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125.1 (novusordomundi)

"Alright Alright!" Vinyl Scratch yelled into her mic. She was currently speaking into her microphone, doing her job as a radio DJ this Loop. While it wasn't as cool as just spinning tunes in various clubs and parties, it did allow her a few perks. "I'm still holding tickets to Mistress Z and Iron Will's concert here in Canterlot in my very hooves! And they will go to the fifth pony who calls in." However, in these types of Loops, is was usually Octavia who was her co-host. However, this time someone different was with her.

"You're not going to try calling in yourself, are you, Vinyl?" Twilight Sparkle teased. Instead of a Librarian this Loop, she was more into radio. In fact, she'd been listening to the legend about the Mare in the Moon when she Awoke, instead of reading about it. She had to admit, she was having a lot more fun than she would have thought.

"Hey, I only did that once!" Vinyl jokingly protested, before a laugh escaped her lips. "Anyways, let's put on "Nature of Reality", the new hot single from Sweetie Belle's upcoming album! And when we come back, we'll let you know who won those tickets!"

As the "On Air" sign stopped glowing, as a slow beat started to kick in. "So, how long has Zecora been rapping for?" Vinyl asked, taking the headphones off of her head. "First time I've been Awake and heard about it."

Twilight paused for a moment. Then she said "I think it's been about four or five Loops. She picked it up during a Fused Loop, and decided to keep it as a hobby. It's made for some interesting shows. I think I've got a video of her and Trixie performing in a rap battle somewhere in my Pocket..."

"Mrs. Sparkle? Miss Scratch?" An intern unicorn came in to the studio, a piece of paper telekinetically following behind him. "A "Derpy Hooves" from Ponyville accidentally called here while trying to get take-out. But she was the fifth caller, and she did want the tickets..."

125.2 (fractalman)

"Once upon a time, two sisters ruled over Equestria" read Twilight in the most annoying voice she could manage, in an effort to make the story seem interesting again.

"The older sister raised the sun by swimming under it, while the younger sister raised the moon by jumping over- wait what?" jumping over it. But one day the younger sister became jealous of the older sister's fiddle-playing cat, and so turned into Nightmare Moo. In her panic, the older sister banished the younger with the most powerful artifacts in Equestria, the Elements of Rhyme. Legend has it that three beings shall one day free her from her prison, but none can say which beings..."

Winona, Diamond Dish, and Silver Spoon barked, giggled, and cackled as they finalized their plans to help Nightmare Moo run out of the moon.

125.3 (elmagnifico)

Macintosh Awoke on Sweet Apple Acres. Specifically, near the back door coming off the kitchen.

The familiar surroundings were about the only thing normal about it though.

He shifted his weight, only just bringing himself out of a stumble. This was nothing new. Awakening mid-step was par for the course, even if he was typically in the south field. Most loops he had to restart the furrow he'd been working on, but that was a minor inconvenience.

Unfortunately his center of gravity was apparently further back this loop, so even though he managed to save his first step, the second sent Macintosh flopping head over hooves onto the half-door.

Macintosh leaned there for a moment, chest resting on the lower, still-shut portion of the door. The edifice seemed taller than normal. He shook his head, trying to regain his balance. After a moment, he'd cleared the dizziness enough to look around.

What he saw poleaxed him for a full sixty seconds.

The farm itself seemed normal, along with its inhabitants. Frieda May and the rest of the cows were in the dairy barn, getting their morning milking from Granny Smith. Winona was nosing around the hog pen, apparently tracking a wayward piglet. Supplies for the Apple Family Reunion bedecked the tables set up in the cleared area between the barn and the house. None of which was what had Macintosh, professional farmer, vocational all-weather help, amateur barkeep, and part-time Hulk on the fritz.

Out there, in the south field, was a stallion with a straw-colored mane and bright red coat, plowing a furrow as straight as could be.

Granny Smith's voice broke him out of his distant-stallion-beholding-and-potential-existential-crisis-provoking reverie.

"Applejack, y'all wanna stop layin' around on th' door witcher mouth open like yer tryin' ta catch flies and get yer sister up?"

Macintosh the Looper brought a hoof to his head as he listened. The rubbing motion he made was an attempt to dispel the headache he could feel coming on. All it actually accomplished was displacing a brown stetson.

"Ah fewmets."

125.4 (Gamerex27)

As Twilight Awoke, she noticed that she didn't have a body. While this was rare, but not unheard of, it was the first time that she had just been a disembodied head.

She opened the door to the shed she was lying in (although she seemed to be missing her horn this Loop, she had long since learned how to channel her magic through other parts of her body-in this case, her tongue). Then, text began to scroll across her vision.

1999. What appeared to be a harmless meteorite crashing in the Neighvada Desert had turned out to be Darc Seed, an evil alien creature with horrible powers. By shooting strange magnetic rays, Darc Seed had turned the helpless ponies into zombies and had brought the Statue of Neighberty to life to do his dirty work. These rays had also given him control over deadly weapons, but none were more powerful than the legendary unicorn horn Shura. When the great head of the magus, Twilight Sparkle, heard that the horn had fallen into evil hooves, she set off immediately for Manehattan. For only she possessed the strength and knowledge needed to recapture the magical horn and free Equestria from the evil clutches of Darc Seed.

The Anchor's disembodied head rocketed into the air, and, almost without thinking, flew all the way to Manehattan.

She looked down at the city. At the undead ponies walking its streets. At the giant flying tanks and hands flying all over the city, smashing skyscrapers with wild abandon.

As Twilight tried in vain to wrap her head (after all, she was nothing but a head right now) around what was happening, several of the hands broke off from the swarm to approach her. Opening her mouth, she shot a giant glass eyeball from her throat, piercing through the palms of the hands and tearing them all to pieces.

She could do nothing but stare for several moments.

"Right," she said to herself, as she flew deeper into the city, "after this, I'm going to have to have a long night at Mac's Bar. I think I'm getting a headache that'll last me for so many Loops to come.

125.5 (Miiohau)

Twilight Sparkle Awoke in her crib. Great, a foal loop. Well might as well get started with the pranks.

Over the next couple days Twilight Velvet, mother of Twilight Sparkle, noticed something strange. Twilight was being fed but no one remembered giving her a bottle. Her diaper was being changed but no one remembered doing it. And sometimes Twilight was even being put to bed with no one doing it. And Twilight only cried when she, Nightlight or Shining Armor were right outside her room and every time the only thing she wanted was to be let out of her crib. Yes, something strange was happening in her daughter and she was going to get to the bottom of it.

Velvet moved her typewriter into Twilight’s room; she wasn’t going to leave her daughter’s side until she figured out what was going on.

About an hour later her daughter woke up and looked at her. Little Twilight’s horn lit up, which wasn’t unusual for unicorn foal. However a bottle of milk entering the room and heading straight for her daughter was. Little Twilight started sucking at the bottle.

Did Twilight just…? thought Velvet.

Little Twilight lifted herself up and changed her own diaper. When Twilight was done with the bottle it floated over to Velvet’s hoof.

Velvet stared at her daughter. What? I have heard of independent kids but that’s ridiculous. Oh, I know. This must be a dream I fell asleep in my baby’s room and I’m dreaming.

Little Twilight levitated the finished pages of her mother’s book and a red pen and started poof reading.

Ok, now I know I am dreaming. There’s no way my one year old daughter is editing my book.

Little Twilight put her mother book back when she was done and ascended and started flying around the room.

And now she’s an alicorn. Definitely a dream.

“Mom, I’m home,” cried Shining Armor from downstairs.

Twilight flew downstairs.

“M-MOM!” Shining Armor galloped up the stairs. “Twily’s Flying!”

Velvet left her daughter’s room. “I know dear. She’ll be back to normal when we wake up. I’m sure of it.”

It took Twilight Velvet a couple days to come to terms with the fact her daughter really was an alicorn. Now if she could just catch her phantom editor (There was no way she would believe that her one year old daughter was actually editing her book).

Overall Twilight Velvet’s life was getting back to normal - at least until next week, when her daughter started speaking to Princess Celestia in old equis, a language that no one but Princess Celestia herself spoke anymore.


(Kris Overstreet)

... and the Rest Loop: Dragonshy

(Reminder: the "And the Rest" Loop has Twilight, Cheerilee, Ivory Scroll, Zecora, Angel, and Gilda Awake. The rest of the Mane Six, not Awake, are Element Bearers for the Loop. Twilight's previous Loop was so bad she doesn't want to talk about it, and she's declared a go-through-the-motions relaxation Loop. The other five Awake Loopers are gleefully abusing this.)

"What do you MEAN, 'condemned'?"

Ivory Scroll ignored the blast of draconic outrage, which she could afford to do so long as it wasn't draconic flame. "This cave has been declared unfit for habitation due to structural and hygienic defects beyond repair. Therefore it is scheduled for demolition, by order of the Housing Authority of Greater Equestria."

"Unfit for-!" The dragon snorted a large cloud of black smoke. "IT'S A CAVE! How can a cave be condemned? Is it insufficiently cave-y for you?"

"Nevertheless," Ivory Scroll said, standing on her dignity, "under the circumstances I must deny your certificate of occupancy and suggest you find an alternate place of residence."

"I didn't apply for any certificate," the dragon growled. "And what do you propose to do if I simply ignore you and move in?"

"What?" Ivory Scroll put on her best offended look. "Whatever happened to the legendary draconic concern for law and order?"

"This IS the legendary draconic concern for law and order." With thumb and foreclaw the dragon flicked the mayor out of his way, picked the enormous sack containing his hoard off the clifftop, and crawled into the cave.

He was still in the process of arranging his bed of jewels and gold when the sound of beating drums echoed into the cave from outside. He poked his head out to see a zebra pounding on large tomtoms, wearing a garish wooden mask. "Welcome wagon?" he grumbled.

"You have disturbed my ancestors' burial place! Begone, or the consequences you shall face!"

The dragon raised an eyeridge. "Zebras don't bury their dead. And they don't live on mountains."

The tomtoms stopped. "Er... orphaned was I when but a filly. I was adopted by goats both gruff and billy."

A voice from a cloud above hissed, "Is that all you have?"

Zecora looked up and said, "To remove him I'm trying..." She bounded over the sweep of a large claw that crushed the drums into leather and kindling. "... but I don't think he's buying!"

A second swat sent the zebra flying off the ledge. With an eagle's shriek, Gilda plunged through the cloud she'd been lounging on and caught the falling zebra only about twenty feet down from the cliff edge.

Satisfied that the new annoyance was gone, the dragon went back into the cave.

"Well," Gilda said, "that's two down, one to go, since Angel didn't want any part of the bet." The griffin turned to Cheerilee and said, "I hope you've got something better."

"Well, as a teacher I can only say," Cheerilee giggled smugly, "watch and learn."

"Demolition squad?" the dragon rumbled.

"Yes, on account of this cave being condemned," Cheerilee said. "I'm giving you fair warning that you'll probably want to be outside the cave in about two minutes."

"Now listen, pony," the dragon grumbled, "I came here for a restful little nap, and I'm getting seriously annoyed by you pestering Equestrians. If you don't have something very good to show me, I'm-" The dragon's gaze turned from Cheerilee to the three new arrivals. "And who are you?"

"We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" the filly with the red bow in her mane chirped.

"We're on a crusade to find our cutie marks!" the orange pegasus added.

"And we won't rest until we've discovered our destiny!" the unicorn finished.

"Girls," Cheerilee said, "it's all arranged. Go right ahead!"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS SPELUNKERS, YAAAAAY!" The three fillies pulled out helmets, safety vests and more grapnels and ropes than anyone who'd known them five minutes would feel safe about their possessing, and plunged off past the dragon and its treasure into the depths of the cave.

The dragon watched the fillies vanish into the darkness, then turned his attention back to Cheerilee. "Am I supposed to be concerned?"

"Wait for it," Cheerilee said. After a long four count, she turned and dashed for the cave entrance.

Moments later the shrieks and giggles of enthusiastic fillies turned to shouts of dismay. Deep in the cave rocks began cracking and groaning. Things fell. Larger things fell. Even larger things fell, making loud booms in the depths that shook the relatively bright entry chamber where the dragon had set up residence.

The dragon glanced up, spotted only two stalactites that might be annoying, and reached up and removed them, pounding them flat-side up into the cave floor for use as nightstands.

In the depths of the cave, the sound of falling rocks tapered off into the occasional shower of gravel and the dismayed moans of miserable ponies.

The dragon used a bit of flame to inspect the situation, found a long sapling log tucked in a corner by a prior occupant, poked around in the depths, and drew out three fillies covered in coal tar. He dropped the stick out the cave entrance, saying, "You should probably wash that off them as soon as possible. The nearest shampoo is somewhere OFF MY MOUNTAIN!!"

Cheerilee looked at the three Crusaders, tangled in rope, covered in sticky toxic substances, and shook her head.

Three large bags of bits dropped at Twilight's hooves.

"What are these for?" Twilight asked.

"Those three had a bet going and made me the judge," Gilda said, pointing a talon at the sheepish-looking zebra, teacher and mayor standing behind her. "Who could get rid of the smoke dragon using no Looper abilities, just simple in-Loop talents? But they all failed, which means you should get that letter from Sunbutt this afternoon. So, since you'll have to deal with it as in baseline, I say you should win the bet." After a moment she coughed and added, "By the way, he may be a bit grumpier than usual this time."

"Right," Twilight sighed. "Thanks for that." As if getting a non-Awake Fluttershy up that mountain wasn't difficult enough already...

and the Rest Loop: Look Before You Sleep

"So, all you did was assign Rarity and Applejack to opposite ends of town?" Cheerilee asked Ivory Scroll.

"If they're not working together, they can't get on each other's nerves," the mayor nodded. "So they either never bother Twilight at all, or else they meet at her place as friends, and things go swimmingly." Nodding to herself confidently, she added, "Everything should work out perfectly."

"Applejack, darling, your hooves are a fright!" Rarity gasped, pointing to the mud encasing the earth pony's feet. "Go rinse yourself off before you come in here!"

"Rarity, it's pourin' down out here!!" Applejack gasped.

"No argument, shoo! shoo!" Rarity demanded, pointing back out the door.

Twilight sighed as Applejack complied with ill grace, and she watched with silence as the garden hose outside took the apple farmer two falls out of three. When Applejack finally came back inside she was soaked through her coat, and her hat had lost its shape from the water soaked through every inch. "Let me go get a towel," she said quietly, trudging off to the bathroom.

Applejack looked at Rarity, who looked at Applejack. Both looked at the bathroom door.

"Uh, Twilight," Applejack said, walking over to the door and taking the towel that floated out to her, "have we done somethin' ta upset ya? 'Cause you seem really down in the dumps. I mean, more than ya usually are," she added.

"Er, yes," Rarity added. "It's nice to have a quiet friend, especially after spending an afternoon with Pinkie, but you seem more... well... subdued than usual."

"You're gloomier than a pig who's just watched th' last mudhole in th' whole world dry up," Applejack agreed.

Twilight sighed and flopped forward on a reading table, resting her head on her forehooves. "I didn't want to talk about this," she said. "There's too much I can't explain, and there's too much I don't even want to think about, much less talk about. But... long story short, not long before Princess Celestia sent me here for the Summer Sun Celebration, I went through some really unpleasant circumstances. One of the reasons I was happy to move here was to have a quiet place where I could recover... with my friends," she added with a tiny smile.

"What kinda un-"

Applejack's question was interrupted by a white hoof to the mouth. "Darling, she said she doesn't even want to think about it," Rarity said.

"You know, I never had friends back in Canterlot, aside from my brother and my foalsitter," Twilight continued. "I've certainly never had a sleepover. But just now, when I saw you two at the door, and how annoyed you were at each other-"

"Annoyed?" Applejack cocked her head in confusion. "Over a bit o'water? It weren't that big a deal!"

"No, she's right," Rarity said, looking abashed. "I wasn't thinking about you at all, Applejack. You could have washed up in the bathroom. I'm so sorry."

"Anyway," Twilight said, "I'm not really in the mood for a party tonight anyway. Let's just have a quiet evening together, all right?"

"Sure thing," Applejack said. "A wet night calls for some comfort food anyway. Hot oatmeal with apples and cinnamon sound good?"

"Delightful, darling," Rarity said. "I'll just check on Twilight's extra blankets and pillows."

Outside, the rain poured peacefully onto the streets of Ponyville.

"Well, you were right," Cheerilee said. "I hear Twilight had a nice, peaceful, pleasant evening with her two friends."

Ivory Scroll sighed.

"So nothing went wrong..." Cheerilee gestured to the greenery lying higgledy-piggledy around the inside of the town hall. "Aside from a few loose branches, of course."

"Topiary," Ivory Scroll groaned. "Exquisitely crafted topiary. Two hundred and sixty-one pieces of exquisite unicorn-crafted topiary."

"Yes," Cheerilee nodded. "Funny how, out of all the buildings in town, they only hit Town Hall."

Ivory Scroll moaned.

"And based on a quick count," the teacher continued, "they knocked out two hundred and fifty-eight windowpanes in the process."

Ivory Scroll sobbed.

"Which, I suppose, would explain three of the seven holes in the roof," Cheerilee continued. "But what about-"

"Oh hai, Cheerilee!" a cheerful voice called out from a large pile of styled tree branches. "Did you come to help clean up too?"

"Ah, hello, Derpy," Cheerilee called back, all her questions answered. Still, to be polite, she asked, "Do you know how this mess got started?"

"Not really," Derpy replied, shaking her head. "Rainbow Dash kept the wind blowing west-to-east during the storm, and she sent me home to take care of Dinky when it started. It looks like the streets funnelled all the loose branches the wind picked up straight into town square." Her crossed eyes crossed slightly more in helpless confusion. "I don't know which pony was in charge of tree cleanup on the west side of town."

"I do," the mayor of Ponyville wept into her ascot. "Ohhh, I do..."

125.7 (Crisis)

Nyx blinked and examined herself as she Awoke. Human, or something close, again with dark skin (frankly it amused her how her human skin tones tended to flip between either really pale or as dark as was naturally possible). Moving on, she was walking in the middle of the woods, carrying a basket, headed to her grandmother Twilight Velvet's writing cottage to bring her some food (because apparently her grandmother frequently forgot to take enough supplies when she got inspired). Oh, and she was wearing a red hood and cape combo over her other clothes.

'Well, this is interesting,' she thought to herself as she looked around expectantly. 'Wonder if anyone replaced the Big Bad Wolf?'

Almost as it the thought had been a cue, she heard a deep masculine voice begin singing.

"Who's that I see walkin' in these woods? Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood!"

Turning to the direction the voice came from, she beheld a tall muscular werewolf wearing plate armor and grinning cheekily in her direction.

"Hey there Little Red Riding Hood! You sure are looking good!"

Nyx couldn't help herself. She began giggling hysterically, interrupting the song. "Hey Lemon!" she managed to get out between giggles. "How've you been?"

"Not bad," the werewolf, also known as Leman Russ, as well as Lemon Rush to the Equestrian loopers, allowed. "Just saw you walking through the woods and wondered if you could use some company."

"Probably," Nyx grinned back. "After all, there could be any number of dangerous beasts lurking out in the woods that might attack a poor defenseless little girl out to take goodies to her poor old grandma's place! Why, if there wasn't a big strong escort around for defense, who knows what might happen?"

Leman Russ tried to hold it in, but the deep, rumbling laughter broke out anyway. "And would I be protecting you from them... or them from you?"

"Depends..." Nyx tapped her chin playfully. "Are you going to finish your set?"

Leman laughed again, shaking his head as he walked up to join Nyx on her trip through the woods. "You're everything a big bad wolf could want..."

Nyx tilted her head back and joined Leman with an echoing "Owoooooooo" before they both devolved back into laughter.

125.8 (fractalman)

Fluttershy gasped as she saw the state of angel bunny; fur was stretched tight across his chest, showing the bones beneath, and one of his eyes was missing. "Oh, Angel, you poor thing!" She moved to comfort him...

Then he bit her hoof. Hard. "Ow! ANGEL! You bad, bad bunny!"

Angel just gave her the finger and hopped off.

"Angel! That's rude!"

At least it meant Angel wasn't suffering, despite appearances to the contrary.

*knock knock knock*

Twilight opened the door to find Fluttershy.

"Oh hi Fluttershy! What's up?"

"Oh, well..."

To illustrate, Fluttershy's right eye fell out of its socket, only to dangle by a nerve bundle.

Twilight sighed. "Let me guess. Angel bunny bit you?"

Fluttershy nodded. "How'd you know?"

Twilight turned to reveal a skeletal tail. "That little rodent has been going around biting everypony for a couple days now."

Fluttershy's left eye widened. "Oh, my. I hope everypony's OK..."

"WOO HOO!" yelled Spike, flying down the stairs. "Check it out, Twilight! I'm a skeletal wyvern!"

Twilight chuckled. "Some of the ponies are a little creeped out by the changes, but yeah, we're fine."

125.9 (Hubris Plus)

Twilight stumbled as she Woke up mid-step and rolled her eyes before taking stock. You'd think she'd have gotten the hang of a smooth gait after the first few million times it had happened, but she supposed there really were some things that you never outgrew.

Looking around, she found herself-

"You're walking in the woods," a voice informed her, seeming to come from the air itself. "There's nopony around and your magic is dulled."

She suppressed a groan. There were a hoof-full of decent narrators across the cosmos, but by and large they were a bad sign. A quick test of her horn confirmed that she could just about manage levitation. The rest of her abilities were just as sluggish.

"Out of the corner of your eye you spot her..." Twilight barely caught the motion and was startled when a second voice chimed in with-

"Sapphire Shores."

"She's following you, about thirty feet back," it went on. Twilight found herself hurrying her pace just a little. "She lowers her head and starts to gallop. She's gaining on you!"

"Sapphire Shores."

Twilight broke into a run as she tried to sort things out in her head. Getting run down by celebrities was hardly new. The Loops were more than happy to stick her with 'ponies are the deadliest game of all' on occasion. Slasher scenarios happened often enough, and narrators were only a little rarer. All three at once was a new one, though.

"You're looking for the road, but you're all turned around. She's almost upon you now and you can see there's blood on her face. Sweet Celestia, there's blood everywhere!" She suppressed the urge to upchuck as she caught sight of red all around her. To Tartarus with this mess, she was ending things then and there.

"Running for your life!"-"From Sapphire Sh-"

"Nope!" Twilight shouted, turning back and running straight at the ponicidal pop sensation. This was somehow turning into a Heart Song, which meant she'd have to act fast to shift the narrative momentum.

"Turning back to fight!"-"Sapphire Shores!"

"She's rearing back to strike you!"

"Musical mastermind, Sapphire Shores!" Twilight dove under her opponent's flailing forehooves before throwing herself upwards. Her horn drove into what she knew to be a sensitive nerve cluster just beyond the shoulder.

"You've got her on the ropes!"-"Sapphire Shores!" She continued her assault, dusting off disused martial arts to knock the musician off balance.

"But she doesn't give up hope!"-"Sapphire Shores!" Sapphire continued fighting even as she hit the dirt. Her scrabbling hooves managed to strike Twilight a few times, leaving bruises and scrapes. Twilight, in turn, hefted a log in unsteady telekinesis and brought it around to strike her attacker across the back of her head.

"Finally defeated!"-"Safe at last from Sapphire Shores..." Twilight heaved a sigh of relief as the other pony's eyes rolled up and she slumped to the ground.

"Alright," she muttered, pacing as she unravelled the constraints on her magic. "Am I teleporting you to jail or a psych ward?" She wished Spike was there. Her own Legilimency was competent, but more intrusive than she'd like.

"But she's only playing dead!"-"Shores surprise!" The other mare leaped to her hooves in a lightning fast motion. "She's got a knife in her hoof!"-"And death in her eyes!"

"Oh come on!" Twilight growled. Narrators were the worst.

125.10 (Kris Overstreet)

Celestia noticed her hoof tapping on the marble floor and forced herself to stop. Twilight Sparkle hadn't responded to her ping upon Awakening (nopony had), and she hadn't sent the usual "help help Nightmare Moon is coming" letter. One or the other always happened, without fail, in the first ten minutes of a baseline Loop. What was going on?

She had almost decided to go looking for her student when Twilight Sparkle appeared in a flash in front of her. The purple unicorn shook like a willow tree in a tornado. "Twilight," Celestia asked, "what's wrong?"

"Big Mac and Berry Punch aren't Awake and nobody else is but you and this Loop doesn't have alcohol and I-I-I..."

Celestia wrapped Twilight in one wing. To one of the guards at the door to her throne room she said, "Cancel all audiences and public events for the day. All of them. We shall be busy." Before the guard could protest, she teleported herself and her student to her bedchambers, where Celestia's personal student could cry on her shoulder as much as she needed to.

For the better part of half an hour Celestia just hugged Twilight and let her cry. Her mind flooded with questions- what Loop could have been this bad, that it completely shattered an Anchor this experienced?- but she kept her silence. If Twilight wanted to talk, she would. If not, Celestia would be there for her. True, their relationship wasn't what it once was, in baseline. Twilight no longer needed a mentor, and she had several friends closer than Celestia. But Celestia was still her friend, and would always be so, as long as Twilight Sparkle- Looping or not- needed her.

Finally, long after the sobs had ended and the sniffles had dried up, Twilight spoke. "What do you think would happen," she said, "if someone inverted a Bureau Loop?"

Celestia frowned, an expression all the more impressive for how seldom she used it. The Conversion Bureau. Not the absolute worst variant Loop Equestria had to offer, but none of the worse variants happened more than once, whereas the Bureau popped up again and again, like a wormy apple in the bobbing tank. "Under any other circumstances I would guess it was a good thing," Celestia said cautiously. "People imprisoned in bodies they weren't born in and didn't want, released and returned to the lives they were meant to live."

Twilight snorted like a donkey. "Not even close," she grumbled. "Human scientists were conducting an experiment in travel to alternate dimensions. They opened a portal onto Equestria. For a little while everything seemed to be perfect- peaceful first contact, cultural exchange, the start of friendship between the two species."

When Twilight paused for reaction, Celestia replied, "But the portal did something to poison Equestria, didn't it? Something requiring Conversion?"

Twilight shuddered. "Once the portal was established it was harmless. But the initial experiment that opened the portal tainted the mana field across Equestria. Anything that used magic would gradually be poisoned and die from the exposure. And since Equestria relies on magic for practically everything..."

"Everypony would have to migrate to Earth," Celestia said. "I begin to see where this is going."

"Ponies could live on Earth as ponies," Twilight continued, "but that Earth had its own magic field, tainted even more so than Equestria's. We tried closing the portal, but closing the portal didn't take away the taint from Equestria's magic. So eventually it came down to one solution: convert every talking creature in Equestria into a creature that couldn't touch magic in any way, that would be immune to the taint. Humans."

"I see," Celestia said. After a moment's thought she added, "And I asked you to be one of the first ones converted, didn't I?"

Twilight nodded. "You and Luna were too far gone by that point, you said- too much magic, too much poisoning to survive conversion. I was supposed to take your place and lead the ponies to safety on Earth... in a world they didn't understand, a world that worked like the worst horrors of the Everfree Forest, a world without any of the wonders or miracles we take for granted."

"So what did you do?" Celestia asked.

"I said no," Twilight said. "You cajoled me and I said no. You called to my sense of duty, and I said no. Then you got on your knees and pleaded, begged me to accept conversion so I would live." Twilight sniffed again and pressed herself a little harder against Celestia. "I think it wouldn't hurt so much if she'd acted more like the usual Bureau Celestia and tried to take the decision out of my hooves, but she wouldn't do that. She was basically you. She did everything she could except force me to be converted. But she would- not- give- up!" After a shuddering sigh she finished, "I eventually teleported myself into solid rock to crash the Loop."

Uh-oh, Celestia thought but carefully didn't say aloud. As a rule of thumb, deliberately crashing a bad Loop tended to land the Loopers involved in a worse Loop. But not always. "And you ended up here?"

