't even think about backing out. Some of the earlier paperwork included you returning to racing. Should you back out now, it would be an automatic forfeit, including banishment to the moon with Luna's assistance."

Twilight shook her head and turned away from the stealth looper back to the other Element Bearers. All of them had ascended and were stretching in preparation for their rematch. Luna, Celestia and Cadence, none of whom were awake, were there too with racing numbers. The three princesses shared baffled looks. The racers stood under the banner that sported large letters:

Fastest Alicorn Racer in Equestria Championship
MLP Loops 135
135.1: Twilight just wants to have study time.
135.2: Lego my mane?
135.3: Lern to spel.
135.4: Quite a surfer.
135.5: The bar is built at map reference C3-P0.
135.6: That flying book is written for a type of donkey.
135.7: I'm not sure if that's a dream or an old, near-forgotten loop...
135.8: Sitcom is pretty good by Scootastandards.
135.9: Abandon loop!
135.10: Let's hope she doesn't try to henshin.
135.11: Badum tish.
135.12: Dash has been preparing this for a LONG time.
So, I worked out how fast Miles 'Tails' Prower would fall, if he fell out of, say, a plane. Or the Death Egg.
The results were interesting. Assuming he has a drag coefficient of 1.3 (similar to a person skydiving) and a cross sectional area of about 0.3 m^2 (it's the tails, mainly), he has a terminal velocity of about 27 ms-1.
Half that of a human skydiver, mostly because he weighs so much less. (Though rolling into a ball will make him fall substantially faster).
Now, here's the fun bit. He can at least take off while carrying Sonic and Knuckles (meaning he's lifting 20+35+40 kg altogether) for a downthrust of about five times his own body weight.
This means he can apply 4g surplus upwards acceleration in addition to cancelling his own weight, putting him at being able to screech to a halt while falling - in under a second. If he can fly carrying those two for even a second, he can stop in midair from a fall of any sane height. (That is, any height he doesn't play meteor).
Chaos Energy, eh?

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