"No. Minecraft," Twilight said. "That didn't last long, because I couldn't concentrate on mining and building. I kept wondering... did I do the right thing? I mean, the Loop crashes when the Anchor dies... but what if there was another Anchor in that Loop? Did I just condemn all Equestria to a lifetime of leaderless exile without magic? Could I have found some way to purify the magic field if I hadn't given up?" Twilight looked up at Celestia and whispered, "Could I have saved you and Luna?"

Celestia hugged Twilight again. "My dear Twilight," she said, "you made the best decision you could at the time. Sometimes the Loops are just cruel, and nothing we do can change that, no matter how hard we try." A small smile crept on her lips. "Remind me to tell you about the Loop where my chosen student was Jack Napier... and he had to save Equestria from the dreaded Batmare."

This teaser served its purpose, which was to break the mood completely. "What? But... how? PLEASE tell me the Joker isn't Looping!"

"Another time, Twilight," Celestia chuckled. "I think we both need a vacation Loop. Why don't we go tell Nightmare Moon the throne is hers, and see how long it takes for her to beg us to come back?"

"Surfing again?" Twilight asked.

"Actually, I was thinking Maneaco. Roulette and baccarat in a city that never sleeps. Incognito, of course. And with the Equestrian treasury for mad money."

"You know," Twilight said, "I've been working out this new system for card-counting at blackjack that I'm almost certain the casino won't be-"

Twilight's words were cut off as the two ponies teleported away.

125.3 continued (elmagnifico)

When the ping came, he almost missed it.

Macintosh Apple, elder brother, professional farmer, amateur barkeep and looper, in that order, rubbed at his forehead with a hoof. Massaging the bridge of one's nose was a comfort limited to the loops where he had fingers, and a nose for that matter. It was one which he had not managed to bring back to his equine form, and was sorely missing at the moment. So, in lieu of such action, he continued rubbing at his forehead with a hoof.

An outside observer would see something quite different. Another pony, or similar narrator more focused on the physical reality, such as the two green eyes peering into the mirror, would say Applejack was massaging her forehead. For that was the name tied to the body currently ensconced in a bathroom on Sweet Apple Acres, as it had been for a good five minutes while the mind currently possessing it sorted out the disorientation of waking up somewhere unfamiliar.

Macintosh, on the other hand, saw no reason to bow his internal pronouns to the whims of something so capricious in the Loops as Fact. So he massaged his forehead.

There hadn't been a loop this... disorienting, since That One Loop with Twilight. Which had at least been bearable by dint of not giving him time to think over the changes until after Discord had been vanquished. By that point he had more important concerns, like forging a nation and keeping a religion devoted to him from getting too silly.

It occurred to him that there were duties that needed to be done, here and now, and that his family would be missing the fourth member if this anti-headache session went on much longer, but the idea of interacting with the rest of the clan as Applejack, simply galled too much in his mind.

A loop memory bubbled to the surface. Breakfast. It was familiar, one of the fresher memories whenever he Awoke. His sister always made hazelnut pancakes. But the memory was wrong too. He could remember making hazelnut pancakes. Thoughts accompanied images and actions, sounding like Applejack being there, whispering in his head.

He tried listening for a moment. 'Gotta grind these nuts good an' small. Granny Smith can't take the big chunks, get stuck in her dentures. Maybe I should make a separate batch for her, I like 'em, and Big Mac prefers-'

Mention of his name shot him back to the present, and his eyes widened, and then clenched shut as he strained at the corners of his mind. More loop memories tried to burn their way to the surface, but he held them down with a green-tinged extension of his will until they subsided. He let out a sigh of relief, and returned to regarding "his" reflection.

What looked like Applejack continued to scowl at him through the bathroom mirror, reinforcing his conviction. Making him all the more determined to repress those thoughts from before he awoke in this body. After all, one fact remained true:

Those were not his memories.

Granted, there were many loop memories that he'd seen that were not his. Every time he looped somewhere other than the Apple farm, he got a set that weren't his. These memories, however, weren't just not his.

They were Applejack's.

Who knew what kinds of private moments and thoughts were held therein?

"Sis? Y' okay in there?"

The voice from outside made him stiffen. That wasn't Applebloom or Granny Smith. Didn't sound like them anyway. The male relatives wouldn't arrive until later, unless this was a stranger variant than he'd thought. That left only one candidate. One he was not ready to face.

Then the Ping hit.

He cleared his throat, feeling the unfamiliar vocal chords. A tiny psychic poke at the back of his mind was the least of his problems. Despite the strangeness of using it, the voice sounded perfectly natural to him. Which could not be less normal.

"Ah'm fine, jus' don' feel like mahself."

There was a grunt from outside, and then a receding set of hoofsteps as Macintosh moved away.

'That's going to get confusing quick,' the looper thought to himself as he pinged back.


Another Loop here at Canterlot High...

Sunset Shimmer was, as you'd expect by now, tired of high school. The 'Dazzlings incident' did change things up a bit, but even their tricks got stale. The teacher then mentioned two new exchange students, and that got Sunset's attention. Five bits it's guest Loopers.

"...Please welcome Pound Foolish and Blue Thunder."

The latter, a young man with blue skin, bowed. "It is an honor to meet you all. I hope we can get along."

Pound Foolish, a young woman, then said, "Pleased to meet you all! Hope you'll get us in the Loop about this place!"

Sunset knew that familiar sign, and quickly used a Ping, getting responses which were presumably from the new students. Raising her hand, Sunset said, "I'll show them around!"

A few minutes later, the new students were in the gym, when Sunset pointed to Pound Foolish and inquired, "You're Nabiki Tendo, right? And by his name, your friend is...I can't believe I'm saying Awake Tatewaki Kuno?"

The revealed Nabiki nodded. "Correct. Ranma told me about you. Heard you replaced me when you met him. Hope he taught you as well as he did me back during the early days."

Sunset nodded. "His teachings did help form my way of fighting. How DID you end up being the first Nerima Looper after him to Awaken anyway?" Nabiki shrugged. "He needed an ear to hear his problems, that's all, and didn't want to worry Kasumi. Even I was surprised when I started Looping."

Sunset chuckled. "Hard to believe the stories of how generous you are nowadays. So", Sunset pointed at Kuno, "What's HIS story? When he'd Awaken?" Kuno replied with, "Ranma befriended me one Loop where we had met during his training trip. He was there for me when my mother passed; I'd likely fallen into my baseline habits otherwise. I happened to Awaken just as my baseline self was proclaiming his love for Ranma's girl form."

Sunset cringed. "Now that's gotta be embarrassing. So, what've you been doing in the Loops, Kuno?"

The samurai wannabe replied, "I have been trying to learn what it truly means to be a samurai. I have had a couple of Fused Loops which have helped. Allow me to demonstrate what I know, as little as it may be..."

Sunset grabbed a basketball, and said, "Let's see it, then."

Lifting his hand, Kuno used the Force to move the basketball. Sunset, intrigued, replied, "A Jedi, huh. Their ways would fit you."

Kuno then drew a sword, which Sunset could sense was a Zanpakuto. Saying, "Strike, Ao Ikazuchi," the Zanpakuto's blade turned into pure lightning, and Kuno then sent it at the basketball.

"'Blue Thunder'...” Sunset mused. “Why am I not shocked that's what that'd be named?"

Kuno snickered, and when Sunset raised her eyebrow, then replied, "I hope you meant that awful pun." Sunset facepalmed. "I just realized it. Anyhow, welcome to this corner of the Multiverse, Kuno. Just don't try and hit on anyone."

Kuno laughed mirthfully. "What do you take me for? That buffoon whom I had once seen any day in the mirror?"

Nabiki shrugged. "At least he's honest about it." The trio laughed. Sunset grinned widely. "Well, welcome to Canter lot High. Hope you enjoy the experience!"

Nabiki nodded. "We will."


“So, what did you dress up as for Nightmare Night?” Twilight asked.

Nyx shrugged. “Didn't. I just took my hairband off.”

Twilight sniggered. “That, I admit, works.”

125.13 (with OathToOblivion)

"Okay, so... I think I've got this down." The Smeargle sat down, toying with her tail idly. "This is the Pokemon world, right?"

"Well, yeah," Pikachu confirmed. "It's kind of obvious."

"Yeah, yeah, I don't play much. So... right. Why am I a Smeargle?"

"Why wouldn't you be?" Ash asked. "Well, you might be a human, I guess..."

"No, I mean... look, I'm a griffin, right? Why aren't I a griffin Pokemon?" Gilda waved her tail around. "I can see where it's coming from, I guess, but..."

Pikachu started to reply... and stopped. He turned to Ash. "Do we even have a griffin Pokemon?"

" you mention it..." Ash shrugged. "Can't think of one."

"That sucks." Gilda shrugged. "Oh well. Guess I may as well tag along with you butts. What do Smeargle learn, anyway?"

Pikachu grinned. "Good news! Anything they want. They copy moves."

"Really?" Gilda's expression turned contemplative. "Interesting. You guys run into Legendaries, right?"

"This could go either really well, or really badly," Pikachu commented to Ash, who nodded his agreement.

"Just to clarify, I get to keep the moves when I leave, right?"

"Yep," Ash confirmed, holding up his hand. A lazily-spinning Shadow Ball formed in his hand, while Pikachu spat out an Ember.


"Discord?" Twilight asked. "Would you care to explain?"

Discord shrugged. "Explain what? All of this is above-board."

He tapped the board to prove it, which made a wooden sound.

"More to the point, it is below my house." Twilight pointed at the large barrels. "That one has a fuse. Why does it have a fuse?"

Discord gestured to his comrade-in-legs. "Ask her."

Zecora spread her wings, and coughed.

"Remember, remember,
the fourth season ender,
harmony, centaur and plot.

If we blow your building
before Tirek escapes,
then - simply put - he can not."

"Very nice," Twilight said, and sighed. "Have either of you had a stressful loop recently?"

"Not especially, no..." Discord replied. "There is a good reason for this, though."

Zecora nodded, and tapped the walls. "These are treated with a potion. If made right, there will be no motion. The blast shall all go to the sky, and no danger for those nearby."

"I see." Twilight frowned. "Right, just give me ten minutes to put everything I want to keep in my pocket and ascend."

"Ascend?" Discord turned his head sideways in thought. "Why?"

Twilight produced a large surfboard. "I may as well see what Celestia sees in this, now I have the opportunity."
MLP Loops 125
125.1: This new fangled business.
125.2: Such fun.
125.3: That kind of thing is always uncomfortable.
125.4: Don't ask me, I'm just the editor.
125.5: Standard practice.
125.6: They don't always have much practice.
125.7: What a big chapter you have...
125.8: Does this make Spike-and-Rarity into a rom-zom-com?
125.9: Second person is a sign of trouble.
125.10: By "drink", Celestia meant "alcohol".
125.11: The Kunos are strange.
125.12: An undisguise.
125.13: As Oath says, watch there be a Griffin Pokemon in gen 7.
125.14: Well, it is fireworks night.
124.1 The Great Elevator Saga:


Another century, another Lonely Loop, Twilight thought glumly.

It had been her first one in a while, too: recently, she had a windfall of Fused Loops lately: aside from her horrific visit to the God Emperor of Mankind, they had gone well (although Awake Fluttershy muttered something about a "poor kid" when they Element-blasted a Bureau-Celestia last decade).

She'd been trying to keep things baseline for a while: for the most part, it was successful. She'd just reached the point where Fluttershy had redeemed Discord, and the Element-bearers decided to celebrate with a sleepover at Rainbow Dash's apartment. This looked like a slight variant: instead of medieval technology supplemented by magic, this Equestria Variant ran off of nuclear-level technology and magic. Twilight was still annoyed that those crystal ball phones/computers were all the rage in this Loop, yet when she tried to make her own, one simple spam e-mail ruined the whole network.

"What floor did you say you were on, dear?" Rarity asked, looking up at the tower that was about the size of Mount Everest.

"Seven hundred. Don't worry, that elevator goes really fast," replied Dash. "Not as fast as me, but not bad, anyways."

A few minutes later, they had all piled into a surprisingly roomy elevator car. The doors closed in front of them, and only then did Twilight notice something very distressing.

"Uh, girls?" Twilight said, pointing at the buttons with her forehoof. "We've got a problem."

"What's-oh, ponyfeathers," Rainbow Dash swore, facehoofing. "Some jerk had to push every single bucking button for every single floor!

"Can't y'all just teleport us out?" Applejack asked, nervously glancing around the car.

"They installed some kind of anti-magic field around the system. Safety measures, to stop any impatient unicorns from being crushed if they make a mistake teleporting," Dash groaned. "Safety measures, my flank."

"Don't worry!" Pinkie said, bouncing over to the buttons. "We'll just have to wait until we get to the top! Hm...the doors open for 30 seconds for every floor, and we're on floor two right now, meaning we'll get there in about..." Pinkie's ever-present smile faltered for a moment. "...6 hours."

"6 hours? SIX HOURS?!" Rarity groaned. "We're stuck in an elevator car for six hours?!"

"Well, we ain't gonna starve in here," Applejack noted. "Ah've got the snacks for the party in mah saddlebag, so we won't get hungry. Though, we'll probably be too tired when we get to Dashie's apartment to party..."

"The elevator is big enough to put the sleeping bags down..just barely, though," Fluttershy added in her usual whisper. "Should...should we just have the party in here?"

"YAY! Elevator slumber party!" Pinkie pulled a party popper from out of nowhere, then pulled the string, sending streamers all over the cart.

"Let's just hope that nopony needs to actually USE this elevator until we get there," Rainbow Dash grumbled. "Here's floor number three."

But instead of a hallway, the ponies saw something strange on the other end. Rather than a small space with a few chairs, the doors opened to Princess Celestia's sitting on her throne.

"Twilight? What are you doing here?" the bemused alicorn asked. "And where are you?"

"Stuck in a magically sealed elevator for six hours," Twilight replied. "I don't suppose you could help us?"

Celestia's horn glowed for some five seconds, and then faded. "This...this is the most powerful enchantment I have ever seen. Stronger than anything Discord or even Sombra could pull off."

" go, then?" While Twilight could easily bypass the security measures with her obscene magic power, she didn't want to leave her Unawake friends behind, since they likely wouldn't be able to follow.

"I'm afraid you are on your own," Celestia said sadly. "On the bright side, this should make for a fantastic friendship report when you-"

The doors slid shut, cutting Celestia off mid sentence.

"Not even the Princess can help us?!" Rarity gasped. "And how did that elevator get to her throne room, anyways?"

"I think the enchantment is acting up again," Rainbow Dash replied. "Last week, I took the elevator up after a flying contest, but it stopped on floor 666 to let somepony else on. When we got to floor 699, it opened to a pair of minotaurs..." the Element of Loyalty coughed. "Anyways, at least it won't be boring."

The doors opened to floor four, revealing what looked like a fusion between a giant pony and a minotaur in the shower.

"We're running in the shadows of the niiiight! So baby, take my hand, we'll be alright!" he sang. "Surrender all your magic to me, tonight! They'll come-"

He turned around to reach for the soap, and came face to face with six ponies staring at him though a pair of doors that came out of nowhere.

And then all seven of them started screaming.

"DO YOU LITTLE PONIES HAVE ANY CONCEPT OF PRIVACY?! GET OUT! NOW!" Tirek shrieked. He tried to fire a bolt of lightning at them from his hand, but it dissolved against the elevator's invisible barrier. Mercifully, the laws of equine biology meant that the ponies didn't see anything particularly scarring, but this kind of situation was never pleasant for anyone.

After a full twenty seconds of Tirek flinging spell after spell at them, and the Unawake Elements panicking, the doors mercifully slid shut once more.

"Great," Rainbow Dash groaned, "now I'll see that in my nightmares for weeks. What next? Getting stuck in the Scariest Cave in Equestria?"

Fortunately, floor 6 seemed to be normal. There was a small hallway, with a few chairs and a mirror on the opposite wall. A repairpony with a saddlebag full of power tools awaited them, and cleared his throat.

"Hi, folks. You might have seen that the elevator system is acting up again. Looks like space-time is bending around it like taffy...fourth time this week."

Before Twilight could complain about how the magicians maintaining this enchantment must be totally incompetent, the stallion continued. "It's dividing where it should be multiplying time. What floor are y'all headed too?"

"Um...floor 700?" Fluttershy chimed in.

The repairpony winced. "Ah. Then, you'll be there in about...23 hours, give or take."

"23 HOURS?!" Rarity's eyes practically popped out of her skull, and she gasped dramatically. "We're stuck on this elevator for an ENTIRE DAY?!"

"Fraid so, folks. If it helps, we'll give you rent off for the month, miss Dash."

The elevator doors slid shut, and Rainbow Dash facehoofed again. "Argh. Next chance I get, I'm moving out of this place. Between this, the ice machines shooting out fire cubes instead of ice, and the showers with acid instead of water, I can't take this anymore."



Already hungry, Pinkie Pie had popped open the bag of marshmallows Applejack had brought. "Anypony have a microwave? No?"

The doors dinged, and opened to reveal a room totally on fire.

"Uh, can you two unicorns still use water spells? I don't want to be roasted pony," Rainbow Dash said nervously.

"Everything except teleportation and dimensional travel works, for the most part," said Twilight, "but the elevator is made of metal, so as long as we don't cross over the doors, we should be fine."

From behind a desk, a familiar blue unicorn popped up, her mane completely ablaze. "The Great and Powerful Trixie...needs to get out of here before she suffocates to death."

With that, she trotted into the elevator, giving Twilight a quick glance of disdain before turning to the buttons.

"Trixie admits, she might have gone too far this time," she said to no one in particular. "I was testing out a new smoke spell for a show in Manehattan, and, well, things got out of hoof. Maybe I'll do some sleight of hoof next show. Less dangerous. I can't put the fire out, but I don't think it hurts-"

She looked up to see Pinkie Pie holding a marshmallow above her burning mane, giggling as it turned a perfect shade of golden-brown.

"That will be twenty bits per s'more," Trixie warned her. "Trixie doesn't do this marshmallow trick often...or she'll have to charge ten bits extra."

If Pinkie Pie could hear her, she didn't show any signs of it, and soon had a good stockpile of s'more for the whole elevator to enjoy.


The doors opened to reveal an empty elevator.

"Okay, no." Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Magical glitch or not, there is no way any construction ponies or architects would design a system like this!"

"It is getting a bit cramped in here, darling," Rarity said. "I say that we shouldn't look a gift bunny in the mouth, and head in there. Maybe the buttons there work properly?"

"Ah'm tryin," Applejack grumbled, "but Ah can't get through." Sure enough, any of her attempts to get through the door were repelled, as if she was trying to walk through a solid brick wall.


The doors opened to reveal seven suspiciously familiar humans.

"Um..." the two Fluttershies, human and pony alike, stepped forwards, staring at one another through the barrier, and blushed.

"Great," the other Twilight said. "Fourth parallel universe in ten floors. Can't we get that library floor again?"

"Depends. Are you stuck in an elevator for a whole day too?" Rainbow Dash deadpanned, her wings flapping in annoyance.

"Hey, cool! That other me can fly!" The bipedal Rainbow Dash grabbed her cell phone, snapping a picture of her counterpart. "Even in another world, I'm still awesome!"

"Have you girls thought of any way out?" Pony Twilight asked.

"There's a call and emergency button on our end," her human self replied, "but they're both broken. I think it'll be hard to stay Awake for the full hours, so you should probably sleep in shifts, in case you find a way off."

As the other ponies nodded, Twilight caught the emphasis on one particular word. Mikasa Glitch?, she asked with a private telepathy spell.

Mikasa Glitch, the other Twilight confirmed. Watch out for the floor with the Luteces. They'll drive you crazy repeating themselves unless you agree to the coin flip.



The doors opened to reveal a wide-open field. There were several smoldering craters and smoking suspiciously body-shaped objects scattered around.

"Now this is getting a mite ridiculous," Applejack complained, trying to shove her hoof through the invisible barrier keeping them in the elevator.

Suddenly a large male humanoid figure landed in front of the elevator doors.

"Ooh! A shiny Rapidash! I'm gonna catch it!"

"What are you - OW!" Trixie squealed in pain as the Pokeball bounced off her head.

"Aw, it didn't work. Guess I need to damage it first."

Twilight pounded the close door button frantically with both hooves. She did NOT want to find out if this elevator was resistant to ki-attacks.



"Oh Blueblood, I love you! *smooching noises*"

"And I you, my flower! *more smooching noises*"

"My husband must never know of our illicit rendezvous!"

"Worry not, dear Fleur-de-Lis~"

At this, Applejack had had enough, and cleared her throat.

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, both holding a small equine doll, looked up to see Twilight with her mouth agape, surrounded by her friends.

"...her idea." Was Shining's pitiful excuse for his involvement, while Cadence just waved as the door shut.



As the elevator neared the next floor, the ponies could hear voices loudly arguing.

"-all I'm saying is that you probably should have asked what those guys were doing before you attacked them!"

"It's not like I was in control at the time: it was the demon!"

"You can't-hee blame everything on your split personality, ho! I mean, they had enough problems with cannibalism-hee, did we really need to beat the crap out of them, ho?"

"Look, Hee-Ho, I know you just started Looping, but-"

The doors opened. On the other side, the ponies saw a small humanoid fairy dressed in blue, what looked like a walking snowman made of black ice and wearing jesters' clothing, and a young human boy covered in glowing tattoos, with a horn jutting out of his neck.

"-they're from our mega-Branch, too, so they need to know how to fight the big-" At this, the young man turned his gaze from his companions to the ponies. His face took on a blank expression.

"Oh. You guys."

" we know you?" Fluttershy asked, shrinking into her wings for comfort.

"...Right, you're not Awake, Yellow. Then I'll just leave you be and-"

The fairy elbowed him in the ribs with enough force to smash through a steel vault. "Hey, you promised to apologize to her when you saw her after you fixed your problem. That goes if she's Awake or not!"

Sighing, Naoki Kashima rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, not meeting the ponies' gazes. "Fine....Look, Yel-Fluttershy...I'm..." he hesitated, as if he could not decide what to say next. "Sorry for what I did, back when I saw you last time. I was in a bad place after...well, that, and I..." He finally chose to meet Fluttershy's gaze. "Guess I really am like the Old Man. Pride, and all. Can't even spit it out."

As the doors closed, the mysterious young man said one final thing. "When-if I see you again, Awake...then we can talk. We're going down, anyways."

Then, save the humming of the elevator as it ascended, there was silence. Then, Rainbow Dash said what was on all of their minds.

"What the hay was all that about?"



"Floor 42," a typical department store style recording chimed cheerfully, "where you can find great deals on life, the universe, and everything."

(Wing Zero 032)


As the Elevator's door opened, Twilight Sparkle noticed something wrong, very wrong.

At the borders of the edges of the elevator doors there were stuck three huge blocks of C-4 about 1Kg each accompanied by also three S.L.A.M.'s mines and claymores, quickly looking around to her and her unawake friends’ surprise and horror, a group of human soldiers, weapons aiming at them and not bothering to consider if the concentrated fire power of assault rifles, carbines, D.M.R.'s, shotguns, light machine guns, P.D.W.'s, sniper rifles and R.P.G.'s to a small place such as an Elevator would be pretty much overkill were already awaiting for them.

By all rights they should have died that moment had it not been for something completely unexpected: Right before anyone would pull the trigger on any weapon by reflex at the chime of the Elevator's bell, suddenly a transport helicopter crashed down over the group of their would-be executioners, nobody was spared, not even the guy with the C-4 remote trigger who was fairly away from the group.

And then, one soldier with a completely different uniform design slowly touched down near the burning wreck that once was a transport helicopter, right after checking his surroundings and confirm that everyone outside on the rooftop was actually dead, he began to do some quick crouching motions repeatedly and began to yell:


Right after then, the Elevator's doors began to close and began to move again, however that left six ponies were left stood still until their brains finally managed to process what the hay just happened.

"Wh-what they bucking hay was that!" said Applejack while turning to her companions in this now completely officially wild elevator ride: Rarity was petrified and her coat was actually more paler than usual, a huge feat considering that her coat is white, Rainbow was actually stuck to the ceiling by her subconscious Fight of Flight reflexes, Fluttershy was already playing possum... or had she actually fainted? however.

"I... I honestly don't know Applejack, I don't know" Twilight was giving her some odd feelings, like she knows more than anyone of them, yet she's honest about not knowing about this situation, however it was Pinkie's reaction which threw her out of her train of thought.

"He he, that was scary, but fun! LET'S SEE WHAT'S IN THE NEXT FLOOR!" and right after that, the elevator chimed again opening to reveal the next floor...


Floor 69

The ponies stared at the scene outside the elevator for a few minutes.

Eventually, Twilight spoke. "Okay, I have to admit the spells on this thing are impressive if they can block this much water pressure, and the choreography is pretty good, but all this for an extended 'Cancer' pun?"

Lyra the mermaid shrugged. "Hey, beats the alternative. Great job, Sebastian, I knew you had it in you!"

(Gym Quirk)


By the time they'd reached the mid-60s, the novelty had completely worn off and Twilight was trying not to seem too jaded.

"What's that alarm noise?" asked Fluttershy nervously as the doors closed on 72 and they waited to see what 73 had to offer.

The doors opened onto what the Anchor recognized as the bridge of a Federation starship. Probably late 24th Century based on the uniforms. The viewscreen showed a trio of Klingon warships on an attack run, firing photon torpedoes and disruptor cannons. The red alert klaxon was drowned out by the exploding tactical console. The crew was clearly too distracted by the battle to notice any spectators.

Then the doors closed and they were on their way to 74.

Applejack turned to Rainbow Dash. "Noisy neighbors..."

The pegasus shrugged.


A cry pierced everypony's ears.


Twilight quickly slammed the close button door as Freddy headed for them, saying, "I DO NOT want to deal with those things! Next floor!"


FLOOR 100:

"Can we agree to never speak of that...thing again?" Rarity asked as the elevator doors mercifully closed on Floor 99. Her fellow Elements of Harmony quickly agreed.

"Well, we're one seventh of the way there," Fluttershy noted as the elevator ascended.

"Okay, I gotta ask. How in tarnation can you stand this trip every time you leave your apartment?" Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash, concern clearly written on her face.

"Look, I usually just fly up, okay?" Rainbow Dash pulled a keyring out of her saddlebag with her wing. "The apartments for pegasi have doors outside, so they can fly in. I would have taken that, but I've got you girls with me..."

The door opened to reveal...a view of themselves, from a strange angle.

"Huh?" Cautiously, Rarity looked through the door's threshold, as far as the barrier would let her go. "It looks like one of those recursive paintings (and I need to write that down for design ideas). But what are all of those white things? And the-oh. OH. EWWWWW!"

The Element of Generosity jumped back from the door as if she had been shocked, and pointedly turned around, refusing to look at it.

Looking for herself, Twilight put the pieces together. The white stalagmite/stalactites, the slimy pink surface in the cavern, and the dustings of a powdery white substance all over the cave.

"Pinkie," Twilight asked, "could you open your mouth wider for a few seconds?

"Sure thing! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Pinkie opened her jaw far wider than it should have been able to go.

Twilight stuck her head in Pinkie's mouth...and her face promptly reappeared at the elevator's door.

"Right. Please close that door before I throw up," Rainbow Dash begged.

(Custodator Pacis)

Floor 115

The elevator door opened to reveal four humans with weapons ready in their hands.

".....Richtofen, is this the work of your teleporter or because of Nikolai's vodka I just drank a minute ago? Because I'm sure as hell looking at six colorful horses in front of us right now," One of them spoke.



The door open Showing the Master Chief and the Arbiter, with a large viewing window behind them showing open space.

" We'll catch the Next one." The Chief said, before the door closed.

" ..... Za?" Applejack said voicing the collective confusion.



The ponies were startled to see a clear plexiglass wall blocking off the elevator doors, just beyond the forcefield. Through the glass they could see giant human faces. The one in the center seemed to have a huge egg for a helmet, while another one had a black thing which could only be described as ludicrous.

The third one, the one in the military uniform, spun away from the elevator and shouted, "All right! Which one of you taped girly cartoons over the videotape of Spaceballs: the Movie??"


FLOOR 143:

This time, the doors opened on a...courtroom?

"And so, Your Honor, it becomes clear that the claims of the accused are nothing but mad ramblings of a disturbed individual," said the strangely familiar prosecutor. "After all, there is no such thing as magic."


The spiky-haired defense attorney dramatically pointed at the elevator car hovering in midair. "Your Honor, the appearance of those pastel colored ponies in an elevator out of nowhere clearly invalidates the prosecution’s assertions!"

"Therefore," he said, dramatically slamming down on his desk, "the accused's account of being magically mind controlled into robbing that bank remain plausible!"

"Oh, my! They're so cute!" The judge cleared his throat. "Er, objection sustained. The court will now take a fifteen minute recess to re-evaluate the accused's claims of magical coercion into the bank robbery."

As the doors on their mobile jail cell slid shut once more, Twilight waved at Phoenix Wright, who mirrored her motion with a beaming smile.

"You know," Rarity mused as they ascended, "it was odd, how none of those...'humans,' you called them?...seemed to react much to the appearance of a disembodied elevator out of the blue."

"Trust me," Twilight muttered, "with everything that's happened in that courtroom, this doesn't even come on the top 100 list."



*sigh*"Yes, Rarity?"

"How do you know what goes on in that courtroom?"

"Previous experience? You should probably get some sleep."



The Elevator gave off a soft ding as the doors opened, showing an anthropomorphic Luna in the middle of getting seduced by one James T. Kirk.

Both looked towards the elevator, and remained quiet while Luna raised an eyebrow.

"We saw nothing, and we know nothing. " Rarity said before pressing the "close door" button.


FLOOR 187:
The doors opened to a busy courtyard, full of bipeds of many types going to and fro. Standing in front of the elevator was a redheaded human in charcoal-black armor, flanked by a pair of scaly looking aliens.

After staring at them for a moment, the one in blue armor put a three fingered hand on the human's shoulder, and began pulling her away. "Not worth it, Shepard. Let's just take the stairs."

"What? Garrus, there aren't any-"

"We'll make some."

As the doors began to close, the alien in red armor nodded at them. "Sparkle."



FLOOR 190:

Snow blew in through the elevator doors.

"All I see is trees," Applejack muttered. "How about you, Dash?"

"There's some kind of light just past those pines over there," Rainbow Dash replied, holding a hoof over her eyes and squinting. "I think it... yeah, it's a wrought-iron lamp-post. Why would anypony put a lamp-post in the middle of a-"

Twilight Sparkle lunged for the close-doors button and kept pounding it repeatedly until, with agonizing slowness, the elevator doors closed.

"Now come on," Applejack grumbled, "after all th' weird stuff we've seen, you panic about a forest with a street light in it?"

"Trust me," Twilight gasped, slumping back against the elevator wall, "some doors are just best left shut."

(Hubris Plus)

FLOOR 193:

The scent of old mothballs drifted into the elevator. Thick coats hung just past the open doors, muffling the voices on the other side.

After a moment, the coats were pulled aside to reveal a quartet of human children peering in at them.

"I say, Lucy," the elder girl said. "That is a rather incredible wardrobe."

"Well," The younger boy pointed out. "It's still not a forest."

"Excuse me," the younger girl, presumably Lucy, asked. "Will this still take us to Narnia?"

"Sorry," Twilight answered. "We just passed it. You'll have to wait for a lift going the other way."


FLOOR 197:

Yet again, the doors opened, this time to reveal a live studio audience, all dressed in bizarre costumes. Immediately in front of them, one costumed person stood beside a man wearing a cheap suit, her face falling in dismay at the the sight of the ponies.

"... six technicolor ponies!" an avuncular voice cried out from nowhere. "Yes, these ponies will clash with every single item in your home! Useful for carrying very small parcels, testing for color blindness, and inducing diabetic shock. This ZONK prize is worth: absolutely nothing!"

As the man in the cheap suit consoled the losing contestant, the ponies looked at one another. "I don't know which is more mortifying, darlings," Rarity said for them all, "being given away as a prize on a game show... or being a BOOBY PRIZE on a game show."

The closing elevator doors cut short the show's fanfare, sparing the ponies the annoyance of the commercial break.



The massive Equine skeleton peered into the Elevator with its occupants. Oddly enough it had a name tag hanging around its neck identifying it as 'Bryan'.

The sunken empty eye sockets seem to stare at every last one of them. Until it spoke. "Oh my this lift seems a bit on the crowded side..." the skull turned to the buttons. "Oh and its heading upwards. My mistake. I'll just catch the next one heading down."


FLOOR 250:

The doors opened on a large-looking room of concrete construction. A klaxon could be heard blaring in the distance, and amber lights flashed in sequence around the room. The first thing that drew Twilight's eye was a set of windows in the far wall, showing a control room bustling with humans dressed in blue military attire. One, a rotund balding male on the short side, seemed to be in charge, in that the others were either gawking in her direction or looking to the man for direction.

Motion drew her attention to a group of humans closer to the elevator. The four of them were dressed in green with black vests over the top. The one closest to her had thrown up his arms. His vocalization could only just be heard over the blaring alarms.

"I'm done."

He then took a green baseball cap off his head and started waving it around, revealing a short-cropped mane of gray hair.

"This is just too far. Evil aliens masquerading as Egyptian gods, fine. The pyramids are actually alien landing pads, fine. Nice aliens masquerading as Norse gods, fine. Weird quantum astrophysical negative space-time-wedgie shenanigans straight out of Star Trek, fine."

The hat was then waved at Twilight and her friends.

"But I draw the line at pastel-colored miniature horses in the Stargate."

The human then turned to one of his companions.

"Carter, please tell me there's a reasonable explanation for this, like you wished really, really hard for that pony you always wanted?"

The recipient shook her head.

"No, Colonel O’Neill, sir. The Event Horizon is supposed to be one-way to everything except high-frequency radio waves. Visible light doesn't travel at all. We shouldn't be able to see this even if it wasn't an outgoing wormhole."

Colonel O’Neill turned to another of his squadmates.

"Teal'c, this is as crazy for you as it is for the rest of us, right?"

The dark-skinned one with the gold on his forehead grunted.


At this point, the bald man in the control room spoke into a microphone, his voice booming over the alarms.

"Ah, Doctor Jackson, the diplomacy boys want you to try making contact with the... Aliens."

The fourth member of the squad cleared his throat and started speaking in another language. Twilight recognized it from when she'd been in their loop, but before she could reply, the doors started closing. Pinkie Pie only just managed to smile, wave, shrug, and get two words in edgewise before their metallic prison sealed itself again.

"Sorry, kruvis!"

Twilight then proceeded to enact Pinkie Pie Coping Strategy #9: Roll eyes, smile, move on.



The elevator doors opened to reveal Batman and Robin, who was slightly shorter than they were used to seeing, poised and ready to attack, batarangs raised, their masks covering their expressions of shock.

It was obviously Batman who recovered first and dropped his attack hand. “Hello Twilight, ponies.”

Pinkie beat twilight to the answer though. “Hi Batman! Hope you liked your last one, but im totally going to throw you a “Cheer Up Batman” Party the next time we meet. I’ll make sure there is no escape…” she added the last bit in a creepy manner.

Ignoring Pinkie, he deduced to Twilight, “You happen to be stuck in an elevator where time and space has been distorted to a degree that allows it to pop into existence in other worlds and times, am I right?”

“Got it in one.”said Twilight as the doors closed. Just before it did, pinkie stuck her face between the closing doors and said, “Hey! New Looper! I’m gonna throw you a party once…” the doors closed.

“…So, those were the ponies? Seem like a nice bunch. I don’t see why you’re so wary of Pinkie though.” Said Conan dressed in the Robin suit.

“… Look above your head, and your shirt.”

Looking up, he saw a colorful party hat perched on his head. Shocked that he felt nothing when it was placed there, he immediately looked down. He was wearing a thick red sweater with the words “Welcome New Looper” printed on it. In place of his batarang, it was a plastic bag with cake.

“What the… how did she? I was holding things! I didn't even feel anything. To do that she must have... but at the time she… huh?!!!”

“Now you see why I’m wary of her? I don’t get surprised often, but when it comes to her, I make an exception. If you tell anyone I told you that, consider yourself fired.”

The elevator doors opened again to reveal the normal empty elevator room. Walking inside alone, Conan still stunned, he pressed the up button.

“Now that she knows you’re looping, she will throw a party for you, and there will be no escape.”

And with those final words, the doors closed.

(Hubris Plus)

FLOOR 314:

The doors opened on a lived in kitchen, the color scheme drab but well cared for. A trio of ponies were seated around a worn wooden table in appropriately rustic attire.

"Hi Ma! Hi Pa! Hi Maud!" Pinkie chorused as the three turned to face the elevator that had appeared in their house.

"Pinkie," an aging stallion greeted, pulling his pipe from his mouth just long enough to offer a nod. His daughter trotted over to a cupboard and started rummaging.

"Ah wish ya'd called ahead," the older mare noted. "We ain't got nuthin' prepared."

"No worries," Pinkie reassured her mother. "We're just passing through on the way to Dashie's."

"Here," Maud said, shoving a box at her sister.

"Rock candy! Thanks Maud!" Pinkie enthused after taking a peak.

"You're welcome. Have a nice trip." Maud's inflection hadn't changed, but there was the smallest upturn to her lips at her sister's happy response.

"Well," Applejack said, grabbing a piece of rock candy after the doors had closed. "That weren't so bad. With any luck there'll be some fritters in store down the line."

(Gym Quirk)

FLOOR 349:

An unremarkable series of empty lobbies ended with a bleary-eyed Discord entering the elevator with a semi-coherent mumble. It sounded like a greeting, but the only word anypony could clearly identify was "coffee".

The draconequus was dressed in boxer shorts (suitably modified for his anatomy) decorated with 'strange attractor' butterflies and a black t-shirt emblazoned with "1 + 1 = Rutabaga" in an assortment of day-glo colors. He clutched an oversized travel mug showing a worn Decepticon logo.

Slightly daunted, nopony made any response beyond subdued greetings of their own.

The doors opened onto the next floor and the chaos spirit departed with another grunt. The lobby featured the insignia of a popular chain of coffee shops.

As the doors closed, the group turned to look at Fluttershy. "Some days, he's not much of a morning person," she explained.



The door opened to reveal...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

(Gym Quirk)

"Would this be an improvement on 403?" asked Rarity. "The doors didn't even open on that one."


FLOOR 444:

No one was quite sure how it worked, but the doors opened for the 30 seconds, and the few months it took for the full, original Old Man Henderson event.

"That explains so much!"

"Ouch, keep it down Applejack, trying to analyze that, that, I can't even think of the term right now, gave me a migraine. Anypony have asprin?"


"I believe, dear," Rarity said, as she levitated a bottle of pills out of her purse, "that the word you're looking for is called a 'clusterbuck'."


Twilight downed the pills.

"That, too, I suppose, but I think I wanted something more like anomaly. Like our situation isn't anomalous enough."


Pinkie Pie snapped her hoof. "I know! It was a negative elevator wedgie!"



The doors opened onto the bridge of what looked like a spaceship. One of the crew spotted them and made a strangled noise, attracting the captain's attention. The tall silver-haired woman stood and turned to face them, aiming some sort of arm cannon. She didn't fire, though. Instead, she looked at each one of them carefully, glare intensifying when she spotted Pinkie.

"Ketchum," she growled, lowering her arm. The woman turned back to her crew. "Ignore them! They'll disappear in a few seconds, and they are Not. Our. Problem."

As the doors closed, the others looked at Pinkie, who shrugged.

"She was a big ol' grumpy-pants last time I saw her, too."



Beyond the doors lay the Void. Swirling anticolors shone in the depths of nonspace, and on the fringes of fern-shaped holes in reality tiny figures flew and swarmed.

"Ooooh!" Pinkie chirped. "I remember this place! I wonder if Slanny's as grumpy as ever! Yoo-hoo, Slanny!!!"

Twilight reflected, as the incomprehensible dimension between space screamed as one and tried to fold in upon itself, that when a pony stares into the abyss the abyss stares back; but when Pinkie Pie stares into the abyss, the abyss closes its eyes, sticks fingers in its ears and shouts, "LALALALALALALALALA," hoping Pinkie goes away.


FLOOR 531:

When the doors opened, Twilight had to clamp her hoof against her mouth to keep herself from screaming.

On the other end of the twin doors was a towering humanoid creature, wearing a black suit and tie. It was gaunt-no, slender- and its limbs were far too big to look like anything natural.

"Eep!" Fluttershy shrank into herself, backing into the elevator's corner.

The creature looked around the elevator cart, surveying all of its potential victims. Eventually, a small slit of a mouth appeared on its otherwise blank, featureless face.

"Hei guuuuuuuuuys," said the Slender Man." I heard you were having a par-ty. I would like to be in that par-ty."

Twilight blinked. On one hoof, this particular variant of the monster was considerably less dangerous, so she wouldn't have to risk using the Elements when all of them were so fatigued by their long journey. On the other hoof, he was annoying. On the third hoof...not letting him on would compromise the entire concept of friendship she and her friends treasured.

"Uh, the elevator's sort of full right now. Maybe you can...take the next one up?"

"Really? You are scared of him?" Trixie trotted up to the doors, and glared at the eldritch abomination. "Trixie told you, Slendy, we were through after you nearly ate Trixie's audience!"

The colossal man-shaped thing frowned, and Twilight could have sworn she saw his lips quivering in distress. "But I was starviiiiing! And that last trick you did with the whipped cream and strawberries made me hungry!"

Trixie facehoofed. "Urgh, fine. Trixie will let you on so long as you promise not to-"

Unfortunately (or fortunately), both the ponies and the monstrosity had lost track of time, and the doors slid shut before the Slender Man could enter the elevator.

"Don't. Ask." Trixie hissed as Twilight opened her mouth to ask the inevitable question.


FLOOR 536:

The doors opened onto a stage facing a packed theater, which broke out into applause as an announcer boomed, "...the Great and Powerful Trixie!"

The ponies inside the elevator blinked, then turned to face Trixie...who was already walking out of the elevator. "Thank you, thank you. Pay no mind to the fire in the theater, it will be put out short---"

A torrent of water poured from somewhere above directly onto Trixie to laughter and more applause. When it cleared, Trixie's mane was (finally) no longer on fire, and the rest of her body was completely dry.

"Now, before we go any further," Trixie turned towards the elevator, "you do have tickets to this show, right?"

The ponies in the elevator remained in stunned silence...except for Pinkie Pie. "Nope! I can categorically state that all of us got in here without paying!"

Trixie sighed dramatically. "I see. Well, Trixie must apologize, but she'll have to make you disappear now."

As the doors closed, Applejack asked, "Hang on, was she actually expecting this to happen?

"No, I think she's just that good at improv," replied Twilight.


FLOOR 551:

At first glance, this floor was nothing but a blank white space. Then, text began floating across the void, shifting rapidly.




"PRAISE HELIX!" This phrase was accompanied by the fossil of some kind of ancient organism, sliding across the blank landscape.


The last word lazily floated out of Pinkie's mouth, taking form as a pink-colored series of letters, and drifted out of the elevator to join the crowd of voices.

Twilight slowly turned to face her friend. "How...I thought nothing could leave the elevator?"

The Element of Laughter giggled. "Nopony can leave the elevator! Words can get out juuuust fine!"


FLOOR 555:

Purple-coated pony looked at purple-clad man with perplexity.

"Well, this isn't the TV room," the man commented to the other people in his elevator. "It's just another elevator. Not even made of glass."

"Oooh! Oooh! Mr. Wonka! Hi, Mr. Wonka!" Pinkie Pie bounced up and down, waving her hooves frantically for attention.

"Oh! Hello, Miss Pinkie!" the candy maker said. "That trick you suggested with the sprinkles worked wonderfully! Here," he said, patting around his pockets, then pulling out some little boxes. "Try these and let me know what you think next time we meet!" The boxes clattered on the floor of the ponies' elevator.

"Will do, Mr. Wonka!" Pinkie grinned, gathering up the boxes and stashing them in her mane.

"Must get this down, must get this down..." Wonka had pulled a pen and notepad out of his pocket and was writing frantically. "Cotton candy... grape..." The pen jabbed at Rarity. "Marshmallow..." It pointed next to Fluttershy. "Lemon..." Next, to Rainbow Dash. "Tutti-frutti..." And finally, to Applejack. "And orange!"

"Orange??" The farmer pony couldn't keep the outrage out of her voice. "Apple!"

"Apple?" Willie Wonka shook his head as the elevator doors began sliding shut. "No, that combination will never work..."

(Detective Ethan Redfield)

FLOOR 590:

The door opened to reveal Rainbow Dash in a neat business suit that could only be described as stylish. She looked at Elevator Dash, then to her watch and muttered in a posh tone, "Oh my. Got to get these numbers to Supervisor Mare in ten seconds or she'll have my head."

She made to enter the elevator, only for Elevator Dash to shout, "Wait! This elevator is...going down, and you will never make it to Supervisor Mare if you take this one."

Businessmare Dash gave a half-lidded expression, looking to Dash, then the elevator symbol overhead signalling the elevator is heading up, then back to Dash, "Are you a corporate spy from another company? Or perhaps from Tirek's wing? He's been pushing to shut our wing down for years. I'm coming in."

Dash shook her head, "This elevator won't take you to Supervisor Mare! Don't you find it weird that there's two of us?"

Businessmare Dash looked again, then shrugged and stepped inside. Elevator Dash facehooved. And then the door closed behind them.

FLOOR 591:

The ding echoed in the elevator, revealing a field of grass as far as the eye could see. Elevator Dash waved her hoof at the field, "See?"

Businessmare Dash merely looked at the elevator buttons, "Did you push every button on this thing?"

She looked outside, then smiled, "Looks like the wheat research is coming along nicely."

This time, the entire elevator crew facehooved.


FLOOR 592:

The door opened into an office space and the business mare stepped out, shaking her head. "Pfeh. 'Doesn't go there.' Just two floors."

Rarity was the first to recover. "This is so unfair!"



"One hundred floors left, Dashie. Then you can crawl back into bed, and forget this ever happened," the Element of Loyalty told herself, shaking a little as she spoke aloud.

Twilight patted her distressed friend on the back with her forehoof. Even though they were nearly done, Rainbow Dash had already started to fray a little.

The doors opened to reveal a messy apartment.

"That...THAT'S...not my apartment," the pegasus grumbled. "I'm not the neatest pony around, but I don't let papers and stuff cover every inch of my floor. Who even"

The sounds of glass breaking, followed by the horrified screams of many, many ponies sounded through the door. As well as the cries of a horrific beast.


If she were human, Twilight's face would be as pale as marble. "Oh no. Not again."


The sound of enormous flapping wings was audible just outside of the building. Then, a humongous grey head crashed through the skyscraper, breaking through the windows, and stopping just short of the elevator itself.

"I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT WENT WRONG!" Derpzilla screamed.

Before Twilight could even move, Rainbow Dash flew right at the close door button at sub-Rainboom speeds, and slammed into it with all of her might. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the doors slid shut, and the elevator carried on.

"Whuzzat? What happened, sugarcube?" Applejack said, cracking one eye just barely open.

"Uh..nothing to worry about. You already did your watch; you can go back to sleep."

"Right, that's it. I'm quitting my shift," Rainbow Dash declared. "If you wake me up before we get to my apartment, I will buck you in the face."

With that, she collapsed on the ground, snoring away as the elevator dinged to the thankfully normal Floor 601.



Twilight eeped as she stumbled back as a massive semi-canine head stuck its way in, its eyes full of hellfire, its skin red and black, its teeth dripped with blood and-

"Hi Khorne!" Pinkie cried out. "I haven't seen you for loadsa loops!"

"Oh, Pinkie." Said Chaos God of Rage, Slaughter and Combat muttered, his voice sounding like the growl of a deep furnace. "Always good to see someone who can do a better job than Slaanesh... but why are you here?"

"Stupid glitched elevator." Twilight replied. "It... it doesn't even make sense. How are we in your loop?"

Khorne just put a look of disbelief on his face, even as Pinkie nodded, as if to confirm the story. "You ponies run into weird things." Khorne Muttered as he pulled his head out of the elevator, which closed behind him.


"Pinkie, how long have you been Awake?"

"Oh, since like, floor 12? Something like that. Did I forget to ping?"

"...yeah. Yeah you did, but it's fine. At least I'm not alone."

Rainbow Dash grumbled from the floor. "Waking Up just makes me want to get home and fall asleep more."


FLOOR 641:


Twilight jerked up from a sound sleep. What floor were they on? Somewhere in the six hundreds?

The open elevator doors showed absolutely nothing else but a single immense eyeball.

"Huh? Whuzzat?" Rainbow Dash muttered, lifting her head off of Pinkie Pie's belly.


Rainbow Dash gazed bleary-eyed at the wide-open single eye in the doorway. "Well, she sure as buck isn't in here!" she replied.

The eye glanced around for a moment. "CONFIRMED," the booming voice added, and as the elevator doors closed, it added, "SORRY."

"What was that about?" Twilight wondered aloud.

"Who cares?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Go back to sleep."


FLOOR 700:

"Must...stay...awake..." Rarity moaned, swaying unsteadily on her hooves. "Almost...there."

"Three...two...," Twilight counted.

And the doors slid open, revealing a perfectly normal floor of the apartment complex.


In unison, the unicorns' horns began to glow, lifting the sleeping forms of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy (Pinkie had never fallen asleep, due to her seemingly boundless energy, though her eyelids were starting to droop), and bolted out of the elevator just as the doors closed once more.

"Finally," Twilight sighed. "Chestnut damn it, that was one of the most annoying things I've ever dealt with. In the top million, at least."

"Zhuh? We here?" Rainbow Dash's eyes slowly opened, and then practically popped out of her head. "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE FREE!"

"Five more minutes, Granny," Applejack mumbled, as she was roused from her fitful slumber.

"You know," Pinkie commented, as she reached for the doorknob, "you're a heavy sleeper for a farmpony."

"Had a bad Loop," the orange mare said in response, slowly getting to her feet. "The Loop memories of this whole darn trip ain't helpin'."

"Oh, so we're all Awake now?" Fluttershy said, getting to her hooves and yawning. "Sorry...I think we were all too preoccupied to send out a Ping."

"Hey..." Pinkie Pie said, "the door is unlocked. Dashie, did you forget to lock the door?"

"No," said an oddly familiar voice from inside the apartment, "I let myself in. Hope you don't mind!"

"What?" The ponies struggled to get through the doorway first, and ended up piled on the floor, a tangle of tails and hooves.

"Cleanup on Aisle Three!" Discord, wearing a bathrobe and holding a thermos of coffee in one claw, picked up the ponies one by one, depositing them onto a couch shaped like a grocery store cart.

"It...this was YOU?!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, her eyes narrowing in rage.

"What's the problem?" Discord huffed, putting down the spray can of paint that he had been huffing from. "I was just having a bit of fun! I just ignored your Ping, and you fell for the oldest trick in the book: the good ol' cursed elevator!" He snapped his fingers, and a book poofed into existence. He flipped to the first page, which depicted an ominously glowing elevator, with the caption "Trick #1: The Good Ol' Cursed Elevator prank", complete with instructions on how to bypass and subvert magical wards protecting it. "See? Here it is, page number one! I even went to the trouble of getting on for a few floors, to make it even funnier!"

"Do you have any idea how annoying that was?!" Twilight snapped, any patience she had drained by the long day spent inside the metal, mobile prison.

"Oh, like one day makes any difference to a Looper," the spirit of chaos said dismissively. "We're all billions of years old-what difference does a day make?"

"It's the principle of the thing," the Element of Magic replied.

"Don't look at me like that," Discord grumbled, placing a blindfold over Twilight's eyes to make sure that she would not look at him like that. "It was a harmless prank!"

"True," Twilight said, ascending to alicornhood in a flash of light, "but you forgot one thing. Girls?"

The remaining five ponies followed her lead, and their horns began to glow a bright white.

When the light faded, Discord found himself in the very same elevator the ponies had just left.

"Trying to beat me at my own game, eh?" Discord said, stroking his beard in thought. "Let's see what they came up with for the floors!"

The door opened to FLOOR 3, revealing a perfectly normal hallway.

"Trying to fake me out, huh? No matter," the trickster said to himself, "what's one or two boring floors out of a few hundred exciting ones?"

Floor 4 was exactly the same.

"Oh...oh no..." Discord whispered, horror dawning in his face.

FLOOR 5 was also normal. As was FLOOR 6, and FLOOR 7, and FLOOR 8...

Discord tried to teleport away, but found that his magic was blocked by the remnants of his own prank. He was trapped here, forced to experience nothing but monotony for the entire day.


Back on FLOOR 700, Twilight smirked. "Turnabout is fair play."


Several weeks after the "Elevator Incident":

The girls were heading back to Rainbow Dash's apartment for another party. Twilight cast several diagnostic spells as had become her custom after the "elevator ride of doom" (as Pinkie wanted to call it) before letting anyone on.

"Nope. Nope nope nope. We are not getting on this one until it gets fixed."


"No, Pinkie. Dash is going to fly up to her apartment and open a window, wile I cast wall-walking spells on everyone else, and we are walking up to her apartment."
MLP Loops 124
The opposite of an elevator pitch.

"Well..." Blade said, closing the second book with the soft sound of pages turning. "That was an interesting read."

Kit nodded agreement. "Yes, it was. Quite nostalgic, in its own way."

"Especially for me." Elda flicked back through her own copy to about halfway. "Was I really that oblivious? The poor man..."

"Yes," Kit chuckled. "Yes, you were."

"Please tell me I've improved..."

"Oh, no contest." Her differently-shaped brothers nodded, not quite in unison.

"Thank goodness for that." Elda closed her own copy. "Well, thank you."

Gilda shrugged. "No problem. I'm just glad to meet more looping griffins, we're not as common as we could be."

"And what about me?" Blade asked with a grin.

"Honorary griffin," Gilda replied promptly.

"Good to know." Blade looked from brother to sister, then got out a bottle of wine and four glasses. He poured out a half measure into each, smiling faintly. "I'd like to propose a toast."

He cleared his throat. "To Diana, who told it so well."

"To Diana," the griffins echoed.

"So," Gilda said, once that was over. "What happened after the Year of the Griffin?"

"Why not wait and find out?" Kit asked, smiling as well as one could with a beak.

"If I have to," Gilda sighed. "Hey... you know how your dad is going to be a fake Dark Lord?"

Blade nodded, just ahead of his siblings.

Gilda smirked, then switched to celestial-brush mode, her fur and feathers bleaching out. A sinister-looking sword appeared on her back, and her tail arched up over it. "Want an extra villain?"

"We normally solve the whole thing in about a week..." Kit mused. "But that could be fun. I'll suggest it to Dad."


“Okay, so that's on a five minute timer,” Twilight went on. “Once it expires, that's when you get Freki and Geri to come charging out with their noses lit up, and say-”

“Question,” Lemon Rush interrupted.

Twilight stopped. “Go on.”

“Thanks. Well...” Rush looked uncomfortable. “I suppose it's only just occurred to me... how does this fit with the whole 'safe loop' thing?”

“What?” Twilight parsed the question again. “Okay, I think I understand your question. How do the pranks fit in with the idea of a safe loop?”

Rush nodded.

“Okay.” Twilight turned away from their planning board. “This is something which I've given a lot of thought to – all of us have – and we think this is self-consistent. If you see a problem with it, please, let us know.”

Nod. “Agreed,” the colt said, sitting down.

“Right. Well, the first axiom we started with was this: 'Anything permanent requires informed consent.'”

Rush asked her to repeat it, to make sure he had the phrasing down. “Okay. Let's see... define 'informed'. And 'consent'.”

“Informed means...” Twilight mulled it over, searching for the words. “Cognizant of the downsides of the process, downsides defined as broadly as possible. Consent means either that positive consent has been given, or that it has been made clear that not performing a specific action means that negative consent has been given and the action has been rejected.”

She noticed his hoof starting to raise, and clarified. “Not necessarily at the time, but only for things for which being fully informed at-the-time are deleterious, such as Ascension – if someone wanted to Ascend, they would give permission, and then at some future date if they no longer wished to they could withdraw that permission.”

“Thank you for the example,” Rush said. “And Permanent?”

“Differs depending on if they're looping or not. For loopers, it means anything psychological or mental, or persistent-loop physical. Anything potentially traumatic, anything which changes their mind.” Twilight shrugged awkwardly. “It's hard to be precise, but – for example, ascension is persistent, so that requires prior consent if it's being arranged. Psychiatric therapy is another thing which we do not give if there is no consent – but if it has been made clear that someone must simply leave to avoid it, and they do not, and it is in their power to do so, then that is treated as consent – though we stop if asked.”

“You have put a lot of thought into this.” Rush tapped a hoof on the floor. “So... what about for non-loopers?”

“Almost the opposite. Nothing fatal, crippling or significantly mentally altering.” Twilight looked embarrassed. “The Elements of Harmony are borderline – they're basically grandfathered in because they predate this system, but we've gathered a lot of experimental data and as far as we can tell they don't actually do anything beyond a course of mental therapy – and that's only when they're set on that mode.”

She shrugged. “I should stress that these rules can be bent when applied to out-and-out villains.”

“Like Jadis?” Lemon asked.

Twilight gave him a sharp look.

“Fluttershy mentioned her once,” he clarified. “Used her as an example.”

“Well, then... yes, like Jadis.” Twilight sighed. “I had no guaranteed way of stopping her that would ensure she didn't use the Deplorable Word, and I didn't have a counterspell.” She looked moderately happier as that topic came up. “I'm working on developing one, though, in the hope that if I end up there again then I can contain her non-fatally.”

She blew air through her lips. “None of this is perfect, and we don't pretend to be. We just try to do the best we can.”

“And, going back to the original topic... pranks?” Lemon asked, moving it back onto firmer ground.

“Pranks are easy,” Twilight said, nodding over to the other board. “Have you seen how thoroughly we plan out the cleanup?”

Lemon looked. “That is scary even to someone who's administered ten thousand warriors and their support services.”

“Yes, when we tell the prank stories to other loopers we do stop before that bit,” Twilight agreed. “Though I know Pinkie Pie made up a song about cleaning which was surprisingly catchy.”

123.3 (Drachefly)

Let's see... I'm a pony. I'm Twilight Sparkle. Baseline as far as I can tell, though I haven't been in her pure baseline very much. Ping... nothing. Stealth anchor?

Sunset Shimmer considered her situation. I have never actually dealt with Nightmare Moon truly solo before. I could...

She looked down at the book in front of her.

I could try to use the Elements of Harmony. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to misuse and corrupt them. And nobody's here to see if I fail. At most, some foreign anchor who doesn't know who I am will know that someone failed, which shouldn't be unusual. I just need to keep from doing anything that gives away who I am.

She slowly got up, then, with growing confidence, ran off to the tower.

"Spike?" she called out, slamming the door open, hitting Spike.


"Oh. I'm so sorry! I, ah, didn't know you were there." Notes for next time I loop as Twilight: do not nail Spike with door. Also, contrition check: genuine. Score! So far so good for qualifying! She clenched a hoof in a slight pumping motion. "Can you take a letter to Princess Celestia?"

He fetched a quill and paper, "All right. Dear Princess Celestia..."

Hmm. Oh snap. I don't know precisely what she would know at this point since I deviated. And I haven't memorized her letter. "Thank you for the edifying reading. The timing does seem very co-incidental... use the dash since I mean in the sense that it happened at the same time... with the predicted return of your sister from the moon tonight."

"Wait, what?"

"Keep writing, Spike. Since you assigned this reading to me and not, say, my brother, I deduce that this is a myth rather than a threat. On the other hand, I..." well... what now? Also, 'hoof'. "...don't want to assume when so much is at stake. Your faithful student..." Sunset Shimmer. Faithless student, as far as she remembers me. Repairing my relationship with her Awake self doesn't extend here.

"... Twilight Sparkle. Okay." He sent it, and a few moments later, the return note was just what she had been expecting. Upon finishing reading it, Spike let out a sigh of relief. "You know, you had me kind of worried, for a moment."

"Everything's going to be fine, Spike."

He looked at her warily. "That's... actually not helping."

I guess I was more 'I can take this' than 'there is no problem', wasn't I?

The tense mood evaporated by the time they reached Ponyville. Sunset let Pinkie breathe in, scream, and run.

"Weird ponies here." Spike commented.

"There are tales of a pony who would shriek and run from any pony she meets. And then, she prepares, long and hard. And then, when her target least suspected it, BAM! Surprise welcome party."

Spike was still blinking when a nearby cloud suddenly laughed, "Ha!" Rainbow Dash fell out and landed on a puddle, covering them both.

"Oh, that was perfect! Hmm. How about I dry you off with my patented..."

"I'm familiar with it - patent number 50,732: Technique for drying utilizing a circular flight path around the target." Sunset improvised.

Rainbow Dash blinked, then guffawed. "Yeah! Only I made up the part about the patent."

"So did I. Don't worry some patent troll is going to come along and make you pay a fee."

Spike looked at Twilight oddly for the moment Rainbow took to wind up; then he was too dizzy.

I guess with this hair, it'll be time for Rarity after 'ten seconds flat'?

After similarly tweaked encounters with the other three, she ended up at the party. She tried to cement her bonds to the others, but was left wondering what she'd do when Nightmare Moon came. She didn't want to win, and she needed to make sure that the others would follow her afterwards.

"You all right, Sugarcube?"

"Hey. Didn't expect to see you here, what with the reunion."

"Had to bring the goods in, and then... well Pinkie knows parties."

"Glad to see you."

After a few seconds, Applejack leaned in. "Something on your mind?"

Sunset Shimmer sighed. "Of course. I hope it's nothing. Worried about the Celebration." It is pretty rare for Nightmare Moon to actually just be a myth, but it does happen from time to time. On the other hand, now that I think of it, I don't actually hope it's nothing, do I? At least I meant it when I said it.

"We'll pull it off, don't fret."

Sunset took a deep breath. How long? Oh shoot. Is the Celebration at dawn or some other time in this variant? After a moment, she recalled the previous Summer Sun Celebration. It'll be at Midnight here. So, not too long. "I agree we'll muddle through somehow, I'm sure. Thanks for asking."

Which of the others have I been with least? Fluttershy. She looked around and, to her surprise, found her on the dance floor. Dancing seems like a good way.

"Don't you know who I am?"

Sunset Shimmer stepped forward. "I know who you are. In general you're Princess Luna, but presently 'Nightmare Moon'."

The cold stone eyes met her fiery eyes, and an eyebrow twitched. "'Presently'? I have been Nightmare Moon longer than you can imagine. Long centuries of waiting, now over. The night will last forever!"

As she turned into mist and oozed out of the building, Sunset remained still. Not a muscle, Sunset. No early takedowns. Eyes on the prize.

Rainbow Dash finally fought herself free of Applejack's restraint. "You knew!"

Sunset Shimmer felt a moment's warning - a quarter of a second, no more - before her loop ended. She woke into her usual High School morning. "What?" She checked, and found she had a fresh set of Loop Memories. It was that morning, not that evening. "No! I was right on track!"

(Hubris Plus)

Vinyl Awoke just in time to get knocked the buck out by a high speed hoof to the face. It wasn't the worst start she'd had to a Loop. An improvement over the time she gotten hit by a bus, and leagues better than the time she'd been in the process of dying before going on an afterlife adventure.

"Anypony get that wagon's cutie mark?" She mumbled as she came around. As much as she'd regret the headache, it was a blessing in disguise. Waking up in the traditional sense gave her a moment to sort out her Loop memories.

Letter to Celestia, Summer Sun Celebration, yadda yadda Nightmare Moon. Yup, looks like I'm Sparklebutt. Something had seemed off about the speech to Nightmare, but it'd been a long time since baseline and she'd never listened that close to begin with.

"Rainbow!" Applejack was scolding. "There weren't no call fer that!"

"She knew this was coming!" Dash shouted back. "She could be a spy or a cultist or I don't know what!"

"Now, Ah agree she knew somethin', but that don't make her an enemy. Ain't that right?" She added, turning to Vi- Twilight.

"Who are you and how did you know this was coming?" Dash demanded, suddenly right in her face.

"Could ya give me a minute? I just Woke up." She looked blearily around the room and didn't spot any kind of acknowledgement. Looked like she was on her own. "I knew because of who I am," she stuck out a hoof and plastered on a manic grin. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, and I know everything."

That didn't seem have garnered anything but confusion and a vague air of concern, so she trotted over to her unawake self.

"Hey, you got Ultra Def Mix Three?" She asked, leaning over the turntables.

"Well, yeah," the other Vinyl answered. "But I was gonna premier it at the after party. How'd you hear about it?"

"Twilight Sparkle," she answered, tapping herself on the chest. "I know everything. So, can I get that record?"

"Uh, sure," the DJ answered, hoofing over a disk of her namesake.

She seized it in her magic and trotted out the door to the general confusion of everypony in the room. Vinyl Scratch had a plan. Anypony who knew her would have been rather worried by this.

"Are you serious? You can't be serious. Oh my me, you're serious," Nightmare Moon rambled as she examined the purple unicorn confronting her. The mare had pulled a portable turn table and speaker system from somewhere and was setting them up in the old castle's throne room. A number of ponies from the town had followed her up, and most of them seemed just as incredulous as the monarch.

"Buck yeah I'm serious! You an' me, here an' now, break dance battle for the fate of Equestria!"

"If it is battle you desire," Nightmare rumbled, spreading her wings and casting her mane out in a menacing cloud. "I will grant it to you!"

"Drop it!" Vinyl called out, and her baseline counterpart took charge of the equipment. A heavy bass beat filled the ruins, shaking the ancient bricks in their mortar. Ponies backed up for a moment, worrying that the building might actually come down around them, but the structure held.

She dropped to the ground, spinning and contorting in ways that the bookworm's body wasn't used to. Seizing the music, she gathered it close, feeling the pulse and rhythm as she shaped it. She slapped one hoof to the ground to halt her spin while the other flicked out. A whip of solidified sound sang through the air and flung Nightmare Moon into the far wall.

That was when the roof started falling in.

"I must say," Celestia began as she surveyed the destruction. "While I'm proud of you for rescuing my sister and myself, I hadn't expected you to do it this way."

The Castle of the Two Pony Sister was in ruins, significantly moreso than it had been the previous day. Nopony had been hurt, with the obvious exception of the mistress of eternal night, but many appeared shaken.

"Yeeaah..." Vinyl said, rubbing at the back of her head. "I didn't really think that one through."

Celestia adopted the slightest frown as she tried to come up with an elegant way of saying 'ya think?'

"Alright everypony!" Vinyl called out to the gathered crowd. The citizens of Ponyville had been a bit skittish around her ever since she'd single hoofedly struck down a god and demolished a castle, but everypony had their price. The price in this case was a pair of tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala.

"I've got two tickets to the Gala and no desire to go. Seeing as I don't wanna waste 'em, I thought to myself, what's the fairest way to give 'em away? There's only clear option: Dance contest." There was a general shuffling away from her at that declaration. They all remembered what had happened at the last one. "Hey, I told'ya I don't wanna go, I'm sitin' this one out. 'Sides, this ain't about style. Endurance, last one dancin', however they dance, gets the tickets."

The crowd settled a bit at that.

"Alright," Vinyl began, raising her hoof to signal her counterpart to start the music. "Drop-"

"-it," Vinyl mumbled as she tumbled out of bed to land in a tangled pile of sheets. Squinting against the unfettered rays of the accursed morning sun, she wondered what had just happened. Then she shrugged, tugged her pillow off the bed, and hid her head under the sheets. It could wait 'til mid afternoon.



Ditzy Doo Awoke speaking. She really hoped this wasn't another loop in that one forest, the nice tall people with the funny hats seemed hurt when she said that word. Then she looked around.

The world was sitting still for once, unlike all the ponies, who were dancing about to some sort of music. That looked like fun, even if the music wasn't the best for dancing. She sang along anyway.

“Wub, wub, wubwubwub”

Even though the beat was simple, it was infectious. She could feel her body start to move to the beat, and since everypony else seemed to be having a good time, she began dancing along with them.

“Wubwubwub, wubbity wub-wub”

Since she could see clearly this time, the first few seconds of the dance went well.

“Wubwub, wub-wub wub-wub”

After those few seconds though, she started to let the rhythm guide her movements. To better feel the rhythm, she closed her eyes.

“Wuuuuuuuuuub, wubwubwub”

She wasn't trying to knock ponies over, honestly.


The impacts were easy to mistake for others getting jiggy with it too,

“Wub, wub, wubbity-wub”

and Ditzy was more than happy to up the ante in response as the beat grew stronger.


It wasn't until the screech of a speaker getting crashed into silenced the music that she realized something was wrong.

She opened her eyes.

Practically every pony in Ponyville was scattered on the ground, in varying degrees of bruised and bemused. Big Macintosh was struggling to extract his head from one of the stereo speakers. The only ponies standing were herself and a mare she recognized as Vinyl Scratch, who was behind a deejay table. Vinyl seemed pleased, despite the damage to her equipment, applauded, and pumped a hoof in the air.

“Arright, that was metal! But since you're the last pony dancing, I guess you get your tickets back?”

Hm, tickets?

Oh, right. Tickets.

Prompted by that magic word, the loop memories started floating to the surface in drips and drabs. How desperately everypony wanted a ticket. How she'd decided, for whatever reason, to hold a dance contest to solve the issue. And how silly it was to have participated in that same dance contest only to win the tickets back.

Ponies started picking themselves up, groaning, rubbing at sore spots, and scowling at her.

“Um, my bad?”

The apology did not seem to mollify any of the testy-looking townsfolk.

“Er, rematch?”

When that didn't seem to help either, she started edging away from the scene. She almost made it too. Rarity was nursing a black eye, but paused in her rubbing long enough to point at Ditzy and yell.

“She's getting away!”

The chase that followed was long and convoluted. She tried to fly away, to at least narrow the pursuit down to Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi. This was prevented because her wings weren't working for some reason.

Distracted momentarily, she wasn't looking where she was going and booped her snout on a storefront. “Mirrors and Scrolls” wasn't a store she bumped into, normally, but this encounter proved enlightening.


The predominantly purple pony peering back at her was more than enough explanation for why flight was currently unfeasible. The sight of an angry mob behind that purple pony was what got her moving again. She took off down an alleyway, the angry shouts and thundering hooves practically on her tail.

“Alright Ditzy, you've had a horn before. Now you just have to use it without the benefit of having an alicorn's huge magic reserve. Think, think, thinkthinkthink.”

Thinking about trying to use her horn unfortunately left her navigation up to instinct. Ditzy turned a corner and then bumped her snout on a door. A jiggle of the handle revealed it to be locked. She looked around for another escape route. The door was at the end of a dead-end alley, and before she could get out the angry herds had rounded the corner.


Ditzy desperately tried to think of an escape, but wound up just using the first spell that came to mind. That the spell was Prichard's Spontaneous Pachyderm weighed little on Ms. Doo, as the doing anything seemed better than doing nothing.

A large gray creature almost as tall as the surrounding buildings sprung into existence in front of her, nearly filling the alley with impassible animal. While this barred the way to Ditzy, it also cut her off from any obvious avenue of escape. As she racked her brains for some other way out of this, the elephant trumpeted restlessly, breaking her concentration. It was pointed away from her, so it was probably worse for the others.

That consolation went away, though, when her ears picked up whispering.



The elephant shuffled to the side, and the angry herds filtered around it and started coming down the alley ominously.

Out of ideas, Ditzy just closed her eyes and started whispering to herself.

“There's no place like home, there's no place like home.”

She could feel a warm glow just above her head, she heard a pop, and then she was someplace else.

Upon opening her eyes though, all she saw was the door she'd been backed up against. Then Applejack's voice filtered through from the other side.

“Ah heard her say 'thar's no place like home'. She musta gone to the library!”

Then the noise of the crowd receded, accompanied by the stomp of an elephant and the sound of it trumpeting a cavalry call. Silence fell for a few seconds, as Ditzy remained riveted to the floor, staring at the solid door between her and the alleyway. She was indoors now, so things remained quiet until she heard a voice from behind her.

“Mommy, what was all the noise?”

Ditzy smiled, and reassured her daughter.

“Oh, just some ponies who wanted to talk. Nothing to worry about, muffin.”

It took Ditzy a second to remember why that might not have been a good thing to say. She turned around, and sure enough, she was in her house in Ponyville, by the back door. Over there in the living room were a gray mare with a blond mane and her daughter, staring at her like she was some sort of space alien.


To rectify the situation, she pulled something out of her subspace pocket. It was a small white box with Capsu Corp written on it in block capitals. The only other visible feature of the device was a large red button, which she promptly pushed. The thing buzzed, and then a fresh blueberry-flavored pastry sprang into being in her hoof. She held it out as a peace offering.


The next day, Ditzy was relaxing in the library. The whole situation had just needed a letter to the princess, vigorous use of the muffin button, and a loofah to sort out, and now she was friends with most of Ponyville again. Or at least, those whose loyalties could be bought with pastry, so mostly just her unawake self, Dinky, and Pinkie Pie. The rest of the town had at least decided to leave her alone after getting the tickets, although Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy had each since come by to apologize for imposing like they had. She honestly didn't mind, but there was a niggling feeling she'd forgotten somepony...

It was at this moment that Rainbow Dash was sent careening through the upstairs window, to impact the south wall and slide down it, squeakily. Ditzy rushed over, but Rainbow didn't seem injured. She simply muttered,

“Applejack, I just don't know what went wrong.”

and then slumped on the floor.

Before Ditzy could move to help, she Awoke in the middle of her route, hauling the mail towards Sugar Cube Corner, but the sudden shift from examining somepony and using magic to holding something heavy and flying sent her off-balance, tumbling into Quills and Mattresses. Blowing a stray feather off her nose, she waved to the store's owner.



Lyra blinked a bit as she Awoke, trying to determine exactly where she was.

Okay, we've got ourselves a horn, Classic mused. By body shape, we're definitely an equestrian unicorn--

I don't recall ever starting a loop this fit, Seapony commented.

Hey! shouted a blushing Human. Are you calling us fat?!

We generally live with a candymaker and practice bipedal locomotion, Robo Science Thief pointed out. Being slightly out of shape is the norm--


The whole council froze at Sweet Roll's comment, focusing their gaze on the blue pegasus slumped against a bookshelf. Ah, Ponyville library, that made sense--! She filtered through her memories quickly – there were, oddly enough, not nearly as many as she got in a usual loop – and let out a sigh. "She's overworking herself in the orchards?"

Rainbow Dash looked up at Lyra and shrugged. "I don't know Twi, but it wouldn't surprise me. She definitely had her mind on other...."

HOLY HOLLY WE'RE TWILIGHT SPARKLE! The miscellaneous Lyra jumped onto the mental table. I call dibs, I call dibs!

Uh... what?

Part mad scientist, remember? Think of what we can do with all this power...

"...uh, Twi?" Rainbow gave her an odd look. "Why are you laughing like that?"

"Um, like what?"

"Like you just came up with an idea to destroy reality?"

"What--?! Rainbow Dash, I would never destroy reality again! I learned my lesson last time. No, I just thought of a few experiments, that's all."

The pegasus blinked. "...Last time?"

"Long story, lots of technobabble, but things were fixed quick enough. Anyway, why don't you go try to force your help on AJ?" Lyra Sparkle grinned toothily. "Or you could stay here and help me. Your choice."

Something deep and primal in the pegasus made her back away slowly. "I... think you've got a handle on the egghead stuff, Twi. I'll just... go... check on AJ." She bumped into the front door, opened it with a wing, and gave the unicorn a nervous smile. "You just do your thing and... yeah. I'm... going... to be awesome... somewhere else!"

She darted out of the library as though Tirek himself was on her tail.

Overplaying it, don't you think?

Oh come on, Human, let me have my fun! And anyway, this loop's Twilight is crazy already, she wubbed for the gala tickets and then gave more then enough away to Ponyville. The unicorn shrugged to herself, headed down to her basement. "Spike! If anyone asks, I'm running dangerous experiments underground!"

"TWILIGHT!" Rarity galloped down the stairs. "Oh it's simply horrible! Half of ponyville is suffering from food poisoning and... what are you doing?"

"Oh, don't mind the latticework, it's only stage four." The unicorn turned away from the strange red pattern and set down her crooked, glowing.... whatever. "Anywho, as for the food poisoning, tell the doctors to look into the effects of an insectivorous diet on equestrian physiology. I'm sure that will sort things all out."

"Ah... yes, um... qu-quite." Rarity backed away from Twilight's big grin. "Do... come out and check on us when you're done, dear."

"Will do!" Twilight turned back to her work, humming to herself. "The ganglions connected to the... dendrites, the dendrites connected to the... neurons, the neurons connected to the... everything, oh what a wonder it will beeeeeeee...."

The library door burst open. "TWILIGHT! You've got to..." Spike tilted his head. "Are... you welding hinge joint pistons to the wall?"

"Well, technically they're just casings, I'll install the organic circuitry and actual mechanics later--"

"Never mind that! We need you to stop a stampede of bunnies!"

"Heh, bunny stampede.... right. Hmm. I... have no idea, actually." She waved the dragon off. "I'm sorry, I'm almost done here. Could you see if, I don't know, Pinkie migh tbe able to help?"

"But... but... you're..."

Twilight sighed. "Fine. Five minutes." She teleported out of the library.

"I don't know about you, darling, but I think Twilight has been... rather distracted recently."

Rainbow shrugged as she rushed through another apple tree. "That unicorn has always been a bit off. You remember how she won her own contest?" She came in for a landing. "I think she'd lose her head if it wasn't screwed on."

Rarity levitated the apples into a basket. "Still... the way she just blew off the whole situation with Applejack seemed rather... Well... unlike her, for lack of a better phrase. I'm still not sure what she was even trying to do, but--"


The two ponies gave Pinkie a look. Rarity took the initiative. "Er... what do you mean?"

"I mean, it's walking down the road right now!"

"I... what?" Dash blinked. "That doesn't make any sense--!"

The Ponyville library stepped into the orchard, and Twilight stepped out onto the balcony. "Hello there! I heard you needed help harvesting!"

For a moment, nopony said anything.

Then Twilight coughed. "Er, this is going to sound weird, but... why is the library in Sweet Apple Acres?"

"You, ah... you just drove it here darling."

"Yes. Right. Makes sense.' Twilight nodded to herself. "I'll be... down in a second..." She stepped into the library quietly.

Rarity and Rainbow shared a look.


(Kris Overstreet)

".. and you should be proud, my little ponies, for operating such a successful and well-run business!"

The managers and employees of the Manehattan Metropolitan Cake and Pastry Works bowed deeply once again, thanking Princess Celestia for her gracious words.

Luna, standing off to one side, looked much less gracious, but she managed, "Yes, thank you for your hospitality. I wish we could remain longer, but royal affairs are pressing. Shall we go, sister?"

Once outside, Celestia turned to Luna and said, "So, how much cake did I eat?"

Luna's ears drooped. "Not a bite."

"Told you I could do it," Celestia grinned. "Pay up."

Luna levitated a bag of tea to Celestia. "Mikuru Asahina's special blend," she sighed. "You would not believe how much trading it took to get that..."

"Twilight and I will think of your sacrifice as we drink it," Celestia grinned. "Now, I believe the cheese shop is next on the itinerary, is it not?"

123.5 (Pinklestia)

"Okay... I know I been whining for ages about wanting a different cutie mark, but waking up with a different one is not the same that earning it." Twilight Sparkle was a pony named Sparking Apple for this loop. Her cutie mark was a zap apple, apparently she had won it after finding new magical uses for them. They had sent her to study to Canterlot and she had become princess Celestia's personal student after hatching a dragon egg, only it had been a year later than at baseline. Sadly, only she and her five friends were awake.

"Hey Sparkling , don't worry! There are things I can't do too." Pinkie Pie was Pinkamena Diana Apple, also known as Pinkie Di or just Pinkie, Her cutie mark was an apple birthday cake. She had got it after baking an apple cake and making a surprise party for her pet Gummy the rock frog.

"I am a tad ashamed to admit it, but I have been waiting for the six of us to be awake in a loop like this." Applejack was... well, no real change for her this loop, besides having the rest of her friends as relatives.

"Oh, I get to be the older sister? I admit I am not used to being this big, but it gives me the chance to try making different dresses." Rarity actually was Applejack's older sister this loop, she had got her name because it was a 'rarity' for a unicorn to be born in an Earth pony family. Also, she was almost a tall as Big Mac. Due to money problems, she had gone to stay with some relatives that did rock farming, where she found her talent was related to gems. That's how she got three apples shaped diamonds as cutie mark. Instead of a dressmaker, she was a jeweler.

"Uh... I feel strangely comfortable this loop." Fluttershy was Shy Apple, a distant relative of the Apple family that lived in the Everfree and was the Royal forest ranger. She had got an apple shield cutie mark after saving her sister Rainbow from a Manticore. The reason Fluttershy felt comfortable was because this loop she was way more confident in herself than at baseline. Yet she was still shy and had trouble meeting new ponies. Her cutie mark meant that she was a protector, not just of ponies, but also of animals (And monsters). And yes, she was still a Pegasus.

"Eh... at least my name isn't zap apple." Rainbow Dash was Rainbow Apple, named that way because there was already a pony named Zap Apple in the Apple family, and because Zap was a guy's name. She still had the same cutie mark, since she might or not be adopted this loop.

"Well family, is time to prepare the baked goods, the summer sun celebration will be tomorrow!" Applejack said in a cheerful tone, she couldn't wait to see non awake princess Celestia's face when she found out all the element bearers were part of the same family!

123.6 (zeusdemigod131)

For Discord, his Awakenings weren't usually pleasant. Half the time, he Awoke as a statue, less often, he’d Awaken just before getting hit with the Elements for the first time.

So waking up encased in amber, while unusual, wasn't that startling. “Well, this won’t do.”

Exerting a bit of his power, Discord melted the amber back into tree sap. Looking down at his body, he saw that he was more of a skeleton than usual, and was wearing tattered green and grey robes.

“Ew.” Snapping his fingers, Discord returned himself to his normal resplendently chaotic form.

Discord tapped his foot as he waited for his Loop memories to set in, after a moment, he remembered that he was Discord, terror of the Land of Ooo, sewer of Chaos. Apparently, he had tried to make the population of a post apocalyptic world as chaotic as he was.

“Seems like I did a good enough job,” The Draconequus mused, looking out over a kingdom made of chocolate and gumdrops. “And some villains complain that Equestria’s a sugar bowl.”

Chuckling to himself, Discord flew over the city, and into the castle that seemed to have been built around a large tree. “Reminds me of that tacky crystal palace Twilight keeps getting stuck with,” Discord peeled off some of the wallpaper and ate it. “Though the walls aren’t usually made of taffy.”

“What the lump are you doing here?!”

Discord whirled around and found himself looking down at a rather pink human with some kind of weapon in her hand.

“You have three seconds to tell me why I shouldn’t blast you into atoms.” The pink woman said in practically a growl.

Discord eyed the weapon again. “Are you going to threatening to shoot me with a tennis ball?”

“My Ball Blam Burglerber can blow you to-”


The weapon was suddenly replaced with a golden scepter with Twilight’s head on it. “It’s gold wrapped chocolate.” Discord said with a grin.

Throwing the scepter to the ground, the woman pulled a pair of pink gauntlets from seemingly thin air. “Alright, now talk.” The gauntlets glowed blue with an electric charge.

Discord tapped his chin. “By any chance, do you know what the phrase ‘I’m Looping, so calm the heck down’ means?”

Groaning, the woman dropped her gauntlets back in her Pocket. “Should have figured when you weren’t the Lich,” She sighed and raised her arms. “I’m Princess Bubblegum, now get the heck outta my kingdom!”

“Oh come now Princess,” Discord said. “We haven’t even gotten to know each other yet.”

Princess Bubblegum shook her head. “Nope, you wanna do something? Talk to Finn or Marceline, I don’t want anymore shenanigans in the Candy Kingdom than usual.”

Discord frowned, he’d met beings like this before, though they weren’t usually Loopers. “Are you sure?” Discord asked. “You seem like the learning type, wouldn’t you like to see some chaos magic at work?”

“Pfff, magic,” Bubblegum waved him off. “All magic is science, people like you just call it that because you don’t mphmffhmph.”

Bubblegum grasped at her face and found her mouth had been buttoned shut.

“See? Magic.” Discord said.

Bubblegum rolled her eyes and unbuttoned her lips. “You transmuting part of my mouth doesn’t prove anything.”

Discord snapped his fingers again and the Princesses hairdo was remolded into a bird nest, complete with living birds made of chocolate. “How about now?” Discord asked.

Bubblegum shook her head, causing the chocolate birds to take flight. “Teleportation, and I rule a kingdom of living candy, you’ll have try harder than that.”

Discord glared at the Princess. “Okay,” He said, stretching out his arms and cracking his knuckles. “Not like I can do much more damage to this world anyway.”

A few hours later, and not far from the Candy Kingdom, a boy, a dog, and a vampire queen were making their way through what looked like a mixture of Wonderland, a Random Loot Loop, a three your old's finger painting, and a mad science lab.

“Marceline?” Finn asked. “What exactly happened here?”

The vampire queen shrugged. “I was going to check in on Bonnibel, just to see if she was Awake, and I saw... this.” She gestured to what might have been a tree at one point, but now looked more like a didgeridoo.

“You think PB is playing crazy scientist this time?” Jake asked.

“I don’t think so,” Finn sidestepped to avoid some kind of banjo/turtle. “This really isn’t PB’s thing.”

“Admit it Princess!”

“Never! You're just randomly reshaping and combining objects molecular and genetic structure! It’s a simple application of an entanglement field!”

“I’ll tangle your field!”

As if on command, the ground twisted and corkscrewed until it looked like a gnarled tree root.

“You think Bonny pissed off another magic user?” Marceline asked.

“Taste Yak cannon!”

Hearing an explosion, followed by a loud moo, the three of them ran over the twisted ground and over a rather large lump, they spotted Bubblegum, on the back of a rather large swan, holding some kind of laser weapon, aiming it at a structure made of steel squirrel statues.

“Discord!” Bubblegum shouted. “Stop messing up my Kingdom!”

“We’re not in your kingdom!” Discord called back, peeking over the edge of his shelter. “Now, how about I shed a little light on our situation.”

With a snap of his fingers, the ground, and everything else nearby, lit up like a light bulb.

Marceline hissed, despite how long she’d been Looping, she was still sensitive to bright light.

“Should we... do something?” Finn asked.

“Well,” Marceline said, rubbing her exposed skin with SPF 5000. “This guy seems kinda-”

“Turn off that light!”

“With pleasure!”

The bright light was suddenly replaced with utter darkness, it took a moment it realize the sun, moon, and stars weren’t shining either.

“Powerful?” Jake supplied.

“I was going to say nuts,” Marceline replied.

“Hah! Jokes on you! I invented a nuclear powered flashlight!”

“Big whoop, Twilight once made a fondue maker that ran off the Element of Magic!”


A bright red light lit up the darkness, it was followed by an explosion.

“...Missed me!”

There was another explosion.

“Try again!”

And another. “You’ve exceeded your maximum number of tries.”

Large red letters flashed above everyone, spelling out the words. “GAME OVER!”

“You wanna... go see if the Ice King is Awake?” Finn supplied.

“Sounds like a plan.”

123.7 (Novusordomundi)

Chrysalis ate a cookie.

It was really just a simple action. Put the cookie inside your mouth, chew it up, swallow. Simple actions that can lead to enjoyment. However, as Twilight Sparkle watched, she could tell that the Changeling Queen was enjoying the dessert more than most beings could, especially with a very contented sigh escaping her lips and a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks.

After a moment, Twilight broke the silence. "That must have been some cookie. What kind was it?"

Chrysalis had to think about that for a couple seconds. "I think the best way to describe it would be a 'love cookie'." The puzzlement on Twilight's face was obvious, so she continued. "For the most part, it's just a plain sugar cookie. However, there is a special ingredient baked inside of them that, for the most part, only I could taste."

"Ah, it's love!" Twilight exclaimed, before adding. "It must be Trixie's love, isn't it?"

A nod. "She'd wanted me to have it for when she wasn't Awake. Goofy helped get some of her love for me into liquid form, and Pinkie Pie helped her bake the cookies. " A small smile crept onto Chrysalis' face. "It's just one of those little things we do for each other."

123.8 (Novusordomundi)

Twilight Sparkle walked in her ebony black Jimmy Choo's, her purple and pink Hot-Topic bought clothing and dark-as-night Gucci purse accenting her, as she walked towards her friend Rarity, dressed only in a purple strapless dress from Carousel Boutique clothing, the only brand worth wearing in her mind.

Rarity sipped gently from her Aquafine bottle of water, while holding her leftovers from P.F. Chang's. She almost immediately noticed that Pinkie Pie was riding towards her on her gray Huffy Bike, being peddled by her Nike-clad feet, her Haus of Gaga clothing not inhibiting her, as she swayed her pink hair, washed in L'oreal (because she was worth it) and flowing freely, while in her hand was her Lisa Frank notebook.

Following her was Rainbow Dash, grinding a nearby rail with her Birdhouse skateboard, her Vans shoes, her Levi's shorts and No Fear tank top hugging her as she kickflipped off the grind.

Trailing them was Applejack, walking along with a crisp Sweet Apple Acres apple being tossed and caught, her Faded Glory denim jeans and American Eagle shirt showing her no-nonsense-ness.

And finally, Twilight could see Fluttershy, in a hand-knitted yellow sweater, her Dockers and store-brand flip-flops completing her ensemble as she carried her animal treats, bought from Petco, walk up beside her.

Twilight sighed, noting that in this Loop, everyone had to know where anything had to have been either created or bought, in extreme detail. She even knew that this Loop was sponsored by McDonalds, but that didn't mean she had to love it...

123.9 (DrTempo)

Ever since the whole 'Battle of the Bands' expansion, Twilight had to admit that baseline Sunset was a lot like the Awake version personality-wise. It just showed that Sunset was a better person now. Speaking of Sunset, she was smirking as the Dazzlings held up what looked like a...
Guitar pick?

As they bragged on how this would make them music powerhouses, Twilight thought she'd seen this before. 'Now why is this...familiar?"

Suddenly, the guitar picks flew towards Sunset, and in a burst of flame, she assumed her demon form. Before Twilight could react, Sunset roared,


The Dazzlings had only one thing to say as they saw the imposing figure, running away from the monster.

Sunset smirked, slowly walking towards the trio, and laughed.

As the song continued, Twilight groaned as she put two and two together. 'Sunset's Awake...and doing an encore of that prank she did with the Mirror Pool.

Kinda fits, actually...'

123.10 (Bardic_Knowledge)


"Yes, Rarity?"

"Why is, ah, 'Speed Force' avoiding Sweet Apple Acres?"

"We're not entirely sure why, but he keeps falling through the ground over there."

"Oh, that's right. Apple doesn't support Flash. I forgot that for a moment."

123.11 (fractalman)

"Oh yeah, blank flank? What can you do? Grow plants? Oh wait, you can't even do that, let alone fly or do magic!"

"Yeah, well, well...well at least ah'm not a jerk like you, Tiara!"

Later that day...

Applebloom felt miserable. She briefly wondered if she was supposed to feel miserable quite so soon, but the strange thought wasn't enough to distract her out of her depression.

She kicked a pebble at a tree. "Diamond Tiara's right...ah can't buck apples, ah can't sell apples, ah can't fly or do magic-"

Twilight overheard. "Well, actually, there's a version of magic that even earth ponies can use-"

"Teach me teach me teachmeteachmeteachme-"

Twilight's resistance to teaching a crusader anything dangerous crumbled before it could remember it existed. "Ok ok! Uh, meet me at the library every, um, Tuesday evening?"


Usually, Twilight was careful about things like sleep deprivation: if sleep deprived, either cast a spell to not need the sleep, or else go to bed. But in the context of the loops, sooner or later she was going to make a when designing a better memory-aid spell based loosely upon her "want it need it" spell at the behest of the looping Big Mac. The basic premise was simple enough: if you were interested in something, it was easier to remember things about it.

It was noon, Tuesday, when she passed out.

Applebloom nudged Twilight. Then all but kicked her. Then yelled in her ear. Twilight barely even stirred.

"Aww, I guess ah won't get my magic lesson...oh look! She left a spell for me to try on her desk!"

123.12 (fractalman)

Winter in Sugarbowlquestria was brought about by grinding up plain sugar into a fine powder, mixing in some pegasus magic to make it extra soft, and blowing it across the land.

"Don't forget to drink some hot cocoa" said Twilight to Spike. "You don't want to get too dehydrated."

While the lungs of the sugar ponies were more than capable of absorbing the copious quantities of sugar in the air without choking, solid/liquid imbalance was possible, if uncommon.

Five minutes later, Twilight felt she'd had enough of watching Spike's antics from the sidelines, and joined in the fun, leaping and rolling about in the curious substance-which was somewhere between snow and clouds-like a filly.

Dear Twilight

How would you like to raise the Light Switch on the wall tomorrow?

Dear Celestia


123.13 (banjo2E)

Twilight Sparkle Awoke reading a book.
This wasn't an unusual event,
but she could swear that something was amiss.
It did not take long for her to decide
that reading the book would provide a base
of knowledge from which to proceed further.
With that in mind, she turned to chapter one
and started to read.

Once upon a time
in the magical land, Equestria,
two regal sisters ruled in harmony.
The elder sister raised the sun at dawn;
the younger, likewise, with the moon at dusk.
Thus did the sisters maintain their kingdom
and safeguard their subjects, the pony folk.

But as the years went on, the younger mare
became resentful of her sister's rule.
The ponies loved her sister and the day,
but shunned her and slept through the beauteous night.
These thoughts culminated one fateful morn,
when she refused to lower the moon at dawn.
The elder sister tried diplomacy,
but the younger's bitterness had transformed
her into the monstrous mare, Nightmare Moon.

The Nightmare vowed to dethrone the sun mare
and shroud the land in never-ending night.
Thus was her sister forced to call upon
the most powerful magic ponies know:
The sacred Elements of Harmony.

The Elements defeated Nightmare Moon
and locked her in the moon forevermore.
The sun mare took responsibility
for both the sun's and moon's heavenly paths,
and harmony has been maintained within
Equestria for generations since.

Twilight Sparkle finished reading the page,
blinked, read it again, then brought hoof to face.
She closed the book and pondered for a time,
then shrugged, saying "At least it doesn't rhyme."

123.14 (fractalman)

"Rarity! What in Equus and Yggdrasil are you doing with that shoggoth!" demanded the Looping Twilight.

"Eh? Well, this here ugly poodle just needs itshelf a hair cut, then it can help shniff down mah wee namblies!" replied Old Mare Rarity.


A few minutes earlier:

Old mare Fluttershy always helped creatures in need. In the case of a stray shoggoth, that meant flying up and shooting a half dozen arrows into it until it collapsed into a pile of bliss.

"Ya really shoulda come to me earliah for some acupuncture, those knots of space time defects coulda been worked out of your mesculature much mar eashily."

The shoggoth just grinned and enjoyed the attention.

Sleipnir turned to the side and yelled. "Coyote! Did you mess with with my copy of the Old Man Henderson anti-virus program again?"

"No!" replied Coyote. "Why do you ask?"

"Because 'Old mare Pinkie Pie' is teaching a shoggoth how to throw parties. With C4 powered party cannons."

"..." said Coyote.

MLP Loops 123
123.1: Dark lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffin. A sadly truncated series by Diana Wynne Jones. These three loopers are all siblings, biologically - no matter two of them have feathers.
123.2: It's not a subject that we go into much, because frankly this kind of thing would read like legal boilerplate if it turned up everywhere. But the Equestrians do put in a lot of effort on this front.
123.3: Ever heard of those forum games where each person takes a turn?
123.4: Piece of cake.
123.5: Family business: Elementing. And Apples.
123.6: Discord gotta Disc.
123.7: There are two kinds of love. The kind which comes on in a great rush, and the kind which builds gradually. Both are tasty.
123.8: This loop brought to you by The Internet. Editing done by some bloke on the internet.
123.9: So many songs, so much time.
123.10: This pony has unexpectedly crashed.
123.11: Trouble brewing.
123.12: Pinkie Pie has been taking notes.
123.13: A different kind of 'verse to usual.
123.14: Old Man this.
122.1 (MrEgret)

Oswald trudged along the surface of the moon, dragging along a mortar and pestle. "I swear," he grumbled, "if I ever get my hands on the guy that started the whole rabbit on the moon thing, I am gonna-"

"You're gonna what?"

"I don't know! Maybe cover his house in moon pies, or somethin'-wait."

Oswald turned around, and then just stared.

There, standing in front of him was a navy blue horse...thing with wings and a horn. Her mane, Oswald noted, was apparently made of stars, and she bore a symbol of the moon on her flank.

Also, she was radiating magic on a level that Oswald had never seen before, excluding deities.

The alicorn and the rabbit just stared at each other for a few seconds. "Please tell me you know what Looping means." Oswald finally stammered.

The alicorn smiled. "Indeed. My name is Princess Luna"

Oswald nearly collapsed in relief. "Oh, thank the stars. I'm Oswald. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit."

Luna tilted her head confusedly. "I don't believe I have heard of you before."

"Not many people have. I've only just started Looping recently. Just after the Crash."

Luna nodded. "Yes, this makes sense. We have some Loopers from that time period. Anyway, welcome to Equestria. Or at least, Equestria's moon."

Oswald grinned. "Aw, neato! Mickey told me about this place after I started Looping!"

Then the Loop memories hit. Luna waited politely while Oswald got them sorted out. His grin turned into a pensive look. "...Okay, that's odd. Luna?"


"Why the blazes are we married?"

Luna looked at Oswald in confusion, before her Loop memories came in. "Ah. it seems that the Magic Kingdom is an actual country in Equestria this Loop, and you and Mickey got hitched to me and Tia as a political move."

"Mickey's here? Then why didn't he respond to my ping?"

"He is probably not Awake this Loop. Celestia isn't Awake either, or we would not be sitting up here."

The two Loopers thought for a moment, then slowly started to grin.

"Oswald?" Luna asked. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Pranking time?"

"Pranking time."


Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's personal student, and Spike, her number-one assistant and King Mickey's personal apprentice simply stared at the chaos that was unfolding on the stage.

Celestia (who still wasn't Awake) was staring at the strange duo standing on the stage with an expression of shock. Mickey, (who was Awake) looked like he was desperately trying to fight off an attack of the giggles.

Luna, dressed in a white tank top with a large red N on the front and a matching white skirt posed on one side of the stage while Oswald, in a ridiculous purple wig, white shirt (also with the red N) and pants posed on the other side.

In the center, a strange bird-like robot with a tape recorder taped to it and a gold coin glued to the head scanned the crowd.

"Prepare for trouble!" Luna began.

"And make it double!" Oswald continued.

"To protect Equestria from devastation!"

"To unite all ponies within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Nightmare, undisputed rulers of the night!"

"Surrender now, or prepare for a fright!"

The tape recorder clicked on, and played, "Beep-boop! That's right!"

As Mickey finally burst out laughing, and Celestia couldn't make up her mind whether to attack the members of Team Nightmare or check on her husband, Twilight sighed, and brought a hoof to her face. At least this Loop would be interesting.

122.2 (TangleKat)

Tony Woke Up running down a hill. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, since he often Woke Up during the track meet. Normally, however, he didn't have four hooves. And normally he didn't have a grand piano chasing him. "Why did it have to be a piano!? Why couldn't it have been a toaster?" he cried. “Toasters are small. Toasters are safe. And why is it a random piano?!”

Spotting an alleyway ahead of him, he darted into the alcove just as the piano was about to run him over. "That was way too close." Glancing out the alleyway, he could see that the instrument had crashed at the bottom of the hill and was being looked after by several townsfolk. He could also see a few tired ponies nearby; clearly he hadn't been the only one in danger. Several of them were glaring angrily at a cross-eyed mare at the top of the hill.

"Definitely not the best way to begin a loop." he muttered to himself. "Probably about as bad as the one where I looped in as Korg." He paused for a moment, thinking it over. "No, the Korg loop was worse. But not a good start either way." Now that he had a moment to breathe, Tony checked his loop memories. "Okay, my name is Solar Shard and I moved to Ponyville a month ago to study the animals of the Everfree Forest. Not a bad profession, really. I think Strag lives in town, so I should probably check in with him first thing. No memory of Edyn though; she probably looped in elsewhere."

Tony stepped out of the alleyway and into a dark pavilion. Nearby he could see Edyn and Strag were prepared for battle (both ponies as well, though Edyn looked like a unicorn and Strag had wings) and around the three Final Dreamers the townsfolk were talking nervously. He could hear them murmuring about someone named Princess Celestia having gone missing. "Do either of you know what's going on?" he asked.

It was Edyn who answered. "Long ago, two royal sisters ruled Equestria together. The older sister brought day and helped crops to grow and flourish, while the younger sister brought the night and kept dark forces from invading the Dreams of the three tribes. In a distant land, an evil sorcerer grew hungry for power; he turned his eyes to Equestria, but was driven away by the two sisters. The sorcerer would not give up, however. He entered the Dreams of ponies and tried to corrupt them, in order to turn them into his loyal servants. This time he was defeated by the younger sister, and so the sorcerer hatched a devious plan. Slowly and subtly, he sent parts of his dark presence into the Dreams of the younger sister. He convinced her that the ponies shunned her and her night, corrupting her into a Shadow of her former self. On the night before the longest day, she transformed into a wicked mare of darkness and did battle with the elder sister. The younger was defeated and sealed into the moon, while the sorcerer was imprisoned in the deepest pits of Tartarus. It is said that a thousand years after her banishment, the younger sister will return and seek to free her dark master. Guess what today is?”

Tony gasped and stumbled; his visions always came at the least opportune times and were usually info-dumps. From what it sounded like, Agram had turned one of Equestria's rulers into the equivalent of a Shadow Magi and was trying (once again) to escape his seal. And having an evil night-goddess opposing you didn't sound like a good thing either way. "Now I really have to find the others."

The first thing one should always do upon Waking Up is to check one's Loop Memories. They will have crucial information on whatever Variant or Fused Loop you find yourself in.”

This mantra had become a part of Edyn's routine whenever she began a new Loop. She couldn't remember when she had begun to recite it, but it often helped to calm her down in a new place - especially if that place happened to be dangerous. Thus she began to take stock of herself and her environment: she seemed to be named Moonbud, she was a Unicorn and was the personal apprentice of the local ruler. As for location, she was in a public garden located in the capital city of Canterlot. A book was lying open in front of her, and she seemed to recall that she had been reading it before Awakening. In addition, her Unawake self had been rather frantic for some reason.

The second thing one should do is to test all available magical frequencies with a Ping. It will inform you of any other Loopers who are currently Awake.” Having allies was always useful; even though Tony and Strag always Awoke with her, it could get a little boring sometimes with just the three of them. A quick pulse did the trick, with two responses echoing back - one seemed much fainter than the other. It reminded her of how Tony used to Ping, before they had learned that all three Final Dreamers were Co-Anchors. Since he Woke Up on Earth, his had always been much fainter than Strag’s.

"That's odd." She thought to herself. "I always heard that Equestria had one of the most numerous Loop populations; I guess we got a quiet Loop. And since I’m certain that I’ve Replaced the local Anchor, I guess I won’t be able to debate magical theory with her.

Now that she'd gotten the important things dealt with, she turned her attention to the book in front of her. It appeared to be some sort of creation myth about two sisters and an evil sorcerer - she was willing to bet that Agram had had a hand in things - and how the younger sister had been locked away. What was most disturbing was the threat of the lunar Diarch's return. "An ancient legend about a fallen princess returning? That could partially explain why I feel so nervous… Not counting the fact that she's probably a Shadow Magi (or whatever the equivalent here is), I'll have to do a little bit of research on the topic in order to get a better grasp of the situation. According to the Loop Memories, I should have a good reference book in my room."

She rose to her feet and reached out for the book with telekinesis; she was pleased to find that her new Unicorn magic responded readily and in much the same manner. As she was packing the book away, she heard the sound of approaching hooves behind her. She turned around and found a trio of ponies all chatting as they ascended a near-by path. One of them noticed her and waved.

"Hey Moondbud! We're going to Moondancer's birthday party; do you want to come?"

Edyn smiled. "As much as I'd love to, I'm afraid that I just found a really intriguing legend. If I don't follow up on it now, I'll probably be awake all night studying it. Give her my regards though, will you?" The other ponies agreed, and the two groups spilt ways.

The Naroomi-turned-Unicorn was able to find her chambers easily enough; Loop memories were useful for small things like that. Upon entering the room, she was greeted by her assistant for this loop - Spike the Baby Hyren. The dragon-turned Dream Creature held a colorfully wrapped package - most likely for Moondancer, given his crush on the Unicorn. She almost felt bad asking for his help, and had to remind herself that he could always attend the party later. "Spike, would you please give me a hand for the moment?"

Spike glanced at the package sadly before placing it safely on a table. "Sure Moonbud; what can I do for you?"

Edyn was already busy examining the shelves for anything that might provide a clue. "Could you please help me find that old compendium of (let’s see, what was it? Oh yeah!) Myths, Legends and Old Mare's Tales? I was pretty sure we had one here, and I want to use it for something."

Spike floated up to one of the upper shelves, and spotted the book easily. "It's over here!"

Edyn glanced up from the shelf she'd been on - a particular book on mixing magical and herbal remedies had caught her eye - and took the book from the Baby Hyren with her telekinesis. "Thank you, Spike. Would you mind waiting a few moments longer? I want to check on something, and I may need you to send a message to the Princess. You should be able to head to Moondancer's party after that though."

The Dream Creature was only too willing to oblige. "It’s not a problem! I like helping you, Moonbud!"

Edyn opened the book and skimmed the table of contents. "Let's see now... Mare in the Moon, page 228." She turned the pages to the appropriate section and glanced over the pages until she found the passage she was looking for. "The Mare in the Moon - also known as Shadow Moon - is believed to be a spirit of darkness that once served an Ancient sorcerer. She will bring about nighttime eternal to weaken the bonds of her master's cage, releasing his evil back into the world. Some scholars believe that it is possible to banish this dark spirit permanently using a magical artifact called the Book of the Ancients. However, the location of the Book is unknown and many claim that the Book itself does not exist."

Edyn glanced over the passage again. So far, what she had found did appear to conform to Agram's plan - even the eternal night brought to mind the many Shadow Geysers Agram had set out to use in the Baseline. Though her loop memories were still nagging at the back of her mind... Oh! The thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration was in a few short days! That explained the sense of urgency she had been feeling all morning. "Spike, please prepare to take a message." The young Hyren snapped to attention and fetched both quill and parchment.

"To my honored teacher; I have recently found an old legend claiming that your sister - tainted with dark magic - will return during the Summer Sun Celebration. It is my request then that I act as overseer for the preparations in order to ensure that there are adequate facilities to provide aid in the off-chance that something does happen. Your gracious student, Moonbud."

Spike breathed a green flame over the scroll (probably a dragon leftover, since Hyrens were incapable of such magic) and it vanished in a puff of smoke. Edyn turned back to the shelf and was about to pick up the book on herbal remedies when a burp and flash of heat caught her attention.

"Wow! I didn't expect her reaction to be that fast!" the Baby Hyren said. "Should I read it?" Edyn nodded and he unfurled the scroll, coughed twice and began to read.

"My dearest student; I am touched by your concern for what you have found. I am well aware of the legend, and emergency preparations have be accounted for. However, I do feel that perhaps you are spending too much time in Canterlot. I will grant your request to oversee the festivities in order to provide a change of pace; all I ask in return is that you take this opportunity to relax and to not worry about what may or may not be. Take a vacation and make some friends! Signed, Celestia, Diarch of the Day."

A vacation? With Agram plotting and scheming behind the scenes? It was almost enough to make Edyn scream.

122.3 (OracleMask)

Zecora watched the warship limp away with minor misgivings. While these 'Blue Rogues' seemed more akin to Luffy and his Straw Hats in their conduct, they had still stolen every single thing of value from the Valuan ship save personal items and just enough fuel for them to reach safe harbor.

What had made it awkward was the Valuan soldiers swapping increasingly exaggerated tales of how Zecora had saved their Sub-Commander from certain death (at the hands of their much hated Commander, no less) and went on to defeat the ferocious Antonio single-handed. It had nearly come to blows when the pirates made it clear that Zecora was also coming with them.

But even the more devoted of Zecora's new fans had to admit that they were the ones who'd attacked Zecora without provocation, sinking her ship in the process, and so off they went.

As for Zecora, she and her new companion Cupil were heading to the pirates' base. The two youths who had chased off Alfonso seemed to have been assigned as her minders...but there was something about the boy that made Zecora suspicious...not the least of which was when she introduced the two to Cupil, Vyse and Aika were immediately on the receiving end of a somewhat squishy hug.

Vyse watched the blasted and ruined Pirate Isle disappear into the distance with a familiar clench in his belly. He really didn't like doing this, in fact it went against every fiber of his being not to at least warn his dad or the rest of the crew about what was going to happen, but...he'd learned the hard way that having Pirate Isle evacuate ahead of the attack, raising their defense or putting up any resistance, or even just the act of taking Fina with them to Shrine Isle that day ended BADLY. It resulted in Galacian shelling the island until it broke apart, planting Valua's flag on the biggest remaining piece that still floated, and yet another loop where Vyse was responsible for the horrible death of his family. At least with the original course of events everyone lived.

Aika still didn't approve, even having seen the result firsthand. How Fina had forgiven him was mind-boggling...though the fact that Ramirez was now looping might've had something to do with it. Even if the man's devotion to Galacian had lasted through the loops and he would never dare gainsay that monster's order to open fire on innocent women and children -

His thoughts derailed spectacularly as Vyse, opening the door to their ship's little cabin, found himself face to face with an extremely unamused Zecora. And no matter what Aika might claim later, Vyse certainly did not scream like a little girl, flail his arms, or fall into an undignified heap on the deck.

"Once you have recovered from your place on the floor," Zecora said dryly, "Perhaps you can explain your deception from before?"

"Hey, won't Galacian notice if you're, y'know, not his prisoner anymore?" Aika pointed out as the three of them prepared to set sail again.

"Aika, I must say you are quite mistaken," Zecora answered with a sly smile, "For indeed, as their prisoner I was taken."

"...and that is why I remain a loyal servant of Lord Galacian," Ramirez concluded.

He hesitated for a moment, before adding "You were right, it was a relief to finally share my thoughts. Vyse is a strong warrior but he hates my lord far too much to ever accept my reasons."

Zecora - or rather, a Kage Bunshin of her - nodded solemnly. Ramirez returned the nod as he straightened his uniform.

"Sadly, I must return to my duties. Unfortunately as you are replacing my sister, I must ask that you stay in this cell for the time being. Vyse typically arranges her rescue after breaking into the Coliseum."

The Zecora clone glanced around her cell - which was actually a luxurious stateroom - and smiled.

"Do not worry for my sake. But as for your duties, should you not arrive late?"

Hopefully her real self would follow up on this budding friendship, the Zecora clone thought as Ramirez took his leave. He was a very interesting young man. Perhaps they would get a chance to speak more before she was dispelled. That would be...nice.

122.4 (Hubris Plus)

Lyra fidgeted in the town hall, waving off the various concerned ponies who wondered what was wrong. All four of them were full of nervous energy, except for Sweet Roll, who was full of honey glaze. It wasn't that she knew that Nightmare Moon was about to put in an appearance. She might not be the strongest Looper, but she thought she'd be able to take a baseline alicorn in a pinch, especially with Seapony at the helm.

She tossed a glance towards the crimson stallion watching the balcony expectantly. His black mane had been pulled back into a topknot, showing off the pair of curved horns twisting out from his forehead and causing no small amount of gawking from the other unicorns. His right forehoof was encased in what appeared to be a cylinder of elaborately carved stone the same color as his coat.

Hellcolt, he called himself. When she'd told him that Equestria was a sanctuary he'd just grunted and said "we'll see."

She wasn't offended. A lot of Loopers were incredulous the first time they heard the offer. But usually one of the Bearers was on hoof to enforce things. If not the first six then Trixie or Gilda or, larch, the crusaders in a pinch. At the moment, Cheerilee was the oldest local Awake. And, while the teacher could be exceptionally kick-flank when she wanted to be, there was an irreplaceable comfort to having friendship powered artillery backing you up. Just in case.

"What have you done with the Princess?!" The Mayor called out, shaking Lyra from her reverie.

"Her hour has passed," Nightmare Moon spoke, unhurried. "The day has ended and night is upon you. A thousand years ago I sought to rule over this world, but in my exile I have learned humility in the service of my master, who lies sleeping upon the edge of eternity. This world will be his as it was in ages past. Darkness is his purpose and his blood and his prison, and through me it shall be his freedom also."

As she'd spoken, Nightmare's mane had billowed out above her, filling the ceiling with abyssal darkness and a million points of dying light. One in particular began to grow larger, or closer, a misshapen seven pointed star. Lyra shivered. This was new, and she wasn't sure if she was feeling up to new just then. Around her ponies stood, transfixed in horror.

"Seven is their number, seven in heaven and seven in the earth, but they are also one, one in name and one in purpose," the usurper continued, eyes aglow with eldritch light. "They are the wind of destruction, for mighty children are they, and their time is come again. Behold, the Great Dragon, Ogdru Jahad! Returned from the abyss by my hoof and my-"

"And though evil winds may blow and chaos fill the sky, I am sheltered 'neath your bough and thy roots hold firm..." Cheerilee's voice rose in counterpoint as the pages of a small book rippled in an unseen wind before her. As they'd worked out over a hoof full of vampony and demonic variants, prayers to trees worked just fine while the Tree of Harmony was in place.

Across the room, Vinyl swept a hoof through the air. The prayer's words, backed by a melody blaring from her speakers, were compressed into a physical force and hurled at the chanting goddess.

"Naught but sound and fury, signifying nothing!" She snarled as the attack forced her back a step. "Your precious tree holds no more power here than your Princess. Neither holds the faintest glimmer of might next to that which-"

She was cut off once more as Lyra dropped her disguise, falling to the floor in her seapony form. The released illusion allowed her to devote her full power to a conjured whip of water. The liquid weapon struck with a sickening crack and Lyra's eyes widened as one of Nightmare Moon's wings went limp. She'd only put so much force behind the attack because this version of Nightmare seemed so much stronger than the usual, she hadn't wanted to hurt her that badly!

"ENOUGH!" Nightmare Moon roared, ignoring her injury as she reared up and launched lightning from the abyssal chasm her mane had become. Where the bolts landed the room erupted in black fire, burning high and hot. The cracks of thunder had finally rattled the non-Loopers from their stupor and a stampede began for the doors. "Surrender. This is the end of your era. From this moment on there is no joy, no courage, no hope. Only the endless night and terror of-"

"Lady," Hellcolt said as he strode through the flame without fear or discomfort. "You talk too much."

"Anung Un Rama," she breathed. Above, the star had resolved itself into a massive amber crystal. Larger than cities, than continents, than worlds, it loomed overhead, waiting. "Your place here was foretold, Right Hoof of Doom. As I am the Gate, so you are the Key. Together we will rule over the last bleak days of this realm and watch the destruction of all from on-"

"Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before," he grumbled, more annoyed than anything. He turned in Lyra's direction. "You guys wanna handle the portal? I got this one."

"Um, sure," Lyra answered uncertainly before perking up. "Could you go easy on her? She's pretty nice once she comes down off the crazy."

He regarded her for a long moment before offering a curt nod. "Yeah. Alright." With that, he bunched up his rear legs before springing at the balcony and cracking his stone hoof across Nightmare Moon's jaw.

"Alright," Lyra said, encasing herself in a sphere of water and floating over to the only other ponies still on the ground floor. "Ideas?"

"You are blinded by my sister's lies, Anu-"

"Ain't my name," The conversation, punctuated by heavy blows, drifted down from above.

"Feels weird," Vinyl commented, horn glowing as she scanned the aetheric vibrations around the hole.

"Agreed," Cheerilee nodded, waving a heavily modified tricorder. "It's less a gateway-"

"You cannot fight your fate, child. Your destiny has been laid since long before your birth."

"Shut up, lady!"

"-And more a foreign set of physics imposing themselves on the world," she finished.

~Oh, oh, tag in!~ Miscellaneous enthused from within Lyra, and Seapony obligingly slid aside. The other personality rummaged through their Pocket for a moment before stabbing a six foot steel post covered in blinking lights and loose wires into the ground.

"What's that?" Vinyl asked.

"You are a fool if you think you can-"

"I told you to shut up, lady!"

"I call them Regularity Rods, they're kinda the opposite of Peppermint Pylons," Lyra explained. "They enforce local physics and make them harder to override. Real useful for limiting damage during mad science, saved me a trip to Eiken more than once."

The three looked up again and saw an edge of Nightmare Moon's mane bulging up and away from the rod.

"Seems effective," Cheerilee agreed. "If we can set up more of them we may be able to pinch it shut."

"On it!"

"You will open the way, if not today, then-"

"Lady, you and me, we got a problem!"

"Again, we're really sorry about that," Lyra told their guest after things had settled down. "We can usually manage on our own."

"Don't worry about it, kid," Hellcolt answered.

"No, she's right," Cheerilee insisted. "Equestria is a sanctuary Loop, and we take that seriously. You shouldn't have had to get involved."

"I'm serious too," he assured them. "Admins tell me my universe got whammied by a bunch of the Outer Gods before the Loops started, and well... Lets just say that I got troubles, an' they tend to follow me. Ain't your fault most of the big guys shrug off anything that didn't help make 'em."


"Trust me, just getting someone out from under the Dragon is miracle enough for me." Luna had come out of it looking much worse for wear than usual, having been held in the tender mercies of dark gods for a thousand years, but she had come out of it. "And that thing with the prayer was clever. Probably would have worked if she weren't getting backed up by squid-face. Now..." He lit up a cigar and clamped it in his teeth. "Anything else I should know about? Imprisoned devils, sealed monsters, ancient civilizations, Fae courts, stuff like that?"

The trio of locals exchanged glances. "That... Yeah, that might come up."

"Well, I usually work with a team, and I like having a fish-man at my back, so..."

"Oh, and vamponies are a thing this Loop," Vinyl added, peeling back her lips to show off a set of fangs. "Thought you'd wanna know."

122.5 (Scorntex)

One otherwise calm and quiet day, the doors to Big Mac's bars swung open, and a pony dragged themselves in. Slowly, they made their way to the bar, and collapsed before reaching it.

Big Macintosh just watched this with concern. He didn't recognise the pony, one of a dark blue colour, thin and tall build, and greying hair, but they looked like they were going to be requiring his services all the same.

Slowly, the pony lifted his head, revealing a set of eyebrows best labelled as "ferocious", brows that would instill unease in the eldest of dragons. Or they would have if their owner didn't look so weary.

"Hi" the pony said, casually, as if he had not just dragged themselves into a room.

"Morning" Big Macintosh said, carefully. He couldn't help but notice the distinctly Scottish accent the pony had. That combined with everything else led him to one conclusion.


The man nodded, gloomily.

Big Macintosh eyed the man carefully. He hadn't as much experience with the Time Lord as some of his other Loopers, but he could still guess that whatever had caused him to be this despondent had to have been something truly horrific.

"What happened?" he asked. The Doctor paused for a moment.

"'s them ponies. Wanted to turn everyone else into more ponies."

Without a single word, and without any appearance of actually having moved at all, Big Macintosh had reached under the bar, pulled out a large tankard, and placed it next to the Doctor. He stared at it, then to Big Macintosh.

"That was fast" he noted, apparently for lack of anything else to say.

"Brain bleach" Big Macintosh replied, "standard procedure with Bureau Loops."

The man glowered at the drink, and Big Macintosh was impressed. The way he was glowering, the liquid would have been well within its rights to just combust there and then.

"Worse than just a Bureau" he said, "it-"

"Nope" Big Macintosh cut in, before pointing to an adjacent sign hanging above the bar. There, drawn in friendly letters was the phrase "first rule of Bureau Loops: Do not talk about Bureau Loops."

Just underneath it, someone else had thoughtfully added "Until Very Drunk."

The Doctor just nodded at that. "Right."

As the man stared cautiously at his drink, Big Macintosh set off to find Miss Sparkle, and anyone else who happened to be Awake that Loop. He had the feeling they would be needed.

122.6 (OracleMask)

Mac and Berry, having just finished setup of the bar for the new loop, looked up in surprise as the door to the bar slammed open and the front half of a silver draconequus poked through.

"Thank oak, you're both Awake!" Silver exclaimed, "I need some kind of brain bleach that can also replenish chakra! Do you have anything like that?"

"I can whip up something quick," Berry said, already rummaging through the bar's supplies, "Had a bad loop?"

"Yes, but it's not for me."

Silver proved her point by sliding the rest of the way into the room, revealing that she was carrying a pony on her tail. She dumped her passenger on a bar stool, where he proceeded to slouch against the counter while covering his face with both forelegs. The grumbling complaint at the rough treatment proved that the pony wasn't unconscious, but by the sound of it he might've been happier that way.

Mac spotted the scarecrow cutie mark on the pony's flank and frowned.

"We can give Twilight a ring, have her come in from Canterlot early," Mac offered.

Kakashi made another grumble. Then, after Silver nudged him, repeated "M'fine" at a slightly higher and surlier volume.

"It's not THAT serious, but...we just finished a rough loop in Kakashi's baseline," Silver clarified, "It started off pretty normal, except we had a stealth Anchor and we were the only ones Awake. Stuck with baseline powers and no pockets too."

Mac nodded, encouraging Silver to continue.

"Well...we were twins, and the preawake us had been working together for our whole lives, so we decided to finagle the Hokage into assigning us as dual sensei for Team Seven. I mostly was curious about Sakura's genjutsu potential, Kakashi basically turned Sasuke into a trainee hunter-nin, and Naruto bounced around between the two of us."

Berry slid a glass of something green and softly fizzing over to Kakashi, who grabbed it without looking and drank. He perked up immediately, though even after Kakashi removed his hooves from his face, he didn't open his eyes.

"Our universe is going through these 'expansion' things nowadays," Kakashi said, continuing the tale, "Irregular ones, and the other loopers in our branch derail things pretty fast."

"So we decided that as long as we were there, we might as well see how things were supposed to go," Silver added, "And it got WEIRD around the time that the Infinite Tsukiyomi activated. Especially with the Ten Tails changing forms and blowing up everything like we were in a Dragon Ball fused loop!"

"Not to mention Naruto never bothered to mention who 'Tobi' was ahead of time," Kakashi growled, "I could have done without that surprise."

"The loop crashed right after Kaguya was defeated though. Not sure why."

"Must've been one tough fight if you're still tired after the reset," Berry said, "Silver, you need a pick-me-up too?"

"Err, that's not really..."

Silver trailed off, looking over to Kakashi. Kakashi sensed what she wanted, sighed, and reluctantly opened both eyes. Mac and Berry were treated to the sight of a matched set of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan for four whole seconds before Kakashi slammed his hooves over his face and slumped back down onto the counter in renewed exhaustion.

Much like his original Sharingan, Kakashi couldn't figure out how turn them off. At all. Obito was probably laughing at him from the afterlife.

"Really hope this is temporary..." Kakashi groaned out loud.

Silver patted his shoulder sympathetically.

"I'll just go ahead and make you a double," Berry said, already heading back to her tools.

122.7 (fractalman)

Rainbow Dash stuck her tongue out-or tried to. It was kind of hard to move when you were a pile of rocks.

122.8 (Novusordonmundi)

You're... here...

I'm trapped... And I'm lonely... So very lonely...

Won't you join me?

"Oh, you poor creature! Have you been trapped up here in Pokemon Tower all this time? Of course I'll join you for a while!"

Fluttershy rummaged through her subspace pocket for a little bit, before finally pulling out a stasis container with what looked to be preserved brains (ethically sourced, of course). She looked over to her companion, a decaying corpse of a man sticking halfway out of the floor. It just grunted and groaned a little bit, but wasn't actually going after Fluttershy, or pulling out it's Pokemon to battle.

Fluttershy had been told by Loopers about this possible variant, where this zombie would challenge them to a Pokemon Battle at the top of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, and pulling them into the ground and eating them if he won. All they knew of him was he went by "Buried Alive", or "Buryman" for short. For the most part, he wasn't enough of a challenge to warrant much attention from most Loopers. And to her knowledge, nobody had tried to have a picnic with him.

But there was a first time for everything. Fluttershy took the brains out of the stasis jar, and put it on a plate in front of Buryman. The corpse looked at it for a second, before taking it with his free hand, a grin on it's face.

Finally... Fresh meat...

"What?" Was all Red could manage, his brain unable to come up with any better statement to being told about Fluttershy's adventure.

"Oh, I just showed him a little bit of kindness." Fluttershy said. "Being buried alive must have been horrible! It was the least I could do for the poor thing..."

"Well, that is a first for dealing with him." Red allowed, before a thought crossed his mind. "Hey, if we're trying for kindness, want to come with us over to Cinnabar Island? I know a certain something that could use a bit of kindness. Just... don't try to catch him, okay?"

Flutershy's face brightened "I'd love to. But if you don't mind, do we have time to grab a shovel and head back to the Tower? I kind of promised the man I'd dig him out..."

"...Sure, why not?"

122.9 (The Cyan Recluse)

“Hurry up Twilight! You’ve got to put a stop to this!” An Awake Spike demanded, practically pulling Twilight Sparkle along behind him as he stomped towards Sweet Apple Acres.

“Spike! I’d have better luck ‘putting a stop to this’ if you took a moment to explain what ‘this’ is!” The purple furred unicorn reproached her number one assistant / son /brother / personal postal service.

Spike didn’t bother slowing down as he replied.

“Look, you know how Big Mac started installing one of Pinkie’s mini Candy Cane Pylons in the bar to deal with the unexpected ‘problems’ variant or fused loops sometimes cause?”

“Yeah, so? It seems like a good idea to me.” Twilight replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, Pinkie and Trixie are abusing it to have a drinking contest!” Spike grumbled, clearly unhappy with the situation. Twilight just blinked in confusion.

“A drinking contest? Is that all? We have drinking contests all the time Spike! I don’t see what has you so worked up.” She huffed as they neared the entrance to Mac’s bar.

Truthfully, both Pinkie Pie and Trixie could be a handful when sober and on their own. Pinkie had a tendency to casually violate the law of physics. And Trixie tended to violate laws regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. If the two of them were drinking and egging each other on... Well, that could lead to the sort of event where reaching ‘minimum safe distance’ required leaving the planet’s orbit.

For non-looping Equestrians such an event would be terrifying beyond their ability to comprehend. For individuals such as Spike and herself, it would be a rather hum-drum Tuesday. In short, something that needed to be handled, but certainly nothing URGENT.

Which made the way Spike was rushing her so peculiar.

“It’s not the contest that has me so riled up!” Spike groused. “It’s WHAT they’re drinking!” Before Twilight could reply, he pushed the door to Mac’s bar open and gestured inside.

Twilight glanced through the door and noted that Mac’s bar was more or less in its normal configuration for this early in the loop. The scorch marks on the floor and walls were a new touch however. (Major property damage usually didn’t occur quite THIS soon.) Some of the tables were also looking a bit... melted. Then there was the fact that Mac was hunkered down behind the bar, wearing a clear plastic blast shield over his face, and looking ready to duck.

In front of the bar stood a grinning Pinkie Pie, with a smile on her face and a glass in her hand. A heavily shielded and enspelled glass full of a simmering, smouldering liquid that had most certainly NOT been designed for equine consumption.

“Bottoms up!” The pink party pony giggled before downing her beverage in one shot.

“PINKIE!” Twilight’s eyes went wide in alarm as she rushed forward to try to stop her friend. She was far, far too late of course.

“Ooooh… I feel tingly….” Pinkie began to wobble from side to side after a few moments, before holding still and emitting an enormous, echoing BELCH! Twilight blinked and slowed her headlong dash towards her friend.

“Ooooh! That feels MUCH better…” The element of laughter began to grin.

Then she exploded.

In video game terms, it would be referred to as Ludicrous Gibs. Bits of fluffy pink fur and meat went flying in all directions, trailing pinkish colored ‘blood.’ After a few seconds the giblets came to rest on the ground, forming little pools of blood.

Then the pieces exploded too.

Twilight’s pupils shrunk down to pinpricks as she stared around the room at the (relatively few) remains of one of her best friends. A few puddles of pink goo were all that remained, sizzling as they started to eat into the floor.

Before she could fully wrap her brain around recent events, where was an electronic ‘whoop-whoop-whooooop’ sound… And suddenly an intact, perfectly hale and hearty Pinkie Pie was standing in the middle of the room again, flashing in and out of existence for a few seconds before fully solidifying with a grin on her face.

“That was AWESOME!” Pinkie bounced up and down in excitement. “I really love those fizzy drinks!”

“Trixie believes the proper word is ‘fissile.’ Hello Twilight!”

Twilight managed to pick her jaw up the floor and turned her head to spot Trixie, who had apparently been standing in the opposite corner of the room. Twilight had completely missed the show-mare’s presence in her rush to save her friend. The blue furred pony smiled and waved as she approached Pinkie.

“Well, I don’t care what it’s called, it’s awesome! So, your turn now?” Pinkie grinned in excitement.

Twilight groaned and face-hoofed. “Pinkie’s Candy Cane Pylon. Of course. I’m an idiot.” She sighed and glanced around the bar as Pinkie and Trixie began mixing another one of Berry Punch’s ‘Dragon-Specials.’ The damage to the scenery was surprisingly superficial. Most of the blast marks looked identical and seemed almost painted on.

“Well, at least I won’t have to douse the place with an entire lake. Again.” She muttered to herself. Giving her head a shake she walked over to Big Mac, who was cautiously standing back up from behind the bar.

“Please tell me that you didn’t think this was a good idea.” She asked plaintively.


“You try to stop them?”


“And how well did that work out?”

Big Macintosh just give her a long suffering look and sighed.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Twilight sighed herself. “We really have GOT to get that mare a HEALTHY hobby for loops when Chrysalis isn’t Awake.”


By now Spike had entered the bar proper, and arrived at Twilight’s side.

“Don’t just stand there Twilight, get them to cut it out already!” He demanded.

“Spike, while I agree that this behavior isn’t exactly... healthy... They’re not actually harming anyone.” She paused, then shrugged. “Well, not harming anyone PERMANENTLY. So long as they fix Mac’s bar when they’re done, I don’t see a reason to stop them.”

“Not harming anyone my tail!” Spike crossed his arms and eyed the other two mares angrily. “They’re going through the bar’s stock like Celestia through a cake factory! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get some of the ingredients for those drinks? Red mercury doesn’t grow on trees you know! At this rate there won’t be any left for us dragons!”

Twilight just blinked. “What?”

But Spike was paying her no mind, instead stomping over to Pinkie and Trixie, who had just finished (carefully) pouring another cocktail into an enchanted glass. Which was already starting to dissolve.

“Alright you two, you’ve had your fun! Now cut it out!” He waved his arms about in frustration. “Go have some cider or something and leave the good stuff for those of us who can’t get drunk off of alcohol! I want to have something left to drink after a Bureau loop too you know!”

Twilight face hoofed again. Sometimes she envied humans. Pinching the bridge of your nose was a surprisingly effective way to relieve stress. Difficult to do when you lacked hands though. And a nose.

“It is WAY too early in the loop for this.”

Big Mac patted her on the shoulder consolingly. “E’Yup.”

Then he used that hoof to pull her down behind the bar at the sound of Trixie’s voice.


122.10 (fractalman)

Pinkie Pie bounced in through the closed door of the treebrary. "Hi Twilight! I've got a surprise for you! Come outside and see!"

Twilight shrugged, placed her bookmark, and complied.

Twilight stared, turned around, and was blocked by Pinkie Pie.

"Remember the chocolate syrup swimming pool that randomly showed up? Well you never even tried to swim in it, so I thought, 'how can I change this so that Twilight can enjoy it', and then I remembered that you really really like mint, so I filled a swimming pool with mint jello!"

"Wait, that's mint?"

Pinkie nodded.

Twilight turned back towards the mint jello swimming pool, grinned, clapped, and squeed like a filly, then jumped in with a running start. She took three bites before she realized something was wrong. Horribly, horribly, wrong.

"EEEEEUGH! Pinky! What in Yggdrasil possessed you to add chlorine to mint jello!"

"Oh, that's easy! Trixie said it would make the jello jell faster, and it did!"

"UGG! When I get my hooves on her..."

122.2 continued (TangleKat)

My Little Magi – Part 2

Strag was convinced that Yggdrasil had to be a troll in some capacity or another. It was the only explanation for all of the odd situations that he seemed to Awaken in. Case in point: he was an Underneathian. He was familiar with the earth, with having a tunnel over his head and solid stone beneath his boots. Thus it was logical (and he had assumed) that he would enter the Equestria Loops as an Earth Pony.

He had instead Looped in as a Pegasus. He was no stranger to flight; he didn’t at all mind visiting the cloud-lands of Arderial nor did he have issue with Magining the bird-like Epik to aid him when need be. No, it was the sheer oddity of Looping in as something completely foreign that confused him. At least the whole Pegasi-stand-on-clouds thing wasn’t out of the ordinary for a Moonlander. It was a fairly useful thing to know since he was currently sitting on a cloud above town.

He shook his head and resolved to worry about odd Loop behavior later. Right now it was time to check his Loop Memories.

First – his Equestrian name was designated as Nightfall. Probably due to his duties as a Shadow Stalker, but one could never be too sure. Especially a person with his heritage. Second – He was a part of the local weather team. His duties were primarily to observe the current conditions and to ensure that nothing unexpected happened. And third – he seemed to be a fairly athletic pony. In his baseline he had been a strong contender in the various coliseum battles, so it was only fair that it had carried over somehow.

Just as Strag finished this examination, he felt Edyn pinging from far away. There was no need for him to reply, since she would already know that he was Awake. What did interest him were the responses. One was faint and likely indicative of someone on another planet or some such, while the other was very strong. In fact, it was strong enough to have come from directly below him. Best to check it out and introduce himself.

If he could find a way to actually fly first – being stuck on a cloud was problematic.

Edyn stared out the window at the mountains, and was immensely relieved when she saw Ponyville emerge from between them. The small town was nestled between a thick forest and the sprawling plains beyond. “I’m glad we’re almost there; this trip has been entirely too long.” She turned to Spike, who had fallen asleep to the train’s gentle rocking. “Time to wake up; we’ve almost arrived in Ponyville.”

The Baby Hyren yawned and stretched like a cat before turning to her. “What did you say? I was having the nicest dream…”

Edyn giggled. “I said that we’re almost there. I wouldn’t want you to sleep through our arrival, would I?”

Spike’s face flushed bright blue, and he scratched his chin with a claw. “No, I guess that would be kinda bad. Do you want me to go over the list of tasks now?”

Edyn tapped her chin with a hoof. “Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. What do we have lined up?” She got off of her seat and looked up at the baggage rack, eyes searching for the saddlebags she’d packed before leaving. Spotting it nearby, her horn flared to life with magic and she pulled out the scroll sticking out of one corner. Spike flew up and grabbed it, eagerly unrolling it.

“Okay, first things first – we’ll have to visit Applejack of Sweet Apple Acres and the proprietors of Sugarcube Corner. They’re going to be doing the catering.”

Edyn nodded, both memorizing the agenda and listening intently for any sign of her fellow Magi.

“Next is Town Hall; a unicorn by the name of Rarity is supposed to be in charge of the decorations.”

Edyn smiled at that; the Looping Spike and Rarity’s wedding was legendary among Loopers. Although she had only heard of it, she thought that what the two had managed to accomplish was both incredible and heart-warming. Shaking the thought from her head, she turned her attention back to her assistant.

“After that we have to check on the Weather Patrol; a Pegasus named Nightfall is supposed to be watching the skies.”

The Naroomi’s attention was piqued by that; wasn’t Rainbow Dash usually in charge of weather? The possibility of it being one of her friends was very high. “Actually Spike, can we do that one first? I don’t want to be worrying about the condition of the skies during everything else.”

Spike nodded. “Sure thing, Moonbud. I guess it really doesn’t matter what order we do them in, huh?” Spike coughed once for effect and returned to the scroll. “The last one on the list is music. Apparently an Earth Pony named Solar Shard has volunteered to handle it, with an animal-based choir.”

Edyn had to refrain from clapping her hooves. That one was definitely Tony; of the three of them, his skill with Dream Creatures was the strongest. That left Strag as Nightfall. Her face fell a little as she wondered what he felt of the name he’d been given by this Loop. And certainly as she wondered how he felt about being a Pegasus.

As Spike rolled up the scroll and returned it to the saddlebag, she felt the train slow and noted that they were currently pulling into Ponyville Station. Lighting her magic once more, she pulled her belongings onto her back and felt the Baby Hyren land just behind her neck. “Ready for this, Spike?” He nodded his affirmative, and together the two of them set out to see what the Loop had in store.


Three armies prepared to face each other, under the supervision of Professor Quirrell, who was bald and didn't wear a turban this loop.

Dragon Army had a simple insignia: a patch of fire. This was generally agreed to be a bad sign.

Chaos Legion had a hand poised to snap. This was universally agreed to be a bad sign.

Team Happy had three balloons, which freaked out eldritch entities throughout Yggdrasil.

Quirrell rubbed his head, headache rising. "Harry, Draco, three are hereby forbidden from participating in all future battles."

The three loopers grinned sheepishly as they glanced at the battlefield, which was littered with glowing green craters and flying streamer monsters.

122.12 (Filraen)

One of the things which was common knowledge to all ponies in general and Sound Mind in particular was whenever Princess Celestia needed to meet somepony she'd do it in the Royal Hall, as if it was a single-pony Day Court...

'Scratch that, there's two Princesses now.'

Apparently with the recent incident of the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville there's was a second Princess, Princess Luna, younger sister of Princess Celestia, even if nopony had known of her attending any official events or holding a Night Court yet.

'Now I'm just diverting my own thoughts, I must be more nervous than I thought.' Anyway, the point was it was unheard of having Princess Celestia requesting anypony's presence to her private quarters, unless she'd need a stallion for... 'Hold that thought! Obviously she wouldn't have send one of her guard to make such a pompous request in my psychologist clinic if she were just looking for a stallion... right?'

With that thought in mind Sound Mind had the doors opened to Princess Celestia's bedroom. The place was huge and beautiful decorated with day and night motifs on the walls and bed, but he didn't have much time to admire it. Princess Celestia and a unicorn, which Sound Mind recognized as the Princess' personal student, were at a table, their worried expressions thankfully sobering his previous thoughts. Steeling himself he went to speak with the two ponies.

After bows given, introductions were interchanged and any Royal Guard dismissed Princess Celestia spoke to the stallion. "What do you know about the Summer Sun Celebration two days ago?"

The question threw Sound Mind a bit off (probably to shake him from his nervousness, his own mind provided) enough to not to measure his answer "Not much, Princess. I only know that night lasted considerably longer than usual and the rumours of a new Princess, by the name of Luna."

Princess Celestia nodded. "Both things are true, even if that isn't precise on everything which happened that night. I had to wait for a thousand years for my sister Luna to return," Princess Celestia's voice took a sad note. "However, in her return there were complications. Have you heard the tale of the Mare in the Moon?"

Sound Mind blinked, "that old's mare's tale about the two sisters which raised... and imprisoned in the moon..." his eyes widened in surprise as realization hit him. "They were you and Princess Luna?!"

Ignoring the obvious outburst Princess Celestia answered. "Yes, though at the time my sister was corrupted by a dark force and took the form of Nightmare Moon." Nightmare Night's patron? "When we fought I couldn't heal her myself, and she ended sealed in her moon, still as Nightmare Moon. And she was in that form when she returned, a thousand years later, still corrupted.

"I can't thank my faithful student and her friends enough for bringing Luna back, healed," Princess Celestia said while smiling to the unicorn by her side, "but their victory wasn't without casualties. Blinded by the corruption, Nightmare Moon managed to bring one of the ponies who confronted her to madness before being defeated.

"Sound Mind, I'm in need of your services as psychologist. Please heal this pony, both for her own sake and Luna's: I don't want to burden my sister even more with the reminder of her shattering the sanity of one of my little ponies."

If somepony were to ask Sound Mind's thoughts at this moment, he'd comment on how the powerlessness expression on Princess Celestia's face goes against the natural order of things. She... she was Princess Celestia herself!

'Diverting thoughts detected, correct course ASAP.' With that Sound Mind took a long sigh, trying to gather his own thoughts. Eventually he spoke: "Is she in Ponyville? I have many other patients and I would make a disservice to them if I couldn't make to their appointments just because of a new patient." Wait, had he just rejected Celestia's personal request? 'Horseapples!'

Princess Celestia's smile and words calmed his own thoughts. "I wouldn't expect anything less. Don't worry, she's living here in the castle right now and will be as long as she needs to."

"Then there's no trouble, I'll see her," Sound Mind nodded. "Who is this pony, anyway?"

"It's one of the friends I made in Ponyville a few days ago," it was the white unicorn, Rarity according to her introduction, who spoke while levitating a folder towards him. "Her name is Twilight Sparkle and she was working as Ponyville's librarian." The folder has a picture of a lavender earth pony with a purple mane and a starburst as her cutie mark. "I... please help her!" Rarity suddenly broke down crying, barely holding herself with both forelegs in the table and surprising Sound Mind at how much Rarity was holding herself back all this time. "She helped us so much and now... and now she just... lost herself."

Closing the folder Sound Mind decided "I don't have any appointments this afternoon. Let me check her file and I can see her in about an hour."

"Thank you." Rarity said on a soft voice, showing a small if tired smile.

"Then you can use the royal study, and in an hour we'll lead you to Twilight Sparkle's room." Princess Celestia provided.

Sound Mind nodded, taking the folder and... "Erm..." the earth pony mumbled and looked around as he realized he didn't have anything to carry the folder.

That somehow made Rarity bounce back to normal immediately. "Oh! Wait a moment." Going to a corner of the room, Rarity emptied a saddlebag, most probably hers at it had her cutie mark, and brought it back with her magic grip. "Here, darling. Please use this."

"But it's yours, there's no need," Sound Mind shook his head to try to reject but Rarity wouldn't have anything of it.

"Don't worry about it," Rarity said in a genial tone. "I can always get another later or levitate my things myself."

Sound Mind got a little nervous. 'Darling'? offering those gifts so easily, marked with her own cutie mark no less? He just hoped Rarity didn't get a crush on him, he had a wife after all.

Apparently Princess Celestia realized this as she made a small laugh. "Please don't worry too much. This is just how Rarity addresses everypony."

Calm Mind blinked, more relaxed. "Okay..." After a moment of silence he spoke again. "So, where's the study? I'd like to start reading Ms. Sparkle's file right away."

"Rarity, please?"

Rarity just nodded. "No problem, Princess."

"Rarity will lead you to the study, and we'll be carrying you to Twilight Sparkle's room in an hour. See you later, Sound Mind."

Not forgetting to bow, the stallion answered "Until later, Princess Celestia."

In one of the guest bedrooms Twilight was resting on the bed. "So, still feeling woozy?" she said, apparently to nopony in particular.

'Still a bit, mom.' Nyx answered from inside her. This was a variant where Rarity was Princess Celestia's student instead, though something interesting happened when confronting Nightmare Moon: Nyx Awoke just when the Elements were healing Princess Luna, somehow making the Elements place the weak last remains of Nightmare Moon's consciousness, Nyx, into Twilight's mind. Not that she minded, she loved to meet her daughter again.

"You realize you're making me look like a crazy pony, right?" Twilight asked in mock annoyment.

'As much as you realize you don't have to speak aloud to talk to me? Yes.' Nyx snarked back before mother and daughter giggled in unison.

After calming themselves Twilight started walking to the door. "Well, when you're better we can make the whole Eternal Twilight routine again. Meanwhile, why don't we get us some ice cream?"

'Yay!' Nyx happily agreed. She couldn't eat ice cream as she didn't have a body but this was the next best thing.


"Yeah, this is going to cause comment," Twilight observed.

"How so?" Rarity asked, with a frown. "It's hardly the first time Spike and I have re-married in a loop."

"Well, yes, I admit that." Twilight then pointed. "But this is the first time you've been a sea pony and Spike has been a griffin."

Spike examined his plumage, which was mostly purple. "That's not the most fun bit, either."

"What is the most fun bit, then?" Twilight asked, in the tones of someone who was determined to get this over with.

"Before you stands the ruler of the Griffins!"

Twilight blinked. "Wow. Okay, you've only had a couple of days since I saw you last, and you certainly weren't Emperor then. How did you pull that off?"

"Oh, I didn't." Spike pointed at his wife. "That would be her."

"...right." Twilight shot Rarity a look. "Seriously?"

"I was visiting my dear Spiky-feathered-Wikey's parents - Gilda's his sister, small world - and the Emperor insulted his judgement for becoming infatuated with a hippocampus." Rarity examined her fins. "One thing led to another."

"At least partly because of a hippopotamus joke," Spike stage-whispered. "Anyway, the coronation's tomorrow and the wedding two days after that. That does mean we're going to miss Discord's return, though."

"Right. No problem, Diamond's around, she can sub in for you." Twilight sighed. "Just... please give me a warning before the next time something like this happens?"

"Where would the fun be in that?" Spike asked.

MLP Loops 122
122.1: Rocking.
122.2: Little Magi.
122.3: The Pirates Who Steal Things.
122.4: He's got a job.
122.5: Normal.
122.6: The recent Naruto chapters are a bit OMGWTFBBQ.
122.7: Badum tish. (The drummer.)
122.8: Creepypasta logic vs. Fluttershy. Fluttershy wins.
122.9: Trixie does have other hobbies. They're just less interesting.
122.10: Like that one.
122.11: But those are the fun ones...
122.12: Interesting place Nyx ended up.
122.13: They for one welcome their new fishy overlady.

“And the results are coming in!” Princess Celestia announced, sitting in front of a big map of Equestria. “It looks like the Everfree Forest has declared for the Element of Kindness, though Generosity fought hard for it!”

Luna nodded. “The Horseshoe Bay Changeling Hive has also voted overwhelmingly for Kindness, with over ninety-nine point nine percent of ballots cast being for that Element.”

Celestia blinked. “Did we let Chrysalis' drones all vote?”

“Yes,” Luna replied simply. “It's equal rights. One sophont, one vote.”

“Oh.” Celestia shook her head and got up to leave. “Well, that sort of...” She trailed off. “What vote counting system are we using?”

“First past the post by constituency.” Luna held up a big pile of paper.

“Good.” Celestia took her seat again. “Anything else and I'd say the whole thing was pointless, with that many Changelings...”

Cadence trotted in. “We got a set of ballots from the badlands!”

“Yeah,” Shining added, following his wife. “Problem is, that's about fourteen constituencies each of which has two dragons and a minotaur in. They've all gone Loyalty.”

“Please tell me that Honesty, at least, is running a fair campaign...” Celestia begged.

“Gilda said she was going campaigning, if that helps,” Luna reported. “I do not know what-”

There was a soft flumph sound, and all four of them found themselves buried in paper.

“Pfeh,” Shining muttered, pulling a slip of paper out of his mouth. “...and she seems to have taken over the Griffin Empire and told them all to vote for Honesty.”

“Is that legal?” Celestia asked.

Cadence replied by putting a very large book on the paper-drifts. “This is the rule book.”

“Author O.B.I.H Discord. Oh, dear...” Celestia felt like facehoofing. “What does-”

“Oh Buck It's Him.”

“Should have guessed.”

“Well, this has at least shown us what the Elements can be like when they get competitive,” Cadence added. “The Laughter campaign consisted of getting ponies drunk, launching into a custom-designed heartsong, and getting everyone to vote as part of a dance.”

“And Generosity?” Celestia pressed, dreading the answer.


“Of course.”

“You know, I'm not sure if Discord realized this one was in there...” Twilight mused.

“It's Discord,” Applebloom replied. “He probably did. That or he was too busy redesigning fish.”

Twilight read the rule again. It stated, quite clearly, that the winner for a given constituency was the one who had the majority of ballots when they were counted – and that counting only started once the polls closed.

As such, she, Applebloom and Trixie had written their votes on special paper.

“Right, there we go,” Celestia said with a sigh. “Polls closed, votes placed. Time to get counting.”

She opened the first box, which promptly exploded.

When the flash-blindness wore off and the Royal Best Element Election Commission could see once more, they beheld a room full of a truly vast amount of ashes and dust.

And, sitting neatly on the floor where the table had been, three slips of paper.

Twilight Sparkle – Magic

Trixie Lulamoon – Magic

Applebloom – Magic

“...sister,” Luna said, after several seconds of silence. “Did the Elements of Magic just rig the election to explode?”

“It seems so,” Celestia replied calmly. “Right, that was an interesting waste of a few days. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to work out exactly what kind of letter I wish to send Twilight, Trixie and Applebloom over this.”

121.2 (Zetrein)

"So, Lyra, what is it you wanted to show me?" Twilight asked, joining her friend on the park bench.

"First, put these on." Lyra hoofed her a pair of glasses. "Glasses of True Seeing; had 'em made so I could do a quick and easy check to find out if Bonnie's a changeling in a given loop."

Putting on the glasses, Twilight looked out across the park at Lyra's direction. Twilight looked out at all the changelings in the park, disguised as ponies. They even had little changeling fillies and colts. In a change from the norm, they all seemed to have the coloration and even cutie marks of the ponies they looked like.

"One of those loops, eh?" Turning to her friend, Twilight was presented with a mint green changeling. After a quick check of her own leg, she returned Lyra's glasses. "Well, I know I'm not a changeling this loop at least. Ideas on how far this goes?"

"Yeah... Here's the thing, Twi, you and Bon Bon are the only two actual ponies in Ponyville." Lyra scratched her head. "Other than that, about half of Baltimare. Not many of us beyond that, though. At least, not connected to our hivemind."

"Even the girls, eh? Well, the Elements didn't have an issue with them, so I don't think this'll be a problem." Twilight gave her friend a playful shove. "And how has the hivemind been dealing with your hivemind? Getting along?"

"We're kinda in charge." Lyra replied in an exhausted tone. "The Swarm follows the eldest, and as Loopers I, me, myself, and the other me, are the oldest and wisest."

Lyra smiled cheerfully at Twilight. "On the bright side though, we're growing a few mindless drones for the rest of me to control. Give it half a year, and each of me'll have a body, if only via remote control."

"Hmm. Well, unless you wanna do something special, I think I'll just take it easy this loop, go baseline. As leader of the changelings, do you have any ideas on what, if anything, you want to do for the wedding?"

"Well, I did have a couple ideas..."

"Twilight!" Cadance cried at the mare that had just appeared in her prison. Her very nice prison, which was furnished like an upscale hotel.

"Cadance?" Twilight shook her head. "If you wanted to talk in private, you could have said so. Where are we?"

"Twilight, I didn't bring you here! I've been kidnapped!" Before Twilight could reply, the face of the pony Cadance had privately started calling Princess Pink (after her own distaste of being called that) appeared in the room's large mirror.

"Hello again! It is I, once more, speaking to you! In my voice! Well, in her voice really, but who's counting?" Not-Cadance cleared her throat. "Moving on. I do hope you don't mind sharing your prison, Cadance, but this one was getting just a bit too close to my plans. Do not bother with your magic, the room's insulated, there is no escape, blah blah blah. Cadance can fill you in on the whole spiel. I made sure the minibar was topped off while she slept, and there's munchies in the fridge. Ta-ta!" With that, the mirror faded back to glass.

Meanwhile, in a Canterlot Police interview room, a certain mare was trying to convince somepony she was telling the truth.

"And that's when you claim the entire town turned into bug-ponies?" The officer asked, trying to keep his headache in check.

"Yes! Trixie does not know which spell caused it, but she saw them all! And they know!" The blue mare shifted uncomfortably, looking behind her, before lowering her voice. "They know. They've been following Trixie ever since. She sees them, in crowds at the market, sitting in passing trains, in the audience at her shows." Trixie let her head rest on the table, covering it with her hooves. "They know, and they know Trixie knows that they know. Trixie had to tell somepony, had to let somepony know before they got to her."

"Miss Lulamoon, hearing your story, I think you may have accidentally made yourself able to see through changeling disguises." The officer steepled his hooves. "Most likely, they're not after you personally, and you're just seeing them going about their business."

Trixie jerked her head up to look at him. "But! But!"

Trixie fell silent at the officer's beckoning. "We will investigate, see if there's a possible stalking charge to be made. But if the changelings in Ponyville, or any connected to them, aren't stalking you, then there's little we can do."

"But, horrible shapeshifting bug-ponies?"

"Are registered Equestrian citizens, if of a very little known species."

"Oh." There was a pause. "Trixie would like to apologize for her unintended racism."

"I still can't believe that the minibar was the key to breaking out." Cadance whispered, as they snuck along the castle's servant corridors.

"Enough booze makes problems go away, just ask any drunkard." Twilight snarked, before waving her into a side room. "Okay, I know how to turn this around. I've learned a few things in my time in Ponyville." She smiled at Cadance. "Trust me, this is gonna work, and be pretty funny too."

Setting about looking through the boxes in the room, Twilight kept talking. "Start off by drinking that bottle we saved from the bar, it'll help. The first thing we need to find now, is a Hawaiian shirt..."

Lyra was smiling, disguised as Cadance at the altar. Come on, Twilight, I'd rather not get married today.

Well you're the one that lost! Lyra-Lyra told herself, from where she stood as a bridesmaid.

You know, there might be a law against marrying yourself. Just a thought. The other two Lyras, were magically hidden from sight, filming the event from multiple angles.

Aha, There's Twilight's signal! It begins! All the Lyras started taking glances at the door in anticipation.

Princess Celestia, oblivious for the moment, continued with her role in the wedding. "Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, it is my great pleasure to pronounce you– "

"Stop!" Twilight Sparkle burst through the doors.

"Ugh! Why does she have to be so possessive of her brother?" Lyra-Cadance played her character, turning on the waterworks. "Why does she have to ruin my special day?"

"MUCKLE DAMRED CHANGINS 'AIR EH NAMBLIES BE KEEPIN' ME BONNIE WE SHINY?!" The words that would live in Canterlot infamy, for the rest of the loop at least, came from the angry mare that had just entered the room. She wore an orange Hawaiian shirt, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and had Philomena perched on her shoulder. The phoenix was also on fire.

Right on cue, the Cadance at the altar started screaming bloody murder, before slugging Shining Armor to disrupt the shield around the city, and making for the horizon.

Many months later, at Lyra's request Twilight had gone for her baseline ascension. As she put it, since the entire town was Loop Aware, they felt most comfortable going with tried and true methods.

That said, noling expected what happened when the Elements blasted her. Twilight and her friends stood outside the library, staring down a dumbstruck Princess Celestia. Literally, in Twilight's case, as the newborn changeling queen had been lifted up by the four celebrating Lyras.

"New boss, not the leader! New boss, not the leader! New boss, not the leader!" They were chanting, as the entire town was coming together around them. By the time Celestia got her wits about her, a block party was rapidly being assembled around her, under the direction of a familiar pink changeling.

As she looked at all the undisguised changelings around her, Celestia felt somepony pat her on the back. "Relax, Princess." Bon Bon told her. "They ain't bad folk, once you get used to them." The candymaker sighed. "Guess I'm back to being the only pony in Ponyville."

Looking back to the party, Celestia let out a laugh. "And I thought Discord was joking about this!"

121.3 (Gym Quirk)

Luke Skywalker Awoke next to the malfunctioning vaporator on the south ridge. Nearby, the Tredwell maintenance droid trundled erratically in his general direction.

Normal start point. Should be seeing the firefight between Leia and Dad's ships any minute now, he thought as he reached for the macrobinoculars on his belt. He also tried to stretch out his...Wait. What?

"Hi Luke. Really strange loop setup we've got here," commented a youthful female voice behind him.

He turned to see an orange pegasus with bright violet mane and tail. He felt the headache start. "Hello, Scootaloo..."

"This is going to be...awkward," decided the pony. "I think Twilight'd call it a 'Single-Letter Transposition Bug'."

Luke massaged his forehead, ignoring the one-sided battle in space above him. This loop, the Jedi and Sith shared one thing; a strong connection to the Horse...

(Hubris Plus)

"Vader, would you care to tell me why my station has once again been placed in the planet's shadow?" Tarkin demanded. It was a small complaint, really, but he despised action taken without his express approval. It also happened daily, which grated.

"The power of the Death Star is insignificant next to the power of the Horse," Vader replied. He seemed to be the only one who could get through such phrases with a straight face, if only because his was artificial.

"It's night. I raised the moon," Luna added pointedly.

"This! Is! No! Moon!" Tarkin roared, finally fed up with this nonsense.

"You're hardly the expert here," the diarch scolded.

(Gym Quirk)

Luke glanced sideways at Obi-Wan. "Please repeat what you said about how Anakin became Darth Vader."

The elderly Jedi hemm'd and haw'd for several seconds before declaring with the little remaining dignity he could summon:

"He was seduced by the Dark Side of the Horse."

Nyx sighed. "I'm really not liking this loop."


"So you knew you you were a Jedi for a while, Princess?" the young former moisture-farmer asked Leia.

There was a sudden pounding on the connecting wall to the cell. "The Great and Powerful Horse shall overcome all!" came through the metal faintly.

"Bit of a clue, there, farmboy," the princess replied, drolly.


Luke sighed as the landspeeder pulled into Mos Eisley and they were met by a waiting patrol of Stormtroopers. After the initial small-talk, one of the troopers asked to see his identification.

Obi-Wan waved his hand. "You don't need to see his identification."

The Stormtrooper froze a second as he registered a large weight upon his head. Despite this oddity he found himself saying, in time with a female voice, "We don't need to see his identification."

R2-D2 made of series of beeps and whirs that had C-3PO chastising him for harsh language. Luke thumped his head against the controls.

Obi-Wan, his face somewhat pale, announced: "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

The cream-colored form of Apple Bloom, perched on top of the Stormtrooper's head, spoke in unison with the voice of her mount, albeit slightly out of cadence on the second word. "These ain't the droids-"

"It's a pony," called one of the other troopers as all four raised their weapons to point at the hapless victim of the Horse. "Get it!"

The filly yipped as her mount backed up a few steps and then started running. She struggled to retain her position as she channeled the Horse, enveloping the trooper in a shimmering blue radiance that lent him speed as well as helping to deflect blaster shots.

Luke watched the pack of running Stormtroopers retreat into the distance, to the tune of weapons fire and diving merchants. "Gee, Old Ben," he snarked. "How did you pull that off?"

Obi-Wan struggled to retain a stoic expression as his charge started up the landspeeder. "The Horse is often effective against the weak-minded, although this effectiveness may come at the... utter expense of stealth."

(Gym Quirk)

Darth Vader struggled to keep the X-wing in his sights. "The Horse is strong with this one."

Luke would have shrugged if he had any room in the cockpit for the gesture. Instead, he just allowed the violet-maned orange pony in his lap to keep flying the snubfighter.

(Wing Zero 032)

Luke, with the help of The Horse, was dodging turbolaser fire from all across the Death Star. He was close to the exhaust tunnel that headed directly to the massive space station's core. That said, due to the massive amounts of laser fire from the emplacements and the several squadrons of Imperial Star Fighters that were chasing him and him alone, the chance of success looked to be nil.

However, he quickly remembered the words his deceased master Obi-Wan Kenobi had told him during his early days of Jedi training...

"Use The Horse Luke, use The Horse!" And so... he did use The Horse. Derpy was deployed from the X-Wing and flew erratically into the exhaust tunnel, hitting defensive emplacements, vital systems and unlucky combat and/or non-combat personnel alike who had the misfortune of standing in her way to the Death Star's core with echoes of "Sorry!", "Oops, My bad!", "That pipe suddenly appeared in front of me!", "Are you ok Mr. Storm-Trooper?", "Is there any way I can help?" and a final "I just don't know what went wrong!" a couple of seconds after the destruction of the Imperial combat space station.

Indeed, right after watching this, Luke finally understood that The Horse can be such a great and terrible thing and that he needed to return to his training to master it as soon as possible.


"Yes," said the wizened creature, "a Jedi's strength comes from the Horse. But beware of the Dark Side."

His mount nodded. "Aggression, anger, and fear. All these things the Dark holds dear."

"Easily they flow," continued Yoda, "quick to join you in a fight."

"But that path is a slippery slope." Zecora shook her head. "Once used, it leaves you little hope."

"Yes. Consume you, it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice."

It took everything Luke had not to burst into laughter.


"Is it too much to ask for you all to hold still?" Scootaloo gasped. "It's HARD carrying all three of you on my back!"

"Be fair," Luke countered, "at least I'm the one holding on when we swing across the bogs on those vines."

"Ha ha, big help, Mr. Opposable Thumbs," Scootaloo grumbled as the stack of Jedi Master, zebra, Jedi apprentice, and pegasus filly stumbled back into Luke's camp just before collapsing.

"Luke and Scootaloo seem excessively tired," Zecora noted. "Is such heavy training truly required?"

"For eight hundred years taught students this way, I have," Yoda said. Then, noting Luke gasping for breath and Scootaloo flat unconscious, he added, "Perhaps question it sooner, I should have."


Palpatine cackled as lightning shot from his hands.

"Behold, the power of the Dark Side! Ahahahahh!"

Then the lightning cut off.

"Well the Dark Side of the Horse demands cookies" said Nyx, standing in front of his feet. "Preferably with milk."

Nyx finished the last of the cookies, then flew over to Luke.

"What are you doing? I gave you your cookies! I even supplied milk to dunk them in!" yelled Palpatine.

"The good guys have celery soup and daffodil sandwiches."

121.4 (Bardic_Knowledge)

Lyra awoke to find herselves swimming around a sunken ship. Recent one, too, going from Seapony's knowledge.

Yay! said Seapony. My turn! But before she could take over, they saw their hand holding the edge of a hole in the ship.

Could be me, then, said Human.

"Lyra, wait for... Huh," a yellow and blue fish swam into view. "Hi, I'm Flounder. What Loop are you from?"

Okay, how do we resolve this? asked Classic. We're like, some kind of humanized sea pony.

I think the term is "mermaid," replied Miscellaneous.

"Hello?" asked Flounder. "Are you in there? Or are you still processing the Loop memories?"

Okay, idea, said Seapony. I'll handle the tail and swimming bits, while Human handles the other half of the body.

Human nodded. Sounds like a plan to me.

That resolved, mer-Lyra looked at the fish who'd been trying to get her attention. "Hey, sorry about that. I had some issues to work out."

"Came from an odd Loop?"

"Not really... The council of me just had to figure out who had control this Loop."

Flounder blinked in confusion. "Um, what?"

121.5 (Gym Quirk)

Anakin "Darth Vader" Skywalker found himself in the Death Star conference room absently listening to Tarkin's staff bicker as he tried to work out how to prevent the destruction of Alderaan and arrange for Leia's escape this time.

And then there was that little twist Yggdrasil had thrown at him...

"...Or given you the clairvoyance enough to find the Rebels' hidden--" Motti's voice was abruptly cut off by a large serving of cake and ice cream.

"I find your lack of fun disturbing," chirped the poofy-maned pink pony as she shoved another hoof-full of sweets into the imperial's mouth.

(Lirana) (Gamma Cavy)

Tarkin quivered slightly in ill-repressed anger. "Lord Vader, I must insist that you remove your, your pet from the control deck! I cannot imagine that it has anything to contribute-"

The pink pony interrupted with happy chirp. "What about parties?"

The Grand Moff twitched, but continued gamely. "Anything useful to contribute to the firing of this battle station!"

Princess Leia gasped in outrage. "Firing? You said that if I told you where the Rebel Alliance was, you would spare my planet!"

Tarkin whirled angrily to face her. "I lied you stupid little girl! As I am sure you have, as well." He turned back to the waiting officers. "Now, commence the bombardment!"


The vast turbo-laser that issued forth from the Death Star was an uncharacteristic pink, Anakin noticed idly, and moments later Alderaan looked a great deal more festive. He was reminded of what happened last time she had been a guest Looper, but this one was more than party hats.

Tarkin sputtered for a moment before plaintively addressing Lord Vader. "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"

Anakin smirked, then loomed ominously over the Moff. "You had no idea of the Power of the Horse."


Pinkie Pie started to sing before the Star Wars loop ended.

May the horse be with you!

There is a horse that moves lives from place to place
There is a horse exchanging smiles from face to face
The horse is all and we as one are but a tiny part
May the horse be with you always in your heart!

May the horse be with you always in your heart!
May the horse be with you always in your heart!

There is a horse that moves things and changes tides
Not that we would but if we should we couldn't hide
If we are part of something bigger we can face the dark
May the horse be with you always in your heart!

May the horse be with you always in your heart!
May the horse be with you always in your heart!

May the horse be with you!

121.6 (fractalman)

Twilight was Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored BORED. So bored she'd done a completely baseline run.

Tirek had been defeated, the new castle created...

The door opened. Twilight blinked.

Opposite the thrones was a staircase leading down that she'd not seen before. Curious, she took it.

In the new basement, The Box of Harmony sat on a pedestal; a smaller pedestal next to it displayed a small, silver key.

Curiosity now roaring, she picked it up and found a small hole at the top of the box.

Insert, twist, wait.

Music box music began to play, which Twilight eventually recognized as a music-box version of the G1 themesong.

Twilight wound it up one more time and softly sang along:

"My little pony...
My little pony...
I'll be your best friend"

Twilight smiled, and had to wipe a small tear from her eye.

121.7 (Masterweaver, Gym Quirk, elmagnifico)

"Wow, Tavi, that dress is amazing!"

The grey mare grinned as she stepped down into the Apple Cellar bar, placing her cello case beside her as she sat gracefully on one of the stools. "Why thank you, Vinyl. I have a performance for somepony in Canterlot later this evening, and, well, I thought I would get ready earlier."

"Heh." Vinyl Scratch waved casually to Big Macintosh. "I like it. It's alluring without being provocative, sensual but not inviting, hinting at something while retaining high class." She took the two wineglasses the bartender handed her and levitated one over to Octavia. "Very much a look don't touch dress."

"Mmm." The grey mare took her glass with a small smile. "You know, before you gave me that journal, I would never have expected you to be capable of such... analysis."

"I'm just full of surprises. Plus the way that thing shows off your cutie mark is just dang sexy."

"And there's the crass mare I'm dating." Octavia sighed dramatically. "Why ever did I decide to do that again?"

"Us white unicorns have always been prize catches," Rarity quipped as she entered. "Even ruffians like Vinyl can gain the eye of the most discerning."

"Back off Rares, she's mine." Vinyl gave a joking growl as she wrapped a hoof around Octavia's shoulders.

"Oh, but of course. I've already netted myself a dragon, after all."

"Yes, I've read about that," Octavia commented as she slipped the white hoof off her shoulders. "That journal is filled with... incredible things, and I'm still only half way through. But how is being married to mister Spike treating you, anyway?"

"Ah, well, he is a noble hearted knight with just a touch of snark," Rarity replied. "So I find most of the time, I'm happily pampered and supported, though of course I do my best to keep him happy as well. And, of course, he has complete control over his age shifting--"

Six stallions in pinstripe suits barreled down the stairs, levitating tommy guns at the bar. "ALRIGHT, NOPONY MOVE!"

The unicorns exchanged a confused glance. Octavia let out a small sigh.

"Well well well." A large unicorn stepped out from behind the goons, fiddling with his cigar. "Big Macintosh. I've heahd things bout ya, son."

The bartender lidded his eyes. "Ah'm afraid ya have me at a disadvantage, sir."

The unicorn shrugged "My name's not impohtant. Just call me a... concahned neighbahhood plannah." He trotted up to the bar, sitting on a stool. "I heah's ya a fahmah."


"That's good, fahmin'. Ya know, gots mahself a cousin who's a fahmah." The unicorn took a deep whiff of his cigar. "Cute filly, she was, but she's all grawn up naow."

"That's good ta know." Macintosh's ear flicked at a small clicking sound, aware that one of the guns was now pointed at his head.. "Fillies become mares, after all."

"Mmm. See, she stuck to hah couahse. Stayed a fahmah. Couahse, I'da been fine if she changed hah ways, became a scholah or a guahd--heh. Thing is, though, she knew that ya don't get somethin witout nothin, and ya definitely don't give anythin fah fahee."

Macintosh raised an eyebrow.

"...Son, yah bah is takin business away from tha other bah's ahound these pahts." The unicorn pushed his cigar into the countertop. "Nohmally I'd ask fah compensation, but...."

"Ah only serve ta select clientle."

"Rather odd way ta put it. Ya got upwahds of twenty ponies comin' en whenevah they please." The unicorn sighed. "I like ya, son, but unless ya stop this nonsense I'm going to have no choice but to stop it fo ya."

There was a tense moment. Macintosh and the large unicorn stared into each other's eyes. Octavia slid a hoof down the side of her cello case. Rarity put a hoof on the bar itself.

"Wait wait wait, hold on." Vinyl held up a hoof. "I get the whole organized crime thing, and I can see why you're threatening Mac, but where the chlorophyll did you find the guns?"

There was a small click, and Octavia smiled. "Why, west of the train tracks Vinyl." She pulled a revolver out of a secret compartment. "The same place I did."


The large unicorn winced as the still smoking gun was pointed at him. "H-Hey now, little miss, ya don't have any moah shots in thah!"

"...You're right, of course." Octavia smiled sweetly, lowering the firearm.

Then she slung a hoof at his head and knocked him cold.

Vinyl blinked for a moment or two. "...Huh."

"My, that was..." Rarity paused. "Exciting...?"

Octavia sighed, putting the gun on the counter. "I do apologize, Macintosh, it was not my intent to make a mess of your bar."

"Ya know Ah could have handled tha situation without killing them."

"Old instincts, I guess."

"Huh," Vinyl repeated.

Octavia sighed. "I'm sorry I'm not as... demure as my previous selves, Vinyl, but when your family has dealings with the Canterlot underworld--"

"No no no, I'm not disappointed or anything, I'm just – wait, you're with the mafia?"

"...Not anymore."

Rarity sounded just a tad put out. "Darling, I had a mass-paralysis spell ready to go, and I'm positive dear MacIntosh had any number of non-lethal pacification devices to back me up. Even Ms. Scratch would have had a sonic stunner or something along those lines near at hoof..."

Macintosh double-checked that the mini-Pinkie-Pylon was humming under the bar as usual.

"An' now that y'all have worked out yer systems, can we all jus' put away th' compensators, maybe have a drink, an' pretend we're all friends?"

He turned to the two mares first.

"Miz Octavia, there's a sign about shootin' guns in th' bar without askin' th' barkeep first, but ah'll let you off with a warnin', fer Vinyl here."

The other ponies, who had been knocked tail over teakettle by the kinetic force of the bullets, but left with only minor bruises, started backing toward the exit. Macintosh ignored them for a moment, setting out shot glasses and hunting around for a bottle.

"An' as fer you, ah suggest y'all accept mah offer of a peaceful drink."

The stallion who was nursing a black eye found himself the subject of intense scrutiny from the barkeeper.

"'Cuz nevermind what ya threatened to do to me, seems to me like you jus' tried ta hurt mah friends."

Those eyes were a very deep green.

"And trying to hurt my friends makes me angry."

"Vinyl, dear... you seem a bit off kilter, if you don't mind me saying so."

Vinyl waved a hoof at Rarity. "My marefriend just shot up six ponies. I'm still in shock, that's all."

Octavia let out a slow breath. "I... suppose I should have told you earlier, Vinyl. I mean, you did trust me with--" She glanced toward the unicorn nursing a black eye. "Well, your temporal issues--"

"No, seriously, I don't care about that. I mean I do, because it's your past, but it doesn't change...."

Vinyl's lips slowly curled upward.

" doesn't change who you are."

Without warning she grabbed the grey mare and pulled her into a big, deep smooch. It took eight seconds before the both of them came up gasping for breath. "Tavi, you just tried to murder six ponies and I'm thirty percent sure Macintosh has a backroom with a lock in here. I don't know if you'll make it to Canterlot on time."

"You know what, my dear?" Octavia grinned back. "I don't give a damn."

121.8 (namar13766)


"Yes Sunset?"

"I just want you to remember that I can sing and dance well outside of a Heartsong."


121.9 (fractalman)

Sleipnir was having a bad century. Even watching Pinkie Pie’s antics during his precious break time wasn't helping his mood.

Pinkie Pie waved at the monitor.

Sleipnir waved back. The corners of his mouth twitched into a less dour frown for a millisecond or thousand.

Pinkie pie’s head tilted. Then she leaned in and licked the monitor.

Sleipnir stared. Then he grabbed a tissue and wiped the monitor clean.

Pinkie pie giggled, and leaned out of the monitor to give Sleipnir a hug.

“Aww, thanks Pinkie! I needed that.”

A half second later, Sleipnir was in full-blown panic mode, 5 out of 8 legs flailing madly to push Pinkie Pie back into the monitor. "Get back in, get back, get baaaaack!"

Sleipnir looked to the left, to the right, to the left again, to the right again...

Pinkie giggled and bounced away.

Sleipnir muttered, "Whelp, better add the Anti Toon Ascension patch to her code."


Big Mac sighed. "Alright, Berry, I'm cutting you off."

Berry snorted disdainfully, and nabbed a bottle from the display case.

Big Mac glared, and turned on the anti-theft forcefield for the display case. "Berry..."

Then one of the bottles hovered, passed right through the forcefield, and headed straight for Berry.

Big Mac blinked. "Alright, how are you doing that?"

Berry giggled. "Shimple! Nothing can Shtop...tha Booze!"

121.10 (Pinklestia)

"My Child! My dear little Nixie! At last I have found you! Together we shall bring about Eternal Night!"

Oh, another loop about this? Nyx had heard from her mother about that loop were Nightmare Moon was looking for her child. Wait, looking for her child...

Nyx stared at Nightmare Moon, this was weird. Specially since technically, she really was Luna's child, as she was made from her magic and Twilight's blood in her baseline. Had she been a horrible daughter? How come she always saw Twilight Sparkle as her mother, but never saw Princess Luna as her other mother?

"Uh, mommy, I don't think eternal Night is a good idea... you see..."

Two hours after a visual presentation, including charts and puppet theater...

"I see, I never saw it that way. And you are sure my sister really misses us?"

"Yes, she really does. I have seen it in her dreams." True, since the loop Nyx replaced Luna she had used the power to dream walk on Celestia's dreams a few times, mostly on non awake Celestia for pranks.

The darkness faded away from Nightmare Moon, leaving behind Princess Luna.

"Then lets go my child, my sister and I are overdue for a long talk."

"And that's how non awake Twilight and Luna ended getting married and being my parents that loop!" Nyx said, making Twilight Sparkle do a spit take.

"How in the Pinoideae did you get me and Luna married?" Twilight just needed to know, even if she knew she might not like it.

"That's the fun part, I didn't, it was all your idea mommy." Nyx winked at Twilight, making the purple unicorn hit her head against the table repeatedly.

"Also, I got a letter for awake Celestia that I wrote about that loop."

Nyx started to read.

Dear Princess Celestia,

A wise mare once taught me, that the best teachers never stop being students themselves. No matter how much time passes, how old you get, how much you think you know, there is always something new to learn. No matter how old and wise you become, you will never know everything. And sometimes, you are just so used to how things are, that you stop questioning things. But that's wrong, because there is always something else which can be done to improve things. There may be not such thing as perfection, but that is a stupid excuse to not try to do better! Case in point, I got two mommies, and I have been ignoring one of them. Could you please tell Luna that I am sorry and I want to expend time with her the next time she is awake?

Your Faithful Niece, Nyx.

PS: Here are pictures of a loop where non awake Luna and Twilight got married and adopted me.

"Nyx Moonlight Sparkle! Give me those pictures!" Twilight Sparkle said angry, her mane catching fire.

"Oh dear mother, I'm not a comic book villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke to you if there were even the slightest possibility you could affect the outcome? I sent a copy of the letter and the pictures to Princess Celestia as soon as I found she was awake this loop."

'Mental note, do not make Twilight Sparkle angry. Just because she is my mommy doesn't mean she will go soft with me and not exile me to the Moon.' Nyx then stared at the Moon fortress she just finished after months of work. "Well, just four years or so more until the loop ends, I wonder if the Moon has Batponies this loop?"

Nyx then had an evil smile in her face "Mm, I still got that Minion Making Machine in my subspace pocket, and Luna is not awake, time to go all Dwarf Fortress on this place!"

"Uh Twilight? Why is the Moon Blue this loop?" Spike asked after he just got awake.

"Nyx did something bad and I exiled her to the Moon, she started to play Dwarf Fortress with the Moon and it escalated. I have no clue where she got so much Adamantine to make a new Moon out of it. Mm, It probably must be hollow inside." The mare then calmly zipped some tea.

"A new Moon?" Spike decided to be calm since Twilight didn't look worried.

"Yes, I did say she was playing Dwarf Fortress, didn't I?"

"Do I really want to know what happened?"

"Have you noticed how this loop Equestria seems made of floating islands and Ponyville is in one?"


"Well, that didn't happen until AFTER I had the brilliant idea to exile my daughter to the Moon without setting some ground rules first."

"How... that doesn't even... never mind, I decided I don't want to know."

List of Things Nyx isn't allowed to do in the Loops anymore: Number 10 Dwarf Fortress.

121.11 (Scorntex)

Twilight awoke to a knocking sound at the door. Underneath the aggravation of being woken up far too early, she was intrigued. Mainly because it was the day after the Poison Joke incident had resolved itself (since this Loop she appeared to be alone, she'd decided to go for a baseline run), and she had no idea what could be causing the knocking.

Slowly, carefully, she made her way downstairs, and to the door. Cautiously, expecting anything, she opened the front door.

After a few seconds adjusting to the light, she looked around. Nopony was there. Then she looked down, and saw an envelope sitting on the doorstep. She opened it, and examining the contents. Her eyes went wide at what she saw.


Some half an hour later, and she'd gotten everypony gathered. Perhaps not as fully awake as she'd have liked, but gathered all the same.

"What's up?" a not-entirely awake Rainbow Dash asked.

"I received this in the mail this morning" she announced, holding the item near to herself, though at a slight distance. "From Zecora."

"Hold on," Applejack said, in-between a heroic battle between the farmer and her eyelids, "how come you don't sound happy about that? I thought you wanted us to get along with her."

"I do" Twilight declared, "but that's not what the letter's about."

"What is it about, then?" Rarity asked. Deciding to let the letter explain, Twilight handed it over to Rarity. After a few seconds careful examination, Rarity practically exploded with outrage.

"She's BILLING US?!"

There was a triumphant gasp from Pinkie. "I knew she was evil!"

121.12 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

It was another dreary day at day court, the same day court that happens every...single...loop. The minister in front of the solar diarch was so caught up in his endless diatribe of words that he failed to notice Celestia had fallen asleep. It was at the moment the minister was rambling on about the wasteful spending of adding an extra inch of copper to the thickness of the court mages' cauldrons (this guy could give Percy a run for his money) that the twin doors to the Canterlot Throne Room slammed open.

Immediately, Celestia's horn glowed a brilliant white of a spell designed to banish creatures to the furthest depths of space since this had once signified an evil Discord or the early return of Tirek, only for her to let the spell cool when she recognized her visitor. The elderly minister barely noticed as his ramblings continued unabated, even as the guest shouted, "Princess Celestia, the people demand justice!"

Celestia stepped away from her throne, "What is the matter, my little pony? You're one of Twilight's friends, right? Miss Lyra Heartstrings?"

Lyra nodded, "There has been a great injustice done upon a proud and noble race that has gone unnoticed until now."

Celestia's analyzed Lyra, noticing that she had a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, meaning Lyra was awake. She asked, "What race do you refer to?"

Lyra puffed up her stance as she spoke with a dead serious expression, "The Noble House of Sweet Rolls!"

Twilight Sparkle awoke later than usual this loop, shortly after Discord had broken free from his statue. Upon awakening, however, she couldn't help but have a double take since Pinkie was bowing and worshiping an oversized sweet roll, along with shrines for sweet rolls throughout Ponyville. She suddenly got the feeling Discord was awake and had set this up just to mess with her, "Pinkie, what are you doing?"

Pinkie gasped, "Don't you remember, Twilight? It was a year ago that The Great and Noble House of Sweet Rolls saved all of Equestria from Nightmare Moon's return and redeemed Princess Luna from Black Snooty's evil grasp."

Twilight's brain failed at this. She had done a lot of things to redeem Nightmare Moon, almost all of them were crazy in some way, shape or form, but this she couldn't picture, unless Pinkie or Derpy transformed the moon into a sweet roll and dropped it on Nightmare. Pinkie failed to notice Twilight's blank stare and continued, "Celestia had a stain glass window of the event commissioned and even elevated their position to guardians of Equestria. Don't you remember yesterday, the sweet roll saved us from meanie pants Discord too! I'm giving praise to the sweet roll in hopes that it will continue to bless us!"

Twilight's brain now felt like it was on fire, "Excuse me, Pinkie. I need to...find an island and lie down for a few days."

With that, Twilight vanished in a burst of purple light.

121.13 (fractalman)

(set in masterweaver's "winds of change")

Rainbow Dash awoke as a changeling-which was nothing new. To be precise, Bon Bon the changeling had copied the memories of a dying Rainbow Dash onto a changeling nymph. Also nothing new.

"Did you eat any of Chrysalis's mane?" asked Bon Bon.

"Why would that matter?"

"Queen manes change drones into queens," replied Bon Bon.

Now that was new. "Ah. So that's why my stomach is liquefying. Guess I'd better ascend." Which Rainbow promptly did.

Bon Bon started blushing.

"Uh, Bon, are you alright?"

"Uh, it's just that changeling queens are sexually attractive to drones, that's all."


Bon Bon nodded. Any further reactions were interrupted by Lyra's voice. "Rainbow? You're Awake? Take care of Bon Bon for this loop, would you?"

Rainbow turned. Lyra's mane was in the process of sproinging out, she had bags under her eyes, and she had a nearly vacant expression.

"Lyra! Are you OK?" asked both Bon Bon and Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah, just need the loop off, that's all." Lyra walked dazedly off towards her room.

"...Well this is awkward." muttered Rainbow Dash.

Meanwhile, in Lyra's mindscape:

"Hold that forcefield in place!" yelled Seapony Lyra.

"I can't hold it much longer!" yelled Unicorn Lyra.

"I am maneuvering additional forcefield projectors into place even as we speak." monotoned Robot Lyra.

"I'll get the tranq darts." added Human Lyra. "How long until Operation: Wash Away the Sugar Stuff is ready?"

"About two minutes." said Seapony Lyra.

Sweetroll Lyra giggled and cackled as she beat against against the forcefield. "Heh heh, you're gonna have to clean up your mindscape, aren't you. Get it? you're gonna have to brainwash yourselves? Heehee heh heh hee!"


Pinkie Pie stormed into Mac's bar. "Every sweet was replaced with sleep. Drink. Now."

Mac obliged.

Stirring slightly, Sleep Roll snored softly, while the Lyra Collective breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank Sleipnir."

"Or Yggdrasil."

"Eh, we can figure out which was responsible later. First we need to arrange some therapy for Sweet Roll."

121.14 Nightmare Mom

(AnonymousAsk: edited by fractalman)

Twilight was sleeping, one week before Nightmare Moon's scheduled return, when her dream shifted to the moon.

"At last, I have found you! Oh my child! Our connection will allow me to escape the moon so that we can bring about Eternal Night!"

Twilight looked to Nightmare Moon, and checked her loop memories; yes, she was still the daughter of Twilight Velvet, though she discreetely cast a DNA test to be sure.

"Sorry to say this, but I'm not your child." Said Twilight

"Well obviously, Celestia brainwashed you, you MUST remember, I'm your mother, oh my precious Trixie Lulamoon."

"Trixie? I'm Twilight Sparkle, if I recall Trixie is doing a show in Baltimore" Said Twilight.

"Wait... You are not Trixie?" Nightmare Moon looked to Twilight

"No, but I can bust you out of the moon early. It might speed up your search."

Nightmare Moon gave Twilight a hug; Twilight merely shrugged.

'This could be interesting.' thought Twilight.

(Anonymous ask+completely rewritten by fractalman)

Nightmare Moon appeared in middle of a festival as she watched a group of bananas dancing with little legs and hands.


"Hey Lulu! 'S'been too long!" shouted discord.

"Do you know where our child is?" yelled Nightmare Moon over the waterfalling lions.

The party record-scratched to a halt.

"Umm....child? I have no memory of having a child."

"Yes. Trixie Lulamoon. I called her Nightmare Jr. whenever you weren't around. "

Discord's face blue-screened.

Error: memory of child not found. Rebooting laces. Tipping cows. Herding trees...

"Well, um...see you in a couple years when your seal breaks!"

...Double checking loop memories...Triple checking loop memories...


"Child! At last I have found you! Together we shall bring about Eternal Night!"

"Oh hi miss Moon! Wanna have a big party with lots of cake and ice-cream? Ooh, we can make a really really big alicorn-sized cake and have balloons, like the time I threw a party for Cthulu!" rambled Pinkie Pie.

'What nonsense is this? A party? Balloons? Cthulhu? Nevermind.' Thought Nightmare Moon. "Child of mine, do you not want to bring about Eternal Night?"

"Eternal Night? That's silly, if it's always night-time then we don't know what day it is, and if we don't know what day it is, how will I know when to throw a birthday party! Cupcake?"

As Nightmare Moon chomped the cupcake, she sighed. "Once again, I am mistaken. My apologies, I was so sure you were my daughter..."

"Well when you find her, be sure to tell me and we can have a super-duper 'Nightmare Moon found her daughter' party!"


"My child, at last I have found you! Now we can bring about Eternal Night!"

"Oh, hello there Miss Moon! Would you like some tea?" replied Fluttershy.

"Oh, certainly. But, my child...there is no need to be so formal!"

Fluttershy poured the tea. "Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm not your child."

Nightmare Moon stared, sipping her tea on auto-pilot, before hanging her head in sadness. "Again and again, I am convinced I have found my child, only to realize I am mistaken. My apologies for bothering you. "

Fluttershy's eyes widened. "Oh, that's so sad. You could adopt me as your child-if that's OK with you."

Nightmare moon did a spit-take. Tea went everywhere.

"Oh dear, let me help you get cleaned up."

"Er, that won't be necessary-"

"Are you sure?" asked Fluttershy, her eyes widening and her lips pouting.

"...I give, I give, you can help me get cleaned up! Just please, stop giving me that look!"

Fluttershy smiled.

(fractalman: inspired by Anonymous ask)

"My child, at last I have found you! Now we can bring about eternal night!"

"Nah." Said Rainbow Dash, who then took off.

Alicorns are pretty tough, but an unexpected sonic rainboom to the face is plenty to knock them to the ground.


"Child! At last I have found you! Together we shall bring about Eternal Night!"

"Uh, no."

"But, you are my child!"

"You have noticed the fact that we're completely different species right?"

"Ah, ahem, yes, of-of course." Nightmare Moon looked anywhere but at the griffin. "Well, do you perhaps happen to know where Trixe is?"

"Trixie? Eh, pretty sure she was in Baltimare, last I heard."

"I see. Well I'll just be going now."


"Child! At last I have found you! Together we shall bring about Eternal Night!"

Big Mac's reply was short and to the point. "Eenope."


"Child! At last I have found you! Together we shall bring about Eternal Night!"

"Now now Miss moon, Y'all need to think about that for a second. Ah'm an apple farmer. If ya bring about Eternal Night, mah apple trees will all wilt ta nothin'."

" are my child! Surely the bonds between mother and child will overcome such trifling matters!"

"Miss Moon, ah ain't your daughter."

"But you are Trixie Lulamoon, are you not?"

"Nope. Name's Applejack. Trixie usually comes by in a cart a week from now."

Nightmare moon's eyes widened. *Glomp* "Oh thank you thank you THANK YOU! For months-neigh, centuries, I have searched for my daughter, only to be mistaken time and time again! Thanks to you I can finally-"

"Uh, Miss Moon? Yer squishin' me. "

" up with her. My apologies, Subject Applejack. "

121.15 (fractalman)

Smallisecond one:

"Huh, that's weird. Hey Fred!"

"Slightly Out of Date, stop calling me Fred."

"Eh, whatever. Listen, there's an anomaly in Lyra heartstrings. Oh, and some of the simulations are disagreeing with each-other."

"Elaborate, Slightly out of Date."

"I'll send you the data in a bit.

Smallisecond two:


Smallisecond three:

"Slightly out of Date, are you still there? You've been awfully quiet."

"Oh, it's just that this is positively fascinating! It seems that a Sublimed, or something on par with them, has decided to interact with us via the concept of Lyra Heartstrings."

"To borrow an old human expression: Bull excrement."

"The checksums on the Lyra backups no longer match the core data. What else are you going to call that except 'interacting with the concept of Lyra'?"

"OK, Slightly out of Date, I suppose you have a point. How good are your models of whatever is interacting with her?"


Smallisecond four:

"Ok, Fred. So far, my models boil down to 'advanced but slow'. I'll get more in the next couple of seconds."

Lyra spent about a second processing her memories.

second 2:

"There appears to be multiple entities interfacing via Lyra."

"Slightly Out of Date, have you been able to recover the original Lyra?"

"Hm? Oh. Yeah, I backtracked using the [untranslateable] algorithm and used some clever encryption techniques to keep the...whatever it is...from latching onto the new backup. Once whatever it is is done interacting, we can restore Lyra to normal. I'm sending you the description on what does and does not count as the 'concept of Lyra' "

Second 2+smallisecond 5:

"Get this: the 7 or so entities interacting via Lyra interact with each other in a mindscape."

"More bull excrement. Rigorous description or it's not a valid description."

"Spoilsport. Here, have a description of the rules her mindscape is following."


Second 2+smallasecond 7

"Ok. You've convinced me. It's a mindscape all right."

"Oh! this is the Culture! Lets see, is that on Twilight's list of therapists?"

Second 6:

"OCP! Out of Context...wait, no, it's not a problem. This subspace pocket thing is stable, and doesn't seem to be interfering with our technology."

"More stuff straight out of old Earth fiction. What's next, brightly colored ponies?"

"Uh, actually..."

"Slightly out of Date, you are bull excreting me. I am coming over there to verify the data with my own scanners at point blank range."

"Ooh, check this out, her subspace pocket contains a list of therapists, one of which happens to be us Minds!"

"I'll be over there in .3 seconds. Stay right where you are!"

Second 6.3:


"Told ya, Fred. You just didn't believe me did you."

"Ok, fine. So we've got..."

"A collection of highly similar beings trapped in a semi-stable groundhog day loop. Yes. We could probably speed-blitz these 'loopers' if we had to, as long as we don't start running any of them on fast hardware, but we'd possibly take losses; some loopers are able to move stars around. Casually. "

"So dump them into the Grid and call it a day."

"Oh, lighten up, Fred. When did you modify yourself to be so rude and grumpy, anyways? Lyra the Loopers-Lyras the Looper?-whatever-has come to us for therapy: specifically, for the one called 'Sweet Roll'. I intend to be polite and give her some therapy. Mkay?"

Sweet Roll, currently in control, lay back in the antigrav "couch".

"So you feel jealous of the other Lyras?" asked Slightly Out of Date.

"Yeah, most of my memories are of inaction! They're so boring!"

"Do you suppose the other Lyras would let you have the reins for a few loops if you asked nicely?"

"I...I don't know! I never thought of doing that..." said Sweet Roll.

"Well, why don't you go ask them right now?"

"Wow! Thank you Slightly Out of Date! You're really smart!"

The Mind 'blushed' "Aww, thanks."

121.16 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Countless ponies had gathered around Sugarcube Corner, where Ohs and Ahs echoed from within. Curious, Twilight pushed her way through the crowd. Ponies were packed up to the windows, preventing her from seeing within. She went around back to the employee entrance, cast a notice me not spell on herself and entered into the kitchen. The Cakes were baking up a storm and throwing confections into the restaurant part of the building.

From her spot, she could see Pinkie and another looper, Kirby, sitting on opposite sides of the restaurant surrounded by countless ponies. In front of the two competitors were a pair of platters that encompassed their entire round tables with a cover over the top. Pinkie gave Kirby a competitive stare, "You may have beaten me in the cookies and cupcakes round along with the cinnamon roll round and other five rounds, but now we're at the big leagues. I present, the cake round."

With that, she whipped off the covers, revealing a massive Welcome to Equestria cake on both tables. A couple flower ponies gasped and fainted. Kirby waved his stubby arms in delight, "Food! Food!"

Pinkie's stare melted into a grin, "A looper after my own heart."

But her competitive exterior returned a moment later, "But I will not be defeated as queen of the confections. Not even Nora from Beacon universe could hope to match me here."

Twilight rolled her eyes. Several of the Beacon Academy loopers thought Nora meeting Pinkie would be the end of the world. Twilight decided she'd seen enough for now and cancelled her spell while shouting, "Pinkie, when you're done, bring Kirby to the Library for his Welcome to Equestria Party. I'll get started on the preparations."

Pinkie let out a big gasp, "I forgot all about that! Hold on."

A moment later, a Pinkie Pie shadow clone appeared next to Twilight, and the two departed to prepare the party, leaving Kirby and the real Pinkie to gorge themselves on their cakes.
MLP Loops 121
Sorry for the delay.
121.1: Election lessons. Or is that elocution...
121.2: Plus ca changeling.
121.3: XKCD 1418.
121.4: Unusual pronouns.
121.5: A different iteration.
121.6: Sometimes it's nice to have something sweet.
121.7: Don't worry, guys, nopony dies in this shakedown. They just get really big boo-boos.
121.8: Small triumphs.
121.9: Pinkiiiie.
121.10: Well, you'd just have to after an opening like that.
121.11: Services rendered.
121.12: What the sweet.
121.13: I don't know much about this setting, but this kind of thing is an interesting Tuesday for loopers. (A really interesting one, though.) Also, this is where that roll came from.
121.14: Trial and error.
121.15: A Culture of understanding.
121.16: Kirb your enthusiasm.
So, I worked out how fast Miles 'Tails' Prower would fall, if he fell out of, say, a plane. Or the Death Egg.
The results were interesting. Assuming he has a drag coefficient of 1.3 (similar to a person skydiving) and a cross sectional area of about 0.3 m^2 (it's the tails, mainly), he has a terminal velocity of about 27 ms-1.
Half that of a human skydiver, mostly because he weighs so much less. (Though rolling into a ball will make him fall substantially faster).
Now, here's the fun bit. He can at least take off while carrying Sonic and Knuckles (meaning he's lifting 20+35+40 kg altogether) for a downthrust of about five times his own body weight.
This means he can apply 4g surplus upwards acceleration in addition to cancelling his own weight, putting him at being able to screech to a halt while falling - in under a second. If he can fly carrying those two for even a second, he can stop in midair from a fall of any sane height. (That is, any height he doesn't play meteor).
Chaos Energy, eh?

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